Escaping Maximum Security

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  1. A year and seven months. That’s how long it had been since the brothers had been on the outside. As each day passed, they plotted how they would escape and get back into what they were good at. And back at what they knew was right. Each day was just more fights and more pent up aggression getting out. The prisoners weren’t happy with the Saints being there, seeing as they were killing off the very people that would be placed in this prison. They couldn’t stay another day without getting into another fight, or having to defend themselves from a random attack during the night.

    Connor MacManus sat outside, staring off into the distance as the other inmates did what they usually did when they were given time to go outside. Hoag Maximum Security Prison was proving to be just that, maximum security. Everywhere he looked, there was a guard with a gun. It was going to be a tough break, but he knew that they needed to get out of there. It was either break out, or continue to get into fights until they met there match. Most of the time, they would be saved by a prison guard when they thought the Saints had enough. Some of them appreciated what they did, others thought they needed to just be regular citizens.

    Running a hand through his hair, Connor sighed as he straightened up, looking around the yard at the different groups of inmates. He knew that at any moment one of the groups might decide to come and talk shit, and as a true Irishman, Connor wouldn’t back down from a little scuffle. Running his fingers down the tattoo on his left hand, Connor finally stood up. The fact of being confined in the prison was making Connor uneasy, he usually just walked around the yard, unable to sit for a long period of time.

    He missed the days before they were incarcerated. When they went on missions to take out the filth of the town. He liked what Murphy and he were doing, taking out the trash and filth so that the city could be at peace. He didn’t understand why the police were coming at them so badly, they were simply doing the job that the cops couldn’t do themselves. Connor saw it as helping out the police, seeing as the city was crawling with scum.

    Sighing heavily, Connor stretched as he started to walk around the yard, watching the prisoners that were playing a game of basketball. His eyes narrowed on some of them, knowing that they only way to get into this prison was that you did something quite awful. Most of these men killed innocent citizens, and that’s why Connor was so uneasy. He couldn’t be confined in such a place with this filth moving around him.
  2. Where Conner struggled to keep his cool, Murphy managed to do just that. He made friends with the guards, not the inmates, and had actually managed to get the guards shift schedules down to memory. A year and seven months. Too long to be in here. He wanted his gun back, wanted that knife he'd managed to keep for a year. He didn't even know where that thing was.

    Getting out wouldn't be easy, even if they got help from the outside, it wouldn't be easy. He'd been thinking about plenty of things, plenty of ways, but until the time was right, they couldn't do anything else. He looked over the yard, seeking out his brother. The first month, they'd kept the two seperate, but after Murphy nearly was killed again, they let them out together again. They'd managed to stay in one piece since then.

    After spotting Conner, he went and started walking beside him, looking around the yard more. "This place is getting old now ain't it?" That old Irish accent came through strong and true. It had been a long time since he'd had a decent shot too, now that he thought about it. "First thing I'm doin' once we're out, going to Doc's and gettin' a d*mn shot."
  3. Running a hand through his blondish hair, Connor kept his eyes on the inmates as he moved along the side of the fence. The yard was decently size, so he was able to move around without having to walk too closely to any certain group. A few times when they first got there, they had some of the groups requesting them to join. The twins stuck to themselves though, not wanting to mingle with scum like these groups. They did keep the twins separate for some time, knowing that together they would cause more of a problem. That is until Murphy started getting more and more messed up, and when he had nearly been killed, Connor created so much ruckus they were forced to let them be together.

    When his eyes landed on his brother, Connor slowed down his walking, noticing the other coming to join him. When Murphy spoke, the male nodded his head, eyeing the guards on duty, “Aye, making me quite home sick.” It was obvious the twins had been born and raised in Ireland, simply by how thick their accents were. When Murphy mentioned having a shot as soon as they were out, Connor laughed, letting himself relax for a bit, “Aye, I’m right there with ye, dear brother.”

    Still chuckling, Connor stretched his arms up above his head, looking to Murph and then back around the yard, “Any new ideas? We’ve got ta get outta here soon. I think I might go crazy if we don’t.” Connor laughed again, knowing that he would go crazy if they had to stay any longer. They were getting visits from Special Agent Bloom, who informed them that Agent Smecker was actually still alive and that they, too, were plotting how to get the twins out. They would need the outside help, seeing as this place was highly guarded.
  4. "There's a service vent above the hospital wing where they're keeping Romeo, it's not bared because the rust would cause more breathing problems. Leads to the west roof," Murphy nodded up, toward the west wall. "All we'd need then would be to repel down, after getting Rome down first." Romeo had been fatally wounded the day the boys Da had been killed, but somehow, the Mexican had pulled through. He was still laid up, collapsed lung, but he was fine really. And him being there was the perfect excuse for the boys to get to the vent. They visited the crazy son of a b*tch once or twice a week.

