A dwarf fortress succession game. One year per player. Upon arrival feel free to dwarf yourselves. I'm still a new player but I'm sure I can get us through the first year....

Psychotic Rulers

Vay - Shouting at traders, digging, starvation, setting up workshops.
Woodrat - Farming, trading, BOOOOOZE!
Grumpy (never showed up, presumed trampled by elephants)
Bloodfox (engineering and loss of logs)


Armok damn them. Armok damn them all to a nameless tomb bricked into a rough wall, spat on and forgotten for all time by naught save the rats. Seems the latest sadistic punishment for causing a cave in that crushes the king's kitten is to be thrown on a wagon with six lazy Armok accursed excuses for dwarfs. Well I can see We're going to die alone and forgotten out here. I'm just a miner what do I know about running a hellhole?


Well we arrived, 7 dwarves, a wagon of junk, 2 wardogs (kenelmaster should have found them missing by now hehehe) and a couple of cats that refused to get lost on the trail. I ordered the wagon be torn apart for all the splinters it gave me and have started digging into the mountainside nearby to get a feel for the soil......

Armok perhaps has a sense of humor after all, above a chasm cut by the brook is a mighty peak. I gazed in awe at it's steep sides and as it's pure inaccessibility. He have immediately ordered the area on top be declared our new stockpile and am helping the other's haul out supplies up the hill while listening to them complaining. I then ordered the bookkeeper site a bridge across the chasm while I myself made the slopes around the peak impassable. He did such a magnificent job despite only having claystone to work with, he even fortified our side and is now working with one of the resent immigrants (bring our grand total up to 9 residents) to make it raisable connected to a lever. I feel confident nothing will be able to get to us once we pull that lever!

Summer has come.

I in the meantime have dug down into the claystone of the mountain and deep beneath the earth we have workshops and every dwarf has a bedroom. Not bad for a miner eh? But still they wine about the lack of a farm, to which a reply that is they would find underground soil I'd gladly use their carcasses as the floodgates. To shut them up I carved a fishing pier into the mountain next to the brook and made sure the brook is deep enough up and downstream to prevent unwelcome visitors and told the layabouts thats where they fish and get water. I only hope we do find soil soon or I'll lose my mind and smash their heads in with my pick. Might do that anyway just for the well of it. I don’t think I could take more that a year in charge of this place, I'm looking into my orders to see if I can't find a way out of this, pity we have no lawyers I'd get them to find me one then throw them off the cliff into the brook.
For reference, this is how its meant to go (one of the most famous succession games, albeit on a much older version of DF).
Heres some sketches I drew in my spare time.

Near where that thrice cursed wagon finally broke down, you can see all I managed to dig before we moved to the hill.

The hill, or the top anyway, I added the bridge and fortifications to the west and the stockpile and layabouts to the east. You can also see the sheer edges so that nothing can climb up.

Heres the fishing warf, future trade depot and future spockpile.

Here I am, The only sod doing any work, I sketched in exactly what I'm doing too, making more room for workshops to make those lazy bastards feel guilty so they do something fr a change.

Deep below the workshops are the bedrooms and office where the "dwarves" sleep when they're not laying about. even sketched on of them in there, right on his bed, probably expecting me to wear a dress and bring him dinner.

HAHA! I'VE DONE IT! So long as I keep this shithole going for a year I get my pardon. After that I don't have to do a thing. So once spring arrives I'm walking out this office and sticking to my pick. Already the air grows cold but my heart soars. No more listening to whining no more Amrok accursed responsibilities. Come first day of spring its someone elses problem. Not even the humans who came after I got the trade depot up had anything worth trading. No immigrants thank goodness, last thing I need is to dig more bedrooms.


Winter has hit hard. I found the fisherman twiddling his thumbs up his arse WHILE MY STOMACH RUMBLED. SO I cuffed him on the ears, slaughtered a cat and a horse, ate some meat them told him to get busy. Two days layer he comes to me saying the brook is frozen over as I was admiring my new tomb that I feel I deserve. So I grab my pick and send him running. But still no water is a problem. SO to prevent this from happening I dug is a reservoir under the mountain. Then because those softies can't eat their fish out in the open I dug a dining hall, at least the mason has been bust making the chairs and tables, food storage is next door with a kitchen and a statue garden all right in one place, right under my tomb so I can hear them scream when the end comes, and it will.


