Endless Nights

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Who Should Be Our Beta?

  1. Skylar Rouge

  2. April Marie Lawson

  1. [​IMG]




    Welcome, newcomer. I see you're frightened, not sure where you are or what's happened. You hardly remember who you once were, correct? Do not fear, young one. I was in this confused state once myself, many years ago. You see, I was a failed experiment, one of many at the time. The human race was determined to find an answer to diseases such as blindness or hearing loss. Such abilities unborn with to certain people made life harder. As time went on, mankind began to study and delve into possible ways to cure these ailments. None of them worked. Animals, as they've always been, were treated as lab rats, testing the supposed remedies and medicine to no avail, and by that, I mean their certain doom. Wolves were the test subjects. The first, and the last. The people did not think. The canines seemed to be fine, so the genetically engineered medicine was released to the public. This caused an outbreak. People who had been blinded or were deaf, any other diseases for that matter, well, they were cured, just like the subjects who had tested the cures. They did not count on the fact that weeks later, every single one of the tested wolves collapsed, and died instantly. They kept this secret, keeping out of the public's reach and silently watching, hoping that this would not happen to the people who had bought the medicine.

    It didn't. However, they were mutated, they became, as you may find this hard to believe, the very things they'd grew up reading about in Supernatural stories. Werewolves. You may think it is their bodies that changed, and perhaps it is every full moon that they become this way? No. We are different. Each night at the strike of twelve, we change into wolves. The only way you can tell us from the regular canines is the fact that we are much larger, weighing at nearly three-hundred pounds, with a height of nearly six feet. We stay this way until dawn, hiding ourselves in the darkened forests. Why do we have this sanctuary, you ask, even in the daylight? Why can we not free ourselves among everyone else when we are in our human form? It is due to our eyes. They glow an unnatural color. The eyes we once had are now much brighter, shining even in the faintest light. This is how we are separated from the rest, and this, the smallest detail, could lead to our downfall.

    You see, they are looking for us, little one. They search for us endlessly, trying to cover up and hide what they did. Make sure that the stories heard were nothing more than a rumor, a legend. Make the people under them forget who we used to be. So we continue to fight, as our Pack grows stronger, gaining more members. They will not take us all. This mutation binds us, as we live, train, and battle together.

    Even whilst we suffer Endless Nights, we remain strong.


    • You will abide by all of Iwaku's rules, I shouldn't have to remind you of this.
    • No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues. No one is perfect.
    • You must have my permission as well as the owner of the character's permission in order to play their OC.
    • You must inform me of why you will not be able to post for more than a week, if you can't.
    • I expect you to be active within this role-play. If you're only posting once a week, I'll not be very happy.
    • As the posting expectations state, you need to be an advanced writer. Don't let this intimidate you.
    • I will not tolerate you having arguments, being rude, or spamming anyone within the role-play.
    • While pictures are encouraged, provide me with a written description of your character as well.
    • No characters under the age of fourteen are allowed, and the age limit is thirty-eight.
    • I want this as realistic as possible. No anime photos of your character, only real people, please. Drawn wolves allowed.
    • No accessories on your wolf form; I'm only allowing a feather behind the ear or a flower.
    • Abnormal eye colors and markings on your wolf form are allowed.
    • Play fair. No going God Mode.
    • Character Death is in this. I hope you know that some of you have to die, this will be discussed.
    • Please, romance is welcomed, but no mature scenes. I want this friendly for everyone.
    • Only two characters are allowed. If you want a new one, kill off an older one, or take it up with me.
    • Breaking one of these rules will result in a warning.
    • Further breaking of these rules will extend in me kicking you out of the role-play.
    • The role-play is a modern fantasy, meaning that it has no real place known to us they live in.
    • There will be fights, constantly, between the Pack and it's Hunters.
    • Hunters are NPCs that we control on the sidelines. You may ask to be one, however.
    • The Pack lives in a large sanctuary deep within the forest. It's setup somewhat like a college dormitory.
    • Being the Pack is more nocturnal, they sleep from seven PM to midnight when they turn, or hardly at all.
    • The Pack is hunted at night while they are turned, during the day they stay hidden and safe.
    • There is an Alpha/Group Leader, which is of course, me, as Game Master.
    • You may ask for Beta and Delta, but I will choose between the first three people to ask for the higher ranks.


