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    • "The secret of business it to know something that nobody else knows"
      -Aristotle Onassis

      Dear _______,
      You have been accepted to come and train at the National Academy of Quantico, and you are here for one reason and one reason only, to train and become a FBI agent. We have all our reasons for joining, but your reasons are your alone. 10 different individuals from different lifestyles and backgrounds were chosen to be be apart of the FBI training academy located in the heart of Quantico. No one on the outside is allowed in and no one on the outside is allowed to know about what you, and the other nine trainees do in this facility. This program will be the toughest thing that you have ever had to do to become a trainee, and if you screw up, make one mistake...you're out for good. We don't give second chances trainee, just so you know. Oh wait, another thing you need to know...Everyone has their own secrets, so it might be in your best interest to keep your enemies closer and your 'friends' closer.

      Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them the 'perfect' agent, but we, your superiors, will decide if you have what it takes to make it. An overview of the academy will be shown in your brochure attached and on your first day you'll receive a proper tour. Just remember trainee, you get one day to relax and mingle with your peers because your first day of training will be hell.

      Mrs. Jefferson

      *This roleplay will be set in the life of a FBI trainee that has their own deep rooted secret that could break them if anyone were to find out. This will be an action, modern, drama, romance, and comedy (hopefully/maybe) roleplay that will contain a different selection of training missions that each trainee will have to do alone and some that everyone will do as a group (or partnership). There will be some action scenes (with having to spar with other characters to the shooting range), there will be some drama if another character finds out your character's secret, and there will be some romance between trainees or maybe a trainee and a instructor. You never know what you'll get with this training academy.

      Basic Information
      • I will only accept ten characters (5 boys and 5 girls) and I'll only reserve a spot for a character for only three days!

      •This is a LGBTQ+ supportive roleplay so if you want your character to be gay, straight, lesbian, pansexual, demisexual go for it...I don't discriminate (the same rule goes for all gender choices)

      •there won't be any compition in this roleplay but there will be missions that someone else (a co-gm maybe??) and I come up with.

    • These rules are simple and you get three mistakes before I remove you from the roleplay.

      Rule 1: No Gary-Sue or Mary Sue characters
      Rule 2: A paragraph minimum for each post
      Rule 3: Keep the fighting only in the rp between characters, we have to keep this peaceful so we can enjoy ourselves, if there are any problems let's solve them like adults.
      Rule 4: If you see someone with the secret you were thinking of please come up with a new one so that there is no repeats.
      Rule 5: If you'll be away for a long time please tell us so that we can work around (but with) your part then inform you of what you missed when you get back.
      Rule 6: Have Fun!!!!
    • Your Character Sheet

      Apperance: (real life image please)

      Basic Information
      Name: (self explanatory)
      Nickname: (again, self explanatory)
      Age: ( 23+)
      Astrology Sign: (just for fun)

      Inside the Mind
      Personality: (List three positive traits, Three negative traits)
      History: (opitional, I'd really prfer if you didn't)
      Strengths: (list four)
      Weaknesses: (list four)

      Theme song:
      Accepted Characters!!
      •Male 1: Dean Paramonimos (pg 1)
      24 | April 18, 1991 | Aries | Bisexual

      •Male 2: Matthew Brett (pg 1)
      26 | April 3, 1989 | Pisces | Straight

      •Male 3: Adam Kane (pg 1)
      24 | September 15, 1991 | Libra | Straight

      •Male 4: Luke Lockwood (pg 2)
      23 | April 2, 1992 | Aries | Straight

      •Male 5: Raymond Welss
      27 | June 30, 1988 | Cancer | Panromantic Homosexual

      Female 1: Nautica Luna (pg 1)
      24 | August 23, 1991 | Virgo | Straight

      •Female 2: Adalicia Biancardi (pg 1)
      23 | August 3, 1992 | Leo | Pansexual

      •Female 3: Anya Callaghan (pg 1)
      26 | November 28, 1989 | Sagittarius | Aromatic Pansexual

      •Female 4: Clarissa Scott (pg 2)
      23 | February 6, 1992 | Aquarius | Straight

      •Female 5: Magenta Stellar
      26 | November 1, 1989 | Scorpio | Straight

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  1. Welcome To The National Academy Of Quantico

    Living Quarters
    These are the rooms that you and your roommate will be staying it. You're allowed to decorate but no painting
    These are the bathrooms that are attached to each individual room. Each bathroom looks like this.
    This is the cafeteria, it offers breakfast in the morning. Snacks throughout the day, with lunch and dinner at appropriate times. There are separate lines that include diner, grilled, soups and salads, subs, pizza, and desert.

