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  1. Blair

    "That doesn't mean you hurt someone behind closed doors." She sighed shakily and rubbed her arms "I thought I could use my knowledge to help out determine a new target and I went...oh God Ray I think I really screwed up today. I think I'm going to get a lot of shit from Baltimore almighty."
  2. Ray

    "Baltimore almighty? Wow, you really don't like this guy, huh? Even if he is interrogating evil people to save lives?"
  3. Blair

    "I admire what he tries to do. And I don't blame him for what he did but...something about him sets me very off. Perhaps it was just that I got a closer look than I had wanted to, or it was because I was scared out of my wits end. I don't know. Something's off about him."
  4. Ray

    "Probably the scared thing. I don't even think he considers himself anything more than a vigilante. Otherwise he'd try to work with the cops sometimes. I just think the city is safer with him around."
  6. Blair

    "He doesn't play well with others though from what I've seen." Blair wasn't sure what was worse. Seeing him while she was in her costume or while out. At least while out he didn't demand that she'd leave her home. What a charmer "The city I suppose is. There are other vigilantes that try too."
  7. So, what do you think?
  8. Blair

    She couldn't help but start laughing. It hurt her stomach how badly she forced herself to. Doesn't even compare! I'm sorry. Why don't you try throwing on a supersuit and dealing with ice powers while a menace takes the credit. Oh yeah, building stopped its burning? Eh, fires die anyway. How about the damn interference? Maybe I wasn't meant for this. Yet I have a feeling Morti would love it. If Jack the Ripper is pissing you off, rip off the cap to reveal a man and nothing more than a man.she thought to herself silently then texted

    "You seem to admire the guy. And I wouldn't compare those vigilantes to common criminals of that sort. Reaper has done at least one infamous crime clean up." She remembered it vaguely. The girl came to help and someone ended up getting shot. No dead but...a mess. "Or the ice woman. I've heard a thing or two."
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  10. I love having "Special Olympics" moments with you and Katsugi.
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  14. Quinn

    It takes a while for me to get out of bed. When I finally did, I had to triple check to make sure that creepy doppleganger wasn't there, peeking from underneath the sheets like some little kid. It was honestly embarrassing (and beyond frustrating). Now, I'm standing in the middle of the room while cradling a pillow in my arms, just staring at the door. I can feel little ghost tremors wracking my body--I hate this.

    Because I'm usually never like this. Rarely am I terrified of anything but that sight...What did I, er, she--it? It. What did it mean by 'See you soon'? It can't mean what I think it means. I refuse to go down that road. Colette is dead and completely faded. I am my own person. I am one. Singular. Sole. Whole. Uniquely me, Quinn.

    My grip on the pillow tightens. "I am Quinn..." I mumble shakily.

    "I am Quinn. Not Colette."

    "I am Quinn. Not Colette."

    "I-I am...Quinn?" The words hang heavily in the air like a question and it's that moment that I don't want to think anymore. Dangerous thoughts Quinny! Dangerous thoughts! Pressing my lips into a thin line, I force myself to open the door and step out into the hallway, pillow still in my arms...

    I can't do it.

    Gnashing my teeth, I run back inside and lock the door. My forehead rests on the wooden surface, trying to regulate my breathing.






  15. Ray

    "Admire is probably too strong of a word, but I guess. I'm not actually comparing them to criminals, I'm using the analogy. I'm not saying they haven't done good. The ice woman was the one who stopped that building fire. If Hunter work alone or whatever, I'd say they would make a good team, maybe."
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