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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
This is the start of a HORRID, twisted journey.

Enter if you must...

Child Left Behind

Tiny fingers of a young child,
grasping around your hand,
With a temperament so mild,
But a hand drags its way and
Nothing is there anymore,
Child gone in it's grave,
There's a certain common lore
That the child had asked to be saved,
But the knight in shining armor never came,
And there was no one to save it from your horrid ways,
How long, must I wait until I'm the same?
I've asked myself over and over if there's a place
to go to be able to block out what I know is going to happen,
No matter what I do, I know I'll see that gravestone soon

Outside the Window

I hear the incessant tapping from across the room,
The rain knocking at the window to be let in,
It's tiny finger tips spread out as they tap a tune
across the glass and then slide down, dark sin
covering the light of day and swallowing the night,
It's hands, morphing into icy pellets, pummel the pane
Demanding to be let in and allowed the chance to fight
for the chance to consume my mind, nothing'll be the same,

Ignore the tapping - the wind howling- the pipes humming - and the walls creaking

Ignore the screeching need and the mindlessness of it's demands, shove it aside

Child Left Behind: is really deep and rhetorical~ Or that's how it came off to me. I really the way you put emotions and conveying your feelings before rhyming -- that's really deep. "to go to be able to block out what I know is going to happen" seems a little wordy to me. I kind of stumbled over that line, but over all I got a very dreary, haunted sort of feeling from the poem ! :)
Thankies Saku!
I hate cold weather
The cold stings and bites my skin
I shall put on socks

I want a nickle
I have a quarter though why
don't I have five cents?

Try and guess what THIS is about!

Don't Fuckin' Wink at Me

I'm the bride's niece,
You're the groom's man,
I know you don't know that
I have a boyfriend

You winked at me before the wedding
you copped a feel when I helped my gramma out
You blatantly stared when kissed my uncle on the cheek
I was less than pleased to see that you were watching

To be honest, sir, I was more interested in the guy to the left
I was told he's a fighter pilot that, upon carriers, he lands jets,
He is taken, and that's why I was interested, because it was cute,
two stripes, one star on his coat, and the girl's wearing it to boot,

You see, I don't like guys who reek of more booze than I did,
I don't like to be tempted in that manner or way, please,
There's just one thing that I'll ask:
Please take your hand off my knee

Just please stop hitting on me.
... I'm sorry...

The paint chipped off my fingernail and now looks like a mushroom cloud

It's a disaster on my left hand
My index finger has a nuclear explosion
Makes me think of who I'm with
And who I want to be with forever

But the paint will eventually all chip away
or glossed over with new paint
So does it make me bad to want to move
into a corner of my world I haven't seen?

Mascara runs and melds with the black eyeliner
my eyes look greener than usual
Does that make me look greedy, or is it
the fact that I have thoughts in my head
that possibly have an undiagnosed motive?

Is it the troubled bloody heart that betrays me
by always skipping a beat when I'm touched?
That quivers with joy when he's near
and shrivels when I feel he's not
and beats for half of my heart
and half of his,
and half of his heart beats for mine
I'd hope.

But I feel as though, that the half-a-heart I still have
is tethered to kit strings and lead around to try and follow him
to anyplace he might go
Does that make me heartless?

I have to cut the strings and stitch it all back together
my body's too frayed to sacrifice half of a heart for someone else
when it feels like their heart is too busy taking care of others
But I fear, that in taking that part back, I'll wound them
But I can't worry about that now

I have to go
I have to get away
I have to try and get this right
I have to take care of them, and them to take care of I
And in such measures, I have to turn my back on the one who saved my life
I have to step back, because, honestly, I can't follow any further

These green eyes that try their hardest not to cry, were the ones that he saw
this skin, frayed as it is, was what he felt when I hugged him
these lips are what hurt the most, touching him once and wanting to touch again
This voice is what he heard in the darkest of nights, now quakes and cracks
This little half of heart is falling apart, and I need the other half back before its
too late

Give it time to regrow,
let the paint all chip off so that you can paint it again
restart, refresh, renew
It hurts to have to strip it all down so that I can start over
It hurts to know when I hear his voice next, it might be pained
and I'll be the cause

I swear, I wait on the end of this burning bridge until you put out the fire
but you have to let all the ropes burn, and the wood blacken
I'll wait through it all, but promise me one thing, and never forget this, please

If a elephant has such a strong memory
and an "elephant's foot" is so beautiful to you
Then take the memory, and the long half-life, and know this:
Your love is radioactive, and the memory of you is strong
So even if a hundred years go by, that half-life means that there's always love left
for you
and that even if a thousand years go by,
I'd never forget a single thing about you
Iwaku is a
Place for friends and fun times
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I am currently
naked, sitting on my bed
I am now hungry

