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Ok- Don't think I've dropped out. I'm still following you, but I am not feeling confident with a post yet- I need more info about exactly where they are, regarding the rest of the town, and even if I knew that, I'm not 100%sure Lara should join them just yet.

In other words, don't wait for me to post, keep going.
I'll jump in whenever I see a gap.

Sorry for that :/
Just thought I'd mention that I'm posting tonight. also;

[MENTION=942]Selenite[/MENTION] That'd be fine.

[MENTION=14]Fluffy[/MENTION] How do you intend to get where we are? We're probably going to be in the eternal forest area for a while, and not the city. You can pm me with that if you want...

[MENTION=6]Rory the Alchemist[/MENTION] You postin' soon?
Still interested in joining this, if it's not too late.
I guess you still have time, since only three of the five payers have posted IC.
Besides, Skips. was counting on you joining.
What do you mean?

Also;[MENTION=367]RAM[/MENTION] I added stuff for you to go off of.
Sorry it took so long to put the character sheet up! Had some deadlines I had to attend to.

Character Name: Alec Hunt
Job/Role: Scout/Mercenary
Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, Appears to be 20 years of age.

General Appearance:
Eye Color: Pale Blue Eyes that give off a very faint glow.
Hair Color: Midnight blue
Skin tone: Pale
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic

Powers/Abilities: Although he is a user of ice and fire magic, Alec prefers to fight with either from a far with his hand crossbow, or up close with a pair of knives. He carries around with him a hand crossbow that has been specially craft to allow him to channel his magic into his bolts, potentially adding more power to the spell and range. He also carries a pair of similarly craft blades that allow him to either channel flames, or ice, into the blade, causing it to inflict either fiery, or icy, pain.

General History: Was formerly in the military as a front line recon scout. Now he is a mercenary, lending out the skills he acquire working for the military. He was known as the "Paled-eyed demon", mainly for his eyes, and his ruthless prowess. He tends to put work before pleasure, but only when he is working. He much prefers to get all the information and details for any job he takes before hand, knowing that having as much intelligence on any job lowers the risks, and heightens the chances of success.

His eyes are the result of a rare family trait, which occurs in every few generations. These eyes allow him to see in the dark, but unable to see during the day. To counter this issue during the day, he wears a pair of goggles to allow himself to see during the day, all be it not that well. The goggles hampers with his ability to see in the dark when worn. His ability to see in the dark as though it were day came in real handy while he was working in the front lines, scouting enemy positions by night.

Alec is an old friend of Endry Blade. Having fought along side his friend when he was still part of the army, he from time to time helps his old friend out with any tasks his friend would need.
Hmm, I'm pretty interested in this roleplay, might take me sometime to pull together a character though!
When d'you think you'll be closing the RP for new characters (presuming it isn't closed already, of course xD)?
Will type my response to Jo, soon! Hopefully tonight.
Yeah, interested in joining this roleplay too. Is it closed yet? And is there a particular type of character needed currently?
Sorry I haven't been able to post, Fel! Was having some login issues.
Yeah, interested in joining this roleplay too. Is it closed yet? And is there a particular type of character needed currently?

Sorry it took so long to reply, but I am still accepting characters.

@Titan it's fine.
Posted! Sorry took so long! It's been one crazy weekend! DX
Character Name: Valindor Rishka
Gender: Male (Vampire)
Job/Role: Hired assassin, vagrant.
Age: 21
General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
He simply moves around and does what he likes - However, for now he wishes to help the Blademaster and her mistress take back the throne. Apparently, he does it because he wants a challenge.

General Personality:

Valindor is not a social person, but to the very few that know him they find him quite mad. Sometimes he is overly emotional - A simple trigger, such as the death of an innocent can send him into a bloodthirsty, blind rampage that leaves an ominous trail of bodies behind. Sometimes he is as calm as the water of a still lake - Cold, calculating, cutting you down with methodical, robotic efficiency that somewhat dehumanizes him.

He likes to keep everything to himself, usually, to the point where there is no way to tell if he is lying to you or not. No one knows about him - And to those that survived an encounter they leave with conflicting facts. Some claims that he told them that he was a demon, some claims that he told that he was just, human. No one knows the truth.

He strides along, teetering on the thin line between a hero and a villain. He picks and chooses the mercenary contracts offered carefully - One, he only kills those who have in one way or another, harmed others. Two, he only kills those who may provide a challenge to him. Three, he will kill you if he doesn't like you. However, on some occasions Valindor has been seen fighting on the side of justice, pulling off muggers - Although he punishes them. Those that are lucky die quick. Those that are unlucky are maimed for life, and left for dead by him.

General History:

The vampires. They found him floating on a basket, carried by a river stream down the forest. They took him in. They made him one of their own. They trained him in their arts - How to move silently in the dark, how to hunt your prey, how to escape detection and lastly, how to kill in any way - Whether to do so quickly, silently, or slowly and painfully. The years passed and he drifted away from his 'coven' - Even those that made him could feel no connection to him, and that was his nature.

He ventured out into the world, and he survived. He made a name for himself, for being one of the best manhunters in the land. If you need someone killed, Valindor is the man you hire - But the service of the best assassin around comes with a risk. Those that he disliked when they seeked him out, he killed on the spot. From the start, Valindor had made it clear that he wasn't into the business about the money. He just liked the challenge. He just liked to kill.

Over the years he traveled from place to place, even going into the heart of the enigmatic Eastern Lands once - They interested him, after all. He found himself similar to the place. No one really knew what they were, who they were, what they wanted. He found it amusing.

Then, he heard about the coup. The news had made him smile - This was something that piqued his interest so greatly that he simply could not ignore it. He would find this Queen, and her Blademaster. He will help them. And then he will decide what he will do with them.


In terms of abilities, Valindor is skilled in the usage of knives, swords, crossbows and bears an extensive knowledge in terms of herbology - Though mainly in the field of poison making. His vampiric attributes allow him greater stealth and speed in the night over day, making him a truly feared being in the dark.

And yes, XC that's acceptable.