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    About Elemmírë Vanimedlë
    Elemmírë Vanimedlë is I small hole in the wall cafe and book shop run by a mostly normal 26 year old female. On the surface the shop is just like any other in the town but it hides a secret within its walls. It is a place for the unique you could say, those you are beyond those walking around and though the shop. The owner Lynette is one of these unique beings with shop serves and gives settler to. She owns the whole build her shop is in this includes the two shops next town that she rents to other shops. On top of that the upstairs above the shops are apartments for those who are unique.

    Bookstore Side:

    Cafe Side:
    I don't want either image and will remove them if owner request it.

    1. No sign up need but we have job opening if you want one message me.
    2. Respect other players.
    3. Keep fights to a minimum.
    4. Magic allowed
    5. If fighting, try not killing anyone or ruining the shop.
    6. All races fine, prefer no gods or demi-gods but all are welcome.
    7. Romance welcome
    8. Sexual themes allowed but try to keep the hard stuff in private.
    9. Above all have fun.
    10. Character sheets are optional, message them to me and I'll have a big post with them all.
    1. Manager
    2. Cashier x 3
    3. Cafe server x 2
    4. Book Helper/Stocker x 2

    Lynette stands outside the new shop her brown her flowing back and forth in the breeze. She places a hand on her hips and smiles moving to place the help wanted sign. When she finished that she moved inside and filled the sign over to open. Her ears had a small point to them and fingers slim. She was a seer and a half elf an unique being in this town and she knew there was more like her so she built the shop of them to have a place to hang out. Those who are unique would notice small things like certain stones and odd sayings that would show them they are safe to be themselves here if they wish or be who the world sees. There as a magic spell that sets of a chime that tells everyone when normal being shows up only those listening though hear the small difference between the two chimes going off.
  2. Hearing talk about a new shop opening in town, combined with his slightly desperate need for a job, Alistair decides to go and pay the place a visit. Upon arriving at the cozy-looking cafe, he crouches in order to fit he dips his head in order to fit his towering figure inside. Upon seeing what he thinks is the owner of the shop, he extends his hand out in greeting. "Hello, ma'am. My name's Alistair. I heard about your shop opening and I wanted to see if there was a position available."
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  3. Ever, young lady small lady at the age of 20, walked down the road. She was oddly dressed for the nice westher. She had on a sweater, hat, gloves and a scarf that wrapped so it covered her mouth. She had black hair that rested at her shoulders and dark eyes framed by rectangular glasses. The small lady was odd. She was a grim reaper. Well, half a grim reaper. But her personality never quite fit that side of her. Turning the corner, Ever approached the shop that had recently opened. She figured she could use a job, being a collage student and all. Plus she loved books. She couldn't harm a book and bookstores tended to be quiet, pleasant places. Opening the door, she looked around hesitantly. "Um.. Hello?" she called out in her small voice, pushing her glasses up to the bridge of her nose.
  4. I walked down the street until I found an interesting shop. It seemed they needed employees, and I could certainly use a job. The owner had just put up the sign and already two others had stepped up. I brushed a stray curl of dirty blond hair out of my face before speaking. "I'd like to apply for a job here."
  5. Ever jumped a little at the sound of another voice and quickly shuffled out of the way. "I-I, uh, too would like to, um apply for a job..!" Her voice was slightly highpitched now, growing nervous. She wasnt good with many people, and even though there were only three others she still could feel herself growing uncomfortable. She quickly moved a little away from the other two, moving towards a chair near the register. Her eyes dropped to the floor, her fingers picking at a loose string on her sweater. "Uh, but, y'know if your busy I'll come back later or..." She mumbled, her voice drifting away as she grew quiet.
  6. She turned hearing all three enter and smiled at them. Her ears twitched as she turn as well. Sticking her hand out too shake the big guys hand, she began to address them all.

