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  1. So, for the last few months, I've been feeling like doing an Eragon RP, but I couldn't find people who both a) had read the books and knew about the story, or b) had any interest in doing one. So, I figured that I'd ask around here, since this is one of the most diverse communities for RPing that I knew of. I don't know exactly what I have in mind, but the ideas I've had so far mostly involve either an enclave of dragon riders that had escaped persecution along with their allies, or it'd be some kind of training ground for them after the events of the books. I don't know how many people will take interest, which is why I'm keeping the story from being decided as of yet. Give me a post if you're interested, I'll take a headcount when we have a fair amount.
  2. I loved the story, granted its been some years since I've read it, but I love the connection between the riders and the dragons. If your still up for it, I would be interested. ^_^
  3. Good books. Roran Stronghammer is the boss. I might have some ideas in mind for conflict/drama in the world of Alagaesia, but only if it's after the events of the Inheritance Cycle series.
  4. I enjoyed the books thoroughly, so I may be interested depending on the plot of choice.
  5. Here's an idea that's way out there that might help you with plot development. It takes place many years after the events of Inheritance.
    • A large kingdom of elves and/or humans that have no talent for magic (they also distrust magic users) living on another faraway continent finds a way to use the Eldunari (Heart of Hearts) to make powerful techno-magic/magitech items such as magical canons and airships among other things.
    • This Kingdom reaches the shores of Alagaesia on their airships, discovering that it's filled with dragons and magic users. Dragons equal more fuel for their magitech. Magic users equal a threat, and perhaps even an abomination to this Kingdom. The dragons riders must now face off against this new and powerful enemy to save themselves and the Dragons from extinction, or worse, a life devoid of any freedom (dragons being bred as farm animals for the harvesting of Eldunari)
    • The process that converts the eldunari into a viable energy source would destroy the persona in it, and just like a battery, the Eldunari would eventually run out of juice. When that happens, you just replace the batteries.
    • This Kingdom would definitely gain sympathizers within Alagaesia, given that non-magic users are the majority in Alagaesia.

    The story would take place...
    • the start of the war.
    • ...several years after the war starts, and of course, still at war.
    • ...when the war has ended an all but a few dragons and riders have escaped.
  6. Wow, I wasn't expecting to get very many responses within a day of this post getting tossed up here o.O I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in having interest in this.

    @Poetic Justice I am still up for doing this, so feel free to join. I was just wanting to try to get a group that'd look over an idea if I put it out there :P

    @Muse A story taking place after the events of the books was one of the time-periods I was open to, but I wasn't really thinking of doing anything that is a cross-over between typical fantasy and a steampunk-like story. While the idea is original and well thought out, I fear I'll have to decline it in it's current state. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to my fantasy, and I never really felt the same appeal from trying to blend technology and magic. In my mind, from my experiences, I've found that it's better to do absolute of one or the other. There're limited ways that they can intermix, but a magic powered engine just kinda pops my hype balloon. Sorry if this isn't the answer you were hoping for.

    @Dragonlovinggal If you have ideas on a story for this, feel free to pitch in your own thoughts. I do reserve the right to make the final decision for my thread, but that's not to say that I'll completely ignore what anyone says. Whether I choose to use an idea or not isn't personal, it's just me trying to find something that feels...Right, I suppose.

    If anyone else decides they want to be a part of this, then either post here or send me a PM. I will be having an upper limit on people who join as I get a bit claustrophobic after a while, but it won't be too restricting unless we end up getting 15 people or something like that. I'll be back in contact starting sunday, as this weekend has stuff going on for me. Hope to see more faces once I'm back!
  7. No Problem. Just making a suggestion.

    Here's another suggestion.
    • Magic in Alagaesia is 'dieing/disappearing/waning' for some unknown reason. This is having an adverse effect on potentially anything that is linked to magic.
    • The job of the heroes is to find out who or what is behind this phenomenon, and hopefully to stop it or reverse the process before it's too late.
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  8. This Plot most definitely sounds intriguing and would effect all of Alagaesia kind. Maybe some sort of new training would need to be established and we would need to go on some sort of quest to retrieve some sort of magical relics and that would be the only hope for saving the magic in the lands. Learn different runes that we would use against the enemy. Maybe go through some sort of ancient labyrinth. Maybe the magic is 'dieing/disappearing" because of some Ancient magic sucking evil dragon that awakes because the other dragon riders (that would of course, be our enemy) would want to use this dragon for their own gain and maybe try to steal the evil dragons power and absorb it for their own use?

    Going on limb here! :P
  9. Here's another suggestion.

    Lets not forget about Shades. Shades are bad dudes. Some shades are an amalgamation of many evil spirits into a single entity, consequently making them that much more powerful. I believe that necromancy and flesh-craft wouldn't be beyond a shade's power. The heroes could be facing off against hordes of undead minions or 'flesh-crafted' monstrosities, Shade Generals and ultimately the 'Arch-Shade'.
  10. Let me roleplay an Elf, and I am in!
  11. I'm intruiged by the idea about the magic dying/fading.
  12. Yet another suggestion.