Rivers thawed and reservoir is full of water, theres not much time left to wait until I'm free of this shit, but I have just signed the order to build a well.... in fact the hourglass is up, I'm free. Whoever reads this I did find some underground soil right under the fortifications you'll need pumps to get water up there, but there enough hands that could bear some toughening up on the screwpumps. Fucked if I know what you'll do next just leave me out of it unless you need digging done. Now I'm leaving and don't try to get me back unless you want to be carp food. By Amrok's long luscious beard it feels good to be free. Don't think I'll leave this place just yet though. I dug it with my own two hands and who knows, maybe not that we have a dining hall the whiners will shut their aleholes.

end of year one

Region folder:


No... I refuse to play...

I don't want to get reaquainted with seven alcoholic midget...

Refute it I say!
Well fuck, looks like I'm up despite not really knowing this game. Gimme a day or so to brush up as much as I can on this here game, and then we'll get going with year two.

Had a look at the save file...

Yeah, fine! I'll give it a whirl... sign me up.
Woody if you fancy going before me that's all good. I'm still figuring out how this game plays and what-not.

*dives back into the wiki entries and Youtube tutorials*
Roger roger, I shall do so now then!

*strikes the earth*
Spoiler'd so those who don't want to read it don't have to. Apologizes for it being a tad long (did it by a by day basis) I can shorten' it to by month if wanted. So here is the first month!
1st of Granite, in the year 254

As written by Woodrat Dallithlogem, Dwarven Mason and resident of our beloved fortress.

I know I had my grievances with how the fort has been run this past year. However, having the staff of command shoved upon me by Vay afore he ran cackling into the mines was unexpected.

Don’t we have some sort of sane elective process in place to decide who is in charge?

Nevertheless, I shall endure with this task assigned to me for the next year. Maybe, I have to see what records my acquaintance Vay left behind and make sense of this…


After rummaging through Vay’s rum stained records, I only have one thing to say.


As far as food and drink goes, we are in worse shape than I originally suspected. Traveling down to the food stockpile I found… nothing. Why we did not trade for any alcohol is beyond me. But this will need to be solved ASAP. Once the general populous discovers we’re out of ale… rum… wine. The shock might kill a few dwarves. The lack of food is really only a secondary problem. We also have a shortage of barrels, but that is somewhat a moot point.

One of the perks of being in charge. I removed my standing orders of crafting statues and blocks. Instead I’ll be constructing floodgates and such for a proper irrigation system to build some farms.

Vay might get a tad… wet in the coming months. See how much he cackles then.

I’ve also discover’d we have no real wood cutter. Olin currently acts as the designated wood cutter, but whether he knows which end goes into the tree trunk is beyond me. Hopefully he doesn’t hack off his own toes.

Boy I need a drink…


2nd of Granite

While digging a tunnel toward our new farming area, Vay just announced he struck Chrysoprase!

It doesn’t even melt… just another useless cluster of gems; I suppose Sobel and Olin will be pleased.

In other news, why we need a milker in the first place is beyond me. I’ll be damned afore I drink dog or cat milk.


3rd of Granite

Vay yelled down the tunnel that he struck alabaster and anhydrite. The anhydrite may prove useful. Not sure about the alabaster, maybe if someone gets injured…


8th of Granite

Congrats to Mistm Umstizasmel and Shorast Zimkelstinth’d on their marriage! Apparently the proposal to Mistm was quite a shock, he dropped the load of fish he was carrying. They’re organizing a party for the marriage down in the so-called meeting area.


11th of Granite

Will someone please clean up the butcher’s shop? The carcass there is really stinking up the workshop level, making it very hard to concentrate on one’s work.

Also, who the HELL keeps putting blocks and statues on my registrar in my mason shop!? This is the third time I’ve had to remove those tasks, I’m not doing that stuff!


17th of Granite

Authorized the construction of larger stockpile areas, should make working in the workshops much easier, as we won’t be tripping over damned beds, doors, barrels, and buckets anymore.

Also many of us are now experiencing the state known by humans as “being sober”
Let’s just say this SUCKS!


25th of Granite

I swear to god, if I ever find out who the hell keeps writing blocks and statues on my mason’s registrar… I cannot be held responsible for what I’ll do to him.

In other news one of the dogs gave birth to puppies… whee…

Finally Olin has gotten somewhat competent with that axe, at least now it’s safe to be around him when he is wielding it.

Also Mebzuth got himself stuck installing the floodgate. Found him pounding on the gate wanting out from the water collection basin. I suppose we could take it down, but we just got it set up. Serves him right for getting himself stuck, he’ll just have to wait until our designated mechanic gets the mechanisms installed for it to open.