    Appearance[ Human and Wolf ]
    Picture[ Human and Wolf ]
    Past Disease/Illness
    Will This Character Eventually Die?
    Writing Sample



    The Alpha controls everything and makes sure the Pack remains safe, often meeting with his Beta and Delta to discuss what to do concerning battle plans or how much of a threat the Hunters currently pose. The current Alpha was the first one to become this way.

    The Alpha's second in command. If the leader were to die, he/she would take his place. Enforces rules and keeps a watchful eye, doing regular border patrols with the Delta to make sure they stay hidden from Hunters.

    Third in command. Will take the Beta's place if he/she should perish. Does regular border patrols with the Beta to make sure they stay hidden from Hunters. Reports any problems to the Beta and/or Alpha.

    Regular people who have joined the Pack due to the mutation. Consisted mostly of the younger ones or weak, for example, teenagers or women. They do not fight.
    Open; Only Twelve Are Allowed.

    Those who have trained or are in the process of training to fight if need be.
    Always Open.

    Senior members of the Pack who have already been there two years or longer; they train the Warriors.
    Always Open.
  2. I am interested in this. I will get my character up asap. :)
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  3. Thanks so much! I was beginning to think it had been a bad idea, hehe. :D I'll get to putting up my characters, too.
  4. I wish to snag the Beta spot. Is this going be like an actual wolf based beta? Meaning there is a male and female Beta present. I want my female to take the Beta position, if not, I will make a male.
  5. This sounds really cool! I just have a few questions. .. For the advanced posting, does grammar and spelling have to be exact? Often times I am on mobile, thus having auto correct take over, most of the time without me realizing. (I also have dyslexia) As far as grammar goes, I have decent grammar, but there are some rules I get confused about.

    Another of my questions would be, how often should I post? I'm doing online schooling for around 12 hours a day or more, plus chores afterwards. This week, too, I am doing testing. I can post on the weekends for sure, but on week days, I'm not sure how often I will get to post. I can try posting everyday, but that isn't really reasonable for my schedule. In that case, can I post, probably, every other day?

    My last question is, can there be an exception to the no girl/teenager warriors? I saw this RP as a perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite characters, as my name suggests, Anastia. However, she has a very fiery personality and won't just sit by watching others fight. Even if restrained, she'd try to join in. She is 17, almost an adult, and she is a female, but I view her more as a warrior than an omega. If she's not allowed to be a warrior, I may end up making a male.
  6. For your first question- of course not. I don't expect someone to have incredibly correct grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes here and there. I understand with the mobile thing, too. I can't stand to write replies on phones because of the hassle of typing compared to a keyboard for a laptop or computer. Especially with you having Dyslexia, it's fine. I'm sure it'll still be easy to read what the word was supposed to be; the human mind reads words as a whole rather than individual letters, so you could completely rearrange words, but keep the same letters and it could still be read quite easily, haha. I just meant being able to write in a descriptive and detailed, well thought out manner, which you seem to have nailed. :)

    For your second question, that's fine. I just mean that I'd hate to see someone go for two weeks without posting, and I know we all have lives to attend to and such. I don't expect and everyday post; however, there may be times I would want everyone online for an important event- which I will go through the trouble to make sure the date and time works for everyone's schedule. I know, me, myself, hate missing out on battles and all that so I don't want anyone left out.

    As for your last question; there's no rule against that. I referred to that as mostly teenagers and women because it's usually that way, women have children to take care of and teenagers are more often than not too young to want to fight. I'm sorry it came off that way, I should have worded that differently. Serves me right for typing it all up late at night, haha. Of course she can join in, I'd be honored to have her as a warrior!

    Thanks for the questions, hopefully people in the future can refer to this, and, I'm glad you asked them so I could help out. :D Hope I did, and, I'm thrilled to have you aboard this role-play. :D
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  7. Well, I didn't make it exactly like a Wolf Pack considering that they are indeed, human. So there's only one Beta and such. However, your female may still take the position; though as stated, the first two other people that request the rank will be running against your character. It will be my final decision, but I also may hold a poll for the other members to help me decide.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up ^^ I'll get my CS up soon. As for right now, however, testing made me fall behind in school so I'm taking longer than usual for my work. Again, thank you ^^
  9. Alright. I'll start working on my character tonight.
  10. Name
    April Marie Lawson
    Beta, if not then Warrior
    Appearance[ Human and Wolf ]
    April is a fragile girl with ocean blue eyes. Her body is slender with a height of 5'9". Rosey lips and snow white hair with red streaks underneath. Weighs about 135lbs with wide set hips and powerful thighs. Her chest is about half her length with a breast size of 34D. Soft features and a smile that lights up her face. A scar in the shape of three claw marks on her right ribs underneath her breast from a paranormal expirience her and her bother had when they will little, looks like burn marks.

