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Fabled Fighters;;
A Mythology Roleplay

Races of every kind have been wearing thin due to battle, sacrifice or suicide. The voices of some Gods have fallen silent. There’s a rumour that they have been imprisoned! Even a handful of the Gods with black hearts are prisoners to a particular three who have joined forces: Hades, Set and Loki. They are targeting anyone who rivals them and influencing those with weak minds to fight for them.

The loyalist followers to Zeus, Poseidon, Ra, Isis, Odin and Thor have been selected to fight for the greater good. Their mission is to recruit allies and fight to restore the world’s peace. There will be 3 other followers with power, armies and obstacles all to make their enemies weaker. Even with this in mind, the warriors opposing them can see the ray of light in this situation.

With their Gods watching over them, friends to depend on and even the power of love, the virtuous fighters will see to it they win this war. This historical moment has brought three different kinds of people and creatures together: The Greeks, the Egyptians and the Norse.

Are you prepared for the journey? The battle? The victory?​
This is a roleplay run by Fluffy and Co-GM’d by Seiji. Any questions you have will be answered by me or him. :) Please respect us as the game masters. Also be respectful to the other players so we can all have a good time.

Genre:Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama, Historical
Rating: R
Application Status: Open! Will probably stay open for a long time. There will be plenty of opportunities for new characters to join.
Character limit: 2 per person.
Posting Expectations: Post when it’s convenient, but don’t procrastinate too much. Being gone for too long will get your character killed! If you let me know that you’ll be gone but will return, I can just hijack for a while.

Some Notes:

1. I realize that some of my descriptions and whatnot about the Gods and the myth creatures might be different from what you’re read and learned. It’s all been thought out and written to suit the story, so I hope you’re alright with that. Please do cooperate with me by accepting what I’ve offered as far as God followers and the creatures go. If you want to make a myth unit that’s not on the list, then ask! I’ll most likely be okay with it. :D

2. God devotees must be human.

3. I’ll start once all the follower characters are completed. I can be patient waiting for the evil ones, since they won’t come up until later. If those get reserved and created, then fantastic! We can do a sort of dual storyline until some paths meet. Otherwise, Seiji and I can control all the evil characters and you guys can be of assistance. I’m simply making evil available to anyone who’d be interested.

4. This roleplay will be done in chapters, probably labeled like “Day 1” “Day 2”, etc… With a creative title to follow the number.

5. The technology of this roleplay is rather low. There aren't going to be guns, cars or fighter jets. :| It's more like... Swords, spears and horses.

Zeus: The Greeks believe he created men and Gods. He wields the power of lightning, which he shares with his most devoted follower. Zeus’ devotee carries a weapon surging with electricity that delivers a painful strike to his/her foes. It can only hurt those who threaten the wielder, else the weapon disobeys its holder. Should there be a thunder storm present, this person can use it to his/her advantage by drawing out lightning and using it in a fight. [Taken by Felzilla]

Poseidon: The God of the Seas. Sailors pray to him to keep the waters safe and land dwellers pray for mercy when angry waves crash on their homeland during storms. Poseidon’s follower holds great knowledge of marine life; they can also communicate with it. That isn’t all, though. The rage of the oceans are strong within this devotee. Water can be taken from any source, even the clouds, and used in combat. [Taken by Basil]

Ra: The God of the Sun, often pictured as a human man with the head of a falcon. Egyptians believe they exist from the tears and sweat of Ra. They look to him when light, warmth, growth are not plentiful. The follower of Ra draws energy from the sun to manipulate it into fire power. It can be applied to a weapon, or completely turned into an attack made of flames. Without the sun, this devotee is just an ordinary warrior. [Taken by Fluffy]

Isis: The Goddess of Fertility, Magic and Motherhood. Without her, there was no hope for slaves, sinners and women. She also watches over children. If you’re fatally wounded, you can count on Isis’ follower to restore your health, for she/he has great knowledge in medicine. They even have magical healing abilities that can rid you of a cut with a single touch. Isis also granted this devotee a ton of knowledge, making them very wise beyond their own age. Aside from this, the follower of Isis also has some very destructive magic. When using it, they aren’t quite themselves, often looking like a shadowy monster of some kind. [Taken by Angelic Dreamer]