We do have a mechanic right?
You make my records appear adhoc and lax by comparison..... WHICH FITS IC! Also I'd like to but you fr screenshots of any changes you made, and I hope you're drawing your water from the reservoir I built.
2<SUP>nd</SUP> of Slate

Huzzah we struck coal! We’ve also working on getting Mebzuth out from behind the floodgate. It’s been a while since we last heard from him…

4<SUP>th</SUP> of Slate

Mebzuth has been freed, first thing he did was make a beeline for the food stockpile. Didn’t even say a word to anyone; think he might be a bit upset.


Apparently our fisher dwarves are making up for lost time during the winter. We’ve got a steady supply of fish and such traveling down to our stockpiles.

In other news, one of the dwarves said we couldn’t complete the well. What in Armok does THAT mean?

7<SUP>th</SUP> of Slate

Migrants arrived… Cheese Maker, Thresher, Two MORE Gem specialists, animal dissector, and an Engraver.


Wonder what their reaction to the lack of beer will be.

12<SUP>th</SUP> of Slate

Someone is still writing stone blocks and statues onto my registrar…

Also, one of the cats gave birth to… a single Kitten.

Maybe Armok is looking after us after all. Will have to consider caging a few of these cats before they spell doom for us all, rather not risk a catsplosion.


14<SUP>th</SUP> of Slate

Found out how the registrar kept popping up with statues and blocks.


17<SUP>th</SUP> of Slate

Floodgate operation a success, Vay only got slightly wet. Soon we’ll get our alcohol back…
Can hardly wait!

In light of this news, Sodel Tathurid has arranged a party in the statue room. Have to say, things are looking up.


23rd of Slate

Vay announced we hit Jet. Not exactly sure what to make o’ that news…


1<SUP>st</SUP> of Felsite

Have started the planting of the plump helmets! A good time was had by all.


3<SUP>rd</SUP> of Felsite

Our animal Dissector, Dastot Kulalducim has withdrawn from society, not sure what he wants. I have authorized the construction of a temporary Craftsdorf workshop to see if that spurs him back into action.

It appears to have worked… now to see what he does; he dragged some logs from the nearby stockpile.


9<SUP>th</SUP> of Felsite

Authorized construction of workshops where I built the newer stockpiles. Stockpiles clogged with stone, making the stockpiles useless at the moment. Will need to clear the mess eventually.

10<SUP>th</SUP> of Felsite

Dastot has competed the construction of an artifact alder scepter, and now speaks of being a skilled woodcrafter.

Guess we now actually have a staff of command…

Tore down the craftsdorf shop after the completion. No need for it where it was at, will build two more on the new workshop level at some point.

11<SUP>th</SUP> of Felsite

Vay announced we struck something along the lines of Brown Jasper, no idea what the hell that means… going to assume more worthless gems. A little while later he struck bloodstone (more worthless gems?).

Tekkud Kobukoshur has given birth to a bouncing baby girl. Congrats to her.

Also the elves have arrived… must remind our ambassador to remain civil; they may have wine or something worth trading for. Our plump helmets have yet to grow.

14<SUP>th</SUP> Felsite

What the hell? All we have are statues to trade? Have moved any statues not already in place up to the trade depot for trading, also the bins filled with gems.

Also, until otherwise changed, by me or a future leader, Shorast Zimkelstinthid is our broker.

16<SUP>th</SUP> of Felsite

Took what wine the elves had, and berries to make our own. Praise to Armok! We have alcohol again!

Also reorganized the food stockpile, so it would be easier to see what drink and food we had on the fly. All the precious alcohol goes on one side, all the precious food on the other.

21 of Felsite

Thieves! Two Kobolds were found at the entrance to our fort. One of the bastards slashed at a dog while fleeing, shattering the skull. The dog had a severed artery as well.

Odds are it won’t survive, someone won’t be happy, as it was a pet.

22 of Felsite

Another Kobold! Something must be done about these kobolds…

14<SUP>th</SUP> of Hematite

Not much to be said as of late.

Authorized the construction of two craftsdwarf shops and two mason shops. Not like we’ll be running out of stone anytime soon.

Also working on a dormitory hall to house all of our new arrivals, will be sited below the already existing rooms. We have lots more folks than I have any idea what to do with.

Also, the dog that was struck by the Kobold seems to be doing better, it survived and is happily following its master now.

18<SUP>th</SUP> Hematite

Struck ilmenite…

23<SUP>rd</SUP> of Hematite

More migrants… ugh… What am I supposed to do with so many dwarves? It was much easier when there was only ten of us to keep track of. I haven’t even completed the dormitories yet!

1<SUP>st</SUP> of Malachite

Vay has struck Zircon.

