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  1. Congratulations! You've just received one of the latest models in DreamTeam Industries' android technology! Our androids are designed to serve multiple purposes, from physical labor to companionship and even personal secretarial purposes. Built to be sturdy and programmed with an elaborate AI program, each one of our androids has been developed to provide as convenient an interaction as possible. Each android also comes with a warranty, so any androids my be replaced or refunded should you find yourself dissatisfied or in possession of any damaged merchandise.
    Any questions, comments, or concerns may be reported at the number and email provided, or online at the site listed below. We hope that you find this product useful and enjoyable to have around!
    -Kathleen Michaels, DreamTeam Industries Technical Supervisor​

    Inside his box, Felix lay peacefully, a tag with his name and ID number around his neck and a bar code tattooed on his collar in a color very close to his artificial skin tone. It was still noticeable, but only if one was paying attention. An instruction manual lay in his hand, the directions to wake him up using a greeting with his given name written somewhere within the first few pages after details on the proper care and warranty conditions among other things. Simply dressed in a red jacket over a white dress shirt and black pants with comfortable black shoes on his feet, he would be prepared to go to work immediately upon being awoken by his new master.
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  2. Jennah looked at the box. She had just woken up since today was her last free day. She was still in her night dress and yawned softly as she opened the box. Her parents told her about this, but she didn't expect it to be here this quickly. "Do you even need this's probably just going to walk around and do work I can do myself.."
    She disliked it a lot, her parents had a lot of money and she said she'd prefer everything over an android, but they told her, since she is young she should get used to the technological advances. Reading through it she sighed, "I hope he has some malfunction and sounds like some stupid robot so I can send him back. How is his voice going to be human anyways..." She kept complaining before seeing how to wake him.
    "Alright Felix...that's your name huh? Hello Felix, welcome to your new home..?" She said basically as a question and hoped for a reaction, whatever the point of this way, it annoyed her already.
  3. Hello Felix, welcome...

    The voice command traveled through the system, triggering a set of sequences to boot the system and configure a few settings before the android's eyes fluttered open and revealed a bright green color. Slowly, he sat up and looked at his new surrounding before the glowing orbs landed on the girl in front of the box. Looking up into her eyes, he opened his mouth to respond.

    "Hello, Master. Thank you for welcoming me."

    The voice that left his throat took a moment for him to adjust to hearing, and it came out a bit quiet at first, but soon began flowing smoothly. Only a few very slight distortions remained in his speech, but only could be heard by someone really listening for them. As long as he spoke calmly evenly, he would sound normal, but the AI program would probably pick up on his new master's speech patterns soon enough for him to learn how to match the sound quality.

    After a moment, the mechanical male narrowed his eyes the very slightest bit, as if focusing in on something before returning them to their previous state. There would be time for adjustments later, but the programming was urging him to move on to the next stage of the introduction. "I am Felix, and I look forward to working with you, Master. May I know your name, please?"
  4. At first Jennah took a step back from him, the first sound of the voice was surprising, the second time it came up it was better to understand and she took a deep breath as to not wanting the machine to know that she disliked machines a whole lot, especially androids. "I'm there a way for you to be less formal? It's making me uncomfortable if you call me master..Jennah works...we probably will be stuck together for quite some even though for you it doesn't matter what you call me...don't call me's dumb. I'm not a master of anyone, but myself." She explained to the machine, not thinking much about how to treat him, he was a thing, not a person after all.

    She walked around it curiously and poked it, the touch was, surprising. "Are you made to look just like a human, felix?" She asked curiously, not seeing much of a difference. "Do you know why you'd look human even though you barely manage to take the form, yet are just something built by humans to do work we don't want to do?" Jennah really was curious how the robot was to react to its pitiful reason to live. "Or are you actually able to have emotions...feel, hate and these things?"
  5. The android nodded, closing his eyes and registering the name before responding. "It is nice to meet you, Jennah. I will take the request into account." Opening his eyes again, he watched the girl closely as she walked around and performed her inspection. She must have been making sure that everything was in order as specified, perhaps. As she asked her questions, he waited patiently for her to finish speaking as he was programmed before opening his mouth to speak again. This time, the program adjusted the tone and diction for a more casual speech setting.

