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"We were ousted from the capitol some two years ago; Aislin's brother deposed her as empress of Highbirth. It's time to take back our land. Forgive me, my name is Endry Blade. You don't need to know how old I am. I was a blademaster and captain of the Empress' guard. I still am, I suppose.

Aeric Highbirth, having no place as the heir of the country, was given to a coven of wizards for training. The second in line for succession was always the court mage. However, his lust for power drove him to... Remove... his sister from office in her 113th year, a short span for an elven woman like her, a long one for a man that is only half.

The empress survived, if only because I was prepared for his treachery. I had seen him on numerous occasions sitting on her throne in the early morning, before she returned from her night of meditation, hands peaked in contemplative thought. I had seen him giving sacks of gold to regular guardsmen. I had been given reports from my own men that he had tried to bribe them. And so, the night he had planned to kill her I took her through a secret passage way, and out of the castle.

Two years. Two years of careful planning, and I am tired. Aislin doesn't know the risk I'm going to take, she doesn't know I'm going. I'm going to need some help."


There are a few reasons leading to the dissent and penultimate betrayal of Aeric Highbirth. Eleven years prior the City-state and namesake of the imperial family was a bustling, prosperous country. It had about ½ of both Darakh and Anglimar's territories. That is, until war was called on both fronts. The only known motive was greed. Although the Highbirth empire should have won, the general, Cal Dyrenian--an established tactical genius--led them to ruin. Cal's folly was of course blamed upon the empress Aislin, who ultimately decided whether his strategy had merit. She, however was not a born war-time leader, and didn't expect that his plans wouldn't work. That was the point.

Aeric Highbirth had always thought that he should lead the empire, being as he was male and the 'sole' legitimate male in the line. As a note: all men born in the line after him were stillbirth, while the elders died of 'natural' causes. It didn't help that he was naturally charismatic, being that his half-elven/half-human blood appealed to both races, as well as his way with words. He ascended to the position of court mage when he was only fifteen, four years before Cal's Folly. By age nineteen his lust for a higher position became his sole goal, using magics to win over the 'genius' general's mind.

These facts are not known to either Aislin Highbirth or Endry Blade.

the elf lands:

The Strife of the Elf-Lands.

The immediate north is a lush forest, inhabited by numerous creatures. Further still north is the Elf Plains, home to a nomadic tribe of elves. They have no formal government, and are in effect, barbarians. Though most live to be age five hundred, they refuse to learn the advanced sciences and alchemies harbored by the humans, gnomes, and other races of intelligence.

Very few learn to read and write, and those that do have a tendency to learn only the basics. Their beliefs in totems and the various magics of the wild give them no need of it, combined with their use of vocal storytelling to pass on history.

They refuse to believe in the gods above (and below), and instead put their faith into their ancestors and the totem-spirits, Although more civilized peoples find totem-spirits archaic and ancestors as beneath notice, it is not far from right that their totem-magic and such truly works.

Barren Ester Lands:

Far to the east, just beyond the cavern-wastes, lives another fellowship of elvish peoples. These, in contrast to their barbaric brothers up north, have embraced technology and all it's mechanic wonders. Alchemy is below interest to them, as they do not believe it to be a 'science' at all. Mage-craft is generally disdained as well, reason being that scholars of the arcane arts don't produce much to society.

The elves of the Barren Lands are an atheist nation, held together by a brutal democracy. Women are below men, homosexuality is alright as long as you are male, you can have sex with anyone you want with permission from their spouse (if they are female). Outsiders have no formal rights, cannot own land, but can rent a building and set up a shop. There is a yearly tax for foreigners of 20% of their total yearly earnings.

Game Masters: [MENTION=67]Fel +1[/MENTION]
Accepting New Characters: Yes!
Posting Expectations: At least one post per member a week, with the ability to possibly make up some things as you go.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: High Fantasy
Atmosphere/Mood: I would like it to be a serious roleplay.
Plot Flow: I do expect a semilnear plot, although additional character interaction is fine.
Timeline: Standard medieval fantasy timeline.
Basic Plot: To start, all characters will need to be in the same small town that Endry and Aislin escaped to. The town is so small as to have no name, but locals have tended to call it (quite stupidly) Highbirthtown.