    Training Quaters
    This is the gym and you have full access during your free times and when your done at the end of the day.
    This is the shooting range where you will be taking gun control and gun training classes.
    This is the combat room where you will occasionally be put up against one of your of your peers in a soaring session. This is where you will also be learning different types of combat styles.
    This is the weapons training room where you will learn how to use a different variety of weapons.

    Misc. Quaters
    This is the lounge where you can come to hang out during your free time and at the end of the day when you're done with lessons.
    This is the indoor pool that is only open after all your classes and sessions are over with.

    Your Available Classes

    Mandatory Classes (Must attend one)


    •Computer Science/ Information Technology

    Critical Skills Classes (Must attend one)

    •Foreign Languages
    •Behavioral Science
    •Forensic Science
    •Understanding Terrosim

    Your Schedule

    •6:00am:8:00am: Breakfast/Free Time
    •8:06am-10:06am: Shooting Range (gun training)
    •10:12am-11:12am: Mandatory Chosen Class
    •11:18am-1:18pm: Combat Training
    •1:24pm-3:24pm: Lunch/ Free Time
    •3:30pm-4:30pm: Critical Skills Chosen Class (can double)
    •4:36pm-6:36pm: Weapons Training
    •6:40pm: Dinner/ Free Time/ End Of Day
    •11:30pm: Quiet Hours
    •12:30am: Curfew

  2. Could I reserve a spot for a male character? Also, two questions. Can I play around with the format of the CS, and what exactly do you mean by secrets?
  3. Ooh yay! First off I really didn't think that this would get an interest because it's my first group rp (yay me!!!!)

    But to answer your first question sure play around with the cs format I don't mind and to answer your second question by secrets I mean something that the FBI doesn't know about them that could ruin their career (or even their life if you make it that serious) if someone finds out.

    (e.g: say that a male character were to sleep with a fourteen year old girl and ended up getting her pregnant and when he took her to a non certified abortion clinic trying to abort the baby the fourteen year old girl died)
  4. 4bacd9dbeb4249dae20682a90ac6aba6.jpg
    24 | Male | Bisexual | Brown hair | Green eyes | 5'8" | Neutral Good

    "Yeah, my parents were rich, but I am no spoiled little shit and don't you dare insinuate such."

    Basic InformationName: Dean Paramonimos (Para-mon-ee-muss) Cortell
    Nickname: Dean
    Age: 24
    Birthday: April 18th, 1991
    Height: 5'8" (173 centimeters)
    Weight: 162 pounds (73.5 kilograms)
    Gender: Male
    Astrology Sign: Aries


    Inside the MindPersonality:
    (+) - Dean is a determined and stubborn person, the sort that starts things and then sees them through to their finish regardless of how difficult or painful doing so may be.
    Hot-Tempered (-) - It's fairly easy to get Dean angry or irritated or generally riled up, and it isn't all that easy to calm him down. He also tends to nurse grudges.
    Kind (+) - To people he first meets and especially to people he's close to, Dean is quite the sweetheart. He's social and nice and perfectly willing to share his food or give up his seat.
    Impulsive (-) - Dean usually acts before thinking, and he almost never considers the risks of a decision or course of action before choosing it. Unless one makes him, of course.
    Passionate (+) - Dean doesn't do anything halfway. He is angry or he is not, he is excited or he is not, he is completely in support of something or he is not, etcetera.
    Cocky (-) - Dean is both competitive and over-confident, not necessarily of the opinion that he is better than everyone else but definitely sure he can beat everyone else in whatever form of competition.
    Dean was born and raised in Detroit, the son of a successful plastic surgeon and an equally successful defense attorney. He was not spoiled as a child; he had to earn his allowance through chores and the like. When he was nine, his parents divorced in quite the messy fashion, Dean ending up in his mother's custody. That was a huge reality check for the young man. After, he pushed himself further in school, put in the extra time and ended up graduating high school a year early. His next goal: law school.
    Three years, and he had a bachelor's in business. Three more years, and he had his first degree in law. He was considering enrolling in a master of laws program when he received the recruitment letter, and he impulsively chose doing that instead.
    The color blue
    People with brown eyes
    Books and movies with suspenseful plot lines
    Sour candies
    Heights and places with a view
    Challenges and people who challenge him
    Being doubted or mistrusted
    Mice and rats
    Coffee and extremely bitter foods
    Teasing, even if lighthearted
    Messiness and inefficiency
    Being made to feel inadequate
    Hobbies: Reading, Swordplay, Watching Movies
    Strengths: Determination, Toughness, Intelligence, Charisma
    Weaknesses: Recklessness, Inexperience, Obstinacy, Irritability

    colton haynes gif 3.gif

    Clary Scott- Friends/Besties
    Nautica Luna - Friends
    Feel free to ask if you have an idea. c:
    Marinette Cortell, 52, Mother
    Calvin Rhodes, 51, Father
    Several aunts/uncles/other extended family, but no siblings
    Raymond Weiss
    Theme song:
    Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

