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  1. Isaac flew over the city, flapping his large black and white wings only as often as he needed to to continue circling over the city, and smiled as he finally found a suitable place to sleep for the night.
    He landed at the edge of the park, folding his wings as he looked around for a good tree to sleep in. He found one and climbed up, having found that trees were the best places to sleep if he couldn't find a house or enough money to stay in a hotel. He was just about to fall asleep, tired from a long day of searching for food, shelter, or companionship, when he heard a sudden burst of noise in the otherwise quiet park. Curious, he moved to investigate..
  2. Rockelle was at one of the main paths of the park. A man, dressed all in black, was covering her mouth and trying to pull her off the path. She screamed, though it was muffled, it made a loud sound. She fought back best she could, but it was no use, the assaulter was both taller and stronger then she was . . . She was being kidnapped. Her last year of high school had ended earlier that day, she'd felt free enough to take a walk out in the park without a phone, which was her first mistake. Her second was staying there till it got dark. She really hadn't anticipated this . . .
  3. Isaac jumped down from his tree, rushing faster to where the noise was coming from when he heard muffled screaming. Upon seeing what was happening, he immediately moved to help the girl, grabbing the man and pulling him away from the girl with all of his strength, even flapping his wings in an attempt to pull harder and at least distract the man.
  4. The man let go and looked behind him at Isaac. The mans eyes widened. "That sh!t ain't natural!" Said the guy. The man turned and ran off the path and into the more unlit areas of the park. Rockelle turned to look at Isaac. "Y-you're . . ." She didn't continue, considering that it would be rude if she pointed out the odd things about him. " . . . T-thanks . . ."
  5. Isaac seemed amused at the man and even laughed a little, before looking at her. "Un-natural? I know.. You're welcome. What're you doing out here?"
  6. "Oh, It's the last day of school, and I don't go to parties, so I went out for a walk. I was having such a good time I didn't leave when it got dark . . ." She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, as if guilty about something. Her parents would probably be worried soon . . .
  7. He nodded, "You probably shouldn't be out here at night. You have a home and a family to return to, correct?"
  8. "Y-yeah . . . I probably should get going. Well, thanks for saving me . . . er, I never got your name . . ." A few more seconds of delay wouldn't harm any of her non-existant plans . . .
  9. "I'm Isaac, and you are?" He asked. He suddenly started feeling drops of water land on him, and cursed quietly when he found that it was starting to rain. Sleeping in a tree was always unpleasant when it rained.
  10. "Rockelle. It was nice to meet you. Hey . . . maybe you wanna hang out tomorrow or something? I don't have anything to do, and you seem pretty nice." Her mood brightened a bit, she didn't have many friends in high school, perhaps this was her chance?
  11. "Sure, that'd be okay.. Do you have anywhere I can stay tonight?" He asked. While he didn't really want to ask her, he wanted to stay outside all night in the rain even less.
  12. "Um, well, I could ask my parents if you could stay the night, But I don't think they'd approve." Her parents were usually really easygoing, but even they would be a bit suspicious of a bird man.
  13. "That'd be great, thanks.. Even if I could just stay in a garage or something.. Would they allow it more if you told them I saved you?" He said, frowning a bit as it rained more, but looking hopeful.
  14. "I guess that would help a bit. Alright, let's go then." She was a bit doubtfull, but Her mom liked birds a lot so he should be fine . . .
  15. Isaac nodded and moved to follow her home, folding his wings tightly against his back and putting a rather old and beat up looking jacket on over them as he walked. It was enough of an issue that she and that guy had seen his wings, he didn't need to add any more to the number of people who knew what he was and could possibly tell the scientists where to find him.
  16. She glanced back at him and noticed the jacket. Well that solves that problem, She thought. Her home wasn't far from the park, so they got there fairly fast. She walked onto the porch and opened the door. She peered inside, her mom was in the living room and her dad must've been somewhere else. "Huh? Oh, Welcome back!" Her mom stood up from the couch and walked over to Rockelle, and then hugged her. "You're back a bit late huh . . ." Her mom took notice of Isaac. "Who's this?"
  17. "Hello. I'm Isaac. May I stay here? It is raining and I have no other shelter." He said, suddenly somewhat awkward upon meeting her mother. Despite having put the jacket on and arrived here quickly, he was already wet from the rain and shivering.
  18. "Oh sure!" Her mom lets go from the hug Rockelle had been engulfed in. "Rockelle's never invited anyone over before," Said her mom. Rockelle walked inside. "There's a guest room upstairs. ^_^" Her mom held the door open. "Rockelle'll show you the way."
  19. "Thank you." He said, smiling gratefully as he stepped into the house and looked around before moving to follow Rockelle and see where he would be staying.
  20. "No problem." Rockelles mom closed the door behind Isaac. Rockelle was standing by a staircase. "This way!" She gestured towards the stairs. The houses color scheme was black and light grey, a good combination for the abundance of space . . .
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