The real Highbirth is actually a city-state. After years and years of losing battles, the lands around it became territories the the countries around it Anglishr of the north, and Darakh of the south. Highbirth town is located somewhere in Anlishr, hedged by the Eternal Forest itself..

Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet.

Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
I'll join up, good sir.

Character Name:Harmony Ravencaster

Race/Species Elf


Job/Role:A courier. She delivers messages, packages, and mail. Harmony is distinguished from ordinary services because of her speed, security, tracking, specialization and individualization of express services, and swift delivery times. As a premium service, Harmony's services are a little more expensive than usual mail services, and her services are typically restricted to packages where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost.

Age:She is young for a female elf.

General Appearance:Harmony keeps her hair braided most of the time, since it is long and could get caught up when riding horses. Her clothing is kept simple and relatively plain to help disguise her with the farmers and other lower class peoples in the countryside. She has armor that was provided by her company. She states that her braids, which seem like something a human princess would wear, are an "irresistible proof of friendship" that she uses to restore peace to those around her.

Current Goal/Purpose:Whatever she feels like tackling next.

Abilities: Instinct due to her ancestry. The ability to effectuate rapid and precise judgments gained through experience and training. Harmony is capable of applying strategy and skills to turn the tables in her favor. Harmony is also quick on her feet and thus can 'blend' in with her surrounding, making her a pain to track. The girl can use both the long bow and the crossbow; though she prefers close range weapons such as blades or daggers.

General Personality:Plucky means brave and optimistic. You might be able to pile life complications onto Harmony, to the point where the audience would forgive her if she just refused to go on. She exhibits a strong sense of optimism and an unassailable spirit that differentiates her from the grimness of a determinator. You can beat her, but damned if she'll let you break her.Harmony is beautiful, but she is also a frightfully unparalleled blabbermouth, prone to speaking on and on until those involved lose all rationality. Her conversations, through no ill intent on her part, have a way of meandering toward maximum social awkwardness. Harmony's hobby of adventuring gets herself mixed up in an assorted amount of mischief due to her constantly popping up everywhere. Her greatest weakness is that she tends to get jumpy before entering battle, often risking herself in more open areas.

General History:She's traveled around a lot. Harmony was born into the roles of being a ranger. This means that her family had a long history of being keepers over a region to protect the area or enforce the law of their Lords. Harmony is considered young in the terms of elven lives, she is still little more than a child. Her childhood was spent learning skills of the trade. Harmony was not the prodigy child of the family; rather she was the runt. However, this was altered when her brother grew tired of people harassing her, he vowed to be her protector. Together, they proved to be a dynamic team. Her brother was later summoned to go off to war; thus, having to leave her behind. While her parents are still alive, Harmony decided to stick around with the company she works for.
A quick note to former members of Eternal Forest: The eastern lands are no longer so technologically advanced. I've decided instead to make them more of a brutal Greek democracy instead, because it seems to work better.

Anglishr: The northern kingdom of Anglishr is an oppressive nation – where the king and the clergy work hand in hand to crush any idea of freedom from the minds of the serfdom. The king's honorary title (and his formal name after he ascends to the throne) is Angidar; which, not coincidentally is also the name of their primary God. The fringe of Anglishr enjoys a little more freedom of thought than the core of the nation because there is simply no way that the Angidar's forces can be effective that spread out. Highbirth Town is a fringe township.

Darakh: In the south, Darakh is a more tolerant nation. The serfs can have the freedom of thought so long as they do not directly oppose the king. As opposed to Anglishr, the king is only known as the king, having revoked any name whatsoever as he assumes power. However, the court of Darakh does not like foreigners, especially royalty. Serfs, on the other hand are a different story.

The Eastern Lands: There has not been a relationship between the primary nations and the Eastern Lands in over two hundred years; and very few remember the name of the countries out that direction.
Could you explain a little more about the political factions of what has happened so far? Example: Are all our characters members of the caravan that you've mentioned in your previous versions of this RP?
I can... perhaps tomorrow.
Hmmm this looks interesting. I'm still getting used to the site, so, sorry if any of the following questions are sort of stupid. Here we go:

I've read some posts above ' a note to former Eternal Forest members'. Is this the second part/reboot of an already existing RP?
In other words, is there any IC created already?

