Earth Defence Fleet

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  1. (( This is just a little something I pieced together in my head, if you want to join just reply to this thread :) Not all replies from me will be this long, this was just to start things ))

    The USS Falcon Class II hovered in a high orbit above the planet Earth giving out a gentle hum as the engines of the great machine worked. The Class II Falcon was a later model of its pre-successor the USS Falcon, now fortified with rail guns and heavy shields it has been placed as the foreline ship in Earths Attack Fleet.
    Colonel Bryant stood with his arms across his chest his dark brown eyes looking down at the planet then to the bulk of Earths Fleet, Bryant and his squadron had been called back for new orders from their routine patrol, if there was one thing he hated it was reassignment, which is probably where these knew 'orders' were headed.
    The Chief Technician looked over at the Colonel "Sir, we are recieving communications from General Davis" The tech pushed a few buttons on his console opening the channel
    Colonel Bryant nodded and sat down in his helm chair "Send it through" He waited a few seconds "General Davis this is Colonel Bryant"
    There was another pause before the Generals voice could be heard "Colonel first I am going to apologize for canceling your assignment so early, but your new assignment is alot bigger and more important than any patrol"
    Bryant sighed "I worked that out as soon as I recieved the call Sir"
    "I can imagine you did Colonel" The General grinned to himself in his office "To the point then...a few hours ago we recieved information on an unknown race gathering at the far reaches of the Galaxy, from the Mass Firepower they have at their disposal we can only assume that they planning an invasion" Before the Genera could continue Colonel Bryant replied "So you want us to go out there and tell them they stepped into the wrong neighbourhood?"
    "Not quite Colonel, there is no need to potentially start a war with no adamant reason, we are collecting the bulk of our vessels on our doorstep as defence against them incase they come our way" The General paused again letting this sink in
    "So how does this involve me and my squadron sir?" The Colonel was slightly confused at why he was called back
    "Thats because Colonel, we want you to lead the Earth Defence Fleet"
  2. As Alex was listening into the colonels conversation, he gasped when he heard the General say that we where going to be Earths defience fleet.

    Alex was the second in command in charge of weaponry and was a soldier in world war 3. Alex had a family back on earth with his wife Alexis and his newly born jason.

    He was a proud father but still had his demons back on earth so he joined in the fleet with Colonel Bryant.

    He wished he had't done so..
  3. Chris Most commenly known as cj was the best gunner on ground and on the Uss falcon classll
    under colonel bryants command. Yes he did irrational things that got him serious trouble his on duty preformance cancled out his behavior..

    After his wife was killed in a car crash he decided to join the armed forces . Back home his mom waited for a video call letting her know he was alive..

    Other then having a good eye he was also the 2nd in command for mapping escaperouts and stratagizing with colonel Bryant..

    Cj had been preparing for the day to begin.. After tying his boots he would head to the bridge for orders. He arrived to see general Davis on the monitor an Colonel Bryant with a structured formal shocked expression .
  4. (( Thanks for joining :) ))

    Colonel Bryant scratched the back of his head no really knowing what to say, as if the many wars that this planet had already been through were not enough, this just pops up "If it comes to it, we will protect the planet sir"
    The General nodded "I have absolute faith in you and your Fleet Colonel, Godspeed" With that the General's link disconnected
    Bryant turned staying silent at first, the crew on the Bridge shot him curious looks "Chief open a channel to the fleet" The tech nodded and tapped a few buttons "You have an open channel sir"
    Bryant took a seat in his helm chair "Earth Fleet this is Colonel Bryant, as of just now we're known as the Earth Defence Fleet. An unknown force as collected on the far side of this Galaxy, there intentions are unknown. If they decide to head our way we will face them head on with everything we have got, so be ready" He didnt want to say it but Bryant wanted to give the crew of every single ship in the fleet a chance to do so "Send messages to loved ones incase we come under attack, we may not have another chance, Colonel Bryant out"
  5. Hearing those words cj thought of three things maybe this time Colonel Bryant would let him head his own team of fighters.. Mom and why so sudden... What could we have done to piss these beings off or what natural resource do we have that they want... After gambleing with his thoughts he pulls his right hand up and speaks in his watch.. He sent a audio message to his mom.

