Dumb Inventions

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  1. So I was casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and then...





    Which now begs my question to you. In your opinion, what are the dumbest inventions you have ever seen in your life?

    Because I am pretty sure there are plenty of stupid and pointless inventions that have been created in recent times because humanity had nothing else better to do.
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  2. ...............


    I can think of a dozen useless inventions, and most of them happen to be toys.


    These have absolutely no purpose at all but to cause kids to fight when one eventually hits another one in the back of the head. They stay sticky for all of a minute, and then they're completely pointless.
  3. But... Those were so much fun. Pointless sure, but kids are good at having fun with pointless things :D -Loved slapping them around, watching them get stuck on stuff-
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  4. Yeah, but the first time they stick on something, all the stickiness is gone. XD I don't think they were like that when I had them as a kid, but the ones now are really cheap with the stickiness.
  5. When I was a kid they lasted a few days, then you forgot about them for a year before you bought a new one xD
  6. I may be showing my nerdiness here, but the Intel Pentium 4. They were hot, slow as molasses, and power hungry. AMD's Athlon 64 squashed them at half the clock speed and a fraction of the power consumption.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Literally was like 5 seconds from posting that.
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  9. five seconds is all the difference between your girlfriend getting an orgasm and my wife getting an orgasm

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  11. Snuggie. Just turn your bathrobe around!!!
  12. I got a Forever Lazy for Christmas....and I thought that it was the same as a Snuggie. They took laziness a whole new level with that thing. It has a zipper at the butt so that you don't even have to pull the thing down to go to the bathroom.
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  13. That would be pretty shitty if you did have to pull down your entire pants so we thought why not put a zipper where your bum is! No one will look at you funny now!
  14. [​IMG]


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  15. Hey! Who says that's dumb? Who knows when you'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm. You won't have to chose between keeping your hands warm or going hungry. :P
  16. [​IMG]

    Found the above while poking about... and really? Bread gloves? Even if you forget your fingers/hands are part of your "sandwich", well, what do you do if you have to put down your "sandwich"...?
  17. Um....hope that it and your hands don't freeze? XD
  18. Well, there is that....... but wouldn't that depend on just where you're eating your "sandwich" and whether or not your Bread Gloves were "warm from the oven"...? Which could bring up the question of whether your "sandwich" is hot or cold.
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