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  1. Name: Adelenta

    Race: Human

    Eyes: Grey

    Hair: reddish brown

    Height: 5'7

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Background: at a young age Adelenta became the Mother Confessor... Strongest of all the confessors... Confessors were feared for their power, what would happen after it was used, but being the Mother confessor she was feared more in all the kingdoms than anyone else. To oppose her would be to mean guilt, so everywhere she went she was welcomed. After the boundary between D'hara and the Midlands fell, Percious Rahl started to attack the midlands, and soon, Adelenta was the last of the confessors left. All the others hunted down and killed like animals... Only much worse.. Now she is traveling to the Westlands to find a book that is supposed to help the Rahl family and put a stop to the madness that is taking over her home.
  2. Name: Aragon ventorĂ­

    Race: nevoran (demon/human hybrid)

    Eyes: blue-grey

    Height: 5'9

    Hair: black

    Age: 20

    Gender: male

    Background: Aragon's father was killed in a great battle D'hara and the midlands. Aragon then took it upon himself to become a defender of the midlands. He is one of the last major forces fighting for the midlands. He has practiced both white and black magic but mostly uses his spirit weapons that his father gave to him before he died. Aragon is a good leader but can sometimes let his anger cloud his judgement. His hatred for the D'hara has grown overtime and he is set on not only driving them out, but destroying them all together image.jpg
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  3. Sweat running down her porcelain skin, Adelenta stopped, breathing heavy. Resting her hands on her knees she leaned over. People were suppose to fear her, fear her touch, but a quad.. They scared even her. Four men against her, there was no hope for her. One to distract and her to use her power on, and the other three to finish off her and the man she claimed. The young women had been running for the last couple hours, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape them.

    The Rhal family was beyond ruthless, and would not settle until she was dead. She was the one looking for the book that could help stop the D'hara forces, and Percious himself. She knew that running wouldn't last long, eventually she would be out ran, and caught. And no one would ever help a confessor.

    Thin fingers ran through her long reddish brown hair, the length a sign of her ranking. The white simple dress, that seemed to hug her form in the right places was starting to turn brown with dirt and mud. She had to keep running, and if it came to it, fight. She wasn't going to give up.
  4. Aragon couldn't believe the orders he had been assigned. "Find the mother confessor and see that she is unharmed. No one else but you can be trusted with such a task" said Aragon's commander. How could he possibly be ready to find the mother confessor. He had only seen pictures and murals of her, never had he laid eyes on her in person. Why would she be here anyway? Didn't she have a royal palace or something to that effect.

    Aragon's thoughts were interrupted as he noticed a woman running in the distance, being followed by four men. He could tell by their appearance that they were from D'hara. That was enough to peak his interests. "
    Now for this. Great" said Aragon in a sarcastic tone. He began making his way to the scene. Once he got there he stopped the D'hara pursuers dead in their tracks. "Alright gentlemen, how about we call it a day and you go back to your homelands. I'd hate to have to spill blood this early in the day." He pulled a long sword with blue designs along the blade from a sheath on his back. This was a spirit sword that his father had given to him before he died. He held the sword in one hand and stared the men down. He hadn't even looked at the woman they were chasing yet.
  5. Adelenta looked up as she heard a fifth set of footsteps. They was another man. What on earth was he doing. The quad would stop at nothing. They were some of the best mercenaries in D'hara and would die before they couldn't get their kill, especially a confessor. Just as she was about to tell him to Leave, two charged at him and the other two came for her. She was of medium hight and a small size, but compared to the size of them, she looked a child. They were large, blonde hair and blue eyes, a trade mark of D'hara. All their high ranking citizens held the features, to her only made them more intimidating.

    The two that came for the man pulled out their weapons and swung, ready to take him down. The two that came for her smiled as they came. Terror covered her face as she turned and ran. It wasn't long before she was tackled to the ground. She thrashed about trying to find something on either Of the men to grab onto. She started to panic, the idea of death becoming more than a mere possibility, it was staring at her with ghastly blue eyes. After fighting, she was able to squirm free and ran again, only to be blocked off. She carried no weapons. That was the custom for the confessors, they were never taught in anything more than a table knife.

