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    "..For I sit upon the shoulder of god, and from this throne I seed a madness that lays root beyond even his immortal knowledge.."

    ~Kryos, The Celes

    A brief summary of the world:

    This is a twist on the typical Fantasy setting seen in RP's and Fictional novels throughout time. The world is shared by a multitude of miraculous creatures, all of which share magical elements and mysterious properties.

    One of the most blatant differences between this and other Fantasy settings is that Humans are not the most influential and Common of the worlds' races. In fact, Humans are a partially oppressed race that have been brought under the heel of a rather coy creature from asian mythology, The Kitsune.

    Yes, The Kitsune are the prominent race in this RP, if you are not familiar with them that is fine. They are a humanoid Fantasy creature that has fox-like qualities. They are known to cast illusions to lure hapless travelers to their demise and they operate mostly as the siren of Eastern Mythology. The Kitsune of this RP, however, are a far cry from their real world counterparts. These Kitsune exemplify all aspects of The Samurai and their Empire has grown into what can be most accurately described as a Fantasy Rome with Japanese Styled Infrastructure and Customs.

    It was/is thought by many that only an act of god could have brought the mighty Roman Empire to its knees at the height of its glory, and the same is true for the mighty Kaidein Emperium. (Kitsune Nation Name) So what have I, the creator of this world done? Well I have created a Calamity caused by the very gods of this world to reverse the course of this worlds history and to make fun story times for all interested in this RP.

    Now, most all of the regular Fantasy races are available for playing as well. In fact, I have made up a little list of all the Playable races I have made available to you prospective players:

    Kitsune, Human, Orc and Orc Variations, Dwarf, Dragonkin, Gnome, Halfling, Goliath (Midget Giant), Harpy (Fem only), Mermaid (Fem Only), Fae Ancestric (Anything in D&D that would have Fae Ancestry), Faery Kin (Anything Related to a Fairy that has Sentience equal to that of a human; Dryad, Tinkerbell, ect.)

    I would like you to specify what type of Fae Ancestric/ Fairy Kin creature you want if you create one of these. a Simple Term will do, I have Google at my disposal if I come across something foreign.

    I have only a few final things to go over with you in this brief *Looks up*, 'brief' summary. The first is the theme of the setting. If you had not guessed it by now, it is going to be a Fantasy Setting with heavy relations to the culture and way of life of the Japanese in the Medieval Era. Now, only the Kitsune Empire exemplifies these customs, but because they are so influential the other nations have adopted some of These qualities. To make it Easier I will now provide a map and give you a quick lay down of what cultures can be found in what nation.

    http://postimg.org/image/ae2ju1vs1/ (If you click the image it will enlarge, be careful, it is big, you have been warned)

    Kaidein Empire (Kitsune Empire): Basically Feudal Japan but the size of Rome. Native race(s): Kitsune

    The Kingdom of Serres (Realm of Man): British Ilse's During the Knight Period. Imagine if Rome had controlled Britain as a vassal state during the time of Knights and Arthur Pendragon. Native Race(s): Human

    Tribes of Or'La'Desh (Orc Tribes): Take Vikings, mold them with Germanic guerrilla warriors from the time of Romes fall, That is your Love Child, and it has horns for teeth. Native Race(s): Orc and Orc Variations

    Elem Enclave (Ele- Wait, that is the map name :/): Think of this as a Sister Hood. Basically it is an all female church so awesome that an entire nation was made for it. Very spiritual, very all encompassing. Native Race(s): Harpy, Mermaid

    Iron Cities: This is another Kingdom, but it adopts cultural aspects of Arabic Nations. Just Imagine it. Massive Dwarven forges and impenetrable citadels that had babies with Sultan palaces and Arabian markets. What do you get? Super Awesome, and definitely not Midget Arabs. Native Race(s): Dwarf, Goliath, Gnome, Halfling (Hobbit), Dragon kin.

