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F seeking M (The 100)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Emi, Oct 21, 2015.

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  1. So, I love the show The 100, and have kinda always wanted to do an rp based on it, or something very like it. About me, I reply anywhere between 3x times a week, usually during school time and less during midterms or finals, up to 3x a day. I usually start at 3x a day if you can keep up with me. If you post less than 3x a week, unless it's midterms, finals, or something like that, I will lose interest. I prefer once a day, but less than 3x a week, I just forget about our rp.

    As for grammar, please know basic spelling, and grammar. I'm not amazing, I slip up. In fact, the words I mess up with all the time are, Fallow/Follow, and Threw/Through. PLEASE let me know if I make this mistake. I try really hard to do it correctly, but they slip up. Anyway, my only other rule I have it talk to me, I don't like people who just rp and never talk to me. Even if we do not get really personal, I still like some type of conversation.

    If you have any idea's you wanna do with the The 100 show, please tell me. I prefer to play one of the 100 who fell, but willing to change it depending on the person and their idea's.
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  2. Still looking
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