Paorou is crazy
and Asmo scares me
I am a newbie


October's Angel comes on four wings and leaves on three
she tears one away to color the trees
come winter she always returns
for the feathered limb that she yearns
during spring and summer - she slumbers
her body healing
But every autumn she is peeling
that forsaken wing away again.
Blue Snow

As the flakes fall
I think of it all
I just wanna stand here in the cold
As long as I have you
There's nothing anyone can do

I'll sit here
there's nothing to fear
curled in your arms
Letting the blue snow fall
bare to it all
In the Twilight

In the twilight
I see your face
in the twilight
I know my place
in the twilight
it's you and me
in the twilight
it's where we'll be
In the twilight
softly sleeping

[DASH="pink"]From the Heart

Love is an obsession of mine
Sometimes I just horde the hearts
I used to love to put everything on the line
And then tear them apart

I was so angry once
but now I see
the one who was afraid of being broken
was me[/DASH]

Storm Clouds

A flash of lightening cracks through the sky
And I sit, watching from my place in the crowd
all of us seeming to wonder the question of "why"

We sit in these spots
crafted to hold us still
we're stopped by the locks
and slowly, it becomes a thrill

The storm crackles and roars
it wavers and blows
then the wind swiftly soars
and the rain starts to flow

A piano plays
as time frays
as we lay
here under all the lights

The sparkly silver
Little tiny builders
Start to shiver
as the time freezes

I've come to know
I want you alone
and I love you
To your very soul
Shank ya, Fluffers. ^.^

I sit here waiting for a sign
I just wish it all was a fable
Grab the jumper cables
Shock myself into being fine

I don't have your dictation
in this desperation
Hoping for salvation
But all we get is orations
words that choke the air

I wish I could take it all back
Say I'm sorry for the mistakes
the paper is turning black
as mascara turns to tears

Can't stop hearing your voice in my head
now I wish that all other life was dead
if only I could figure out how to make this right
then we wouldn't have to be alone at night

I'm sick of the fights
I'm sick of the tears
I'm sick of wasting all of our years

I fucked it up
I'm to blame
this shame

I talked big
I gave little
I wore you out
I wore you down
I thought it was fun
I guess we're done.

I'm just sitting here
wishing it wasn't over
But now I fear
you were the only clover
I've no luck left

I don't want to feel
I don't want to loose
beg for a deal
Where's the truce?

You called me crazy
memory's gone hazy
Already knocked back a drink
I just don't want to think

I'll wait for you here
as long as you want
don't let me disappear
Pain that we flaunt

Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words texted on the phone
will never leave me

I'm a piece of modern art
I make no sense
and people don't know why I'm here

I guess in the end this is what I feared
I'm trying my hardest not to just sit here
I'm just trying to persevere

I'd give it all away to take it all back
I'd want to look in the mirror and fix all the cracks
I'm sorry for all that happened and all that's said

but at the end of the day

Call me if you get too stuck in your own head



All I wanted to do was stare into those eyes
but my judgment fried when I found it unwise
Now I just feel like we're both left to die
Boy, please, just come back around
lemme see your eyes

They used to scare me
The emotion they would hold
would have me under your control

There were so many colors
so many emotions

Holding your guitar
you were like a star
yeah, just like a star
leading me to where you are
I wonder what you are
You're my north star

All I wanted to do was stare into those eyes
but my judgment fried when I found it unwise
Now I just feel like we're both left to die
Boy, please, just come back around
lemme see your eyes

Yeah, lemme see your eyes

I wanna just talk this out
You know I'm devout
I believe in you
but it's beyond any doubt
I have to reroute
I have to reroute
I'll die to survive and I gotta get us out

Damn the rest to hell
but I just stood and watched as you fell
(just stare, just stare there and watch)
Seems like our hearts are about to have a cold spell
I just want you to do well

All I wanted to do was stare into those eyes
(Don't wanna listen to those lies)
but my judgment fried when I found it unwise
(You're the one person I'd never despise)
Now I just feel like we're both left to die
(Can't we just compromise?)
Boy, please, just come back around
(All these words I try to choke down)
lemme see your eyes
(I never want to see you cry)

Your hazel eyes will haunt me
Until the day that I die

All I wanted to do was stare into those eyes
but my judgment fried when I found it unwise
Now I just feel like we're both left to die
Boy, please, just come back around
lemme see your eyes
<3 Beautiful, TK. There's so much emotion. Do let me know if you ever need to talk.
Gust of Wind

The sun was out
There was no doubt
We were together all the time
I always thought you'd be mine

I guess I never thought it was a gust of wind
I guess I had always hoped it would mend
But it became clear when the love started to descend

There was a storm approaching
I guess I was just hoping
That you'd have the sense to hold on
And not let this love go wrong

Why'd you have to be a gust of wind
When I wanted a gentle breeze?
You got your wish, babe, you win,
I've enough sense to see
I can't fight a storm and I can't fight you
Nah, I don't even want to try for you

You turned your back
You started the lightening
I felt my heart crack
You'd never know how frightening
It simmered out and it boiled down
And all that was left was a tired frown

Why'd you have to turn rain to a thunderstorm?
Couldn't you see that I wanted to shelter you?
I just wanted to get you home where it's warm
So why is it that you chose something else to do?
Was I ever worth anything to you?