    He walks up to the colonel raises his right hand to salute "colonel what are your orders for now?" Cj lowers his hand after the colonel stands next to him andlooks across the bridge seeing all the people at work constantly made him feel useless.. He wanted .. Needed something to do
  6. Bryant stood in though for second, he had no other family to send a message to either than his daughter, he and his wife had got a divorce just before he was placed in charge of the Falcon and his parents died years before that. He turned to Cheif Gunner CJ and returned the salute "Im reassigning you, I want you to lead the figter squadrons when things start to get ugly, you're the best for the job. Any questions?"
  7. "sir thank you(Cj looks over to him) none" not knowing what to do he make his way to the fighter deck to talk to the pit crew to get all the fighters in tip top shape... He gets in his and starts it up everyone knows he loves the sound of it starting.. With all the emotions he sits and lets oout a smile . Gettting lost in his thoughts
  8. "Just recieved a encoded message from Earth Command Sir" The tech pushed a few buttons then looked up "Weapon Commander Daniels has been reassigned as Earth Weapon Defence Commander, make ammends were possible sir"
    The Colonel sighed to himself and tapped his earpiece "2nd Weapon Commander Alex report to the bridge" Colonel Bryant tapped his earpiece again shutting his radio off "Any messages from the forward recon about those hostile ships yet?"
    The comm leader looked up from his teams monitors and shook his head "No sir nothing yet"
    "Ok, keep me posted" The Colonel nodded to him, implying him to carry on "Fighter Fleet Commander CJ, if we enter battle launch those birds without hesitation, they're loaded for bear so keep the pressure on them"
  9. "Copy that sir" Cj hears this.. He stands on his bird .. "Men and woman for those of u who dont know I am cheif gunner Cj I will be you number one when out in space dont do anything without mysay so that could prove fatal to the planets safety. ... Have fun suit up and be on stand by.. The enemy can strike at any ttime...

    Cj Is cut off by the FFSL 2.. "sir planes 7-21 are down getting engine replacements.. " cj replies "what does that mean " .. "uh squads 2 and three are down and with only one mechanic it will take 2 days.. To complete" ... Cj thinks a moment all of his crew waiting a call. "pull the mechanic from squads 4 and 5 get it done.. Ever pilot better be with their bird .. You have 1hour get it done.. Dissmissed...

    He tappes earpiece.. "Colonel" he pauses "we are uh down 2 squads out of our 8 on ship.. May bot ve done until tomarrow.. Should we call in two from earth" he tappes it again.
  10. The Colonel lstened to what the Chief Gunner had said and scratched his chin before relying "I cant do that without authroization, and I dont think we are going to get it anytime soon, try pulling in other mechanics and get it done, if not looks like we are two birds down on the attack, keep at it. You'll work something out, thats why I chose you. Colonel Bryant out"
    "Sir I've recieved a message from forward recon, the battalion of hostile ships have begun to move, not through FTL though, and more ships have joined the their fleet, they're not ready for an attack as it stands"
  11. Cj hears what the colonel is sayinf . "Sir its not two birds its 2 teams of seven birds.. But I will make it wok .. over" ..

    Squad leader 2 and three you will fly squad 4and 5s birds .. They will sit out.. Squad 8 leader come here ... Cj has a talk with the leader he takes 2 other birds and they leave.. Headed for earth..