Thor: Son of Odin, and his name literally means thunder. Although he has a savage appearance, he’s actually very friendly with a love for food and drink. With his mighty hammer, Mjollnir, which was crafted by Dwarves, he defends good from evil and casts vicious lightning. Like Thor, his devotee has a hot blooded temper that he/she uses to vent on their enemies. They also wield a lightning powered weapon crafted by Thor himself. War has shaped them into a very potent fighter, but probably inflicted some damage that puts them at a disadvantage for some cases. [Taken by Seiji]

Odin: A very wise, very powerful God with only one eye. Two ravens and two wolves serviced him and numerous people prayed to him. He learned many secrets, none of which were free, and bestowed Norse warriors with victories. Odin’s follower wears an eye patch to hide its visible blindness. In exchange for some of Odin’s knowledge, the devotee gave up half of his/her vision. It was also an act of empathy so he/she could suffer the same loss as their God. In addition to these smarts, this person is an epic fighter. They too have a raven that scouts for them. (And a wolf if they desire.) [Taken by GMK]

Hades: God of the Dead; he can’t be trusted. Mean, nasty creatures guard his territory, such as the three headed dog, Cerberus. Through trickery, he made a beautiful woman named Persephone his Queen. Whoever is following Hades may or may not be doing so by choice. There’s probably a deal behind their loyalty and if they betray it, they’ll join the poor souls of the Underworld. This devotee has the privilege of traveling to and from Hade’s underworld kingdom with the use of a very valuable object. They’ve also been gifted an immortal steed to help them travel and a weapon perfectly suitable to their skills. [Taken by Zyzy]

Set: God of Evil and Destruction. According to legend, he rushed his own birth and once a month, he’d devour the moon. Like Ra, he has a human body with an animal head. Set’s head resembles something like a jackal. Whoever is the follower of Set has been granted a very special power. They have the ability to cause sandstorms, as well as blend in with them, virtually becoming the storm. They also may have a Typhonic beast for a companion. In addition, they can call to desert animals for help. One of Set’s other professions was animals and being able to manipulate them into fighting for him. You could raise a savage army to fight for you. [Taken by Ramses]

Loki: He pretty much sneaked his way into Godhood, being the tricky, malicious Viking he is. Frost, fire and mountain giants service him, as does a dragon-like creature called the Nidhogg. Loki’s ability to shapeshift has been handed down to his most loyal follower. Their true human form has been altered so they can have a pair of wings, allowing them to survey the lands and seas from the skies. This worshiper is very reliant on their shifting abilities in battle, however if they can make contact with a giant, they will have a powerful ally on their side. [Taken by Melsiox]
Greek Myth Units

Minotaur: Vicious, tall and muscular creatures who wield axes and maces. They have the body of a man and the head of a bull with maliciously sharp horns. This creature may serve any of the Greek Gods he wishes to.

Lampades: A Nymph of the Underworld, therefore they’re most likely loyal to Hades and only Hades. They hold torches at all time that not only set things to fire, but they can drive a person insane. Therefore, a Lampade might have some crazy minded humans following her and then sacrificed to battle.

Nereid: Another type of Nymph. They are most likely loyal to the God, Poseidon. These women can be counted on to help find a way through a storm, if not provide a boat to reach another destination. Their formidable water powers are incredibly strong during the full moon.

Harpy: Humanoid creatures with magnificent bird wings. They have talons instead of human feet and make horrid screeching noises. Harpies are usually greedy trouble makers, but there are some with a civil mind. They can be faithful to any of the 3 Gods.

Centaur: It’s half person, half horse. They are usually archers, but beware of those jaw breaking hooves. Centaurs are extremely fast and are also fairly peaceful supporters on the side of good. It’s not likely that one would serve Hades.

Egyptian Myth Units

Anubite: These monsters have the body of a human and the head resembles Anubis, God of the Afterlife. They wield two weapons at a time. They can also jump at an insanely far distance. An Anubite can be devoted to any of the Egyptian Gods.