Why'd you have to be a gust of wind
When I wanted a gentle breeze?
You got your wish, babe, you win,
I've enough sense to see
I can't fight a storm and I can't fight you
Nah, I don't even want to try for you

It's like we're lost
Heart's covered in frost
And you're standing in the cold
And it's your own happiness you've sold

Call me when it get's too cold

Tumultuous forces throw me aside
I never knew this would be such a ride
I thought we were on the same side
Or was that a lie?

You start to tremble
I start to cry
Was it a lie?
Was it a lie?

Why'd you have to be a gust of wind
When I wanted a gentle breeze?
You got your wish, babe, you win,
I've enough sense to see
I can't fight a storm and I can't fight you
Nah, I don't even want to try for you

You're unstable, babe, hate to say
You aren't worth the price to pay
Was this just a little game you played?
Aren't you happy? You win today.

I'm leavin', babe, your behavior is too much
All I wanted was a small touch
I think I've had enough
Babe, you play too rough

I'm done with the wind and going inside
Have fun on your own insane ride
I'm sure you still think you're right
I think you've lost your sight
Of what you had inside

Why'd you have to be a gust of wind
(I'm done with the wind and going inside)
When I wanted a gentle breeze?
(Have fun on your own insane ride)
You got your wish, babe, you win,
(I'm sure you still think you're right)
I've enough sense to see
(I think you've lost your sight)
I can't fight a storm and I can't fight you
(Of what you had inside)
Nah, I don't even want to try for you
(Of what you had inside)
Sudden epiphanies
come too late
Suddenly accompanied
to this fate

I want to take back all that I've said
but what good would it ever do?
Crying and trembling, awake in my bed
And I just can't stop thinking of you

I want the tender
sweet moments
I'm a repeat offender
of love, potent
is my madness
when I feel it's not enough

It's not my fault
I want to say
Your love's like a vault
I know today
I can't take this
I want to hear you
It's you I miss
I swear I really do

With every moment apart
you drive me insane
It's damned near tearing up my heart
and crawling inside my brain

Call me, please
before I walk away
I beg for release
for this way to say

"I love you"

But you're already gone, it seems
Trust and Paranoia

"Trust" is a four letter word
So is the word "Cheat"
Now I'm sitting here, concerned
And I think that the lines have been blurred

I don't know what you've heard
But you made me complete
So what you think you've deffered
makes me feel like a woman of the street

Boy, I wouldn't come close to
I wouldn't even want to
you've got a lot of nerve to
Think that I would cheat

This is absurd
I tried to be sweet
Wouldn't you have preferred
To have not said those words?

I don't want to think of what you've demurred
Now I'm dragging my feet
I'm wondering, man, if it's ever occurred
to you that you might be wrong?

If you tell a girl
again and again
that she does something
it's all you're gonna see
How can I prove that's not me?

I don't cheat,
You make me feel cheap
when you tell me this one thing
And it's starting to make my heart sting

How am I supposed to please you
when the words I say aren't enough
when the things I do, I fuck it all up
And that's when things get tough

"I make mistakes", I tell this to you
"But that's not something I'd ever do
Now I don't know how I'll pull through
Because this is something I can't undo."

This is absurd
I tried to be sweet
Wouldn't you have preferred
To have not said those words?

"I want you to be happy", I had said
and now I'm lying in my cold bed
Wondering how this could be
who the hell did you see
when you looked at me?

You're paranoid
and it hurt
You'd think I'd flirt
I'd like to assert
That I'm not like that at all

I talk to you all the time
I marvel at you day to day
and now it's all on the line
and I don't know what to say
I wish you'd take it away

I love you still
But I don't know what to do
What am I supposed to say to you?
you're the one that needs to chill

Talk to my family
talk to my friends
They'd tell you I would have gone to the end
and back again, just to have seen you smile
even for a little while

I know I fucked up in the past
But like all other things, it didn't last
My luck was returned when you took me back
Now I wonder what the future has cast

I'm trying to be nice
"smile through the pain"
But honestly it's cold
like ice in my veins

I wanted to please you
every damned moment
In everything I ever do
I always did it for you
what you think is untrue

I would never do that to you.

In every thing I do
I always smiled about you
I thought we'd push through
what ever we came to
But this has really got you

And I don't want to be thought of like that by you.
So tell me what to do.
How do I get through to you?
I don't want to fall through
This is hard to chew...

What happened to me and you?
Thank you very much.