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  1. Years ago a man created the legendary mech(ignore this the battle armor

    can be anything ignore the word mech) battle armor although there was a

    malfunction giving the users an uncontrollable demonic power... Ace was

    one of these people but he mastered it and did the impossible with ease

    now he's started up a school to help the students control these powers

    (they can still use the powers but there's a time limit to how long it can be

    used go past the time limit the power becomes uncontrollable causing the

    school to deactivate your power for 30 posts but as you go through the rp

    the time you can use your power gradually increases until you have full

    control) anyone who arrives at the school without battle armor is sent

    away or has to choose which armor they want (to dangerous at this school)


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    No killing other players

    No nsfw (max will allow is a very undescriptive undressing for a shower) nsfw stuff will be held elsewhere

    No fighting in school grounds go to the arena on the island if you want to fight if you fail to obey this your characters power is deactivated for 30 post

    This is a highschool so put a proper highschool age in

    Also no co-ed dorms you are only allowed in the dorm of the opposite sex if a teacher or the headmaster allows you to go in (usually if they need something) or if your invited in by someone in that dorm if you try to go in without permission your gonna get one hell of a shock
  2. Hey, i probably going to be interested in this. Pretty good idea. Is application custom, or you didn't post it yet?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.