    The animosity of his parents' divorce left him hesitant to get into a real relationship
    His only real fear is of failure and disappointing others
    Bisexual and fairly open about it, although he has yet to come out to his father/much of his extended family

    colton haynes gif.gif

    His SecretDean's secret is that he nearly killed a man. Dean had been twenty two and drunk, and the guy was attempting to provoke him, and his temper ended up snapping along with several of the man's bones. The man spent several weeks in the hospital, the first few days being in the ICU. Luckily, they had been in a dark alley when the fight (though it barely counted as one) happened, so there were no other witnesses. Dean's mother narrowly managed to convince the man to keep Dean's involvement out of the police report. It cost quite a bit, plus all that she would have to spend paying the man's hospital bills, but keeping her only child's record clean was more than worth it. Dean still feels guilt for the pain he caused and how little he suffered for causing it, even two years later.


    Schedule[BCOLOR=#000000]• 6:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]00am:8:00am: Breakfast/Free Time[/BCOLOR]
    • 8:06am-10:06am: Shooting Range (gun training)
    • 10:12am-11:12am: Culture
    • 11:18am-1:18pm: Combat Training

    • 1:24pm-3:24pm: Lunch/ Free Time
    • 3:30pm-4:30pm: Foreign Language and Forensic Science
    • 4:36pm-6:36pm: Weapons Training

    • 6:40pm: Dinner/ Free Time/ End Of Day
    • 11:30pm: Quiet Hours
    • 12:30am: Curfew

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  5. Good! Accepted!
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  6. Apperance:

    Basic Information
    Name: Matthew Brett
    Nickname: Matt (friends), Rogue Cell (Hacker)
    Age: 26
    Birthday: 4/3/1989
    Weight: 164lb
    Height: 6ft
    Gender: Male
    Astrology Sign: Pisces

    Inside the Mind
    Personality: (List three positive traits, Three negative traits)
    + Matt is reliable if you give him a task and let him be he'll have it done in no time at all.
    + Matt isn't one to help anyone who breaks his moral code, he has a few rules that he has made for himself to keep himself in check as well as others.
    + Matt is quite humble and doesn't tend to show off.
    - Matt can be a bit awkward around people not understanding what to do as he just wants to carry on with how his life normally goes.
    - Matt doesn't care much for what happens to people who he doesn't know, so he doesn't got out of his way to help others.
    - Matt
    Likes: Computers, coding, open air and good books
    Dislikes: Heights, carnaval rides, people who think they are better than everyone and having to give public speeches in front of anyone.
    Hobbies: Coding, reading and free running.
    Strengths: Hacking, quick thinker, agile and perceptive
    Weaknesses: Not very strong, not a good talker, not much good in a fist fight and easily annoyed.

    Relationships: None yet
    Mother: 54
    Father: 59
    Brother: 22
    Crushes: None yet
    Theme song:

    Matt's secret is to do with a few accidents he caused in the past through hacking places and once caused a major blackout across America.
    Speaks: English, Java script, html, c (in general) and a few other coding languages.
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  7. Apperance: [​IMG]
    Basic Information
    Name: Nautica Luna
    Nickname: Nica or Luna
    Age: 24 years old
    Birthday: August 23
    Weight: 145
    Height: 5'8"
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Astrology Sign: Virgo

    Inside the Mind
    Personality: Straight-forward, calculative, loyal, calm, manipulative, emotionally distant, hard-headed
    Likes: Chocolate, coffee, dogs, snakes, guns, fighting
    Dislikes: Bugs, confusing mysteries, being disrespected, fire
    Hobbies: Writing (stories she puts online), art, martial arts, volleyball
    Strengths: Hand to hand combat, manipulation, speed, marksmanship
    Weaknesses: Apathetic, reckless, impatient

