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  1. Enchanted Eclipse

    You always believed your parents monsters aren't real because they're right monsters don't exist. The boogie monster is fake. Santa is still not real, but where wrong about somethings. Magic is real, so are vampires and werewolves and mermaids, anything you can imagine any race is probably out there. Now it's time they come to your world. You are the only chance to bring peace the the world with your new found powers along with friends you will meet along the way.

    "Run through the portal save yourselves!" Lissandra screamed as the races of her world ran through a portal into Earth where they would have to cope and live their life. Slowly Lissandra blew apart into dust, her last great feat opening the portal to save Nocturnia their home world. It's been 10 years since you've come through the portal but most of the humans are dead. The supernatural races raged a war against them and won, after the war the few who didn't want to kill the humans fought the ones who did. Humans are now slaves or claimed by a race and the races rule earth except it is split in two. Peace is needed before they wipe each other out.

    World Map (open)

    Credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/KHORGHIL-FANTASY-MAP-277210122

    Tarkass - Kessel Is Owned by the Ioion Nation the ones who wiped out the human race
    Gurjana Is owned by the Demaxica Nation who now fight the Ioionia for killing the humans
    Ewindun Neutral territory overseen by Lissandra's bloodline any violence is not tolerated there and it is for any body to come live happily even outside of the town for miles it is peaceful both sides respect this and don't attack here. Most meetings between each side are held here.
    Most other places are rundown old cities and forest.

    1. All of Iwaku's website rules apply here.
    2. No acting like a god most likely your first character will die in the first plot
    3. Mary Sue's are not needed please don't bring them. Meaning no Count Dracula's
    4. Read all the rules <3
    5. No posting OOC here please thread for that will be made.
    6. I make final decsicions your character dies it dies.
    7. Death is fine and actually will be put upon some but don't make it gruesome unless you spoiler it with the name GRUESOME
    8. Yes it is Jump in but still make a CS and in spoiler of your first post Thank you.

    Character Sheet:

    Player List:
    Aliah - NPC
    Sean - NPC
    Lydia - Adira

    Rude - BlueXrow
    Misty - Coralaliah
    Kuro - Riu Daughter
    Tao Die - ShiroKiyoshi
    Rikuto Die - ShiroKiyoshi
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  2. Aliah (open)

    Name: Aliah Green
    Age: 17
    Personality: Bubbly, cheerful
    Race: Mermaid
    Powers: Controlling water, morphing of legs.
    Weapon: Trident
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Friends: Everyone!
    Side: Leader of Demaxcia

    Aliah flipped through papers in the headquarters of Demaxcia underwater and read as the war reports came in she just wanted to stop the war but she had to hold defenses they had already lost most of their land and the Ionion's just kept pushing. "Fetch me a cup of sea water please" Aliah said to her claimed human Kenzie. She ran her hand through her hair as she shook her head and looked out the window to see a school of fish.

    Sean (open)

    Name: Sean Grove
    Age: 19
    Personality: Moody, mean, Arrogant
    Race: Wizard
    Powers: Controls magical spells usually nature orientated or fire.
    Weapon: Magic
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Friends: Nobody.
    Side: Leader of Ionion

    "New Recruits? Haha please they probably couldn't hit a target an inch in front of them, whatever." Sean said as he walked out of his library. "If they don't satisfy my needs I will be turning you into a tree then lighting you on fire" Sean said as the doors closed behind him.
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  3. Lydia (open)

    Name: Lydia Powell
    Age: 19
    Personality: Shy, quiet, happy, teasing, playful, stubborn.
    Race: Celestial Nymph
    Powers: Wind Generation, Stellar Physiology, and Light Generation.
    Weapon: Her Body
    Friends: People she can trust
    Side: -Undecided-

    Lydia was wandering though the quiet and peaceful town with not much on her mind other then the impending doom that was going to hit the peaceful town. Lydia knew all about the raging wars between the other two powerful nations.
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  4. The Die Brothers (open)

    Tao Die (open)

    Name: Tao Die
    Age: 18
    Personality: Comedic, Cheerful, and Sly.
    Race: Kitsune
    Powers: None really except for his ability to control chakra
    Weapon: Claws, Tails.