    Fae Outlands: Gypsies, but with Camps too big to move. Think of it as a constant revelry, everybody is gettin' down and losing their wallets. Native Races: Fae Ancestric, Fae Kin

    Ugh, My least favorite subject of all: Magic (Kill me now)

    So here goes, the Magic here is Complicated to say the least so buckle in and get ready. Before you read this however, if you are not interested in magic, that is fine. I designed this stuff to be more like the Advent mechanic from Ilium anyways. Search it up if you aren't familiar.

    there are two types of Magic, I hate the word Magic, come up with a better term for this and I will love you for ever.

    The Two types are:

    Draconic: The Voice and Emotion (Sky-roh-daaaah)


    Celestial: The Creation of Falsehoods (It's all smoke and mirrors)

    Now, you don't get to choose which Magic you get. Each race has access to ONE of the magic schools and is granted only ONE spell that falls under the requirements of that school. You get(HAVE) to make your spell up and it will get(HAVE) to be unique, and related to your characters' skills/lifestyle.

    Draconic Races: Human(1), Harpy(1), Dwarf(2), Dragonkin(3), Orc(3), Orc Variety(1), Goliath(2), Gnome, + Halfling (1)

    ***Each Draconic Race can cast their spell 1,2, or 3 times a day. The spells last 2 minutes each cast and a minimum ten minute Cool down is required between each cast if the race can cast more than once per day.

    Celestial Races: Human, Kitsune, Mermaid, Fae Ancestric, + Fae kin

    ***Celestial Spells can only be cast once per day, the duration is ten minutes and they do not require words to cast, just hand signals. Humans can only Cast their Celestial Spell for half the duration.

    Do you yet see how magic is not magic in this RP? Trust me, it gets better. (If you get to this point, please include the word Apples as the first word of your reply post, I will consider you more actively if I know you took the time to get at least here)

    Draconic The Semantics: As you might have guessed from the Brief Title, Draconic magic it triggered by voice commands and emotion. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the effect. Draconic Magic Changes the properties of physical material. A good example would be I SUMMON A FLAME BLANKET AROUND MY IRON SWORD THAT ONLY BURNS MY ENEMIES. Or, the Classic FOR THE NEXT MINUTE MY ARMOR CANNOT BE BROKEN- ROH DAH!! You get it? If you don't then let me know, I'll do better and come back here for a more in depth explanation when mr/ms/mrs confused pops in. and before you ask, yes, only MATERIAL objects can be buffed/debuffed.

    Celestial The Semantics: Celestial Magic Creates Intangible Illusions to fool the enemy. A single caster can only affect a single target, however that caster can switch between targets during the casting time. The casting of a Celestial spell can be made more powerful by what is known as a chant. Starting with one Caster, a simple rhyme is repeated aloud, from then any number of casters can join in the rhyme. For each new caster the duration increases by five minutes and the targets allotted increases by one. Chanters can be added at any time, but the moment even a single chanter is removed the spell dissipates. The original caster, along with all who participated in the chant, cannot cast spells until the next day no matter how long or short the chant was.

    Ok, I have a opening plot thought up as well, but I will introduce that as interested players come in.

    For now I will leave you with some important Roles that need to be filled:

    Over Prideful Orc General:

    Clever human General:

    Kitsune Captain that believes in honor over Loyalty:

    Mad Orc Captain For Above Captain to Duel with:

    Human King:

    Kitsune Princess:

    Orc King:

    Soldiers (Human, Kitsune, or Orc):

    Mercenaries (Any Race):

    **Hint** Humans, Kitsunes, and Orcs Oh my!

    Rules(If you got here Put Banana as the Second word in you reply)

    1: Basic Iwaku Rules

    2: High Casual to advanced posting recquirements

    3: Character death is a thing, but so is plot armor. The more you contribute the more armor you have and vise versa. But worry not, if you ditch your charrie will get an epic death scene to send em' off.