    As her second attacker came for her, she lunged forward and pushed her hands on his chest, then thunder with no sound filled the air.
  6. As the two men charged Aragon, he pulled a crossbow from his back and shot the first one in the chest. He dodged the attack of the second attacker and returned the cross bow to his back while he stood with his sword ready.

    He looked past the D'hara mercenary and saw the other two attacking Adelenta. He thought to himself I'll have to kill you quickly. As he deflected another incoming attack. He and the Mercenary circled each other as they both looked for a flaw in the others defense. Aragon lunged at the mercenary and as the attack was deflected, Aragon sent a kick to the man's leg. The mercenary stumbled backward and Aragon threw his sword into the man's chest. He retrieved his sword and went to help the mother confessor.

    As he went to help he saw the confessor push into one of the men's chest and lighting came from her as she did. Aragon stood face to face with the last of the mercenaries but before he could swing his sword, he received a massive kick to the ribs. Aragon fell backward dropping his sword but quickly recovered and stood. Aragon dodge two incoming swings of a sword before lunging forward and wrapping his hands around the man's throat. The man almost struggled free but Aragon's eyes began to glow red and his hands started generating immense levels of heat into the man's neck; burning through skin and flesh. Aragon dropped the man's body to the ground and his eyes and hands returned to normal.

    He gave the confessor a respectful bow.
    "My name is Aragon ventorĂ­, nevoran defender of the midlands." It wasn't until he looked up that he realized who she was. He had, for the first time, seen the mother confessor with his own eyes
  7. Standing and watching, Sayomi couldn't believe what the man was doing. No one helped a confessor. They were afraid of becoming her slave in a way, and people hated what they feared. The man that her powers claimed stood by her, ready to attack the man after he finished the other three in the quad. Carefully she watched, she used her power until it recharged. The blonde haired man she claimed kept turning to ask her something, and every time she would raise her hand. She didn't want to hear his voice.

    When the man who helped came and bowed to her, she bowed her head slightly. Once he looked up she saw it in is eyes, he hadn't known who she was when he came down to help. "Thank you Aragon. I am Adelenta Blandus, mother confessor." She stood tall as she looked him over. "Thank you greatly for your help. Not many would help a confessor, let alone I. You seemed surprised when you saw me, so I'm guessing you didn't know who I was. I still thank you."

    Before she could say anymore a voice rang out. "My love, please tell me what I can do to please you. Please." He practically begged, the pain in his eyes "who sent you, and why." Her voice grew stern as she awaited her answer. "Father Rahl sent us, to kill you, my love. To kill the mother confessor and therefor leaving no confessors left. Do not hate me. I did only as I was told!" Tears ran down his face as the man begged for his forgiveness. Her grey eyes stared at him, then lightened. "I forgive you my pet.." She cooed to him. "Now drop dead." On her command the man fell to the ground lifeless, once touched, anyone would do anything that they said, tight most confessors couldn't get someone to just drop dead. Their powers weren't that strong.

    She reached into her pack and pulled a sack of coins and handed them to the man. "Again, thank you." Adelenta said no more as she began her walking again. There was no time to loose.
  8. Aragon hadn't really noticed the man he assumed to be her servant. He fought well by her side but there seemed to be something off about him. Aragon wasn't able to figure out what it was until the man spoke.

    "Father Rahl sent us, to kill you, my love. To kill the mother confessor and therefor leaving leaving no confessors left. Do not hate me, I only did as I was told!" The agony was clear in the man's voice. Aragon gasped as the mother confessor simply told him to drop dead and his lifeless body fell to the ground. Aragon knew about the confessors ability to control, but he had absolutely no idea that they had that much control.

    "I do not want your coin" said Aragon as she placed a pouch in his hand. "I received instructions from my superiors to see that you are unharmed in you endeavors in the midlands whatever it may be. As you are probably aware, the other districts know of your presence here. They will probably start out by sending mercenaries, then ultimately sending armies to kill you. I'm here to ensure that doesn't happen."

