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  1. So I joined awhile ago with a push from a friend. Which is all good except I can't find many rps that I would be interested in, or there is already a lot of people, or they are full. So after checking out a few threads to get an idea on what to do I decided to see if I can find someone to rp with. A little about myself. Lets see my favorite color is rainbow, I am currently a student so sometimes I can't be on all the time. I love love music, and hanging out with friends. Always looking for an rp. I have been on lots of sites, but sadly most are shut down. I enjoy all kinds of rps. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

    Master/Slave (( A little side note with this one. I tend to go for a darker theme, but not an absolute must))
    Teacher/Student (( College lever preferred))
    Step Sibling/Step Sibling
    Oc/Oc ((I don't much like playing canons from shows, animes, Etc, but enjoy playing characters in their world))
    Forbidden Romance ((I guess everything I have posted is this, but I just mean like warring kingdoms and things of that nature))
    Human/Supernatural ((Magic users, ghost, etc))
    Threesome ((Normally done this with twin rp, and no this doesn't have to be sexual. It could be twins in love with one person, or a person in love with twins))

    I'm ok with
    I normally play male roles, but can easily play female.

    Little side note, I try to match who I am rping with. So if you post three to four paragraphs so will I, but if you post less then one, sorry, but I don't think we should rp together.

    There are a lot more, but I don't wont to write out a list a mile long, so here is some. Don't see something on the list, then simply post an idea. Maybe we can find something that works. I enjoy everything from sweet, to creepy pasta, and everything in between. Hope to hear from people soon. :bsmile:

    Little side note, I am comfortable with any type of rp, but I prefer knowing what a person prefers before hand. Basically if my partner only wants, a romance rp, fine, action adventure what have you. Just please let me know, because if all a person wants if pure smut or fluff, I would like to know, so I can rp accordingly. Personally, I enjoy anything as long as there is a plot. Sexual, smut or anything of that nature, isn't a big thing to me, so if the rp doesn't have it great, if it does same thing. I just would like to know, so that there is no miss-communication.

    Also I love people that love to talk out plotting idea, and enjoy just talking even if it isn't about the rp. I like making friends, and promise I don't bite ><
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  2. Hi! Do you mind if we do a male/male furry/furry? Or a human/furry?
  3. I'll do a Master/Slave if I can be the slave, I don't mind dark themes.
  4. @Assiduous I don't mind, male characters tend to be my preference. Do you have a plot in mind, or any preferences?

    @Chello I rather enjoy playing the master role. Do you have a plot in mind or any preferences?
  5. I shall PM you so we can discuss more.
  6. Sounds like a plan ^-^
  7. I like the sound of OC x OC! However, what type of Fandoms are you're interested in?
  8. Really any, the ones I am comfortable with include
    Avatar the Last Air Bender
    Harry Potter (( I can't remember all the spells though))
    Madoka Magica
    Blue Seed
    Lord of the Rings
    Once Upon a Time
    Ghost Hunters
    Demon Parade
    Black Bird
    My Little Pony (( FiM))
    There are more, but right now I can't think of any, if you have any you like, suggest them, I might know them. Just right now my mind is being derp
  9. Supernatural
    The Host (Book)
    Walking Dead
    Young Justice

    Here are a few of my suggestions.
  10. Supernatural ((Equals so much love! ))
    The Host (Book) (( Sadly I still haven't got to read it))
    X-Men ((This depends I love it, but I don't prefer the movies story line))
    Walking Dead ((On the list of things to watch))
    Young Justice ((Same here, though if it is like the Justice League, could possibly try it))
    Maleficent (( This movie is my absolute favorite that Disney has come out with))

    Most of these, I really love, and would be happy to rp as. Do you have any plot ideas in mind?
  11. Supernatural: #2 Ideas.

    1.) Classic Hunter Life: Hunter A saved Hunter B during a job, sparking an unlikely partnership. After months of hunting together, Hunter B starts to develop something for Hunter A. Unfortunately, Hunter A is a player. Due to Hunter A's profession, Hunter A is afraid of relationships.

    Genre(s): Romance//Angst//Horror//Tragedy//Drama//Supernatural
    Okay With: M x M or M x F. (Hunter A is F in M x F.)
    My role: Hunter A.

    2.) Team Free Will: Character A, an archangel, is sentenced to watch over Character B, a hunter. After spending time with Character B, Character A starts doubting orders regarding the apocalypse. Will Character A stay with Character B or follow the will of "God"?

    Genre(s): Romance//Drama//Supernatural//Angst//Tragedy
    Okay With: M x M or M x F. (Character A is F in M x F.)
    My role: Character A.

    Maleficent: #1 Idea.