    Her wolf form is as white as her hair in human form, with shining blue eyes and a slender and soft face. She is rather fluffy, making her form seem bigger than it is. She is 6ft across from nose to tip of her tail and 26in to her shoulder, she weighs 110lbs. She has small paws and is light on her feet. She holds the same three scars on her chest as she does human, they show like actual claw marks.
    Picture[ Human and Wolf ]
    April is a gentle spirit, her human personality seems to be different. She is feisty while human, willing to spit off comments and remarks as easily as she breathes. She is caring about her brother as she is about her pack. She will find and do whatever she can for her pack even if it puts her own life in danger. April is rather joyous, but her new found emotions put her at a danger, she is not used to having them and can often lash out and experience mood swings. She keeps herself under control. April is very understanding, she is willing to help whomever needs it and will do so without question. She can come off as cold and flirty at the same time, usually she doesn't act cold.
    April was born as a sociopath, her mind lacked what it needed to properly make emotions. She knew the presence of emotions existed in others, her brother had them. Yet she didn't. But she was unable to feel jealous or anger towards everyone else. When she turned 19 she was intrigued with the science of the new new medicine her mother had bought with the family jewels. April was the first to take it, weeks later she began to feel happiness and sadness, all the emotions she was missing out for years. Yet, she was met with something else, at night her body would feel excruciating pain, like her bones were being reconstructed. The night of her final transformation, her mother thought she had skipped out to hang out with her friends, only her wolf form was left, unable to speak. She was pushed from her house to roam the streets. Finding refuge at a strip club where by day she was a waitress. At night she slept into alleyways, digging a burrow within the piles of trash she could use to keep warm. She lost contact with her brother and mother. Only to find him a year later where they both escaped to find the pack of others like them. She's been there ever since.
    Past Disease/Illness
    Will This Character Eventually Die?
    Undecided whether she will die or her brother will.
    Writing Sample

    Show Spoiler
    Her feet swept against the cool water. A soft smile coming to her pale lips, bare feet against the cold grass. A soft breeze ruffing her lavender hair across her shoulders. Now knee deep in the chilled water she heard a familiar voice. "Ahh, Vyaenia, I knew would find you here.. running from your husband I assume? Again" the guard shook his head. Setting down a glass cup of golden liquid and a small rabbits skin cloth of berries. His grey eyes showing love and affection for the woman as if he had loved her for a thousand years. Vyaenia smiled once again in bliss. "Good evening Gyarn" her voice like a sweet melody, sweet like the berries the soldier had laid at the river side. Gyarn had loved her since he became lucky enough to meet her when they were younger. However, her mother had been the queen and she was born into royalty. His parents were just commoners therefore he was just a tool to be used by the royal family. Gyarn met Vyaenia's husband, he was in charge of keeping him safe while they gave haste to the Alwiern Kingdom. He spoke in riddles, the man only taking care about how many children he would pop out with Vyaenia.

    "I must be off, don't run off" Gyarn smiled and decided to leave the princess to her own devices. Soldiers switched positions every hour, someone would notice if she decided to run off again. Vyaenia looked behind her once again to find Gyarn gone, she gave a small sigh and walked to the edge of the river. Lifting her silken dress up to her thighs, she sat down and fingered a berry. Squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger. The stream trickled softly and Vyaenia began to hum a tune her father used to sing to her. His death had struck her like a heavy blow to the chest. But he had always believed in life after death and so Vyaenia hoped her father was always with her in the rain and wind. Until a whimpering noise broke her concentration. Vyaenia swallowed the berry lump in her throat and stood up, her dress falling to the emerald grass. "Hello?" she called softly. Only getting whimper of an animal in pain once more, her heart caught in her throat.

    A white fox... a rare sight, foxes had become quite rare in this part of the country, elves used their fur for many things. Vyaenia had a dart bag made of a fox skin. But this fox.. its eyes were gold, its skin like the brightest layer of fallen snow. Vyaenia noticed it was limping, perhaps it got bit by one of the wolves which roamed the night. Tears welled up in the elf's eyes, her hand reachin out to comfort the animal. It squeaked sofly, and like it had a place to be, it turned away from her and limped away at a slow pace. "H-hey! w-wait!" Vyaenia called but the creature didn't move back to her. Before her mind could catch up with what her body was doing, she was tip toeing through the forest. The trees seeming to move aside for her, as if a red carpet for a queen.