In other news, moved the lever for the drawbridge down to the meeting hall/dining room for faster response times.

Also started construction on an above ground barracks near the front gate. We’ll see how many kobolds get past a squad of trained axedwarves!

10<SUP>rd</SUP> of Malachite

Vay struck saltpeter.

After all these migrants only one miner still? Next trading party I might request some picks and equip another dwarf or two as miners.

24<SUP>th</SUP> of Malachite

Moved the wood stockpile underground.

I need to find more coal in order to set up some proper forges. I’d order Vay to dig down to the magma, but that may take time to set up (and the caverns to deal with).

Thought we struck some earlier on…

26<SUP>th</SUP> of Malachite

Am an idiot… the coal was on the workshop level

The dog struck by the kobold (Etur Limulasol) has made somewhat of a recovery. Her skull is still broken, but healed, with a long straight scar across it.

We’ll make those kobolds pay for what they did.

3<SUP>rd</SUP> of Galena

Completed work on a Wood furnace, will soon have smithy operations up. Things are looking good.

1<SUP>st</SUP> Limestone

First day of autumn, soon my time as commander in chief will be over.

Astesh Lokumag was taken by a mood today, he took possession of one of our craftdwarves shops it appears he wants leather, cut gems, a quarry? And uncut gems.

We don’t have any leather… this could prove to be an issue.

13<SUP>th</SUP> of Limestone

One of our resident metalsmiths, Kol Kikrostelbel organized a party in the statue room yesterday. I suppose we have some reasons to celebrate, we have food, fine plump helmet ale and other treats.

Still worried about Astesh, we apparently don’t have the right materials for ‘em. Have placed doors around the craftsfdorf shop and locked them until we get leather. He appears to be getting... twitchy. Rather not have the other dwarves see such a mental breakdown, could be bad for morale.

Started construction on arms and armor for a small squad of dwarven axmen. Suppose I should start out with training axes, least someone pokes an eye out. Doubtful this'll get done afore my time is up.

Also recompleted work on the well, no idea what hindered progress earlier this year…
Vay also has a friend now to help him dig; I assigned Tekkud Ralkasben to this task. Not like he was doing much as a milker anyway.

23<SUP>rd</SUP> of Limestone

More migrants! … But we don’t NEED more migrants!

28<SUP>th</SUP> of Limestone

Finally! We butchered a mule and one of the migrants tanned the leather hide. Astesh is happily working away… on whatever strange mood work he is doing.
1<SUP>st</SUP> of Sandstone

Our once empty Food and Drink Stockpiles are now completely filled. I should see about expanding them.

Perhaps I should convert the old workshop area over to storage, or carve out another place on the stockpile level.

3<SUP>rd</SUP> of Sandstone

Another party in the statue room, maybe if we’re hosting so many parties in there… we should do something about making it more presentable.

I’m thinking a waterfall… mist generator.

Though that won’t be done in my time… or at least until we hit a cavern, all that water has to go somewhere.

4<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

All that work… over a gabbro earring!?!

Astesh Lokumag… if it wasn’t for the fact you’ve suddenly become a skilled stonecrafter… I’d be disappointed.

In other news, completed work on a second food stockpile, it’ll be the drink stockpile. The other one is now solely food based products.

5<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

Running out of barrels, put our carpenters back to work on that problem.

Also opened up the dormitory level, what? It only has 4 beds and there are…. Several of us?

Well you’ll just have to sleep on the floor.

What? There are giant boulders on the floor? Then move them!! What are you? Elves?!

13<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

Astesh Lokumag created a masterpiece today… least he put that time muttering to himself in screcet to good use.

14<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

Astesh Lokumag created a masterpiece…

15<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

“So I thought you knew how to train axdwarves?”

“No… I thought you knew how to train axdwarves…”

“Oh Armok… who is running this fort?!”

Astesh Lokumag created a masterpiece… again…

16<SUP>th</SUP> if Sandstone

Asmel Zeskosoth… created a masterpiece… bloody ‘ell…

Also… we have… fish in our well?

Not sure if I like that or not...

20<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

We’ve ran out of hematite Ore to melt, thus no more iron bars. A minor setback I suppose…

Set the dwarves onto crafting an iron chain, may be wise to stake a wardog out by the front gate to give us warning about those damned kobolds and the like.

22<SUP>nd</SUP> Sandstone

Mistm Sanrebsibrek says “paaaarty hearty!” Another party/celebration in the statue room.

25<SUP>th</SUP> of Sandstone

Out of lignite, or so Rimtar Dorenalak says… should see about refining the last of the coal.