    Not long ago, the dragon riders split up into four separate groups, each to their respective race. This was due to disagreements of many sorts. So now each race has their own rider council serving their own kingdoms, and tensions are beginning to rise amongst the humans, dwarves, urgals, and elves. Ill omens of war are beginning to spread across Alagaesia...

    Edit: It would probably be best if this Story took place many years after the events of Inheritance and many years after the rider council split up so tensions would be very high between the races.
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  13. I agree with this suggestion. I once hosted a very fundamentally similar roleplay where factions were divided by race. It is a lot of fun! However, it would require a larger group of people to function efficiently. If not, the roleplay could begin a bit slowly and struggle to gain momentum. We don't want any premature deaths around here.
  14. Glad to see we've gotten a fair amount of people who've looked into this! As of this moment, I'm primarily swaying between the dying magic idea or the inter-species conflict. It'd be possible that the two are incorporated into each other, as the dying magic would likely cause the elves in particular to be much more agitated, which would, in turn damage relations between them and different races. That's not to say that I've set in stone -exactly- what it is we'll be doing asof yet, but I'm definitely working through ideas.

    The one issue I have with the magic dying is that in the books, I believe there was a part that mentioned that magic was absolutely vital to a dragon's flight. Without that magic, there essentially oversized salamanders. Now, I might be mistaking this with another book, but that's one of the concerns I have with this idea.

    For the inter-species conflict one, the two concerns are this: people might belivee it to be more generic than they'd like, and it'd also make being the GM a hell of a lot more difficult, as I'd have to be a part of each and every species in some way or another if people choose to use it. I don't know if I'm capable of holding such a pivotal role at this time, as I'm a bit rusty.
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  15. You wouldn't have to GM each and every race, just one. The other races could be delegated to willing players. This way, how the plot moves forward is not in completely in your hands, but in the hands of all if not most of the players. This means more surprises and conflict/drama. It's important to communicate OOC in this scenario, especially if you're going to do something way out there, of course.

    The two plot suggestions can also work well together. Magic is fading and the rider council is split into factions by race at this time. Each race sends their best forward to create a group of racially diverse adventures that set out to find the source of this crisis. Once again, tensions between the party of heroes will be high. The following roles would be available: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Urgal, Werecat, and possibly a half elf. I reserve the half elf :) Maybe a neutral chaotic shade could also be added to the party.
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  16. Dibs on the Elf in this case!

    It already sounds like it is shaping up to be a very promising roleplay!
  17. I like that idea @Muse. I call dibs on the werecat if we do that!
  18. This is an interesting idea, and it gave me another idea. Instead of an evil dragon, how about a group of evil/misguided Grey Folk are behind this phenomenon?

    "The Grey Folk were one of the first races to inhabit Alagaƫsia. It was believed that they arrived after the dwarves and dragons, who were native to the land, but before the elves and humans. They were the first to utilize magic.

    At the time of the Grey Folk, magic was difficult to control, because magic was controlled by thinking, and not speaking the words. A stray thought while conducting magic could be devastating. One of the magic users nearly destroyed all of Alagaƫsia with magic because of this problem. The surviving Grey Folk used their language, the Ancient Language, to bind magic so that it was controlled by speech."

    Maybe the few surviving Grey Folk think that magic is too dangerous to Alagasia, that mortals cannot be trusted with such power seeing that the dragon rider council split up and small territorial skirmishes are the norm with all out war not far off the horizon. Maybe this is why the Grey Folk have decided to do away with magic forever. It's entirely probable that the grey folk have subjugated dragons and other beings to their will while they are hard at work in making magic disappear forever. Or we could also be facing off against colossal elemental guardians created by the grey folk. Shadow of the Colossus, anyone? We would also be facing off against individual Grey Folk. Not a foe to take lightly.
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  19. Hey, if your still looking for people to join up; this sounds pretty awesome.
  20. @Muse I see what you mean about delegating leadership of this, but, and I don't mean this personally, I generally give those roles to people I trust, or who I have recommendations from those people. I'm not exactly the kind to take a blind leap of faith in trusting a major element of the story to someone. But, in response to your subsequent posts, I'm intrigued by your idea of the grey folk. I'd actually not remembered what they were until I'd searched it up for myself after you mentioned them. I do like the idea that you're coming up with, and am definitely more than willing to give it my backing. However, probably in PM orsuch, I'd like to hear your ideas on where this group of grey folk have been hiding for centuries, along with more in-depth questions that I'm too lazy to list out at the moment.

    However, if everyone who's expressed interest in this so far finds that plot idea agreeable, I think that we could just work on refining it, rather than try to throw out other storylines. It'll not require unanimity, but I'm more than willing to work with those who feel this isn't what they desire. If everyone could throw in their vote after this post, that'd be great for both a headcount and a poll.
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