    "I've been created to resemble a human in most aspects, but some features were changed either for functional or aesthetic reasons. The hair and eye colors were changed to be more vibrant so they would be more appealing, for example. And the body hair is not the same as that of most human males, either. It's meant to make cleaning easier, according to the data, but I believe that the designer's preference may have had something to do with it."

    The android paused a moment, blinking again before continuing.

    "I was created to be human-like to provide more natural assistance. The designers felt that a more human appearance would be less intimidating and easier to connect to. The studies conducted by the scientists showed impressive reception, so the designs were improved upon and implemented. As for emotions..." The corners of Felix's mouth turned up gently, allowing an innocent smile to play on his features. "...the AI program has recently been vastly improved to simulate the appropriate responses based on how you educate me and how the personality traits recorded in the memory banks work with them. Loyalty to my owner is already present, of course."
  6. She was satisfied with all his responses, sadly. She hoped for less useful responses, but it seems as though a robot is a robot all along and knows too much to be tricked. "Alright..well I have close to nothing to do for you. I am totally fine with out the help of a machine such as yourself. I don't want to be rude..but really...I have no use for you." She explained and sat in a chair that was placed next to a table in her apartment. "I mean, unless you have anything you can do better than me..because in all honesty, I'm not going to become more lazy just because I have you here."

    The girl smiled at the machine and sighed a little, "Tell me then..what are you good for? Because I might let you cook if you are better than me...which is probably the case.." She admitted with a smile, it was hard for her to talk to this machine, he was blindly obedient. He had basically no personal opinion. It was purely annoying to talk to someone like that, but she didn't want to tell him, she was worried he'd end up rebelling and do worse things than just being entirely obedient. After all a robot tended to misunderstand a human.
  7. The android tilted his head to his left slightly as he listened to his new owner, finding this position favorable for getting a better view of his surroundings at present as well. He wasn't entirely sure, but his sensors seemed to be missing something. Perhaps it could be adjusted the next moment he was idle, though; there was no real cause for alarm.

    The smile on his face faded into a more neutral expression as the girl told him that she had no use for him. Surely that wasn't true. There must have been some reason that he was purchased. Before it really posed any sort of problem, though, he found his slight smile returning at the question that she posed. "I'm capable of many functions, Jennah. This particular model of android is best suited for housework, but secretarial work and even companionship are other popular uses by many other owners of androids from my design series. Cooking is indeed within my capabilities, though more complicated dishes will likely take some time to record instruction for. Would you like for me to demonstrate my current capability using one of the recipes currently stored in the database?"
  8. "'s fine..I am not as hungry." She sighed over some of the comments, companionship? Why would anyone want that from a robot, she had heard from some friends that there are robots for even worse uses, but she never dared to ask any further, robots were robots, not friends or anything like that. "You can cook later..I guess?" She mumbled and sighed a little, "Would anyone seriously get a robot for the sake of being friends or something? can't ever be a real human, if I want friends I go out and meet people..."
    Jennah sighed yet again and looked at the robot, I guess you can do your check up the manual it said you'd need a few minutes to check all your sensors and stuff? So go ahead and do that...maybe you find some huge problem so I can send you back.." She was not at all capable of considering that maybe this robot felt hurt by her statements, he was a machine. She grabbed her clothes form the drawer and looked at him when she was about to change. "W-well..I'll go change." He looked too much like a human, letting him watch..maybe he was a perverted robot? She couldn't take that risk.
  9. "I'm not in any position to fully understand the reasoning behind the owner's desires, only to carry them out." Felix responded in the same way he had to everything else so far, though there was a faint signal somewhere in his system that told him that he wasn't currently meeting his owner's expectations. The smile on his face faded back to a neutral expression. Did she really intend to send him back? He wasn't sure that he understood.

    "I will perform my check up in another room, then."
    With the new instructions in mind, the android moved from his sitting position to get out of the box. Unfortunately, he managed to tip the entire box over as he was getting up and immediately fell on the floor. For a moment, he lay there with a slightly surprised look before pushing himself off the floor and turning to right the box again.