    My team
    Foxtrot1-tails my right
    King -tails my left
    Micky -flies above and to the rear
    Arial -heavy gunner bellow
    Gama -bait
    Alpha-back up the bait

    Cj radios his team on a secure connection.. Guys we are to protect this ship try not to break formation and once we are out there break comms with the falcon.. Until we have word rest up..."
    Cj leaves and heads to his room he lays down ..
  12. Michael was sitting in a chair which was on two legs since he was leaning back with his feet on a desk, He fixed with his ear piece and looked around the room. See Michael may not be Top gunner but he was the best damn pilot, he could fly anything and everything. He had very good coordination and new alot about the planes that he flew, He fixed with his ear piece again and heard Cj and Bryant come through. he speaks into his earpiece and says " Sounds like someone needs a skilled pilot on there team " He laughed and continued to rock back in forth on the leaning chair. He could fly but no one bothered to ask him so he was just relaxing for now, he took a sip of some coffee and looked around once more hearing a bit of creaking in the walls.
  13. It had been three hours since the call from General Davis about the possible threat and two hours since the message from forward recon "They should have checked in again by now" He said to himself in his head
    "Chief" Bryant called the chief tech keeping his eyes looking out across the vast nothingness of space "Open a subspace channel to..." before he could finish a red light flased on the vidcom screen on the right "Open it" Chief was already on it, the vidcom opened up to view the Captain of the USS Pheonix the lead ship in the forward recon, fires raged behind him and the crew scattered around trying to put them out "Colonel Bryant, the enemy fleet is confirmed hostile, we have los..." The sound and com faded and buzzed "...already, we wont last long out here, some Hostile ships have alre...FTL...Code Red, I repeat Code Red" With that the video closed and the Colonel just stood dumbfounded, the Vessels sent out where some of the fastest ships Earth had put together along with the most improved shield generators and by the looks of things the enemy just cut through them
    "Michael, report to the bridge" Bryant said through his earpiece
  14. He walked into the room sipping on some coffee still and said " Colonel how is it going? " Sipping some more coffee at the end of his question. Making his way further into the room, his arms riddled with tattoos and different Japanese writings. He looked over the board and the ships that were reported out, sighing a bit he put one hand in his pocket sipping more of his coffee.
  15. "Nice of you to join us Sergeant" Bryant shot him a glance "As you can probably already guess we have an imminent threat about to come right at our doorstep, we dont have long and we need more firepower" Bryant picked was handed a file by an airman, marked with black writing which wrote out 'CLASS I' "The USS Falcon Class I has been put back into service, upgraded shielding and weaponry. I dont have a Captain yet and I dont have any other choices" He held the file towards him "Captain"
  16. He set down the empty cup of coffee and took the file looking through it, he smirked and said " Pretty good airmen " He flipped through the files and the mission and the weaponry they would be working with. He then said " You want me to run defense from the sky i presume? and tactically place ground troops? " He said not lifting his eyes from the folder scanning the information.
  17. "You will captain your own vessel but you will still be under the command of me, I will be calling the shots, you just take control of what happens on that ship" Bryant sat down in his helm chair his arms crossed over his chest "Get your stuff together, you will beamed over to Class I soon as it arrives, be prepared" He tapped his earpiece "Chief gun..." He paused "Flight Lieutenant CJ, we have just recieved bad news from the Forward Recon squadron, we may have contact within the next few hours, be prepared with those fighters. Whats the status on the two offline squads?"
  18. "Cheif we are entering earths atmosphere we are estimated back in 5 hours" Cj woke up mad that the com wasnt on a private line.."hugghh ok hurry back" .. . Hope noone herd that he thinnks to himself.

    Cj looks up at the ceiling .. How.long was I out.. He makes his way through the halls.. "Hey colonel anything new" .. "sgt michael whats up" he gives a wave
  19. " Yes sir " he said laughing a bit at the end, he preps for being transported on the ship waiting to be taken on board. He walks to the beam up and awaits the ship with his back in his hand. He slides on his sunglasses and smiles saying " What a good day " seeing Cj he says " Hey hows it going " before he returns to spacing back out.
  20. The chief tech pressed a button on his console and Captain Michael is beamed off the ship and onto the Class I, then he returns back to his monitoring of the ship "Flight Lt CJ, I thought you was down in the Fighter bay, anyway its good you're here" he stands up from his helm chair "Did you sort out the two offline fighter squads?"