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  1. Ohaio.

    This is where you can discuss stuff OOC { out of character } about Elementally speaking. Don't be shy, we can all post stupid stuff :D

    Stuffs you can do here !

    ~ Discuss roleplay plans with peeps from ES.
    ~ Post biographies of your character { my personal favourite >w< }
    ~ Other stuff which my brain can't think of right now ._.
    {Link to Elementally Speaking }

    Here's a copy-paste template of a character bio ^^ ~ { Bios are optional. }

    Appearance (outer beauty :3):
    Personality (inner beauty :3):
    Hobbies and/or Likes:
    Fears and/or dislikes:
    Picture { anime, drawn or real }:


    Name: Feather Vi Fran;
    Age: 14;
    Element: Human;
    Appearance (outer beauty :3): Feather has dark brown hair that falls down to her elbows and matching chestnut eyes. She wears mostly jeans and jeggings, flats or pumps and vest tops. Her hair is usually let loose, but sometimes Feather likes to put it in a plait.
    Personality (inner beauty :3): Feather may be cute and innocent looking on the outside, but on the inside she's a little devil. She shows her hate for elementals in any way possible, just because everybody else does the same. She tries to be the cool kid in school, which she is, and always has her way. Some people believe that she still has some good inside of her, but it will take some kind of miracle to show it.
    Talents: Photogenic and is very good at dancing.
    Hobbies and/or Likes: Feather's hobby is going to dancing club and hanging out with friends. Loves to bully other people and elementals, especially the weaker ones.
    Fears and/or dislikes: Fears people standing up for themselves and losing her current popularity. Dislikes elementals and anything related, or anything on their team.
    Other: Owns a persian, grey cat called Toto.
    Picture { anime, drawn or real } and/or Description:


    Have fun gais. :D
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  2. Hey guys.

    What do you think of these elemental symbols? :D I'm thinking these are the ones that should be on an elemental's neck.


    ( They're from Avatar >w< )

    Hm? Hm? Hm? :D
  3. Name: Kate Rasti
    Age: 16

    Element: Water. I like the second symbols better =)

    Appearance: Jet black hair that is a little past her shoulders, place icy blue eyes, 5'6'' and tan. Athletic, usually wears a dark blue t-shirt a black zip-up hoodie, a pair of black jeans an black tennis shoes. She always wears a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

    [​IMG] Only her pupils are white.
    Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, and loyal once you meet her and get to be her friend. If she's in a crowd, she'll find a way out after asking several names. When encountered on the street without a crowd or injustice, she usually keeps to herself. Her only big flaw is she's pretty stuck in her ways.

    Talents: She is a very skilled writer (she uses paper with small ridges for lines) and she can play the guitar.

    Hobbies and/or Likes: Hobbies are writing and sculpting with modeling clay

    Fears and/or dislikes: Fears is getting lost, hurting someone she's close to, and death

    Other: Her mother died in childbirth and her father died two months later from grief. Her foster parents would beat her when she was young because she wasn't like her older brother, that's how she was blinded and why she's not scared of a fight (even though she can't see..). Her older brother has moved into his own apartment and plans on letting Kate move in when he gets the money to support them both.
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  4. Yeah, a bit of an error there XD Just a picture of what your character looks like will do. I'll edit that in a bit >w<
  5. can you save me air please ^^
  6. Sure, take air [MENTION=2808]Mushishi[/MENTION]

    But yeah .. just don't overpopulate elementals ._.'
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  7. Yello.

    So, for anyone who's ever seen Avatar ( the last airbender or the legend of Korra ), I'd like you to know that elementals can basically bend like them. Just like them :D Yup. Great. Wonderful. Yay. ._.
  8. okay, that helps a little on the idea
  9. me going to be kora then jk
  10. ;P When're you going to join in? We need you ;[ [MENTION=2808]Mushishi[/MENTION]
  11. rREAL i never been need before T^T
  12. but i wanto be blind i pont out now i am blind
  13. Okay then. Just make sure your character has flaws, nobody's perfect. You can join whenever you like, we need good roleplayers that bring in fine detail and delicacy into their writing. [MENTION=2808]Mushishi[/MENTION]
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  14. OoO i am bout to cry right now wait to late . i am crying right now and i am not joking my everyone is looking at me wirdly at home. ok i am joining just tell me where everyonis. [MENTION=4970]Alexater[/MENTION]
  15. IT WAS IT WAS SUPPER HAPPY I STARTED TO CRY!!!! T^T but I mean where is everyone your character and everyone.
  16. Kate is randomly walking down the streets