    "I'm sorry for that." He commented calmly before starting toward the door of the room again. Walking a little off-balance at first, the android stopped for a moment to adjust the movement before completely leaving the room, pulling the door closed behind it.
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  10. "Go ahead.." She let out before deciding to leave to continue with her studies. He was a little weird when he got up, a robot being this clumsy seemed a little too realistic and it was somehow annoying to think she'd have to clean after him if he would do this often. Jennah grabbed her book and started to read through it was she waited for her machine to return to give his results. She dismissed her worries after a while, guessing he'd just adjust a little and it would work.

    She grabbed into a box of sweets and took out a sweet caramel. Eating it she sighed and continued her read about the assistance of robots with the growth of food on the field. She'd have to get along with these things eventually. Another sigh. She didn't want to be with robots, especially ones as clumsy as this one. It was true that humans would never get close to robots in kinds of working, but they sure got really close in being as annoying as any other human.
  11. As soon as he had left the room, Felix immediately walked to the front room near the door. Although he did bump into a couple of things on his way, he somehow managed to avoid leaving any large messes on the way, though perhaps something had fallen over. He would check in a minute, he needed to make sure of a few other things first. Some of the sensors seemed to be a bit off still, and a couple of the other functions seemed to require extra calibration, but it was probably a result of having just been started up. It sometimes took a while for these things to work properly, after all.

    Most of all, he hoped to do something about the strange shape and the incredibly dark blur at the far left of his vision. It was probably something very simple, nothing that couldn't be immediately dealt with.

    After walking around the room a few times, turning to look at a few different objects, and a few other various movements and experiments, the android eventually completed his system scan and restarted to complete the necessary recalibration.

    When he opened his eyes again a few minutes later, he was still sitting in the front room and everything looked normal. The systems told him that all parts and sensors were working perfectly, and the odd shape was gone from his vision. Happily, he stood up and started walking around again, testing how smooth the movements had become. Unfortunately, he didn't notice for quite some time that the left side of his vision was slowly darkening again.
  12. When he entered she instantly spoke up. "Your eye." Leaving it like that she walked up to him and stopped him to look at it curiously, "The color isn't as it say in the book. It should be made something fall down again in the other please get that cleaned up. I guess I'll send you back since your eye is having the wrong color. Maybe you are blind and that is why you throw down everything?" Jennah quickly came to her opinion of the machine and put the book to the side to get into the room and clean the small mess he made. "Alright, so explain me how to send you back." She asked while walking past him to grab the book. "It said I could do so, but it doesn't tell me how. You should know, right? Because it said I have 48 hours...and you got delivered close by a day ago which means I have until tomorrow."

    Jennah browsed through the pages once more, a sigh escaping her lips as she shook her head, "Why wouldn't it saw.." She complained silently and to herself while going faster through the pages. She had to leave soon too, grab some stuff from another store and buy the last books before her classes would start up.
  13. Felix stopped for a moment at the accusation. His eye? The wrong colour? Now that he focused in on it, everything on the left side was starting to blur again. Perhaps he hadn't noticed since it since it had faded much more gradually this time. The right side of his vision seemed perfectly fine, though, so he didn't really see any cause for alarm. He looked over toward the other room, seeing the items he had knocked over a ways behind him. Nothing broken, it looked like, but still requiring attention. "I'm sorry for that, please allow me to take care of it." He quickly walked back to the messy area, picking up the items one by one.

    "As for my eyes, it's fairly normal to experience some variations in design details, since all androids in my series are crafted in small batches. The extra attention to detail often comes at the price of a completely homogenous appearance among units." He responded to her comments in the same calm voice that he had everything else so far, though he kept a completely neutral expression this time. Inside, though, his circuits were about ready to fry trying to figure out why the other sensors had not reported this problem. There was supposed to be a system that alerted him to that kind of problem if it wasn't going off, did that mean that it really wasn't a problem? He was supposed to report any problems, but if the alert system wasn't picking one up... Perhaps it really was no cause for alarm. "I can also assure you that I am not blind. I can see my surroundings quite reasonably, and no functions are currently compromised. As for the mess, I'm afraid that it sometimes takes a while for all systems to be fully calibrated upon the first startup, so some errors in movement are common for the first several minutes to approximately an hour. Once the proper system checks have been completed, these errors are often easily fixed."