    Anya- Its nice being around an intelligent person who's spiced with sarcasm yet driven when she has a goal. Nautica has noticed how Anya is impatient with things while Nica herself is more patient as it comes with her calm nature. Just like Nica, Anya doesn't talk about her past and even though Nautica gets a bit curious as to what the others have done, she won't ask because doing so would mean she's ready to speak of her own past. Even without their secrets out in the open, Nautica thinks Anya is a good friend.
    Dean- They're completely different but Nautica enjoys beings friends with Dean. If they didn't argue because of her criticism and his cocky, hot headedness then Anya would be bored. She enjoys that Dean is loud about things that excite him and finds it funny, sort of like a little kid. How they get loud when they see or get something, it just amuses Nica a lot.
    Adalicia- Nica appreciates Ada's humor as well as her caring and honest ways. Its always good to find others who are straight-forward with their opinion on certain things. Of course Ada's moodiness can get irritating and so its not surprising if Nica avoids Ada when she's in one of those moods; it would start a fight. Like when they had first met. Of course Adalicia's flirtatious nature makes Nica wary about her friend's actions, there isn't anything she can do seeing as Ada is her own adult so she doesn't say anything about it; unless its brought up.
    Luke- He's not her first Aries friend and she's learned to keep her opinions to herself unless she knows its nothing but full of facts. Nautica knows that Luke has a big ego and comes off as cocky but loves how he treats women. She knows that there are going to be a lot of women who might end up falling for him because of this. His independence is admirable and Nica has respect for the man she's happy to call a friend.
    Family: Supposedly a sister in Italy
    Crushes: (waiting for guys with other signs xD)
    Theme song:
    Other: When Nautica was 17 years old she had an argument with her parents and ran away for 3 days before coming back just in time to find someone had broken into their home. With the martial arts training she's had since a young child, Nautica had cautiously looked for everyone but the house had been drowned in silence. It didn't take long to find that her parents had been in the basement, tied to chairs with evidence of torture. The man that was responsible for it attacked Nautica while she was taking everything in and Nautica let her anger out on the man. Effectively killing him and claimed it to be self-defense though she could've left him alive. Thanks to her father's connection with a judge and several people within the government, they didn't put any of it on the screen or internet; keeping it TOP SECRET. It was easy seeing as how Nautica's father had worked for the government.

    •6:00am:8:00am: Breakfast/Free Time
    •8:06am-10:06am: Shooting Range (gun training)
    •10:12am-11:12am: Language/Communications
    •11:18am-1:18pm: Combat Training
    •1:24pm-3:24pm: Lunch/ Free Time
    •3:30pm-4:30pm: Psychology and Leadership
    •4:36pm-6:36pm: Weapons Training
    •6:40pm: Dinner/ Free Time/ End Of Day
    •11:30pm: Quiet Hours
    •12:30am: Curfew
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  8. Accepted! By the way I loveeee the song >_<

    I should be getting my cs up soon, I'm finishing up homework now.
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  9. image.jpeg
    (Face claim: Priyanka Chopa)

    Adalicia Biancardi
    August 3, 1992
    5'4" 1/2
    .:Astrology Sign:.


    (+) Humorous: Ada loves to laugh and enjoys telling jokes or making corny puns. Her humor can sometimes be a bit dark but hey, funny is funny to her.
    -) Moody: Every had their good days and their bad days but sometimes Ada's good and bad days become jumbled into one making her happy at some moments and irritated the next. Just make sure not to provoke her when she's
    +) Honest: Though some people call this a bad trait she thinks it's the best. Her honesty may be a bit brutal but if you want an honest answer she isn't going to sugar coat it for you. So if you want to know if you look fat in those jeans, come to her if you want to hear the absolute truth, she'll try and mind your feelings.
    -) Flirtatious: She thinks nothing bad of this trait but multiple people had gotten pissed at her over it. She honestly doesn't see the harm but her flirting can be a bit misguided for her actually liking you. But she never lets this trait get in the way of her job or her training. Just one thing, don't assume she likes you cause that'll really tick her off. If she lies you, she'll tell you.
    +) Kind/Caring: Now don't get it twisted she can break your finger if you rub her the wrong way but Ada can also be an amazingly kind person that has your back when you need her. She'll be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on and if you need someone to vent to she'll nod her head until you ask for input and then she'll give it.
    -) Reserved/Shut off: Everyone has a box and a key to their deepest darkest secrets and Ada does a good job of keeping that key hidden away. Some people don't try and get past her wall, but if you stick around for the wild ride she'll bring you on she promises...it'll be worth the wait.
    Born to a French father and a Latino/Italian mother Adalicia has always been raised strong and smart. She wasn't the richest nor did she always get to have the best shoes that were out each month, but from that she learned that you have to work hard to get what you want. Or better yet, you have to work hard to get anything in this life. Her grandmother lived in the house with her after her grandfather passed when she was younger. So it was every Sunday that her family would gather around the table and just eat and love on each other. Ha, the Sunday thing was more of a dream than reality.
    +Horror Movies
    +The Brain

