Earth 777: Legacy of the X (Marvel Supers)

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  1. Nth Degree. Midnight.

    Sitting in the lovely little book and record shop, over in the café, a short, dark-skinned man with a brutal, scarred face was staring moodily into a cup of caffeine-free chai. The journal in which he was writing had a half-filled page; one sneaking up behind him to look over his shoulder—in, indeed, such a thing were possible—would see only Inuktitut sigils, impossible for most to read.

    The man himself was a study in scary. His face sported both tatooes and piercings, and there were two terrible, parallel scars on his left jaw. His body was heavy-framed and muscular—he looked to be immensely strong, with the muscles of a power-lifter. He was all clad in black: jeans tucked into twenty-hole Doc Martens, a black Feindflug T-shirt and a black duster thown over all. About his neck, he wore a pendant, a surgical steel pendant that flashed over the triangular Feindflug logo. It was in the shape of a unicursal hexagram—an occult symbol used by the likes of the Golden Dawn, and by Aleister Crowley.

    The obsidian-black eyes glinted at the middle distance, containing equal measures of anger, sorrow and bitterness.
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  2. Kurt was not someone easily bested, he had skills that his powers enhanced, and was someone who could always seem to get out of things with only a few bruises and scratches; but not this time it seemed. No, he had tackled an foe in which his devilish powers could not quite defeat - Riptide. He had been shot in both legs with the spikes in which Riptide had been able to produce. Had it not been for some of his friends Kurt would have surely perished under the twists and turns of Riptide's powers. Of course Kurt had not been completely useless in the fight, and had managed to stab him right in the back with his blade of a tail. That was when the spinning had started and he had been tossed in the air, shot by the bone-like structures in which Riptide aimed directly at him. He was glad that it hadn't hit him in the chest, or the face, then things might have been a bit more... unpleasant.

    The demon-like mutant was now forced to walk around with two metal clasps on his legs until he was considered a-o-k by the doctors. Recovery was quick though, and it seemed like he was going to be alright with time as a healer. Right now he was walking down the street in District X, the only place in which a considerably "freakish" looking mutant could be accepted. The man had heard all sorts of names cast his way and had always tried to look on the brighter side of things. That of course led him to his more spiritual activites, and his faith. As he continued down the pavement he turned to look into the window of Nth Degree, a pleasant spot for him to drop by to relax for a moment. So turning he made his way into the little store, feeling the warmth of the inside cover his dark skin.

    "Ah, this is a lovely little place."
  3. The man looked up sharply, his expression first startled and then somber. The dark eyes narrowed a little, though the look in them was shrewd, rather than hostile. He set his tea cup on the saucer and looked as though he was ready to rise to his feet. His wary silence was broken by a few words, his voice a soft, gravely monotone.

    "I hope you aren't here for a fight, Nightcrawler. I'm not."

    Since the X-Man last saw this man, there had been a few changes. For one, he now wore his hair very long rather than sloppily hacked into a semblance of a bowl cut. it was in a severe braid, falling to his waist--loose, it would be past his hips. The metal and tattoos on his face were other changes. One of the most significant, however, was more subtle.

    Harpoon looked sober.
  4. From the corner of the cafe, Magnolia watched the two men. They looked as though they knew each other but they weren't friends. Her theory was confirmed when the scarred man sitting in the cafe spoke. She hoped that the man with the metal legs wouldn't pick a fight. She wouldn't have an escape route if they did. The scarred man had been sitting there for quite a while but hadn't noticed her yet and she didn't feel like changing that fact. He terrified her. In fact, most people in the district did. Ever since she had moved here she had been in a constant state of terror, something that her teacher at Xavier's school for the gifted was trying to control. Magnolia couldn't help it though, most of these people were just as scarred at the man sitting in the cafe.
  5. "You don't need to worry," the scarred one said. "That's Nightcrawler. He's one of the famed X-Men. And I am not inclined to go on the attack against him, you or any other mutant these days." The rough-sounding voice was calm. Though he looked and sounded harsh, there was something of a comforting manner in him.
  6. Startled that he had in fact noticed her, Magnolia's eyes widened. She decided that if she were to survive in society as an established mutant, she would actually have to immerse herself with others. "Thank you," she said meekly, "My name is Magnolia. What's yours?"
  7. "Cody. My name is Cody." The voice was not unkind as he spoke to the girl—it just had a rough rasp, deep with a lot of gravel. "I have a fighting name as well, and that is Harpoon." His inky gaze slides over to regard Nightcrawler, seeming to wonder what input the X-Man might have.
  8. Kurt watched as Harpoon spoke to the girl that had been watching the scene unfold, he narrowed his eyes slightly at Harpoon but only in a way that told that he was ready to fight if the need broke out, but he would not be starting a fight. "As he says my alias is Nightcrawler," he spoke to the girl, flicking his tail slightly. "But my real name is Kurt, and I would rather be called as such." The X-Man had a note of honor to his tone as he spoke to the girl, he was not someone to judge on appearances, or first impressions, judgement was a poor excuse to make foes.
  9. Cody watched Nightcrawler for a few long moments and then spoke again. "It's somewhat providential that you came in. If you are comfortable sitting across a table from me and speaking with me for a few minutes, I have some things to tell you that you should bring back to your team. Let's just say there have been some changes since you last encountered me."
  10. Kurt thought about this for a moment, should he trust Harpoon? Though knowing that the man seemed honest enough in his plight to act innocent and unarmed now. Plus if something ever happened he could always zap himself outside and away from Harpoon. Though he doubted that the other mutant would just stop the chase. But that wasn't important now, what was important was trying to put past rivalries behind him. Nodding his head diplomatically he walked over to Harpoon's table and sat down across from the other mutant. "What is it?" He asked, curiousity in his tone.