Also, I assume you are still accepting characters.
Can I play as a beast? Or is there any rules/limits?
Character Name: Albert "Bert" Crosswynd

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Former Palace Guardsman. Currently unemployed.

Age: 23

General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose: Finding work/Getting revenge against the other Palace Guards

General Personality: Bert is fairly stoic and usually doesn't let his emotions show, traits that served him well as a guardsman. However, he is amiable enough when in less formal situations and generally doesn't have problems getting along with people. He is the last person you would expect to make a scene or do something to stand out from the crowd, and he quite prefers it that way. Although quiet and introverted, Bert is someone who prides himself for his integrity and strength of character. He can't stand dishonesty or sneaky behavior, which is part of why he now finds himself outside the palace walls. When it comes to immorality on the part of others, he refuses to mind his own business and just let it slide. Unlike his usual behavior, he becomes quite fiery and passionate whenever someone does something wrong or something that violates his own personal code of ethics. Bert has no probably pointing it out to someone that what they are doing is wrong and he won't back down unless they stop or explain themselves.

General History: Born a commoner, Bert stood little chance of ever seeing, much less owning, the finer things in life. But all that changed when he was chosen by Endry Blade, blademaster of the queen's court, to be trained as a palace guardsman. From the age of 15, he and other young men were conditioned to be the protectors of the castle halls as well as the safety and well-being of the Queen herself. Although he lived within the palace during this time, he was never allowed to forget who he was or develop a sense of importance. Above all else, he was taught to sacrifice his own desires and even his life if need be for the sake of the royal family. He fulfilled his duty and served with honor for several years until rumors began swirling through the palace of a plan to depose Her Majesty Aislin. Unlike some of the other guards, he refused to be bribed into abandoning his calling. Bert assisted the Empress and the closest members of her retinue in escaping to Highbirthtown from the palace once the plot against her was executed. Ever since, he has been living with some relatives in the slums of Highbirthtown, struggling to get by, but taking pride in knowing he did not betray his queen.
You assumed correctly that I am still accepting characters. This is a reboot of an RP I had three or so years ago, I wanted to see how it would do. However, I do have difficulty letting someone play as a beast. I don't mind someone having a beast companion though.

As far as character limits go; my world doesn't have dark elves, but there are most other standard fantasy races. My magic base is purely elemental, and I do expect your character to have flaws.
I have Aeric's facts up now, under the overview of the surrounding lands. It includes a little more information on the empire as well.
Ok a couple of things before submitting the CS.
I am not a 'heavy' poster. My avereage ranges from 150-300 words per post. I hope that's not a serious problem...
Second, I hope there will not be too much war in this. I like battles and fighting, but when it comes to armies and ranks, tactics and the lot, I tend to get bored.

Character Name:
Lara, 'the feral girl'

Gender: Female (Human)

Job/Role: Lara spends most of her time roaming the woods near Highbirthtown; but when she is in town, she usually helps at the bakery, giving a hand with simple chores (cleaning, delivery, etc).

Age: 16

General Appearance:

Like this, although her hair has a chestnut shade instead of the blonde one here. Her clothing is usually more green instead of pink.
Current Goal/Purpose: Not much, just hanging around. She fantasizes about becoming a sorceress, although she is not aware of her own powers yet.

General Personality: Lara is, over all, naive. She is very curious but she can't pay attention at something for too long, so much the less if it's not really interesting for her. She is easily impressed, but just a kid, after all. She is usually in a happy mood. Her shyness when meeting new people lasts only for minutes, as she will soon relax and socialize, often making lots of questions and comments.

General History: Lara was abandoned as a toddler in the wilderness near Highbirthtown. Her parents were not locals, and nothing is known of why she was left. She grew up, first raised by foxes, later helped by the town's baker family; but Lara's wild spirit always pulled her back to the forests, where she feels at ease. Lara has a great ability to communicate with most creatures, especially wild ones. She is naturally a sorceress, and she is able to manipulate the air element; she is not fully aware of this, however, and she has got no clue on how to do it either. So far, her power flows when she experiences strong emotions or feelings; or as a reflex, she used her magic to avoid hurting herself when falling from too high, or to run away from danger faster, to name a few examples. Her best pals are a fox and a robin, the fox having no name (it's her 'Brother Fox') but the robin, Tuki, will follow Lara absolutely everywhere. Brother Fox is not always around her and won't leave the woods just as easily.