    Aragon placed all of his weapons back into their holsters and took a few steps in the direction of the confessor. "Might I ask what, what are you doing here? Don't you have a royal region in which you rule?" Aragon probably sounded quite ignorant in that moment, but the only cure for ignorance was knowledge. "With all do respect" he added to avoid offending her, she was in a position of authority after all.
  9. Adelenta stopped and looked at him, then down at the man she had "killed". Her eyes for a moment showed the pain that it was to be a confessor. "Do not think bad of me for what I did. Once touched, the person is no longer who they used to be, only an empty shell. All they want is to please me. If I did not do what I did, all he would do is follow me around, begging me to give him tasks to make me happy.." She gave Aragon the shortened version of her powers. The one most people never got to hear either.

    "What I do is dangerous, and involves much travel.. Travel to the westlands, and through the boundary.. Their boundary has not fallen yet, and before my wizard was killed, he thought a very important book was there. This means that you Will have to venture through the underworld and be able to not listen to the becons of the dark spirits that live there." She didn't want him to go, just because she didn't want him to risk his life for her, and a cause that might not even work, or be true.

    Her sultry voice turned to a laugh when he asked about her having a region. "In a way, I rule them all. I know they don't teach anything except fear of the confessors, and especially the mother confessor. We are with the council of wizards in Arindayl, to keep the peace. I speak mostly for the smaller people, the ones with no king or queen. Like the Mud people. Ones who only wish to be left alone. That way, bigger cities do not take their land away from them. I also am the seeker of truth. If one sentenced to death, wishes for everyone to know him innocent, then I am called.. I take their confessions.." Her grey eyes studie him, feeling like she talked forever on the subject, but knowing she didn't even scratch the surface of it.

    She took a small breath, and changed the subject. "I'm sure you would much rather here, defending the Midlands, then joining me on a journey that may lead to only disappointment and death."
  10. Aragon tried to retain all of the information that she was giving him but he had to admit, it was allot and it was probably the shortened version of the big picture.

    I do not think bad of you, I understand why you did what you did." He understood that it was probably better to die and have a free soul than to die a slave. He didn't know if she thought of them as a slave, but that's what it seemed like to him. He then listened to her give him a brief run through of her powers. "I've heard of you and the other confessors. Most are afraid of you, I'm one of those who aren't. I do respect you though."

    He thought back to the stories of the confessors that he had been told as a child. As far as some were concerned, they were just powerful beings who sat on top of a world bound for war. Aragon tried not to develop any generalizations for the confessors seeing as he had never interacted with one for himself.

    As far as the journey was concerned, he had heard of this sacred book once before in his life, but as far as he knew it was just a myth. Whether he believed it or not, he had orders and a job to see through. "
    Dangerous as it may be, my superiors believe that I am fit to protect you. I believe I can protect you. I have a job to do, just as you have an obligation to maintain peace." Aragon refused to back down from his duties even if there was a chance he would die. It was the same obligation as protecting the midlands
  11. Adelenta looked at him with curiosity. "Mother confessor is not awarded by seniority, it is power. Who's is strongest, and regains the fastest. Not many had the power to drop someone dead as I did... But now, I am the last and that's all the matters." She had a feeling that this would be a very interesting journey if he was to accompany her.

    "Then lets go. I will not argue with you. The Book of Counted Shadows awaits." She started to walk quickly. "You must remember, that though places fear me, they will show me the upmost respect and hospitality. Which will help us on the way to the westlands. If they ask, you are my protector, since I lost my wizard. Don't want them to think that they can try and take me out. So if it comes to it, you may need to intimidate kings and queens" she wanted to warn him of everything before he decided to stay dedicated. She was sure that if he went back claiming that she threatened him by saying she would claim him if he came, then they would just leave it at that.