    Outside the door in the night stood another figure, puffing heavily on a lit cigar which hung from the corner of his mouth. He watched as Nightcrawler, Harpoon, and Magnolia seemed to be speaking with one another. He was sent here to make sure that the X-Man didn't survive, as for the other two... well, he could have some fun with ripping them apart. He was more animal than human, and didn't have one ounce of humane blood in his veins. For he was Sabretooth, and he never gave up on a hunt.

    (Hope you don't mind I brought him in. I was scrolling through the list of villains, and I remembered how much I loved him. xD)
  11. Magnolia figured this was a good time to flea, in case old rivalries were brought up. She got up from her chair and put her book away. Before she left, she decided to buy some kind of caffeinated beverage. Something with chai to remind her of home perhaps? She turned to where the counter was but stopped before she moved forward. Looking in reflections, she confirmed what she had spotted. The light from a cigar. Figuring there was a person attached to the burning cigar, Magnolia turned back to the reading area where she could stay slightly behind the two stronger men but had enough space to escape if need be.
  12. "Some of it is obvious," Harpoon said. His eyes glittered like black diamond as he gestured over himself—the long hair, the ink, the metal that glinted in his flesh. As he did so, two tattoos came into very clear view: the bold, black X tattooed on each hands meant one thing.

    Harpoon had become straight edge.

    "Something happened to me that night, down in the tunnels—the night of the massacre. I will not go into what that was at this time. However, to put it bluntly, grief and self-loathing scared me straight—as I'm sure you knew and Wolverine would have smelled when we fought... I am an addict. I have not touched methamphetamine, alcohol or even cigarettes since the tunnels. And never will again.

    "Because of this, something of my birthright returned to me. As I think you know, I am an Inuk. What you may not know... I come from a long line of shamans. When I quit everything, I did it cold turkey. I had just enough time to get home to my people in Nunavut before the DTs and withdrawals got rolling. I stayed there and healed, and then went into the training I should have started when I came of age at thirteen. Any encounters you have had with the Marauders that have involved me since then... have not been me. Mister Sinister clones the Marauders at will.

    "I have returned to the States because it is my intention to kill Mister Sinister, by whatever means necessary, I am not asking for help from you or your team—in fact, it would be best for them to keep away from all this. I intend to destroy Sinister, take over the Marauders and do penance for my crimes. I cannot undo what I did to Angel or Shadowcat. I cannot bring back the lives of those I killed. But I can and will spend the rest of my days saving my kind: one life at a time.

    "One final thing... I have a favor to ask of you, if you choose to humor me." A flash of pain entered the obsidian stare. "Tell Shadowcat that I am more deeply sorry than I can possibly say."
  13. Wade Wilson rushed through the door of the cafe. He stood there with a happy look on his...mask... and an arrow running through his skull and his right arm "Guess who just divorced a tribal woman in another dimension..." Wade pointed at himself. "This guy!" he said towards the cashier, and only towards the cashier, due to what he thought was a very attractive woman. "Hey I'm single by the way..." he winked at the cashier then turned to see, the mysterious Nightcrawler, and the big fat jerk Harpoon. "OMG! I haven't seen you in so long Kurt!" he smiled through his mask, while completely ignoring harpoon. "How's it going my teleporting buddy?"
  14. The cashier was actually the owner of the shop—a long, tall drink of water named Sindra Jane Mallory. Standing at a towering 6'4", she looked down at Deadpool and lifted a brow.

    "Uhm. You might want to get that looked at, my friend. I know you can't die, bit isn't having your arm pinioned that way a little... y'know... awkward? Also, you're getting some of your brain on my floor."

    Harpoon slid a glance over toward Deadpool without so much as turning his head. "You're interrupting. But I suppose you don't change any more than you can die, do you?"
  15. Lucy walks in wearing her new specially made outfit. It's entirely made out of rubber and leather. That means her shirt, jacket, pants and gloves are made out of rubber and leather. It also means it's skin tight. She walks over a table and sits down. "Stupid boys these days. Act like middle schoolers all the time. I wish one man would come up tome and act like a total gentleman!" She pounds her fist on the table.
  16. Harpoon turned to look at the woman with a lifted brow. He took in the tight outfit and the fist-slam on the table. "I wouldn't discount manners coming from me or from Nightcrawler. But you might want to avoid Deadpool until he takes that arrow out of his skull. I don't think he can push in or pull out chairs with it going through his arm that way and he may get blood on your clothes."
  17. Lucy laughs."Now how did that get there?! He's mighty strong to have it through his head and not be dead." Looks back at Harpoon. "Who are you by the way? I'm Lucy and don't touch my skin. It would be a very shocking experience." She holds out her hand for him to shake.
  18. "Harpoon you're such a drag, you know that?" he asked with a sudden pout. "Thanks tall, lean, and beautiful...maybe you can operate on me and take these arrows out? How bout it?" he asked cracking the end of the arrow sticking out of his head and pulling the other half out. "I kid, I kid! I got this babe," he said doing the same with the arrow that was piercing through his arm.
  19. Sindra frowned a little at the crack-and-yank, and then shook her head. "I'm a bookseller, not a doctor. However, I do know Cody there actually has some healing magic these days. One of my baristas burned herself pretty badly on a carafe that cracked and spilled hot water everywhere and he was able to heal it without so much as a scar."
  20. Lucy laughs. "I think you lost it she you got shot in the head in the first place." She winks at Deadpool. "I was kidding. You can't lose anything. Your practically invincible. Am I right?" Lucy looks at him curious.