    "Any word from Bloom or Smecker?" Murphy lowered his voice, looking up at the wall absently. The two agents went by different names now, but for the life of him, Murphy couldn't remember either of them. Those two had saved the boys before, on the outside, had risked their careers to get the boys help on a few jobs. Smecker's 'death' had hit the boys hard, now that he was alive, they both were in relative agreement that he needed a good a** kicking once they were out again.
  5. Running a hand along his chin, Connor nodded as he listened to his brother. They had waited months hoping for Romeo to recover fully, but it seemed that every time he started to get better, something else would go wrong. The day they had got to the prison, Connor and Murphy made it a mission to recover as quick as they could. They couldn’t just be sitting ducks in a place like this. Shifting his eyes to the west building and roof, Connor wondered when they would be able to attempt the escape. They would have to make sure that Romeo could make the escape, and how they would get away from the prison seeing as Romeo wouldn’t be able to walk.

    “Aye. Will Rome be able to make the escape?” He questioned quietly, making sure his voice would only be heard by Murphy. He knew Murph knew more about Romeo’s health better than him. He had been more focused on ways to get them all out, and with getting information to Bloom and Smecker. They would be able to have a car for them on the night of the escape. But he knew they wouldn’t be able to get too close without being spotted. Which means the boys would have to walk Romeo some of the way. He needed to make sure the other would be able to make the trip.

    Nodding his head, Connor turned his back on the yard and stared out of the fence, out to the outside world, “They’re waiting on us to confirm an escape day. They’ll have a car, but not too close. We’d have to get out and make a run for it.” His eyes moved over to his brother, searching his face before looking over his shoulder at everyone in the yard.
  6. "Romeo'll make it." Murphy said, looking out of the fence while Conner looked in. He was the one that convinced Conner to let the little Mexican on job, he was going to stick up for the guy. "If it's not over five miles, I can carry his a**." He folded his arms over his chest, face blank. The car would need to be inconspicuous unlike Romeo's little outlandish bug-car-thing. Murphy had hated that car.

    "In two days a new set of guards comes in, they're switched up since they have to live here for a month at a time. " He said, rubbing his neck absently and sighing. "We'll have a small window, ten minutes tops, when only three guards will be left in our wing and the hospital. We have to be in there with Rome when they switch or we won't be allowed from our cells. Not until the guards are switched." He glanced over at the prison house again, "If we're with him, they'll just lock the doors like always."

    Murphy rubbed his tattoo on his hand, thinking again, "His lung should be better by tomorrow, and he only has a partial fracture that is in a boot. He can't run, but like I said, I'll carry him." Conner had been the one to worry about the outside, I'd focused my efforts on the inside. I had this place memorize by now, even solitary confinement. Yes, I'd been locked up down there. No it wasn't my fault. Scum shouldn't have talked to me, or tried killing me.
  7. He eyed his brother as he stuck up for the other member of their little team, as if Connor was going to leave the guy. Chuckling, he nodded his head, “Aye, Murph, you sure yer scrawny ass can carry him?” Even though they were making plans to escape a maximum security prison, there was still room for jokes and play. Grinning, Connor noticed a guard watching them intently, keeping the look up that the two were just goofing around. Most of the guards watched them, seeing as they kept to themselves and were notorious for killing the scum of Boston.

    “Ten minutes, ay? We’ll make it, but we’ll have to go quick. Romeo might have some pain, but he’ll be fine.” The male ran a hand through his hair and then rubbed the back of his neck. He would need to get word out quick to Smecker and Bloom, let them know that they would be attempting the escape soon and would need a getaway car. It would be easy to get ahold of the two, but making the call seem like it was just a weekly check up would be the issue.

    Nodding his head again, Connor looked over at his brother, “I’ll see what can be done, but if it comes to it, we’ll both have to carry him and run like hell.” He said, letting a slight grin fall on his lips. The idea of escaping was making Connor excited, he was always up for something daring. And it meant that they were just that much closer to going back to what they were good at, “Should I get some rope for our daring escape, dear brother?”
  8. Murph laughed too, glancing up. "Oh, I can carry him, you just worry about your ass." He chuckled, like he needed to worry about Conner. Guy had killed a Russian mobster. With a toilet. Jumping from the fifth floor of their building. Guy can survive that, Murph had no worries. Still, guess it was a brother thing. After all, neither would be alive without the other.