Basts: Bastet is a Goddess who served Ra and later was named Goddess of the Moon. She was a person with the head of a feline, therefore creatures of Bast have the same appearance. They can shift between that form and the form of a cat. Having no special powers, Basts are dependent on tooth, claw and agility. At Bastet’s command, they are forever loyal to Ra.

Scorpion Man: Generally, a large scorpion with the top half body of a man. Their tails are filled with venom and they are ferocious close combatants. They live under the demands of whichever God they choose.

Norse Myth Units

Fire and Ice Giants: According to a Norse myth, life began with fire and ice. There is a giant whose body is completely engulfed with fire and he can throw it at his enemy. Another is an ice giant, whose body is covered with fur to protect him from the cold. He can breathe snow and cold winds on his enemies. All giants serve Loki because during this time, they’ve all been somehow demanded to do so. They also have a connection with him since Loki himself is a spawn of a giant.

Valkyrie: Warrior women who are always seen upon horseback. Some have beautiful angelic wings; some don’t. With their beautiful songs of healing, they can cure an ally’s wounds. The more Valkaries there are, the more effective the song. Should one be fighting for Loki, she had to have been tricked into it. Otherwise, they’re servants to Thor and Odin.

Troll: Brutes who carry heavy weapons and if they should be separate from that weapon, they were resort to punching and throwing rocks. Many of them hate humans, but those who sincerely love their God will ally with people when it’s necessary.

Dwarf: Mainly loyal to Thor, these short men and woman are masters at crafting armour and weapons. Whatever they wear or carry, they probably designed themselves. Never judge a person by their height! Dwarves are potent on the battlefield and can use their size to a great advantage. Their craftiness can certainly come in handy as well.


[b]God:[/b] Who it is you worship.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Picture or description of what you look like. If you’re a human, please avoid anime pictures…
[b]Abilities:[/b]This includes your strengths and anything magical you might do.
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] Balance them with your abilities.
[b]Companions:[/b] For if you have a mount or animal that goes to war with you. If nothing, just delete this part.
[b]History:[/b] Be as brief or as in depth as you’d like. At the very least, you should mention what relationship you have with your God.
[b]Notes:[/b] For anything else you want to include, such as if your character is married, has a relationship of some kind with another character in the story, notable scars, dark secrets, you know… Whatever important stuff you feel should be mentioned.
Jendayi Rahotep






As a devotee to Ra, she's been gifted with the element of fire. Using the sun as a power source, she's able to produce flames at the snap of her fingers. It can be applied to a weapon, for herself or an ally, to make it more deadly and even put into the form of something, or someone, else.

Water can most certainly be a downfall for her. Drenching her may not stop her from using fire, but it will make attacks to the water user pretty useless if they can defend themselves. Also, if there's no sunshine for a day, her power decreases dramatically.

Bow and Arrow. With this, she can launch fire arrows from a distance.

A woman who means business. One of the reasons Ra chose her is because she's responsible and nowhere near power hungry. Jendayi loves to win, though. No matter what the circumstances, she will see to it she's victorious in the end! With a very strong work ethic, she refuses to have any kind of fun until it's all done. During that free time, she's pleasantly friendly, even charming and sweet. Jendayi has a level of respect for every one of the Egyptian Gods, whom she'll pray to during certain times of need. That's all but the dark ones, of course. She's absolutely heartless towards Set and his vile ways.

A Phoenix named Nuru. He aids her in battle and watches protectively over Jendayi, as well as her allies. When he's taken too much damage in battle, he'll die and an egg will appear on the ground. Jendayi protects this egg until it returns Nuru to her, in full health.

Jendayi was originally a dancer, for both entertainment and ceremonies for Ra. The pay wasn't too gracious, but it sufficed when combined with the earnings of her family. Like the loyal worshiper she was, Jenda prayed to Ra with pleas to keep their crops plentiful and their lands safe from danger. During one of her prayers, she had a divine experience. Ra was delivering a message to her, warning her that in the future, there would be a war. She learned she'd have to become allies with people different from her, as well as mythological creatures who could aid her.