    -Cocky People
    -Mouthy People
    -Meat (animal products)
    -The color yellow
    -The number 6

    *Learning new languages
    *Collecting Books
    *Watching {Foreign} Classic Movies

    +Sharp Shooting
    +Speaking Different Languages
    +Reading emotions

    -Hand to hand combat

    Anya: A close friend is someone you want to choke half the time right? Well that's how Ada feels about Anya. She would step in front of a bullet for her but sometimes might be the one pulling the gun out on her. She would lay down her life to save hers, but might end up killing her later. Ada caresfor Abya but sometimes might not show it cause it's like pulling teeth just standing near her. But whatever, that's are most friends are, right?
    Nautica: Nautica is a really cool person that she doesn't/wouldn't mind spending time with. Ada loves how they both have no problem speaking the honest truth and would go to her if she ever had a question that she needed an honest answer to. But she can see how manipulative she could be so she keeps her guard up a bit, but if it came down to it she would go to her if she had an issue, well not a big one at least. Not yet.
    (None, just ask ^_^)
    Mother: She doesn't know where she is
    Grandmother: Deceased
    Father: Deceased
    Grandfather: Deceased
    Aunt: Supposedly with her mother

    (Not just yet)
    .:Theme Song:.


    •Knows French, Italian, and Spainish
    •Her secret is that when she was younger she had walked in on her mother trying to calm down her father who was drunk and waving a gun around threatening to shoot her. But once her mother pushed him to the ground, letting the gun hit the floor, Adalicia picked up the gun aiming it at her father when she saw him choking her mother almost killing her. Ada oulled the trigger killing her father but when her mother called the police she said that she herself had shot her father and it was out of self defense so no one had ever known that it was actually Ada killing her father that day.


    •6:00-8:00am: Breakfast/Free Time
    •8:06-10:06am: Shooting Range
    •10:12-11:12am: Computer Science/ Information Technology
    •11:18- 1:18pm: Combat Training
    •1:24-3:24pm: Lunch/Free Time
    •3:30-4:30pm: Psychology/Forensic Science
    •4:36-6:36pm: Weapons Training
    •6:40pm: Dinner/Free Time/End Of Day
    •11:30pm: Quiet Hours
    •12:30am: Curfew

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  10. Can I reserve a female character?
  11. I got on the computer and prettied up my sheet a bit more. Finally got the fieldboxes to cooperate with me and not breed like bunny rabbits! c:
  12. @XWhySoSeriousX All done with my character for now I still need to think of a third negative thing for his personality but can't think of anything right now if that's alright?
  13. That's perfectly okay, and accepted!
  14. [​IMG]
    Anya Jane Callaghan||26||November 28||136 lbs||5'8"||Female||aromantic pansexual||Sagittarius

    Inside the Mind
    +Loyal, Intelligent, Driven
    -Impatient, Sarcastic, Rude
    One thing you'll learn about Anya is that she doesn't like to wait. She's impatient about her work, and she doesn't like to waste time thinking about things. She's very driven when it comes to her own personal set of goals, and she's also surprisingly intelligent in both abstract knowledge and aesthetic knowledge. She's snarky, bitchy, and downright rude half the time, and the other half of the time she's probably so pissed off she refuses to speak to you. Yes, she'll give you the silent treatment. While she won't ever admit it, she's also the kind of person that will come in at the last second to save your ass. She'll probably cuss you out for getting yourself into trouble in the first place, but she'll still do it. She secretly cares about people, especially those that she trusts. Everyone else can jump off a damn cliff. She doesn't show fear when faced with danger. Someone could point a gun at her head, and she probably wouldn't seem to care.
    When it comes to talking about herself, that's just something Anya doesn't do. She prefers to leave her past in the past, and no one is going to make her say anything different. When it comes to romantics, Anya doesn't really understand it. She considers herself aromantic pansexual. She'll have sex with just about anybody, but she'll probably never feel romantic about anyone. In other news, she tends to call people "love" or "darling" for some reason.