    "We'll be as quick as we can risk. It's worth every chance we take, just to get the Hell out of here." Murph said, rolling his shoulder and running a hand through his hair. One upside about the Hoag. They didn't mess with prisoners hair. Let them do whatever. Most places mess with it, cut it short, not the Hoag. Not worth their time. Only upside.

    "Running? We've done more work on the sheep farm back in Ireland." Murphy waved away the idea of running. Honestly. Anything to get out of here. Hell, he'd even let himself be tested on just to sprout wings and fly if he had to. Rumor was Russia was on the virge of something like that. Still, anything was something in his book. "You and your f*cking rope." Murph said, shoving his brother lightly and starting to walk again. They'd stood to long, guards were watching to much. "Long as I don't hang by my feet again, might as well get your stupid f*cking rope."
  9. Shooting his brother a surprised look, Connor placed a hand on his chest as if he’d been hurt, “Dear Murph, yer not going to carry yer dear brother, as well? I’m hurt.” As much as he wished he could keep a serious look on his face, the smirk won out and filled most of his face. Laughing, the blonde started to check around them, making sure to keep up the joking so they don’t look too serious or too obvious to what they were currently talking about.

    He knew they only had so many options to get them out of there, and he knew they had to take every single one. But he also knew that if they were caught, it would be solitary confinement for all of them, and he didn’t know if they’d allow Murph and him to be together anymore. If they did get caught, and separated again, it would only mean trouble. And if anyone hurt Murphy again, Connor would not hesitate to rip their throats out.

    “Aye, but ye always was a bit of a wimp.” The male laughed, as he made fun of his twin. They were always usually joking. If they weren’t joking, they were either
    discussing a mission or partaking in a mission. And as they were gaining more attention, Connor had to keep it up, making sure the guards didn’t take a fancy to them and start watching them more often. When Murphy caught onto his rope joke, Connor laughed loudly as he was shoved, “You loved my rope. It was a fucking brilliant idea.” Connor grinned widely, as the two started walking again. His rope had been a good idea, and it got the job done. Though, it would be a hard mission to get rope in there. They’d probably have better luck in tying bed sheets together.
  10. "No, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't. You can carry your own damn ass, especially if I have to carry the damn Mexican." Murphy said, chuckling darkly. Time was and wasn't on their side. It would be a pure miracle if they all got out of here unscathed. Murph already felt the rope burns and brick scrapes he was bound to get. Still, they would take this in stride. Too easy, to take things in stride when you were the Boston Saints.

    "A Wimp? I'm a wimp, am I?" Murph said, shaking his head, "You remember after Roc was killed, I basically let you crush my arm in that damn cuff." He shook his head, though, and laughed right along with his twin. "That damned rope nearly cut my ankle off, and I'll have you know, it wasn't worth it." He said, chuckling and shaking his head. He glanced up at the wall as they walked, then muttered, "There's a rope in the basement, second floor down, third door on the left. Guards patrol those stairs twice a day, they're excesable from our mess hall. No guards and the door is always unlocked. You'll have a max five minutes. Get the rope to me, I'll hide it with Rome."
  11. Mock gasping, Connor shook his head with a slight frown, “Murph, ye hurt me deep.” It didn’t matter if the boys were dealing with a severe issue at hand, the joking just came natural and it provided them with a light note to what might happen in the future. They would definitely be risking a lot to escape, and if all didn’t go well, it would end horribly for the twins and their friend. Rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh, Connor knew his nerves were just going to get worse as the escape approached quicker and quicker.

    Two days. They had two days to gather all that they needed, get the information out to Bloom and Smecker, to get Romeo ready, and then to go through with the big escape. Once the boys were discovered to be missing, all sorts of federal agents and the sort would be out looking for them. It meant they would have to get out quick, and they would have to go into hiding. It will make their future missions a bit harder, but Connor was up for the challenge.

    As Murphy brought up the time they had been handcuffed to the chairs, Connor quirked a brow and then chuckled softly, “Aye, I remember. And ye cried like a baby.” The grin stayed firmly on his lips as they walked. The thought of Rocco being killed always triggered something inside Conner, but now was not the time to show that. Listening to Murphy’s words, Connor laughed and then nodded his head, “You know it was worth it. And aye, then let’s go get my rope. I’ll also give ol’ Smecker a call, set it all up.”
  12. "Good, might toughen ya up ya big wimp." Murphy said, chuckling and rolling his shoulder. It was easy to be this way, and easy to joke around. If they didn't joke around like this, they were bound to go crazy, unless the people were right and they were already crazy. Wouldn't surprise him, but still, it was worth it in the long run.

