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  1. In the world of Argon, there is a nation called Techtonium that is anti-magic, where eight kids between the ages of 12-17 were chosen as the techno warriors. They have powerful rings that can unlock their weapons as much as their suit. The ring's power brought by technological as much as magic energy. There is an evil tribe called the Norg who want to use the rings for power, to take over the world of Argon. They even try to kidnap, and murder the techno warriors. They've cues choas once, and they've killed thousands of people, and that is how they brought fear to the land. Though these kids keep their identity a secret because they might get killed for using magic. They still are looked up to for all the people they save from the Norg.


    This is a fantasy world, that is in a modern setting that mixes !magic with technology. The places here are reserved. So seven places for the kids cues my character will be one of them will be me


    1. No being OP
    2. No metagaming or godmodding
    3. You may make a reservation
    4. Space is limited so you can only have one character who is a techno warrior, and if you only have one you may only have two characters max. If you do not the limit is three
    5. Have fun

    Techno Warriors:
    1. Espen Lucrus / @GamerFangirl
    2. Ben Pharos/ @GoodGuyReed
    1.Rallo Teevall/ @Xytheus
    Techno warrior
    Age (12-17):
    Weakness(atleast three):
    Weaknesses (at least two)
    Copy n paste from here
  2. Name: Espen Lucrus

    Gender: female

    Age (12-17): 14 (almost 15)

    Appearance: straight brown hair with bangs, green eyes, pale skin, wears a lot of bracelets.

    Personality: smart, confidant, a bit quirky with her friends, and awkward on very few occasions, likes to make jokes about how socially awkward she is, has a dark side, very sassy, makes clever jokes out of everything, is always trying to be funny, and can be a big fan girl.

    Weapon: a dagger

    Strengths: confidante, clever, has a lot of enthusiasm

    Weakness(atleast to three): cocky, stuborn, and she will do anything for her friends

    Bio: she has two older sisters who seem to be more serious than her. She has some friends cues she is kind of funny, and cool. She has been criticised, but she doesn't give a crap. She has had many many many failed crushes, but she likes to make jokes out of them.
  3. Name: Rallo Teevall
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Appearance: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net...est/scale-to-width-down/398?cb=20151206042833
    Personality: Rallo is highly disciplined and intimidating. He's a bruiser and incredibly relentless. His loyalty to the Norg is unmatched, and he is allowed to operate without oversight from his superiors.
    Weapon: Suppressed AK-12 and M9. His helmet also has a sound modulator to disguise his voice.
    Strengths: Strong, highly trained, resourceful.
    Weakness: Over-reliant on his equipment and he's stubborn. He's also highly destructive and never uses stealth.
    Bio: Rallo is a rogue special forces agent. His goals are unclear. His reason for loyalty to the Norg is uncertain. But one thing us for sure, he does not take prisoners
  4. ACCEPTED! Now how do you edit cast list? We'll wait until we have all eight main characters before we start Rping.
  5. There should be an edit thread option somwhere. I'm not sure because I rarely create threads.
  6. Done. Now we wait until all eight slots for the techno warriors are filled. You can help speed up the thread by telling your friends about it​
  7. Are you guys still open for more people?
  8. Yup were just waiting for people. Well start roleplaying once all the spots for the eight kids are filled.
  9. So, I gotta ask could a character help the techno worriers but not actually be one? I can modify his age to fit, but honestly he fits better as someone who is older. He wouldn't really agree with the Norg. I made him using the Workshop Characters 101: Roles, relationships, combat, and more.
  10. Sorry, but not till we have all spots for the techno warriors are filled out, you can make another character, he could be a techno warrior, once all the techno warriors are taken you can use him. You ARE allowed to have more than one character.
  11. I understand, but its why I note that I can modify him to fit within the age range, and be in the group with his skill set. Personally I only run one character in an rp, for ease on my end. I'm rather busy in my personal life so I can't really afford to run multiple unless that's all I'm doing.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, I understand how you feel I'm part of two RP soites, and am a freshman the most advanced high school in Texas. Plus am part of a theater group and a vounteer group in my towns public library, but I cannot bend the rules for one person, that just wouldn't be fair, so until all spots for the Techno warriors are filled, you can only be a Norg or a Techno warrior
  13. That's what I mean silly, I am just making him as one of the Techno warrior.
  14. Name: Ben Pharos
    Gender: Male
    Age (12-17): 17
    Appearance: Physically fit, but not toned, he is very much a tough looking young man, with his hair cut in a very short military style. He is five foot eight, and broad. In an casual attire consists of a gray sweater, and cargo pants. However when the shit hits the fan, he will try to acquire actual combat wear.
    Personality: He empathetic, intelligent, and hardworking. He truly does care about others, but he is not fully sure how to show his care for others, seeming crude and very rude to others. Most of the time however he is stoic, and if anything is a good listener.
    Weapon: Martial arts, and firearms when available.
    Strengths: He is resourceful, and quick. Able to use whatever equipment (Or lack there of) to his advantage. He will always be ready to jump to action when needed.
    Weakness(atleast three): He is rude, shy, and is a one trick pony, finding he is only really good at fighting.
    Bio: Born to a military family, Ben has been raised with discipline and training. He loved going shooting with his dad, and going to martial arts training. He is in a way a military geek. Not that he would ever tell anyone about it. However in school he is known to have very bad grades, simply out of a lack of interest.
  15. Awesome, can't wait to get started, I'll try to get more people in here, already know of one guy who might be interested.
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