The day after the message, Jenda quit her job as a dancer so she could develop skills as a warrior, as it was a command from Ra. People frowned upon it until one of the priests announced that she wasn't joking. So she'd not have to be self-taught, lots of the men took the time to teach her. In time, she decided on the bow and arrow as her favoured weapon.

Nothing yet.
Name: Rune Hakon
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty three - appears no older than twenty five
Race: Human
God: Loki

Appearance: Nobody knows anymore what Rune truly looks like. He generally appears as a mid twenties male with long raven black hair and sparkling green eyes. He stands six foot three inches and weighs around one hundred an eighty pounds. He also has a pair of black feathered wings that can sprout from his back.

Abilities: Destruction magic and shape shifting abilities.

Weaknesses: Without his mask Rune loses his power of shape shifting. The mask is linked to him and will try to find its ways back to him if it is stolen. His magical powers are also limited.

Weapon(s): A metal staff topped with a flawless ruby. The staff is able to unleash a radius blast of negative energy that can knock the greatest foe to his feet.. He can also channel his magical energy through it to amplify his own abilities. His other weapon is a curved poisoned dagger.

Personality: Rune has an overwhelming personality. He is very charismatic and confident. Though very dark in nature he puts out an almost friendly vibe. Usually smiling and laughing while he thinks to stab in your back. Rune is very quick to anger as well.

Companions: Jarl Brynjarr - see below. Will either join up with Rune later or from the start - up to GM.

History: From his early age Rune dedicated himself to Loki. Where most followers of Loki focus on trickery and illusion style magic Rune dedicated himself to destructive magic. He than dedicated himself to stalking followers of the gods that were enemies of Loki and destroying them through stealth tactics and his magic. Through his dedication Loki gifted upon him the Mask of Loki. The mask bestows upon the wearer Lokis power of shape changing. It is said that Loki created several of these masks. The way he tested each one was having Thor strike it with his hammer. His final mask took three blows from Thor hammers without cracking. Thus, Loki kept the indestructible mask to bestow upon his greatest follower. Rune has constantly traveled the world, gathering new people and creatures into the obedience of Loki.

Notes: Runes first murders to show his dedication to Loki were his own family. His brother and father were warriors who had dedicated themselves to Odin and Thor. Rune killed his brother by stabbing him in the back. He slit his fathers throat in his sleep. Then burned there house down while locking his sister and mother inside.


Name: Jarl Brynjarr
Gender: Male
Age: 87
Race: Fire Giant
God: Loki
Appearance: 15' tall and weighs about 8000 lbs.

Abilities: Fire Giant. Brute strength, incredible endurance and can emit an incredible wave of heat by releasing his inner fire.

Weaknesses: Cold.

Weapon(s): A huge enchanted great axe forged by himself in the depths of a volcanic mountain. Enchanted by dwarves against there will to make it incredible sharp and light despite its incredible size. He also carries a huge spike club and a bag of rocks. Big rocks.

Personality: Fiery and somewhat dim. Very quick to throw himself into a fury. Angry almost all the time. Not the brightest bulb in the shed.

Companions: Rune

History: Brynjarr used to be part of a large fire giant clan. He challenged the Jarl of the Fire Giant clan to be Jarl himself. Upon usurping the chieftain he was immediately challenged by another fire giant. Brynjarr defeated him as well. However he had been badly wounded. When a third fire giant challenged him he chose exile rather than death.
Name: Alexis Deacon Angelis
Gender: Male Age: 37
Appearance: http://s1.hubimg.com/u/502864_f260.jpg, other then that face, plain blue shirt with tan pants, average (greek) height and average weight, 5'11” and 189 lbs respectively.
Storm manipulation. To quote: “Should there be a thunder storm present, this person can use it to his/her advantage by drawing out lightning and using it in a fight.”, Physical defense: See Electro-charged Gauntlets
Susceptable to magics, blind attacks and those of the powers of another God.
Electro-charged Gauntlets: Plate-mail gauntlets that are imbued with the lightning bolts of Zeus. Can only be used in the wielder (Alexis)'s defense, and can be to a certain degree discharge a small electric shield.
Stoic, flirtatious and lecherous, as is his master.
History: From a young age, Alexis has been raised in a convent of Zeus worshipers. His father was a leading figure among them, his mother a maiden intended to be sacrificed, until she was found to be impure-raped by her neighbor before she was taken for sacrifice. Seeing no other use for an impure sacrifice, she was kept within the convent until she and Alexis' father fell in lust, giving birth to Alexis.