    1.) Plot: After the events of Maleficent, the Dark Fairy and her Raven fall in love, marrying under the moonlight of the Moors. Years later, Maleficent bore a daughter, whom she named Zarina. What happened if history repeated itself? The beautiful, but naïve Fairy believed in happy endings. Her kindness and compassion was heavily influenced by her aunt Aurora. When her heart is broken in a most devastating experience, Zarina fled from the Moors, taking refuge in a faraway Enchanted land, the Evergreens. As her heart slowly blackened, Zarina saved a man from magical creatures guarding the borders of the Evergreens. After he offered his services in exchange for her mercy, Zarina realized a delightful revelation: her new servant is a Prince. However, when Zarina is dragged in a conflict involving a nearby Kingdom and the Evergreens, will she protect the Enchanted land from the greedy humans? What happened if her servant is the Prince of the opposing Kingdom? When war is threatened to erupt, Zarina has no qualms preparing her people into battle. However, what happened if her servant begged her to spare his Kingdom? Is he the key to mending her broken heart? Will Zarina recover, just like her mother did all those years ago?

    Genre(s): Romance//Drama//Fantasy//Angst//Supernatural//Adventure
    My role: Zarina of the Moors.
  12. Animal x Animal?

    You wouldn't be familiar with Warrior Cats would you?
  13. I enjoy the idea of the first idea, and the third one.

    Would the first idea be during, before or after the Winchesters? If this is one based off them never existing. Which season would you prefer to base it on. In no way am I saying it has to follow the show, I just like to know, which creatures would be more dominate, or if there would be lots of angels, things of that nature.

    I love this idea so much. Mostly because it is an after story, which means more wiggle room, but your plot idea sounds incredible. It has some very nice elements, that I love finding in an rp, and seems like a good balance of genres. One question, is the Evergreens, a place of your making, or based off other idea ((Movies, shows, etcs))

    I love both idea equally. Is there one of those two that you are craving more?
  14. I am familiar with Warrior Cat, through rps, but I have never read the books. I have always wanted to, but where I live, apparently no place will sell any of the books. If you don't mind me asking question, I would love to do a Warrior cat rp ^-^
  15. I was just wondering about what animal x animal was. o:

    Though I have an idea for Master x Slave. Which I kinda really want to do.

    It's basically the master is a Gang/Mafia Leader and the Slave is a stray he picked off the street. The Leader/Master basically trains him to become an asset of sorts. Perhaps an assassin or maybe part of the business? Something could be plotted from this. If you are up for it?
  16. It mainly is from another site I was on. The site mainly had feral rps, and they could be anything from wolf packs, to house pets. So I put it because I enjoy them from time to time.

    That sounds like an interesting idea. Which role would you prefer. I can do either or, but normally play the master role, and what were you thinking of pairings? M/M F/F F/M?
  17. Ohh I get it now.

    I would prefer the slave and M/M or M/F is good with me c:
  18. @Rainbow Sparkle: I crave Idea #2 of Supernatural the most. (With a M x M setting.)

    Honestly, I'm currently catching up on Supernatural. I'm on Season 4, but researched a lot about the involvement of angels & the apocalypse. Perhaps it can be a universe where the Winchesters didn't exist? (If you're adamant of excluding any Canon characters.) The RP would be based off of Supernatural with key points regarding the apocalypse. (We can discuss it further in PM.)

    The RP features a lot of creatures, but the main species are demons & angels. (Generally, it would be well-rounded.)


    Evergreens is completely original. However, the general design is based somewhat off the Moors.
  19. Ok that sounds like a plan ^-^ Which one are you craving. I normally play male characters, but that isn't a must. Also is this a more realistic type of rp. Such as all the people are humans, or maybe more of a magical rp. With creatures, and other such things?

    Would you prefer this rp to be over the pm's or in a thread, and what things are you hoping to see play out? Like your character is basically tortured, and is treated like an object. In the beginning torture, and later one possibly a friendship, or other type of relationship. Treated badly, but eventually maybe becomes a best friend or love interest, or is brought in and learns that the leader isn't actually mean, but really kind, but has to be mean in front of others.

    As I have stated before, I enjoy really anything, so if you want a certain level I am fine with that too. PG, PG 13, R, XXX.

    I just like knowing what to expect :D
  20. I would really like that. It isn't that I don't like canon characters, it just had to find many rps, that they can be played correctly, and having to play off them is hard to cause certain things without them affecting the main story.

    If it isn't the Winchester world then I think number two would be fun. With them, the idea doesn't appeal to me mainly because, then they get to do the whole save the world thing, and while nice to watch isn't fun to rp. If you would like to discuss more in the pm's, that would be great. Just pm, and maybe we can work something out. :D

    Oh Ok XD It sounded familiar, and for a moment I thought maybe you were wanting a cross over of sorts.
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