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  1. A side roleplay to the group roleplay of Twisted_Mind13.
    Behind the scenes of Rick Kid; Thomas Ian Hendrickson and the Popular: Michael Nigh.
    This will be the story of there ups, and down, of how they meet and if they will ever get along.

    //not great at these//
  2. Thomas walked into the dorm he shared and sighed loudly. Mike had left his stupid cans on the coffee table. He threw them away and then walked.into the kitchen, first writing his name on everything so that Michael wasn't going to eat it. Not that it helped last time. He put them in the fridge and cabins. Thomas then walked into his own room, taking his coat and scarf off. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt and black skinny jeans. Thomas was a bit of the stereotype gay male but at the same time not really. He heard someone in the kitchen "MIKE IF YOU EAT MY STUFF AGAIN I'LL GET YOUR ARSE IN PRISON" he shouted
  3. Micheal watched froom the living room as his roommate from hell walked through the door with more food. Ohh. Mikey stood up, and waited for Tom to walk in to the far room across from where he was once standing. Mike stood on his tippy-toes, dispite his height. He bit his lip and waited from the door to close.
    He quikly walked over to the fridge ever so quietly, and checked out the new food, he was so hungry. Tom had devided the fridge into two parts, Mike's two shelf, which were empty except for a few cans of beer, and Tom's three shelfs, full of food.
    Mike heard Tom calling from his room, something about his arse.
    "Yeah, you'd like my butt." Mike called, slamming the fridge shut. And leaning up the wall as Tom came out, he looked slightly mad.
  4. "stop eating my food!" he was indeed mad and he looked up at the tall fella. "that you're too lazy buy your own is not my problem" Thomas already had an accent but it got worse when he was angry. If looks could kill Mike would be a puddle of death. "behave" he said and walked back to his dorm. He was definitely going to buy a minifridge and put it in his room.

    He pulled his study books out and opened them, beginning a long night of hell
  5. Mikey rolled his eyes, and watched as his annoyed roommate stompped back into his hidyhole. He was always in his room, not that Mike cared, the guy was always acting like he owned the place. Well, he kind of did. Mike needed a place to stay before he moved in with his new roommate. His mother had sent in a video to some girls looking for a bunch of roommates. Mikey hadn't told Tom yet, and wasn't planning that's why he had let his part of the fridge run low.
    Mikey took a beer out of the fridge and popped it open, "Want a beer?"
  6. "I am not as disgusting as you are" Tom said back. It was the middle of the day! Who would drink beer now. He put his books down and started reading, writing the important things down. Silly enough Thomas liked learning new things so he got straight As on everything he had. He was smart but people didn't see him that way

    (can we like make our own rp with it? That they stay roommates in this dorm? I think that will work better)
  7. (Okay, yeah, sure, that's fine! Also, its okay if you want to incorporate Mike speaking c: )

    "I am not disgusting.." Mikey snorted, "You're just uptight." he walked over to Tom's room, and lent his long arms up the side of the door, and sipped at his drink. "Come on, can you just act like a guy for five seconds?" Mike groaned.
  8. "I can try that" he cleared his throat and used a fake low voice "oh I'm Mike I all day and fuck girls, banging with the bed against the wall, I'm so cool" he smirked and turned back to writing "no, that's not my thing.I doubt if it is even your thing" he shrugged and looked at Mike "you're annoying"
  9. "I do not fuck girls all day, only at night," Mike winked at Tom, who then rolled his eyes and mumbled, "And what does that even mean, 'I doubt if it is even your thing'. What even is that?" Mike questioned, "Are you calling me homo?" he pushed off the wall and walked towards Tom.
  10. "no," Thomas rolled his eyes "you know, I just don't think you enjoy beer drinking all day with your friends and fucking all night with those attention seekers but you do it because the rest firs it too." he explained turning towards his roommate "you.big bundle of homophobia"
  11. "I'm not homophobic! Just because I'm not a fag doesn't mean I hate every gay person." Michael always got a little too worked up about convosations about this topic, most people would just leave it, but he had a feeling Tom wasn;'t like 'most people'..
  12. "why are you reacting so heated then?" Thomas glared at him and raised his eyebrows "using the word fag isn't very friendly either, a people person like you should know that" he chuckled. It was funny that Michael was getting so hyped up by this and he shook his head. "You know, you're a bit suspicious"
  13. Michael huffed and ran his hand through his hair, feeling a little flustered by his roommate, "I don't understand.." He held his hand higher, "I am not gay, like you." he still wasn't a 100%, but he didn't care, he needed to get out of this convosation. Michael had been loosing interest in girl these past months, he was noticing more than the borderline appearance in men, and found it inticing. He couldn't stop it.
  14. "so, I never said you are" he smirked "I just said that fucking girls wasn't your thing that's all" he stood up "stop getting so nervous" he walked to his closet (biggest thing in his room) and looked into it. He pulled out a shirt. "now get out I am going to change" he looked at him again. "it's late you should go to bed too"
  15. Michael folded his arms, "No, you're not my mother. I'm going out." he said, and stompped out, across the hall and into his own room, shutting the door behind him. he sat on his bed and ran his fingers down his face, "Dude," he whispered.
    Mikey grabbed some grey jeans and a black longsleeve shirt and begun to get changed, he didn't know where he was going, but he knew he had to clear his head, it was too cramped in there, with all these thoughts.
  16. Thomas sighed hard and didn't understand what he was being so difficult about! He got dressed and sat in bed, calling his mother before going to bed. "Classes are doing great!" he said trying to ignore the questions about friends. "would be even greater if I went to Oxford" he said for a thousand time. "no hut mama you know I can do it and money is not the problem!"
  17. "I'm leaving," Mike called walking into the kitchen where he grabbed am=nother beer, he sighed and oped the bottel and took a long drink. He opened the fridge again and grabbed the rest of the carton, "Well, its just you and me guys," he spoke to the drinks.
  18. He rolled his eyes at his stupid roommate, he probably had classes too but decided to poison his head with beer and lack of sleep. He said bye to his mother and then went to do some online shopping. Thomas didn't own a pair of jeans that were under the $100. He just liked quality and a good brand name. He then closed his laptop and laid on his side, trying to sleep. He couldn't help that his mind was wondering off to Michael, what was wrong with him? He frowned, not being very good at reading others emotions, he even sucked at knowing his own. Thomas decided that it was not his problem and that eased his mind a bit, but not much.
  19. Mike found himself at an old park bench; he had almost finished the rest of the beer carton. He was indeed very drunk. Mike was thankful he hadn’t wondered too far on the campus from his dorm, so he knew where he was going.
    Mike stumbled over the grass and threw his junk into the bin nearby. He held on to the side of the door as he fumbled with the keys to open it.
    "Awh, shit." He mumbled as he stumbled into the couch, "Stupid thing."
  20. Thomas heard a loud tud that woke him up. He knew it was Michael... He turned around but then felt guilty for him... Something that was rare and felt weird. He stood up sighing, his hair a mess and walked towards the livingroom "you smell so bad" he said and tried to ignore the stink of beer. He put Mike's arm over his shoulder and helped him towards his bedroom
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