    Friends: Those he finds entertaining.
    Side: (:I Im saving Tao just in case Rikuto dies. If such does not happen Rikuto will become Tao's tie to the war. Until if he is dead or not is confirmed Tao is a shut in. #LiveOnTao) Demaxcia

    Rikuto Die (open)

    Name:Rikuto Die
    Race: Kitsune
    Powers: None really except for his ability to control chakra
    Weapons: Claws, Tails.

    Friends: Those he finds entertaining.
    Side: Demaxcian Logistics Commander in Chief.

    Die Brothers pet. (open)

    Age: WGAF he's friggin adorable.
    Race: I HAVE NO CLUE
    Powers: Transforms into a less adorable pet when he isnt fed.
    Weapons: Himself


    Name: Less adorable Bison.


    Explanation of unknown race: Kitsunes are the nine-tailed demon foxes who thrived off of souls and chakra. Able to summon large amounts of chakra through their tails they were revered by the Japanese human ninjas. Though they are called foxes they never do turn into one unless they feel threatened. Usually their eyes turn red, theirs nails turns into claws, and they sprout nine mystical tails.

    Rikuto sat in his office throwing paper basketballs in his garbage can. "These reports are so boring it's not even funny." He called in his recipient to get him a soul. "Where is the leader. I'm so bored." Tao called in his recipient again. "Where's my bison?"

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  5. Misty (open)

    Name: Misty Green
    Age: 19
    Personality: Serious, sarcastic
    Race: Siren
    Powers: Singing causes different things and Morphing of legs
    Weapon: Trident
    Friends: Sister - Aliah
    Side: Demaxcia Troop Trainer

    Misty walked into her sisters office. "Hey sis Tao is wondering where you are" 'Go talk to him yourself' Misty listened to Aliah and walked to Tao's office "You wanted Aliah but she's busy planning the meeting with Sean so what's up?"
  6. Name: Kuro
    Age: 18
    Personality: Comedic, witty, nice, strong, agile, Other things
    Race: Shapeshifter
    Powers: Uh Shapeshifting and telekinesis including magics
    Weapon: Scythe
    Friends: Friends? Pshhhhhh
    Side: Unaligned
    Other: Um He has two sides just please dont provoke him ;~; ((the two eyes))

    Kuro Sat on a bench drinking a can of iced tea and watching the day go by "ahhhh The good life I get paid to do nothing ahhhhhh" He looks off into the small flower garden people scowling him he was the only one of his kind and unaligned it was double trouble. He was quite handsome though and ladies did usually take well to him but he had a feeling no one ever really liked him.
  7. download.jpg Da looks btw
  8. Rikuto looked up with his usual bored face. "Oh, Misty it's terrible!" He began dramatically crying. "Your sister dumped so much work on me I don't know what to do!" He instantly reverted to his normal self. "So take this to the post office, this to your sister she wanted the rest of the reports, and... Oh! Take this. It's my number call me. Love ya. Bye!" He pushed Misty out and slammed the door actually doing work for a change.
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  9. Kuro walked up to a man near the post office who was selling ice cream, "Ill take a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone please?" The man handed him his order and headed to the Demaxcia building. The leader wanted to speak to him for some reason due to his nonalignment he guessed, This was the third time this week she requested to see him and he was fed up so he figured he would just go and get it over with.

    He arrived at the building looking up at it gloomily, God I hate this place..... He opened the doors and went to the receptionist. "I have an appointment with the lady running this. She told him the top floor which was no suprise to him.
  10. "Tao really, I'm not doing your work do it yourself I need to train troops!" Misty said as she saw a man walk past her to Aliah's office. "I'll be right back Tao" Misty followed the man not wanting to let her sister get hurt and not knowing his intentions.