    Two days would be plenty of time to get things together, or at least, that's what Murph told himself. He didn't worry as much as his brother, couldn't afford too really. He was the laid back, smart one, and Conner was the irrational, blood crazy one. Simple as that.

    "Didn't cry, and you let me kick those damn cuffs against your arm and see how good it feels, eh?" He shoved his brother again, shaking his head. "I stabbed someone, so it wasn't worthless, I suppose. You call Smeck and get the rope, I'll get Rome ready for the run." He shook his head, and looked up at the fence again. Romeo would need to walk the hospital wing these next to days to get ready for at least partially running.
  13. Rolling his eyes, Connor laughed as his brother tried to take a stab at him. Rubbing the upper part of his right arm, he scanned the yard as they walked. They would all soon be going inside, and it would give Connor the perfect cover to make his way to the stairs. They would need that rope in order to secure a safe way down from the rooftop. Either that, or tie bed sheets and he didn’t know if they would be able to find enough.

    “Don’t need ya to kick my arm, Murph. ‘Member I already ripped the damn toilet up with handcuffs on when those shithead Russians messed with us.” Connor said, smirking as he looked over at Murphy. His wrists still had faint scars from that day. Wrapping an arm around his brother’s neck, Connor pulled him down so he could rub his fist in the other’s hair, “Aye aye, captain. And make sure he’s at least ready to get down from the roof. We’ll drag him the rest of the way if we have to.”
  14. "I can push you around all I want, I'm older than you." That particular aspect had been an ongoing argument since they were young. There Ma had never told them who was first so that was it. Constant argument. When Conner pulled him down, Murph only laughed.

    "You asshole!" Instant wrestling match. Murph freed himself and flipped his brother over throwing a mock punch. Real fights were...frowned on to put it gently, but the guards rarely intervied with the brothers. Probably hoping they'd kill each other or something. Some of the guard were for them, some against. The ones guarding Rome, for instance, seemed to all be fore the brothers.
  15. Laughter erupted from Connor as Murphy tried that whole ‘I’m older than you’ bit. Indeed, their mother never actually claimed which one had actually been born first, so they constantly rivaled about who it really was, “Don’t lie ta yerself, Murph. We all know yer the baby brother.” Laughing as Murphy freed himself from Connor’s grasp, he allowed the other to push him around, ducking the fake punch at the end.

    Most of the time the brothers were left alone, only having to answer the guards when absolutely necessary. It was easier for everyone if the twins kept to themselves, seeing as they didn’t get along with any of the inmates and some of the guards. At the beginning they got a lot of shit from the guards, but now that doesn’t even happen. Though, it’s not always a good thing.

    Pushing Murphy again, Connor laughed as he headed for the double doors that led into the prison. He would need to get that rope, drop it off to Murphy and then go make the call. Running a hand through his hair, Connor looked back at Murphy, “Better get yer arse over to Rome, make sure that he’s going to make it. I’ll be up once I get the rope.”

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  16. "I am not the younger one." Murph said, shaking his head before standing and dusting himself off. He felt older than he was, the old wounds from that last fight still bothering him. Conner wouldn't admit it, but Murph could sometimes see. They messed with him too. The fact that they had identical wounds freaked out most of the guards.

    He followed his brother to the doors, listing lightly and rolling his shoulder. "I'm goin', bro, you just don't get caught." Murph said, chuckling before taking the left hall and up the stairs three floors to the hospital wing. He shrugged then nodded to the guard, pushing the doors open and going to the bed on the wall facing the yard. Rome was sitting up, flipping through a magazine. Cars, newest models to the oldest.

    "Once we get outta here and start up again, I'll buy you whichever car you want." He said, then proceeded to explain the plan. Romeo never looked happier, he thought.
  17. "I am not the younger one." Murph said, shaking his head before standing and dusting himself off. He felt older than he was, the old wounds from that last fight still bothering him. Conner wouldn't admit it, but Murph could sometimes see. They messed with him too. The fact that they had identical wounds freaked out most of the guards.