    4: I am the GM, my word is final on all. (I really like help with world and story building however, help out enough and you might even become a co-gm Ooh! Aah!)

    5: Have fun!, and Post Cantaloupe as the third word in your reply if you want to be considered for this :D
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  2. Sounds interesting, if I do join I'll definitely make a mermaid character. since my lovely succupire is out of the question! hnnnggg
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  3. Awesome!

    Just a tip about mermaids for you, they can morph their legs to be that of a regular humans' so land walking is totally possible.
  4. I was gonna do that anyway whether you allowed it or nawt
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  5. Oooh, a Feisty one. I like that xD.

    Edit: But yes, if you want to pm me a quick sheet I would be more than happy to look it over :D!
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  6. Are you still looking for more people? I would like to join probably
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  7. I am always looking for people, post a general charrie idea here, as well as which role you would like to fill.
  8. Strawberries, Bananas, Cantelope

    Name: Mizuki
    Age: 25
    Race: Koi Mermaid

    Mermaid form

    human Form
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  9. Oh I like those pictures quite alot!

    Iiif you want I can pm you a blank CS, and then you can fill it out at your leisure while we wait for more interest :).
  10. apple banana cantaloupe

    I am showing interest. I PMed my profile.
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  11. Sup bitch? I'm ready for some good ole' High fantasy, high magic shenanigans. Oh, and honey dew, elderberries, and Pisang Raja. So yes, I read the whole thing...

    Also, thaumaturgy. Its a word that exists and means pretty much the same thing as magic.
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  12. Pm me with a character.

    I have a feeling you want to be a general of some sort?

    If so, Orc, human, or Kitsune.

    (To the reast of you, I know this guy, I am not just being cross randomly xD)

    Edit: Thaumaturgy sounds just as fruity and silly. I want the idea of magic to be foreign to this world, I want this ability thing to be something that is considered an extension of their regular skills allowed by the power of their god.

    got your stuff :)
  13. I don't know quite what I want to do yet... I'll sleep on it and PM you tomorrow with a CS. Can you give me an outline of what you are sort of wanting for me to ponder over?
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    Just incase you missed my Original Map Allow me to relink:


    Time for Politics!

    The Socio Political state of this world can be described as being much akin to the Height of the Roman Empire in Real History. The Kaidien Emperium, Also Known as The Kitsune Empire, has reign over most of the known world. As a part of a Culture of honor and warfare combined with brilliant tactical advantages and out maneuvers, the Kitsune Race has risen above all others on an International Level. All in depth political discussions or decisions are influenced by them in some way, be that in revolt or alleigance.

    The Iron Cities (Dwarve, Gnome, Giant, Dragonkin) Have Declared outright trade Embargo against the Empire due to the war it supports against Their Allies, The Orcs.

    The Fae Outlands (All Fae Related Races) have chosen a neutral stance against them, allowing the Kitsune to do as they please in order to prevent war.

    The Elem Conclave (Harpies and Mermaids) has done the same and through years of interbreeding has formed a strong family bond with the Kitsune, creating a war barrier second only to that of the humans.

    The Serres Republic (Humans) have pledged Loyalty to the Empire, and Have become a Vassal State. Empire Soldiers and Camps riddle Human Territory and bolster defenses against the Orcish threat from the far east.

    The Orcs Wage active war against both the Humans and The Kitsune. The Lowlands offers a natural Barrier that has thus far prevented the Humans from pressing into Orc Territory, and they now pillage the coastlines of the Human nation with advanced War ships and Raiding parties.
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  15. So you want me to pm you my character?
  16. And quick question. How tall can goliaths grow to? I'm thinking about making one
  17. Average Goliath height would be twice the height of a male human's average height.

    Anywhere from 10 to 13 feet.

    yes please!!
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  18. Sounds good to me, thank you
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  19. It took me four days of browsing the interest checks to realize whose RP this was, but if I had done some critical thinking the layout of the OP would have been a dead giveaway. Good afternoon.
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