Lara is agile, but not physically strong; also she does not know how to handle weapons to fight (swords, bows, whatever... ), being her only skilled with a crude slingshot, and somewhat accurate at throwing stones or sticks with her bare hands. She knows about the effects of some wild herbs, and will know which to pick to relieve herself from a stomachache for example, but she could never heal anybody miraculously or poison anyone to death.


Extra Notes: Although she can 'communicate' with creatures, she does not 'talk' with them. This communication is more like a tacit understanding. No words used. Lara will have a better connection with Tuki and her Brother Fox, being able to almost communicate telepathically. Again, no words, and remember, that the animal's ability to understand is limited by its own intelligence. Lara may ask Tuki to spy or check out an area, but Tuki will not be able to know what was the people talking about in such area for example, or may fail to recognize a trap, etc.
Shall I bring Alexandria back, Felzilla? I've made some new changes to her. Or make someone else? I gots plenty of ideas.
I really liked Alexandria, but if you have another option you'd like to take you can!
Character Name:
Alexandria Reneal


Librarian, and travel companion for hire

Mid-40s, though her Elven traits keep her youthful

General Appearance:
Alexandria has a stunning appearance. There's a grayish hue to her pale skin and tribal markings on her face that she's had since birth. Her hair looks dark brown in sunlight, but otherwise appears black. The colour of her irises is a dark green; they reflect much wisdom but also grief. Nowadays, she'll allow her pointed ears to show past her hair now that everyone in town is aware of who and what she is: a half-elf. Her choice of attire is peculiar. While revealing, it has hidden meaning. Alexandria takes pride in her image, as well as her magical gifts, so she expresses this pride through a unique style of clothing.

Current Goal/Purpose:
Keep her library alive and help out the community where she's needed

General Personality:
Alexandria has a tendency to be bitter and reserved. Most of her life, she was rejected by society because she is a 'half-breed'. The lack of trusting friendships and other sacred bonds has made it difficult for her to connect with people, therefore. The only humans she's ever been close to are her mother and Endry Blade. She does not understand humour very well. If you make a joke, she's not likely to chuckle at it; if she makes a joke, you aren't likely to chuckle at it. Despite these flaws, Alex is truly a kind soul. She defends the greater good to the best of her ability and is willing to die in a battle versus evil.

General History:
Alexandria never knew her Father. She was born and raised in Highbirth, living alone with her mother. The two of them struggled to survive as people constantly tormented them for associating with Elves. Some even went as far as demanding her mother take her to an Elven tribe, where she'd belong. That was not a life Alex's mom desired for her daughter, though. In a human society, she could be more successful and literate. So she endured the torment and forever protected her Half-Elf baby from the cruel words of the villagers.

As her mother intended, Alexandria grew up to be a beautiful, intelligent woman. They studied literature, practiced house responsibilities and found a teacher to help her improve her magical skills. She was born with the natural gift of Wind and has mastered the ability very well. However, she knows that there's room for more lessons. There's a lot one can do with the power of Wind.

In between her family responsibilities, Alexandria has been sent on quests as a form of employment. Many of these quests have involved Endry Blade, who is her dearest and only friend she has anymore. They are a formidable duo with a bond Alexandria cherishes.

After her mother passed away, Alexandria has taken care of the house she grew up in. Later on, she spiffed up an abandoned structure to turn it into a library. Reading and writing are passions of hers. There are books she herself has written, as well as tomes of her spells that she's learned, and created. And while it may not interest many, she's scribed some history of her Elven people. In addition to the books she wrote, there are written works of others. Alexandria will gladly shelf the books of others so they may become successful authors themselves.
IC starts as soon as Fluffu is done with her character, hoping one or two more will join ([MENTION=318]aki okami[/MENTION] and [MENTION=18]Titan[/MENTION]!).
All finished, Felzilla. :D I hope you approve of her revamp, and her still being acquainted with Endry.
...And, it's open! If it's not up top, just filter Fantasy and you'll find it.