Elder scrolls, anyone?

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  1. Hello again, friends!
    So just recently, I bought ESO(I know, I'm late.), and I am so in love with this game. It's been a while since I've played any Elder Scrolls but playing this one has really gotten me in the mood. And honestly, I've been wanting an elder scrolls rp for the longest time, but hardly anyone ever makes one.

    So here's what I ask of you:

    I'd like to play as a female character, likely a wood elf. I don't really mind which gender my partner will be and I prefer it to be a romance rp, but it doesn't have to be!

    I don't have a preference on which time period and/or game our rp takes place in but most of my knowledge is in ESO, Oblivion, Skyrim and(to a much lesser extent, since I haven't played it all the way through) Morrowind.

    I'd love to do more than one of these since I've been wanting to do one for ages and I feel that since the elder scrolls universe and lore is so expensive, you can create so many different plotlines and none of the rps would be the same. So if you are interested, PM me and we can discuss more there!
  2. I would love to plot something out with you. I have not played ESO but the rest of the skyrim world I am pretty knowledgeable about. So if you want to plot something out I would be delighted too :)
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  3. Excellent! I'll PM you and we can discuss it there. :)
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