    Soon she came to a tunnel, her body refused to move any more. It looked like it was made by an elf, or something else. Like temple with steep steps all too inviting. The fox had slipped inside and whimpered for her. She couldn't get inside, not without her dagger or a guard with her. There could be bandits inside.... or treasure. Vyaenia looked behind her, she was in a strange place. The trees, which had seemed so inviting to her, now loomed over her like they were ready to push her in. She didn't know where she was. The forest was a stranger, dark with very little sunlight. And yet she thought she could see the white pelt of the fox in the tunnel. This must be its home, maybe it belonged to someone. Vyaenia pushed herself away from the tunnel. She could go back and grab her weapons then come back. Maybe there was really a treasure inside.... she could bring it back and buy herself out of her marriage. The though made her heart raise in hope.

    Her hand reaching up to her cheek, she was lucky enough to hide it. A big gash ran across her cheek, it was bruised and swollen. Her husband caught her in the library. Claiming a wife should not be educated he had smacked her. A loose piece of chainmail had caught on her cheek and tore it open like wax paper. Her magic had hid the cut and other bruises from view. She must have forgotten about it chasng the fox and the magic barrier held in her mind fell. Her whole body was covered in old and new bruises. She felt the horror of going back to her husband. She couldn't, she wasn't sure how much magic she held in her body to cover the wounds again. She felt a slip of her foot on some wet grass, wet from the bleeding fox. She felt her body fall forward an gave a cry. It echoed through the temple. Vyaenia's hands desperately trying to grab onto the roots which hung loosely from the temple ceiling.. but she couldn't. Her eyes closed in brace for impact. And she hit something. The back of her head hit a sharp object, her body tumbled to the floor. Knocking the wind from her lungs, her vision instantly going black. She fell unconscious before she even had a chance to scream for help again.
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  11. Name:

    Anastia Kouyuori








    (Human and Wolf)


    Anastia is a bright eyed, dirty blonde-haired girl. Her eyes are deep pools of blue and she has an extremely faint scar (so faint that you can't see it without being close and knowing where it is) over her left tear duct. Her skin is fairly tanned and smooth. Her clothes change often, but there will always be some kind of jacket, jeans, and a pant chain somewhere in her outfit. Her hair is long and wavy and she always has either a disinterested look, a straight face, or an angered or irritated look, or even a smirk on occasion. Around her neck is a silver chained necklace with her personal symbol made of stainless steel, as a pendant, shaped like a crescent moon holding an 8 point star in the crook. When asked about it, she'll give you one of two answers: 1. Eh, I just like it. It's a marking I have as a wolf. Or 2. Does it matter? I know what it means, but there's no way I'd entrust the meaning to you. Either way, you will never find out the reason behind it.


    As a wolf, Anastia looks nothing like how she looks as a human. In fact, her markings make her look far different from a wolf, despite having a wolf build or colors. Her fur is a dark brown and her underbelly, bottom tail side, paws, and muzzle are white. She has white spots, large ones, on her haunches and head , making one ear (her left) completely white, the other tipped, and the center of her forehead painted with the white fur. She has faint gray stripes through her body, creating somewhat of a chevron pattern. She has one black splotch on her left ear that closely resembles the necklace she wears as a human, but is not as defined and it's hard to see what exactly it is besides a spot. Her eyes remain blue, however, they are much paler, almost a smokey gray. She lithe but sturdy and flexible, giving her a better ability to react. She is a bit low on stamina, however, and will strike out in desperation when she is pushing her limit. As a wolf she is somewhat noisy, growling lightly and on occasion barking or howling. She'll be saying nothing in particular, she'll just get these urges, or she's irritated or scared.


    (Human and wolf)


    Anastia Real.jpg




    Anastia always seems to have that "Don't know, don't care" attitude, despite actually caring quite a bit. Her personality is fiery, however, especially when she's irritated or angered (which is often due to her short temper). She tends to act like a leader, but is no where close to one, nor willing to try and be one. She's perfectly content with being a warrior, even though she complains about it quite a bit. Though she is easily angered, that doesn't mean she will ignore you. She may be irritated, but there are times when she knows she has to listen, in which case she becomes completely serious and focused. When she's not serious, she's very witty and smart alecy, as well as a bit of a prankster, and is always cracking a dry humored joke.