In time, Alexis grew older, worshiped his God faithfully and attained his fathers rank-and more. He had a wife and lovers, in mimicry of Zeus, and followed how the God was said to act, and this won him favor, for as much as the gods hate suck-ups, the lord of Thunder could see into his priest's heart and see pure.

It was then, when he had gained his God's favor that he was given his gauntlets, to defend in a time of the waning influence of the Gods.
Absolutely, Mel. :] You're allowed up to 2 charries, after all.
Name: Galen
Age: 23
Race: Human
God: Poseidon
A tanned young man with a bright, open face and high cheekbones. He has curly dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes that light up when he gets excited about something. He has two dimples on either side of his mouth, and has a large, open smile. He has a large scar on his neck from it being entangled with a fishing lure. He doesn't have much facial hair, but a bit of peach fuzz. He has rough hands from work, and he considers them to be his least attractive feature - gnarly, scarred, and red at the tips of his fingers.

Abilities: Galen is a seafaring sort, and knows the sea better than he knows himself. He also knows the sky well, even if that's the domain of Zeus and not of Poseidon. He's had to learn the wind to navigate his ship, and thus, is well aware of their sudden shifts in mood as well. Galen is capable of operating both planes and ships; but he prefers his sea plane.

Weaknesses: He's terrified of swimming and can, in fact, not swim. This is a incredible disability in a disciple of Poseidon, considering his portfolio of water, the sea, and the storm. Not only can he not swim, he can be aloof, ambivalent, and gullible. He knows that other people's problems do exist, but why spend life thinking about such unpleasant things? He's an idealist at heart, and this sometimes blinds him to the truth.

Weapon(s): In combat, Galen uses a spear. He also uses it for fishing. He has a flensing knife as well, which he uses to scale fish and take the blubber off of whales. He uses it to adjust rigging on his ship and plane as well.

Personality: Thoughtful, and friendly. He enjoys the sea, and finds it incredibly soothing. He tries to help others appreciate the sea, and may not really understand it's true destructive power. He is a strong believer in romantic ideals that might not have aged as well as he thinks they have. Chivalrous but naive might be the best summary of Galen's character.

Companions: His sea-plane nearly counts. It's a small, wooden ship, but it's well crafted and well loved. Powered by magic, mostly of the wind and storm variety, the plane has been crafted of lacquered driftwood. It is currently painted a navy blue, and has a yellow trident on the tail. He built the plane himself, after three years of work - assembling materials, plotting the design, and then the actually process of building it. The magic engine was begged off of friends, strangers, and Poseidon himself. It's the only one of its kind.


quick question darling~ Are the three gods for the harpies the bad ones?
I have harpies listed in the Greek myths, so any of the 3 Greek Gods; Zeus, Poseidon or Hades. If Hades, she'll be hanging out with the evil characters to back up the evil followers.

How fitting, that you wanna be a harpy~
Thanks, I was confused for a second.

And can you blame me? It's my usernamesake!...I think I just created a new word there XD
Hey Fluffy, did you still have dibs on the Ra follower? If so is t allright if I make an Anubite?
An Anubite would be awesome, Okami~ Go for it.

You guys can be whatever you wanna be, if the followers are all taken. n__n Don't need my permission!
Name: Agmundr the Calm
Gender: Male
Age: he appears to be in his late twenties
Race: Human Einherjar
God: Odin

As an Einherjar Agmundr can't truly die, he can be slain in battle as any other man, but will rise a few moments later, his wounds miraculously healed

Berserkr, Agmundr can with a moments preparation (and a few carefully selected herbs,) psych himself up into a superhuman frenzy. Strength, physical endurance, speed, all skyrocket to superhuman proportions
Berserkr, The double edged sword of his berserk state, first he is incapable of distinguishing friend from foe, and will attack any and everything around him. The second is that even an einherjar has his limits, leaving this state will leave him physically exhausted which could take hour or even days to recover from, depending on how far he exerted himself in this state.