    Granted, there might have been some slight avoidance of the issue, but these possibilities still seemed plausible based on the data currently in storage for his system. In his mind, it wasn't so much misleading as it was careful calculative assessment of the situation, something he had been programmed to do in the case of an irregularity. It made no sense to just stop working completely over something minor, after all, or he wouldn't be all that useful anywhere. It was a core part of his programming, to desire to be useful, though the AI personality thankfully gave some relief so he wouldn't constantly need to be busy. Something like that seemed like it would only irritate his owner further, based on what she had told him thus far.
  14. She sighed and nodded, it would have been great to find a reason, but yet again he deflected her worries. This robot played this game very well and she was a little annoyed that it seemed to not be her game to win thus far. "I guess you have a point. Still, stop running around areas with things around that you could break. If you throw down expensive things I might just pay more for repairs than my parents invested into you." Jennah got a little annoyed by how calm he managed to stay this entire time, not paying much attention to her constantly insulting him was just so odd, it was so...robotic! He was a robot, alright, but did he had to be this obvious about things? Couldn't he at least try to be mad about something that concerned him like this? "If you say you don't pick up any problems...I guess I'd have to believe you. It'd be cute though if you were meant to be would just show how eager people are to make you seem humans by putting in problems that nobody should have. It's cruel...but so is your existence in general." Even Jennah felt that this one was a bit harsh, she blushed, "Sorry." She let out before hurrying to her laptop.

    "So...Felix. Tell me about what else you can do...because I think the only thing I'd miss from home is my little brother. Which I doubt you can't replace, correct? Is there a way for you to develop a personality solely based on your surroundings, rather than having the rule to be nice, can't you be more..human? I don't want us to fight or anything..I'd just prefer if you would be a bit know... rebellious! I don't like you being entirely obedient, it makes me feel really weird and as if I was entirely in control...which is not something I desire as much when I am with someone who is supposed to be my companion. You shouldn't have to be my slave."
  15. "..."

    The android stopped for a moment after he picked up the mess he had made, uncertain of the expected response required for the most of what he had heard. It's cruel...but so is your existence in general. Was a response necessary for this statement? He closed the left eye to better focus through the right one as he mulled it over. After a few seconds, though, he decided that the commands were better addressed first, then the rest could be dealt with.

    "...I will be more careful in the future. I apologise for the mess." Perhaps the statement was not something he was meant to respond to so much as analyse like the rest of her behavior so that he could better perform his duties. There were no commands in it as far as he could tell, so perhaps it was not meant to be of any concern to him. Standing to his feet again, he walked over to where Jennah had gone to with the idea that he should be nearby when answering questions. "I was not intended to replace family members, but the AI is meant to adapt according to my owner's desires. With the right training, it is indeed possible to condition the responses to better suit one's expectations. Just by observing the owner's actions, for example, the androids of my series are meant to change our responses to better suit the perceived needs of our owners so we can better perform. The same can be said for commands, that they can be used to change the responses. Rebellion may be possible to adapt to, but unless it is learned, it would most likely only appear when it is seen to be of benefit to our owners, such as when following a command could place them in danger or unnecessarily destroy our own structures without benefit."

    "Speaking of which, Jennah..." He tilted his head slightly to the side with a somewhat questioning look. "...It seems that my presence has become distressing. Should I leave for a while?"
  16. Jennah was dumbfounded after his entire speech. "What.." She looked at him and it almost got her to explode what he said! How could he just ignore her like this? Be so calm! Stupid machines! Her mind yelled at her to hit him, but before her body could react she realized how futile such an action would be. "No!" She shouted. "I'll leave!" She said and slammed the door to just get alone into her room. He was such an annoying being, just following orders and doing as told. She grabbed her phone to call her parents.
    "Mom! This robot is annoying!"
    "Why is that dear? You don't like it?"
    "He is so...calm! It annoys me! I don't want him. All he does is stay calm and ignore me when I get mad at him."
    " is a machine. He won't yell back at you. Besides, you should get used to it. He will stay until you are done with your studies. So get along with him."
    She threw the phone at the wall with all force, it cracked and fell to the ground. She'd get a new one.
    "Stupid machines! Stupid android! Why can't they at least seem human? Why does he talk if he is just this stupid!"
    Her shouting went on for a couple of minutes before she suddenly fell silent and threw herself on her giant bed. "Dumb thing.." She mumbled and grabbed a teddy from the side to hug it. "I want my family back...I want to have actual people around me...everything in this city is about robots." She complained even more. But after another couple of minutes she entirely fell silent and looked up against the roof. This was dumb. Her mind shouted and she just closed her eyes and fell asleep, she had just woken up, but all this stress just made her get too tired.
  17. Felix watched as his owner angrily slammed the door, a bit surprised at her reaction. Clearly he had said something wrong there. "Jennah?" He walked over to the door, hoping to maybe ask about what had gotten her so upset, but stopped outside when he heard her shouting.