    "No need to apply, I could use all of you. I need cashiers and servers." She smiled to the girls and turns to the big guy, "and you can help me with books and stock, if you don't mind." She studied them a moment knowing full well why they found her and smiled. "If you need I have housing above as well, which can be included in your pay if you wish." She stops talking and just watches them waiting for their replies to her offer.
  7. She blinks, Ever instantly clutches her hands to her chest to avoid the handshake. She didn't mean to be rude, she had a problem with touching people. Being a Grim Reaper prevented her from touching other people. Her powers weren't in her control and people use to fall sick or even die just from skin contact with her. "Ah..! Th-thank you..! I'll be willing to work whatever position you out me in.." She said softly and looks at the store owner, then avoids eyecontact. "Um.. housing would be very nice..."
  8. Esmeralda walked down the street with curious eyes following her. She wore black jeans, with a black tank top. But what was probably drawing eyes to her would be the pointed black witch's hat and the broom she had slung over her should. Her left hand dangled at her side with an old fashioned carpet bag filled with her things. It may have also been because she was slightly taller then the average girl towering over some men at a good six feet. She huffed in slight exasperation as she looked for the address she'd been given.

    Her leaf green eyes turned toward the bookstore across the road. She glanced both ways before hurrying toward it. She stepped in and raised a sable eyebrow when she noticed all the people within the shop. "I could use an apartment," she declared.
  9. "Ah, yes. I wouldn't mind having a place to stay." Alistair says. He turns and addresses his future co-workers. "And I look forward to working with you all as well!" he says happily.
  10. Evers head shot up at the males voice. Then her head went up, up, up just to make eyecontact with him. Ever was TINY compared to the man. And, as if being nervous about the crowd already wasnt bad enough, her eyes widdened and she began stuttering. "U-U-Uh... Y-Yes you too, s-sir..!" Once again Evers voice was unnecicarily high due to her nervousness. Her head instantly shot down and she took hesitant steps back. 'Maybe this wasnt a good idea. I thought I wouldnt have to speak much, but there's so many people here already. I don't know how to deal with this..' she thought to herself.
  11. Alistair simply raises and eyebrow at the small one, who seems to be quite frightened. "Are you alright? You seem a bit uncomfortable." he inquires.
  12. She nods quickly and shuffles towards one of the chairs, seating herself. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine.. Just... You know.." her voice trailed off as she looked at the arm rest on the chair for a distraction.
  13. "If you say so, little one." Alistair says. He turns and sits on the sofa, considering it's the only chair that can support his weight. "So when can we get started?" Alistair asks.
  14. Eloise walked briskly past various businesses, ones that had run down years ago, and others that were just starting up. Five hundred years in this town and she still hadn't gotten used to it. An immortal being, of over 670 though looked roughly eighteen which really sucked because getting into clubs and bars was harder then it looked. Though the ID she carried around did usually help. Changing her appearance also came in the deal of being something like this, and for the last eighteen years Eloise Catherdal had gone by the ridiculous name of Lyric Jenner. A petite young woman, with a bounty of black curls and glimmering hazel eyes that showed up quite nicely against her tanned yet freckled skin. Fumbling with her backpack, she entered the building. The jingling of the bell and the the warm sound of chattering among people immediately meeting her ears. "Hello hello, it's incredibly cold outside today. Well for autumn anyways. I heard you provided housing, is there rooms still available?" She asked hopefully.
  15. She smiles to here new employees and hands them their job descriptions as well as the handbook. Looking to the new person who enter the shop. Turning see looks to the employees and smiles, "Please read those and sign the paper in the back saying you understand the rules."

    She turns back the one who had enter and nods. She waves her over to a table to sit down. She sits and as if from no where makes a notebook and pen appear. "So tell me a bit about yourself and I'll show you what I have available for you, okay?"
  16. Alistair picks up one of the papers and carefully reads through it while stroking his ponderous mustache. "I wonder if they have big enough rooms here." he thought to himself while signing at the bottom of the sheet of paper. "Done!" he exclaims as he lifts his sheet of paper triumphantly.
  17. Ever reads through the pages carefully, not wanting to miss a single word of what was written. When finished, she signed the paper in neat, yet small, cursive handwritting. She slides the paper onto the coffee table infront of her, her gloved fingers only touching the small corners of the paper. "Done.."
  18. I read through all the pages, then signed my name in a rushed scrawl.
  19. Esmeralda shook her head when offered the papers. "I have another job," she informed Lynette. "But I was directed here for a place to live." She looked around the book shop and a soft smile appeared on her usually rough and angular face.

    "The spells feel nice here," she complimented.
  20. She giggles and nods to those who signs, "feel free to look around and then find me to get to work." Turning to the one looking for a room,"your papers are for the apartment, so tell me about yourself."