    She grew up in Detroit, Michigan as a single child. When she was ten years old, her parents divorced, and her mother later died in a tragic car accident. Her father was an alcoholic who did not care what Anya did and when, as long as she kept out of his way. Because of this, she was left to learn for herself how to survive and how to make ends' meet since her father was next to useless in his constant drunken state. She went to school as normal, but soon rumors spread of missing items from lockers and backpacks and purses. No one knew who was responsible, save one person--the perpetrator. And that was Anya herself. However, mere pickpocketing wasn't going to keep her and her father in a home with food on the table. From a young age, she'd always had a knack for computers. She used this to her advantage, offering to help people fix their machinery--for a price. It paid fairly well as people began to realize her skill. When she was old enough to have a real job, she was already working enough independently to keep herself afloat. When she graduated high school, she moved out immediately, leaving for Atlanta, Georgia. She has not spoken to her father in almost a decade.
    +An occasional beer

    +Intelligent People

    --Getting drunk

    +Fixing Computers
    +PC Gaming

    She is very proficient with computers, both hardware and software. She can take a computer apart and put it back together in ten minutes or less, and she knows how to work her way around a security system with ease.
    Besides her proficiency with computers, Anya is quite intelligent. She is very calculating and perceptive by nature, able to memorize data and various observations quickly and easily.
    *Emotional Stability*
    While she does not have the best of tempers, Anya is able to handle stress very well. Where others might shut down and panic, she springs into action and gets the job done.

    Anya can be very easily motivated, especially when posed with a challenge. She enjoys proving the odds wrong, and she often manages to do so.
    Anya's temper has gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past, especially with those who are stronger than her physically. She can probably outwit you, but she probably won't be able to beat you in a fist fight.
    *Physical Strength*
    Physically, she is of average strength. She can hold her own, but she's not likely to overpower someone physically. She balances this with her perceptive nature, able to pinpoint where someone's weak spots are. However, this won't help her much if they decide to attack her head-on.

    In addition to her temper, Anya is rather reckless in her decisions, especially when she is forced to improvise.

    Open for friends, enemies, etc.!
    Mother -- Anna Grace Callaghan -- 39 -- Deceased
    Father -- James Eric Callaghan -- 55 -- Status Unknown

    She doesn't really "do" crushes.
    Theme song

    Part of her secret is that she was a world-class hacker. An illegal one, at that. However, that is not all. When she was so-called "fixing computers," she never asked questions. She took the money and did the job. Well, she would one day regret that decision. Shortly after she had graduated high school, she was given a job with no description of its purpose. At first, she demanded more information, as she'd never been given such vague details before. But when they offered her 50k in hard cash, she couldn't refuse. She did the job, thinking nothing of it until a news story came only hours later of two planes that had crashed into each other due to faulty navigation. It didn't take her long for her to realize the system she hacked had caused such a malfunction. She had killed over two hundred people, including an important Senator who was the reason behind it all. It was deemed a very tragic accident, as there were no traces of intended malfunction. Of course there were no traces. Anya never left any.

    •6:00am:8:00am: Breakfast/Free Time
    •8:06am-10:06am: Shooting Range
    •10:12am-11:12am: Computer Science/Information Technology
    •11:18am-1:18pm: Combat Training
    •1:24pm-3:24pm: Lunch/ Free Time
    •3:30pm-4:30pm: Foreign Language/Behavioral Science
    •4:36pm-6:36pm: Weapons Training
    •6:40pm: Dinner/ Free Time/ End Of Day
    •11:30pm: Quiet Hours
    •12:30am: Curfew
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  15. Apperance: manSpecs_1474972c.jpg

    Basic Information
    Name: Adam Kane
    Nickname: Kane
    Age: 24
    Birthday: 10-15-1990
    Weight: 187
    Height: 6'2"
    Sexuality: straight
    Astrology Sign: Libra

    Inside the Mind
    Personality: Positive- Smart, calm, calculating. Negative - second guesses himself, anti social, bad at public speaking
    History: (opitional, I'd really prfer if you didn't) - i won't
    Likes: books, old school music, cartoons, and brain games
    Dislikes: loud music, people who don't think, show offs
    Hobbies: reading, brain games
    Strengths: analitics, stratagy, speed, and dexterity
    Weaknesses: not as physically strong as other candidates, Anti-social, Prefers to do things alone, over thinks everything

    Relationships: open
    Family: none
    Crushes: none at the moment
    Theme song:
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  16. I'm sorry I hadn't seen your characters secret....had you posted it?
  17. There wasn't a space for the secret on the cs so I figured it would be something we reveal slowly. Should I add it to my cs or pm it to you?
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