    She wondered how she was going to get him through the boundary, there was a spell put on her from the wizards in Arindayl. She hoped that she could convince one of the wizards in another city to do the same spell as she had to get him through. They couldn't just walk into it. Without something to protect him, he would be lost before even fully entering the underworld.
  12. "Understood, rank is determined by power. It works the same in the guardian ranks. The most powerful and fit to defend are put first." Aragon had to admit, he was having slight doubts about himself in this journey. Was he really the most fit person for this? It didn't matter, right now he had an obligation to her.

    Aragon heard her mention losing her wizard. He wondered if he was killed on their way to the midlands or if he was killed in their district. He wasn't sure how she would respond to the topic, so Aragon decided to not bring it up. If anyone asked, he was her guardian because she had lost her wizard. That was all he needed to know about that.

    How would a simple Naveron intimidate a king or queen." The truth was, Aragon would have absolutely no trouble intimidating anyone. But he wanted to know if there was a certain way she wanted it done, or if there was a certain outcome she wanted. He would hate to compromise the journey because he went and wrecked something he wasn't supposed to.

    I will see to it that you get your book and make it back safely. You can depend on me" he didn't want her to have any reason to not trust him or want him around. That would only complicate things further. It was probably already strange for her to travel with a half demon, let alone one she couldn't depend on to be her guardian.

    Despite any negative thoughts either of them might have about the journey or even one another, there was still a journey to undertake. The sooner they got moving, the quicker this journey would move along. "
    What is our first destination?" He asked, fairly eager to get the journey underway.
  13. "Some people believe power is just luck, that you are born into it. I am glad you understand the difference. Not everything works as the way of kings or queens. Though their ancestors became the king or queen from power, odds are, the present day ones don't come close to their power and understanding of the average human, or the fights that happened long ago." Adelenta was truly glad that someone understood it, because it seemed that even some wizards seemed to forget how power truly worked.

    She had to pause and think for a moment as she thought about how her wizard, Giller, used to handle when things got out of hand. She knew that one would not be afraid of Aragon as much as a wizard, for she doubted that he could take out nearly an entire army in a spell. "The way I had seen it done.. Well.." She had to keep thinking for a moment, the face she once wore that showed no emotion now wore confusion. "You cannot be afraid to take things a little too far, to make a point. No matter who you are trying to intimidate. You must show that you mean it. Even if it means intimidating the child prince or princess. All people for the fear of their lives. And none in the land will question if you were to kill a royal with me around." That was the only way that she could think to explain it.

    As they walked, she noticed things were getting greener as they waked, when they were supposed to be getting darker. "Well we were supposed to be going to Mirabell... But I think, that I am going the wrong way." Adelenta never was good with directions, she was always more a visual person, and direction was not very visual.
  14. Alright, scare tactics and blood. Aragon was good at that kind of thing. One of the perks of being a half demon, he did feel bad for hurting or killing. If someone wasn't cooperating, he could easily kill their son or daughter in order to get his point across. But he learned over time that killing was not the only way to get what he wanted out of people, sometimes people just needed a good scare. He knew that not many would fear him at first, but he could quickly change that. "Alright, I can handle that."

    He thought about what reasons he would have for intimidating those in positions of power, he'd have to assume that Adelenta would have good enough reasoning. At least he hoped she would.

    Mirabell? That would be in that direction." He pointed off in the distance toward the southwest. "I've been there once before. My father took me to get my first sword there."
  15. "Bags! I'm always off." Adeletna groaned as she turned around and started walking the right way. Even if they couldn't find a way to get him across the boundary, at least he could help get her there. From there, she could either find someone from the westlands to help her, or a map.

    "Mirabell blacksmiths are some of the best. Your father was extremely smart to take you there." Though she never learned to use weapons, she just had heard, and she knew a lot of great fighters used Mirabell metal. She turned her head a little and looked over the man a bit. He was young. She may not have been the most famous person, but if he was being commanded to accompany her, he was either being sentenced to death, or was trusted to see this through. "You are young. So how did you get to this position?" She wasn't that much older than he was, but warriors usually seemed to be older, so she was curious to his story.
  16. "My mother was a very powerful demon and my father was one of the greatest human warriors. They both played a hand in training me to be the guardian I am today. We were attacked years ago and when things looked to be nearing our end, I killed enough of our attackers to give the midland army another chance to win. After the attacking army was weakened, I killed their general. We won the battle, and I had taken over my fathers position as leading guardian after his death."