1<SUP>st</SUP> Timber

The dog that was so long ago injured by the kobold slime has now given birth to puppies.

May the grow up as strong and tough as she… and tear out the throats of future kobolds as a warning to all thieves.

5<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Astesh Lokumag… created another masterpiece.

6<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Astesh Lokumag… masterpiece… need I say more?

As I write this he creates another… seriously… does this guy turn gabbo rock into gold?

At the end of the day, he creates yet another one… once that dwarven caravan arrives… we’ll be swimming in goods. I already have a wish list of arms…. Armor… leather goods (in case of any more Astesh’s in the making are lurking about), ale… wine… rum… We’ll be rich! Rich I tell ye!

Hope that doesn’t attract goblins… or more migrants…

7<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Astesh, masterpiece

8<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Nil Mrulkovest organized a party in our dining room.

Also… Astesh created another masterpiece… I’m thinking of getting this dwarf his own craftshop… I’ll talk it over with him later today.

9<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

It has occurred to me that I’ve miss alightened the stockpile rooms on the workshop level.


Working to correct that now.

In other news, Astesh created another masterpiece. I’m authorizing the usage of one craftshop to him and him alone to practice his art.

13<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Astesh, Masterpiece x2

14<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Our mountainhome caravan has arrived! Just wait until they see our goods.

In other news I just had a look at some of the figurines we were to trade. I say that Astesh has a sense of humor. Vay happens to be one of the figurines… Mebzuth another, surrounded by lizards and looking terrified.

Maybe I’ll keep ahold of those figurines…

19<SUP>th</SUP> of Timber

Sighting of a Kobold thief today.

Two in fact… the other one found itself deeper within our entrance.

And was chased away by one of our local cats.

Boy do I need a drink…

21<SUP>st</SUP> of Timber

Snatcher! What the hell? It attacked one of our woodcutters, giving him a minor injury on the hand before running.

This recent spike in kobold and goblin activity has me worried. As much as I have no idea how to train axdorfs, I will now see about getting onto that task…

22<SUP>nd</SUP> of Timber

Other than one of our armorers Unib Tankol is the only one with any real experience fighting. I’ve placed him in charge of three peasants.

Hopefully all ends well.

23<SUP>rd</SUP> of Timber

Another Gobbo snatcher. Unib tried to wrestle it into submission but failed.


2<SUP>nd</SUP> Moonstone

Traded with the dwarven merchants. Bought ale, rum, beer, armor, weapons, leather, and cloth.

Oh, and Astesh created another masterpiece… times 3

12<SUP>th</SUP> of Moontsone

The dwarven merchants are leaving… Their liason noted that they’ll pay a good some of money for large gems and shields/bucklers.

Also, build a kennel to train future war dogs. Chained up a war dog near the front gate.

25<SUP>th</SUP> of Moonstone

A couple of the other dwarven recruits have told me that Mistm Sanrebsibrek has grown attached to an iron shield.

… Not sure what to make of that.

26<SUP>th</SUP> of Moonstone

Part of the brook has frozen, forcing the dwarven fishermen to search elsewhere for our diet of fish. This also shows a flaw in which enemies could ford the brook and come rushing in through there. Going to need a gate there to prevent that.

Considered taking the opportunity to build a floodgate down there, in the tunnel to our underground reservoir. That way we could seal it if necessary.

12<SUP>th</SUP> of Opal

Asmel Zeskosoth, our Armorer has given birth to a boy. Congrats.

15<SUP>th</SUP> of Opal

Shorast Zimkelstinth’d has been taken by something… some ‘stange mood’ like the others. She claimed a craftshop, some logs… and started work on… something.

17<SUP>th</SUP> of Opal

Shorast Zimkelstinth’d has also given birth to a boy. I would say congrats are in order… but …. She appears to be ignoring it in favor of feverishly working away on whatever project she is working on…

20<SUP>th</SUP> of Opal

Shorast created a grand Chestnut Piccolo…


In other news, she finally paid attention to her baby. Which is good… I think.

1<SUP>st</SUP> of Granite

As my last entry,

Dodk Likottekkud has given birth to a girl.
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It’s been a somewhat eventful year in charge. I must say I feel that I have done a lot to improve our situation since when I first took charge a year ago.


To future leaders.

In the main dining hall, the left lever controls the main gate. The right lever controls the smaller gate where the fishermen fish.

Large influx of migrants, someone may have to dig through 'em and clear things up. (Maybe)


Well, this is Woodrat, signing off. Best of luck to future leaders.
Right, since apparently Grumpy is nowhere to be found, I'm going to murder him and take his spot in line. 'Kay?