Esper/Limit Break Concept with "Touch" Tones

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  1. Just a li'l something swimming around in my head a few days, now. ^.^;

    So I have this concept set on a near-future Earth; basically all the standard post-cyberpunk tropes you'd expect are in place (think Psycho-Pass's tech level). The protagonists are a group of otherwise typical people who have found themselves one way or another in contact with each other, ultimately leading them to a meet-up. The strange circumstances by which these totally unrelated individuals came to know each other will be the driving curiosity behind the plot.

    So what? Well, one way or another, these protagonists become aware of an unusual trait they possess — which obviously wasn't there before — that isn't so much a superpower as it is an absolute fact. One might become totally incapable of missing a throw, another may find themselves devoid of any injuries after being knocked over by a car, a third might realize they knew exactly what happened before hearing about it. Think in terms of a single rule that the character might be bound by that the laws of physics will conspire to enforce.

    Character A has perfect dexterity.
    Character B has an impregnable body.
    Character C has localized omniscience.

    The reason I noted in the title Touch tones is because Jake Bohm's ability sort of informs the story, except for the fact that what he does isn't quite appropriate for the kind of absolute rules that protagonists will develop. Perhaps there's somebody whose rule is I have qualified omnipotence. The characters, then, would be the exception to this rule.

    Really vague idea going on, here, and I'm not sure how deep I'll be able to go into it, just yet. But I thought I'd give it a shot, anyhow, just to test the waters. :3

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  2. That list dealing with characters and their traits was just an example, right?
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  3. So, if I'm interpreting this correctly, instead of a character possessing a unique supernatural enhancement, such as fire generation or psionic abilities or whatnot as a product of genetics or some other natural occurrence, instead, the universe itself bends to make the character an exception to otherwise unbreakable scientific rules? Such as flight being biologically impossible for humans, except in the case of one particular person?

    I like that. A lot, actually.
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  4. You're both right. :3
  5. I'm really interested, but I'm afraid with my current stress I won't have the energy to be as active as I'd want to be. I'm on the up-swing, though, so I'll see if I can join when it goes up.
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  6. I am very interested. I love the idea.
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  7. Count me as interested and so does a friend of mine. The whole idea gave me time for thinking curious ideas and scenarios i´d like to try.
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  8. @Sammy Khoa I ask because I was wondering about the extent of these unusual powers since people sometimes abuse the powers of a character, for example, powers like omnipotence or omniscence.
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  9. They'd be subject to GM approval, so nothing like that would ever fly.

    But yeah, this is interesting.
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  10. @chainedfiction, @Zombehs;
    I'd certainly be proofing characters before throwing them in, but I should note that the OPness of the characters is sort of what makes them the protagonists. To give you guys an idea of what fits in, I'll repost something I wrote in a PM the other day.

    Of course, this is all open to interpretation. I'm still trying to wrap my own mind around the idea, it's so raw. ^.^;
  11. Ah, well if that's the case, I'd be better off backing away. In that case, I hope you find more people who are interested. (:
  12. Thanks for the consideration, anyways; happy roleplaying! :D
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  13. Interesting. Don't suppose you're familiar with Contessa from Worm? Her power is remarkably similar to an example you used.
  14. I'm not, no. Something I should get in on? :o
  15. Eh. Personally not my cup of tea, but it's not bad. Massive word count though, about 1.5 million iirc and a fairly dark tone overall.
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  16. Yes. Even if I have to quit stuff to be part of this. I want in.
  17. Oh, my. o.o
    I'm glad I've caught your attention! :o
  18. I'm in too. This is a pretty sweet idea.
  19. Getting a lot more interest in this one than I was anticipating! :o

    I'll see about writing up a meaningful plot this week. While I'm working on that, what kind of things are you guys thinking about? Any plot candies relevant to this? Ideas for a character floating around your heads?
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  20. Over the last few days i´ve been thinking into my character and his motivations. A hard aspect for it is particularly the flaws, which although I can come to picture many with my mind, it feels like alot of self-criticism targeted my way. Regardless I came with my idea. It revolves around a thought I had regarding a mundane experience that I, quite more often that not, lived through.

    Picture this scenario:
    Theres this person who wakes up and realizes he is pretty late for work and rushes out knowing that he might actually find himself in an uncomfortable situation with their boss. However despite how odd it may sound, by the time he arrives, he realizes he didn´t only reach in time but also some what sooner, realizing now he had time to spare. The trait i´m currently developing revolves around this phenomenon of "Spare time."
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