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Do you remember your dreams?

Do you believe dreams have meaning?

Some people really get into the meaning of dreams, I never really have. Most of the time I don't remember mine enough to make any sense from them.
meaning? meh...remember dreams yes haha...There are a few I've had multiple times o.O;;

I'm not going into detail about my dreams though it would take far to long to type out what happens in the dreams i remember :p


Most of the dreams I have go down the drain as far as memory goes; I simply forget them. I used to have a dream book, but I only ever wrote one dream down in it. It was a pretty nice dream, though. Not sure if it had any special meaning... It was beautiful imagery, however.

I do believe that dreams can carry hidden messages, even become prophetic. I mean, how often have you lived a moment in your life and said, "Wow, I dreamed this..." or something happens to you, and you blurt out, "I dreamed this happened!" or "A dream I had a few weeks ago, I [insert event or item received here]".

It happens far too often, for me anyways, to be simple coincidence.
I used to dream about fighting a lot. Various scenarios and in different times. Sometimes I recognized things, sometimes not. Or zombie dreams. Lots of zombies and fighting with armor and weapons specifically tailored to combat said threat... shit was cash.

I dream about different things now.
Remember my dreams is always random. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. D: It usually depends on if it "interested" me enough to remember it.

I do believe that SOME dreams have meaning. I can't say ALL do, because that would be crazy considering of the dreams I get. XD Most of the time my dreams are just a mix-match of things I've heard/seen or thought about. But ever so often I'll have dreams that are a reflection of my current state of emotions. I'll have rage dreams, or greatest fear dreams. And even moooore rarely I will have "premonition" dreams. And those just freak me out. e.e;
I've answered this question so many times; but there is one new thing that's occurred to me recently.

In my dreams, my brother is usually NOT autistic. He's just a standard older brother with now impairments.

Now... is that simple wish-fulfillment, or is it that he doesn't NEED to be autistic in order to be the symbol that he is to me?

I'd love to know the psychowhatnot behind that peculiarity. Perhaps a person's disability counts for nothing when they're translated into archetype, or that we see the potentiality of our loved ones, for better or worse.

*strokes beard*
I have very vivid memories of one dream from when I was about 10. I was being chased round Glasgow city centre by a giant patchwork pig... I have no idea, honestly.

Of recent times I've dreamt of folk I know turning into pokemon and such, then trying to teach me how to drive. I think my dreams are just excess rubbish my brain didn't express in the day.