    Anastia had a tough life before she was a wolf. She was born mute and her mother died during labor. At age four, her older brother, Krystyph, blacked out and used a kitchen knife to try and kill her, but regained consciousness at the last moment, barely saving her head from being sliced open, though not being able to avoid cutting her. The cut went directly over her left tear duct, making her blind in her left eye. Anastia forgave her brother, knowing he has Split Personality Disorder, and that was the side of him he tries to keep hidden. Their father found medicine to help them both, and it seemed to work for a little bit, until the night they turned. They were at a High School Dance and had turned when outside to get some air. The animal control came and they took off, not sure where to go. Eventually, they came upon the Pack.

    Past Illness/disease:

    She was blind in her right eye due to an "accident" when she was 4. It is the reason she had the scar. She was also born mute, and when made a wolf, she was able to speak ( most likely contributing to the talkative wolf side of her)

    Will this character die:

    I shall hope not, but I'm going to include her older brother..... He's going to be a traitor in this RP.

    Writing sample:

    Will fill in later, have testing tomorrow and I really should get sleep ^^'
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  12. Name: Zephyr Harlow
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Warrior
    Appearance[ Human and Wolf ]
    Human: Zephyr is a tall adult male standing at 6' 3". His face is scarred as a result of his years of fighting against the hunters. Most noticeably is the scar that rakes across his right eye. He is built solidly and had been trained in martial arts prior to the medication.

    Wolf: Zephyr's coat is a mixture of deep browns, blacks, and grays. His eyes are a burning orange and the scar over his right eye is extremely prominent. He has been transforming for the better part of 6 years now, having begun taking the medicine when he was 18 years old. Zephyr seems to like his wolf form more than his human form. To him, everything just makes more sense when he's like that.

    Picture[ Human and Wolf ]
    Human: (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wolf: (open)

    Personality: Zephyr is very aloof, finding comfort in patrols somewhat away from the pack. Despite his aversion to the company of others, he will fight to defend each and everyone of his pack mates. He's a very loyal man, feeling a sense of duty to both those above and below him. He has a logical way of thinking that can confuse others at times. He rarely smiles, but when he does it's a sight to be seen.

    History: Zephyr was diagnosed with Alexthymia when he was six years old. He was unable to relate to the children around him, finding it nearly impossible to make friends. From that young age, Zephyr learned that he was better off alone and settled for spending time inside with his mother. He adapted to life like this, and his mother had accepted this reality although she never stopped looking for a solution. When Zephyr was 18 years old, commercials for a new "miracle" drug began flashing across the television screen. Zephyr had developed several other personality disorders in the time since he was first diagnosed, suffering from panic attacks over simple things and having a strong sense of paranoia about the world around him. His mother was at her wits end and ordered the drug.

    Two weeks later, the drug arrived on their doorstep and Zephyr's mother looked at him with hope in her eyes. Zephyr just stared blankly at the bottle in his mother's hand. He took the pills she gave him and within a few days he began to feel. At least, that's what his mother told him he was doing. Suddenly, everything seemed to have meaning and he smiled for the first time in his life. But soon he began to feel as though everything inside of him was breaking. He would wake up screaming, terrified of this new sensation. His mother soothed him and tried to assure him that it was just a side effect and would pass soon. One night, the night of the first change, his mother had gone to her friend's birthday party for the night. Zephyr lay alone in his bed as the now familiar pain set in. But this time he found himself waking in a new body. Panicked, Zephyr ran about the house, crashing into things and making a god awful mess before he crashed through a window. He hasn't seen his mother since that night, but he's seen that he's on a missing persons website. Funny how they never looked very hard for people like him.

    Past Disease/Illness: Alexthymia, Panic Attacks, Paranoia.

    Other: Zephyr still thinks about his mother each day before he goes to sleep. She'd done everything she could for him, he remembers the feeling he felt shortly after he took the medicine, love. He felt love.

    Will This Character Eventually Die?
    Well I hope not but we will have to see.

    Writing Sample:

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  13. All three of you are accepted. :)

    I'm waiting for at least three more players before I start the role-play up, however, if there aren't any in a few days, we'll begin the role-play ourselves.
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  14. Can you save a spot for me?
  15. Sure. :)
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  16. I'll finish up my CS after I finish watching Beetlejuice. ^^ And I think I will make her brother.
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  17. Woop! I'll work on my charries too.
  18. Is it okay if the wolf pic is a little anime-ish? I drew her, but I'm not all that good at realistic yet.
  19. That's perfectly fine. :D