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  1. I have come up with the basic setting and somewhat of a plot. I was actually wondering if anyone was interested or could help me flush out the idea?

    Well here is the plot:
    At a young age children were experimented on while others were born the way they are now: Elemental Beings. They always knew something was different about them, although they could never pinpoint it. Their Elemental Powers didn't show up until they turned 15. At that Age they were sent to a special school where they learn how to harness their powers.

    Here is the setting:
    The setting of our roleplay will be a hidden castle in the middle of no where. The Castle has one hundred and seventy rooms counting the kitchen and and dining room.
    The surrounding forest is deep and dark easy to get lost in.

    The forest is home to all the animals and fairies. Yes fairies little people that fly around all the time. They grant wishes to those who can catch them.

    The students will stay in rooms on the east side of the castle the left side is forbidden. The rooms the students will be staying in are all a beige color and are subject to a good decorating if need be.
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  2. I'd be interested in this.
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  3. Yay some one is interested
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  4. RAINBOWS!!!

    So, we wait...
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  5. If absolutely needed this can fit a One on One but then it wouldn't be very exciting.
  6. I am sad that this isn't getting much attention... I shall go get more people.
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  7. This indeed looks like it would be a really interesting role play. I'd be willing to do it. Also, question..... When you say Elemental powers do you mean the basic like Water, Air, Fire, Earth or are we going into multiples like Dark { Shadow} , lightning, Weather, lava .. etc..
  8. I failed to recruit people... sorry.
  9. There will be seven different elements the four main elements. Plus Darkness, Ice, And Weather. Also there might be a few humans
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  10. It's alright I think we could do it with three maybe
  11. Or four Perhaps, four could work.
  12. Yes four could most definitely work!
  13. Would any of you be able to help me flush out the idea?
  14. Make it five, I'm interested as well.

    Dibs on the guy who controls Earth though.
  15. Both of you can have those. I'm going to take Water
  16. I may be interested, if some meaty plot hook to really get me into it is created. By that I mean perhaps some kind of incident to get the players started, unless you intend for this to be more slice of life?

    I might be interested in darkness, if it doesn't have any kind of moral evil stuff attached to it, if it does, then Weather instead.
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