    He followed his brother to the doors, listing lightly and rolling his shoulder. "I'm goin', bro, you just don't get caught." Murph said, chuckling before taking the left hall and up the stairs three floors to the hospital wing. He shrugged then nodded to the guard, pushing the doors open and going to the bed on the wall facing the yard. Rome was sitting up, flipping through a magazine. Cars, newest models to the oldest.

    "Once we get outta here and start up again, I'll buy you whichever car you want." He said, then proceeded to explain the plan. Romeo never looked happier, he thought.

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  18. Stretching his arms above his head, Connor laughed as he looked over at his brother, “Whatever ye say, brother.” Letting his arms drop back down to his sides, the male moved into the building, gaze already roaming to see what guards were stationed where. He would need to be quick, Murphy said he would only have about five minutes to get in and out. His mind already started running, making a plan in his head as he walked.

    “Don’t worry about ye dear older brother, Murph. I’ll be fine.” Connor shot his twin a large grin before he started down the hallway, watching the other make his way to the hospital wing. He would need to figure out a way to hide it when he went to the hospital wing. Running a hand through his hair, the male shook his head as his mind worked quickly.

    He found the stair case easily, but it was making sure no one would see him enter or exit that was the biggest problem. Gazing around, his eyes were sharp as he took in the fact that he was almost completely alone. When the few guards that were on duty in the mesh hall turned away from his spot, to focus on the other prisoners roaming around, Connor smirked as he slipped into the stairway.

    Making his way quickly down the stairs, the male kept himself quiet as he jumped down most of the stairs. It didn’t take him long to find the bundle of rope, but now he had the problem of hiding it so he could get it safely to Murphy. Scoffing, the male lifted the shirt of his uniform up to bare his upper torso. This was not going to go well. Picking up the rope, he started to wrap it around his stomach, making sure to keep it tight.

    Once it was fully wrapped around, Connor pulled his shirt back down over his body. Looking down at himself, he started to mess around with the shirt so that it puffed out a bit more. Shaking his head, Connor was going to have to be quick to get to Murphy. Leaving the basement, he made his way back up the staircase, reaching the door within seconds.

    Taking a deep breath, Connor slipped out of the staircase and back into the mesh hall, keeping his arms down by his sides. Moving down the hallway, he kept himself vey natural, not trying to give anything away. If he looked nervous for even a second, something was going to go wrong. He quickened his pace as he made his way to the hospital wing.

    As he turned the corner that left him with only a straight walk down a hallway to the hospital, Connor let a breath he hadn’t known he was holding out as he
    knew only a few more feet till he could actually relax. That is until two guards were walking his way, his shoulders tensed almost instantly as he set his eyes on them. Relaxing himself, he took a few breaths as he continued on his walk.

    “MacManus, heading to the hospital wing?”

    Connor felt his heart quicken as he was addressed, “Aye. Going to check on Romeo.” He kept himself natural, answering the guards with no hesitation or stutter in his voice. The guards nodded as they passed him, letting the blonde release the breath that he had been holding again. Moving to the doors of the hospital wing, Connor pushed them open to see Murphy at Romeo’s side, “Christ. About shit my pants out there.”
  19. "Told you to be careful, brother dear." Murphy said, laughing slightly while helping Romeo walk. Resilient, that was the only word for the little Mexican. Soon as the prospect of getting out of here arose, he was ready to go right then and there. Took a few words to convince Romeo that he needed to walk before he could run, which was why he was walking now.

    "Anyway, there's a slit in the bottom of Rome's mattress and it's not due to be cleaned till next week. Put the rope in there for now." Murph said, turning and walking Romeo back the length of the room. On the trip back, he let go of the man and simply walked beside him. He smirked, looking at Conner, "See? Told ya he'd be good to go."

    "Better believe it, bitches, anything to get outta this joint." Romeo said, sitting in the chair at the foot of his bed. He looked a little pale, but he was mending. Long as no jaskass came in here and messed with him, he'd be good to go in two days. Murph had no doubt.
  20. Shooting Murphy a look, Connor shook his head, “Easy for ye ta say, Murph. Damn guards came out of nowhere.” Walking over to Romeo’s bed, the male lifted his shirt again, uncurling the rope from around his body and stashing it where he was told. Pushing his shirt back down, Connor plopped down on the bed and watched the two walk around the room.

    “Aye. Now it’s just getting out that’ll be the biggest problem.” He switched his gaze from the two men to where they would be starting their escape. In the hospital wing, they didn’t get much supervision, seeing as most of the people in this place weren’t going anywhere to begin with. As long as they moved quick and quietly, the three would have no problem getting to the roof. It was the rest that was making Connor uneasy.