Broadsword and Battle Axe (Of course he's wielding both at once)

Agmundr is Vibrant and loves nothing more than to live his life, staying just outside of outright hedonism, he's intelligent though lacks formal book learning. An interesting twist is that he's unusually level headed although by manner of dress he is clearly one of the berserkir.

Companions: Twin Ravens

His namesake "The Calm" comes from the fact that he is a Berserkr that does not want to unleash his fury, He's seen far to many like him destroy a friend or loved one in the throes of a Blind Rage.

He ascended to Valhalla after he and the men of his village held off raiders that both outnumbered and out classed them. Though many died, he among them, they ultimately were victorious and drove the invaders off. Odin took note of this and sent his Valkyries to collect those who fought most heroically...Agmundr was only the first one they retrieved.
Name: Sefet Ianew
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Anubite
God: Anubis, and Ra.
Appearance: Sefet has dark black fur over his entire body, his eyes are deep brown, he wears traditional burial clothes, though he often wear an all black set of clothes.I couldn't get a picture up so here is a link.
Abilities: Sefet is blessed with amazing physical attributes. He is much stronger and faster than any human, he also has very sharp senses of smell, sight, and hearing. Some of the things he is able to do are nothing short of miraculous, he is able to jump too impossible heights, and his reflexes are amazing. he also has the ability to manipilate fire, and even to produce it.
Weaknesses: One of sefet's greatest weaknesses is one of his strengths.His senses are very powerful and some things can cause a brak in concentration, or even pain. Some sounds, ones that are very high pitched, can cause him extreme pain. Certain smells that make others sick make him nautious, can sometimes cause him to become physically sick, even faint. Sudden flashes of very bright light can cause temporary blindness. He is also extremly sensitive to cold.
Weapon(s):Two Khopesh, a sling, two dagger,two axes and a long hafted Crescent axe.
Personality: Sefet is somewhat single minded, he ofte only focuses on one thing at a time. he spent most of his life gaurding a tomb, he has only recently come to the outside world, he is often curious and sometimes confused by the outside world, the customs and ways of life. He is generally kind hearted but he is absolutly merciless againts those who oppose him, lawbreakers, and the followers of Set.
History: Anubites were originally created by Anubis to defend the tombs of the pharoahs. Sefet was to gaurd the tomb of Pharoah Ptolomy. But he failed, and the tomb was desicrated. Sefet was commanded by ra to find the raiders and bring them to justice. He wandered out into the desert and tracked down the thieves and killed them. But he discovered that the reason the robbers had been to the tomb was to steal a very powerful ancient artifact of extrordinary power. this artifact was in the hands of a follower of set. Sefet has tracked the artifact down for many many years but he has never found it. He recently began to realise that he was part of a great plan orchestrated by the gods. Sefet does not know wht the plan is, or what his place in it will be. Sefet trusts those he follows, Anubis who created him and gave him purpose, and ra who leads him to glory. Sefet loves the gods he worships.
Notes: Sefet does not know how he failed to protect the tomb. the only hting he remembers was waking up on the ground wiht the knowledge that he failed, and the urge to track down those who entered the tomb.



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First of all sorry for the double post I just wanted to point something out.

Origionally posted by Sir Basil: He's terrified of swimming and can, in fact, not swim. This is a incredible disability in a disciple of Poseidon, considering his portfolio of water

Actually during the classical era up until the age of sail, those who often sailed the seas would not learn to swim. The idea was if they are washed overboard during a storm they won't fight the enevitable.
Actually during the classical era up until the age of sail, those who often sailed the seas would not learn to swim. The idea was if they are washed overboard during a storm they won't fight the enevitable.
Jesse, while we appreciate the history lesson, it has already been stated that this isn't the natural history timeline. Therefore it is still possible that people in the bronze era knew how to swim.
Okami: I know that. But still, I consider it a disability that somebody who loves water and is around it often can't swim.
As an Einherjar Agmundr can't truly die, he can be slain in battle as any other man, but will rise a few moments later, his wounds miraculously healed

As a bad guy - how the heck am I supposed to deal with that?