    Aragon held back the hurt in his voice as he remembered losing both of his parents in that great battle. The D'haran armies had taken his family from him and Aragon swore that he'd kill them all. Aragon didn't want to tell the mother confessor or his superiors of this vow seeing as he would more than likely be put on high alert. No matter what happened, he would see that every D'haran died and served their time in hell.
  17. Adelenta could see the pain on his face, no matter how hard her tried to hide it. She was trained to hide all her emotions when needed, so she became great at reading others. " if you follow me till the end.. Then you will be able to help kill Father Rhal himself. The one who commands all of this mayhem.." She didn't tell him that he was a great wizard, who controlled bother additive and subtractive magic, that even her powers wouldn't effect. He could walk in the underworld as he please... She still had no idea how finding the book alone would help. She needed to read the book. She had a letter from Giller, but there was a spell preventing her from reading it until she or who she assigned in her death found the book.

    Slowly as they walked, she caught a smell, stopping her in her tracks. "And if the night is burning I will cover my eyes, For if the dark returns Then my brothers will die, And as the sky is falling down, It crashed into this lonely town, And with that shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out" she sung out softly. She didn't know if Aragon could smell it, or knew what it was. "We have two options here... We go around, or we face what lies ahead.."
  18. Aragon's entire being perked up as she mentioned him getting the chance to kill father Rhal. "I told you, I'm on your side until the end. I'll see your mission is complete or die trying." Aragon's father had taught him a thing or two about commitment. He was willing to die for her if that meant fulfilling his obligations as that was how he was trained.

    And if the night is burning I will cover my eyes, For if the dark returns Then my brothers will die, And as the sky is falling down, It crashed into this lonely town, And with that shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out" He had no idea why or what she was singing but he could tell that it came from the soul. Her voice was as beautiful as she was and Aragon found himself captivated by her for a moment. He snapped quickly back to the present and listened to her.

    Well, what would we be facing if we continued in this direction? We can do either, you're the one in command here. I'm simply your guardian." Aragon found it slightly funny how a demon was sent to be her guardian angel. But on the same note, a demon was probably better for this job anyway and Aragon was the best at defending.
  19. Adelenta let her grey eyes rest on him, holding the sorrow or what they were about to walk into. "Death.. That is simply all that is this way.." She looked back and put on her blank confessors face. Seeing so much death, she thought that it would have no effect on her, but it still had the me effect as the first time did. "If you do not smell it, you will soon.. It burning flesh?.. It's not fresh, but not terribly old.. It means that the D'haran forces were up ahead, and they were burning their dead, as is their custom. If you die in battle, you get the greatest burial they know.. "

    She took a deep breath and continued forward. It was her job to figure out how much damage was done, and make sure there was no survivors, even though she knew there wasn't, there never was. "You are not just my guardian you know. If you were, I would just tell you what to do, much like a common soldier. But you actually have the potential to help me complete what I must do. You have the anger needed, not fear." Adelenta was not always the best in explaining certain things to people. Most of the time she was talking to queens and kings, and usually about the same stuff. The only person that she ever had a real conversation with was Giller. As they got closer to the small city, the smell became worse, causing her eyes to water each time she took a breath.
  20. Aragon met her gaze for a moment then looked off in the distance where they were headed. He could smell it alright, the scent of burning flesh was overwhelming. "They'll pay for what they've done" Aragon said as he began walking in that direction. He felt it was best not to comment on her spotlighting his anger. She was right, but he understood that he had a job to do and he wouldn't let his hatred get in the way. "If not a guardian, then what am I? I was assigned to protect you and see that you complete your mission unharmed?"
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