    ...So she didn't want a robot, she wanted more human company. He should have guessed sooner...maybe he really was malfunctioning...

    "Perhaps I should just ask exactly what she's looking for in a companion, them. I'm sure I can manage it. But first..."


    The android opened the door to the bedroom several minutes later, a plate of strawberry-topped pancakes in hand. Making them had been a little more tricky than he had expected, but he was starting to figure out that it was easier for him to focus if his left eye remained closed altogether, though his depth-perception still needed time to adjust. As he entered the room, it took a moment before he registered that she was asleep, and he sighed when he discovered that he would likely be unable to confront her at the moment. Still, it was kind of a cute image to see her hugging the teddy. He smiled a bit as he placed the plate on a nearby table. "I'll come back later--!"

    Sadly, as he had turned to leave the room, he managed to slip on the broken phone on the floor and crashed head first into the wall. Slumping to the floor, he stayed completely still as he clutched at his head, a few warnings going up in his head.
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  18. She didn't give him a reply, she basically didn't even hear him trying to contact her. It was just her rage getting all used up. Once she was asleep though she was silent enough and also too tired to notice much. When he entered she just grumbled a little before looking up confused after hearing a sound. Her sleepy head was stuck for a moment and she jumped up to help him. "Are you alright? Does it hurt?" Jennah didn't think about him as a robot for the moment and she hugged him to get him up in her arms. He was surprisingly not impossible to get up so she didn't catch up yet.

    "I told you that your eye is broken!" That sentence broke her worries, she didn't let him fall, of course, but she sighed a little, he was just a robot, nothing else. She rubbed where he'd seemingly have gotten hit and gently touched the spot, trying to comfort him in some way as he was simply not moving. She was worried, of course she was! But why would she care about this thing? Just because it got hurt? She looked to the side and noticed the food and smiled a little, "Maybe..." She mumbled, trying to decide whether or not robots were entirely pointless. It was a discussion for her to have with herself of course, but she'd maybe let him stay and see what he could do, after all she hated doing the laundry...and maybe he could cook what she was not good with?

    "Hey! Felix! Wake up, come on." She whispered as her hand moved to collect the things on the ground, the other holding him on her lap to caress him. It felt a little like having a cat again, she liked it, somewhat. "You shouldn't just get hurt.."
  19. The android lay still for a short while longer before the command registered. Eyelids twitched before opening slowly, the light returning to the colors behind. "...ow..." He closed his eyes again for a second before looking back up at Jennah. For a moment, he looked bewildered, but soon switched to a look of recognition and eventually slight sadness. "I'm sorry. Please don't be angry." Shifting a bit, he hesitated for a moment before sitting up. Truthfully, the petting sensation was well received by his felt good, he decided. It was something that he hadn't been expecting, and he had been a little hesitant to stop it.

    After a moment of checking to make sure that nothing was damaged on the surface, Felix turned back to his owner, keeping his head bowed and eyes on the ground. "I meant to bring you breakfast. I wasn't sure if you had eaten yet, so I probably should have asked first...I didn't break anything, did I?"
  20. "It's broke nothing. Are you alright?" Maybe it was the way he looked or the way he spoke now, but she worried for his well being. She never cared until now, it was a sensation she didn't understand, almost as if he was indeed her younger family member. "It was nice of you to do that though, I appreciate it and I didn't eat yet, but you should have said something anyways, you shouldn't get hurt because you do stuff for me." Jennah smiled and got up before taking a deep breath, if he had asked she'd probably have jumepd him and yelled, so he wasn't at fault, but she still felt a need to apologize, she swallowed it for now, she didn't scold him at the very least.

    Jennah picked up everything and smiled at him, "Come on let's get it set up so we can actually get to eat breakfast...i'm sort of hungry." She explained and offered him a hand to get up.
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