    "Hello Kuro, I'm Aliah leader of Demaxcian it's quite nice to meet you, although I'd like to make you an offer we need you to join the Demaxcian's there is a war not between the two nations but a much more powerful force my Sister Misty will be leading everyone going into the battle. It is likely you will die but trust me on this you can save the peace if you help us, you don't even have to be aligned to do this as Sean is willing to send a couple people in" Aliah said as she gave Kuro a paper explain the Geruda and how he could kill them all if they didn't destroy him.
  11. Kuro looked at the paper "you know me big boss and you know what im doing next." He crumples up the paper and walks out "I dont fight for sides". He passes misty in the hall way higher than her by about a good 4 inches and his ears twitch. "Hello you must be big boss leaders sister correct? Nice to meet ya" He kneels down and kisses her hand "Im kuro"
  12. "Hi, yes I am wow you're quite the charmer haha" Misty said as she blushed "So what'd my sister want with you?"
  13. "Fighting and stuff like that due to me being unaligned" He sighs and stands back up "Well why are you cooped up in a building?" He notices the untouched ice cream cone he was looking forward to. "Here take this." He hands her the ice cream "If ya need me my numbers in your pocket!" He begins to walk towards the elevator calling it.
  14. Rikuto steps out. Pushing him into a wall. "Let's not be slick. We have enough on our hands as is. That is... Unless you wish to do this paperwork yourself. If your unaligned you have no buisness in this office. Or as I would say if I cared. Why not join Demexcia we could use a man with your skill and physique. Anywho leave, and think about my offer." Rikuto dropped a stack of manilla folders and sat on a table that was always clear for him because Misty hated him interrupting her sister. "Every man women and child that has died from this meaningless war. Is compiled in that list. We have a total of 25,000 currently active in the battlefield and more reports coming as we speak. Tarkass isnt backing down."
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  15. [​IMG]Thats his scythe and thats him in ninja mode[​IMG]
  16. Show Spoiler


    Age:Around mid 20

    Personality: Calm and silence


    Powers:Can resurrect dead person or animal

    Weapon:Spells and Necromancer staff



    Friends:Currently no one

    Side:Siding with no one

    Other:The last necromancer that survived the mass annihilation of necromancers

    Rudy was roaming in the grave yard,searching for his next follower.He heard that there once a fierce hunter but was killed by his own trap.So,he's been searching for the hunter grave to resurrect the fallen hunter and turn him into one of his minions.Rudy sometimes can be a psycho when it's about resurrecting the dead.He once reserruct a dragon from the remain of it's bones.
  17. "Wow someones pushy today, Wait How did you know who I was..." He leans against the wall staring at the man "And I have no need to fight in your petty conflicts, No matter how many people die." He had his hand in his pocket as if he was searching for something and then the motion in his pocket stopped. "I dont know who you are but do not speak of that man ever again.
  18. Announcement , Aqua
    Hear Thee Hear Thee
    The Leaders have come to an agreement
    We need anyone who will help us
    They say they have a task
    For the young for the old
    Anyone who is willing to give their life
    For the cause that will bring peace between the two powerful nations
    Meet at Ewindun, to get to the meeting and join us
    If you survive you can create your own nation
    Sincerely Sean and Aliah

    Misty sat down at the meeting she will give her life for this cause she wanted peace more then anything she watched as for now no one else came. Then again this was her crazy idea she didn't expect anyone to show for this let alone even consider it.

  19. Rikuto popped his head through the doorway staring at Misty. When he didn't get her attention he started whispering her name. Still not getting her attention he started throwing paper balls at her. "Misty... Ugh... Misty... Ugh... Misty... MISTY!"
  20. "What what what do you want!" Misty said aggravated with all these paper balls getting thrown at her. "That wasn't polite and shouldn't you be working?"
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