Dreams~ A Taste of the Rainbow ?

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    Okay. So a lot of people agree & disagree on whether or not science proves that we dream in color or we dream in black & white.
    Everyone has their assumptions.

    But what about you ?

    What do you think your dreams are like ? Do you remember colors ?

    What kinds of colors ?

    Here's a cool article about that, too :D Do you have a dream theme ? ;]
  2. My dreams are in color most definitely. I can remember details from dreams on occasion and be able to actually describe it. The colors I know I've seen before are Red, Yellow, and Blue. The only problem is, when I do see color usually it is somewhat of a nightmare but nothing too bad. Mostly just the end of the world, falling off the edge of something, or getting stalked by some creature.

    So yes I do dream in color, I have no coherent theme, but am able to remember some dreams and turn those into grounds for RP's.
  3. I definitely dream in colour.

    I have very vivid dreams, life-like, almost. In every one of them, there was a menagerie of colour. Not REALITY-oriented colour all the time, either. Some people would have blue skin, and the grass would be orange, y'know?

    My "dream themes" include sex dreams, dreams in which I am helpless, and dreams which I am involved in a fight of some kind.
  4. Do the colors in your dream usually coincide with normal situations ? Like green grass or blue sky ?
  5. Not always.

    I've seen different coloured skies, different coloured skin, etc.. It never strikes me as strange in the dream, however. It's always... a fact, that those things are those colours, and I nor anyone in the dreams ever make it a point to point those things out. I recognize it LATER, when I wake up, that "woah, that was psychedelic," but never in the dream itself.
  6. Doesn't that strike you as rather strange? That in the dream itself, you're not bothered by the abnormality of the colors ?
  7. I dream in full color. And it's almost always real life colors. There's only rare occasions when the colors are all whacky.

    My dreams can also be very real life like or go in to the weird. I remember them really, really well and have based many roleplay plots on them. o____o

    Most of my dreams are a hodgepodge of my feelings or things I've seen/interacted with recently. If I'm really upset or obsessed about something, it comes out really strong in my dream. c___c

    I don't have those "stuff that means other stuff" dreams. My dreams are always obvious. XD
  8. I dream in color, sometimes they are vivid and sometimes I can hardly remember them. When i used to drink a lot I never remembered any of my dreams.

    When I was younger I was a very angry and violent person. More than once I've woken up punching my pillow, then realized what I was doing and stopped. Usually it was during a dream in which i was either fighting or very angry.
  9. A little bit, now that you mention it.

    I rarely remember my dreams in any great detail. Oh, I remember... MOMENTS, flashes of imagery, but I won't recall them here (they were of the sexual variety).

    I suppose there's some kind of deeper meaning to having a purple or black sky, or to bleed a colour close to a neon pink, but it's beyond me. As it stands, to me, it's just my mind filling in colours. Perhaps it's to add to the... un-reality of the dream, so my mind won't think what's happening is TOO real, yeah?
  10. Almost all my dreams are in the same colors you see in real life - simply becuase most of my dreams are grounded in reality and the things I like. Might be a dream about a girl I like, might be a dream about being a soldier and busting into buildings to save my friends. I've had dreams about being the crew of a B-24 bomber, dreams about piloting a giant mech, and dreams about being my roleplay characters. When it comes to colors, my dreams don't stand out. What does stand out in my dreams is prespective. Sometimes, my dreams are in the third person. I look, talk, and act normally, but my vision is from another prespective - something I don't notice until I wake up.
  11. Yeah I dream in Color I can remember most of my dreams in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes though it does take me the whole day to remember what it was that I was dreaming of.
  12. I don't remember most of my dreams. The ones I do are definitely in color, though. But do you ever have one of those dreams that just seems so out of place, that you retrace your steps from the previous day to find out where it came from?

    The last dream I remember was like that. It started out like a movie trailer; it even had a deep voiced narrator (yeah, my head comes with narration). It was a little girl in a white dress in this field of yellow flowers with purple centers. When she poked the flowers with a stick, large spikes would protrude out of the center.

    Then all of a sudden it was night. It was very cloudy and the field of flowers was some sort of death garden. You ever seen Little Shop of Horrors? This was like that, only a little freakier. There were vines chasing the girl, trying to grab her, and whenever she fell the floor would act like velcro and keep her glued to the spot. She had to pull and struggle and all this time there was some guy in a suit driving a Cadillac around the garden. She ended up impaling this guy with a steel table and driving his car out of there.

    Yes, it was all in color, but there was also the creepy dark mood lighting. The weird part was, even though it was way gorier than my taste, I wasn't scared. It was like I was watching a movie.

    I think it was caused by a combination of an Alice in Wonderland preview and a day dream about Avatar and Pan's Labyrinth, two movies I never got around to seeing.
  13. Mhhmm... can you force yourself to dream about something by thinking about it before you sleep?

    Oh, I know how that feels! You're like Oo. What am I doing ? x)
    Have you ever felt like you were falling in your dream ? And then woken up and felt like you fell through your bed ?

    Yeah! That's a great point :D
    Sounds like a good reason for the strange colors~

    Would you agree that might tell us a little bit about yourself ? Do colors matter to you as much as perspective does in real life ? (just drawing random conclusions here :D)

    Yeah, I see what you're pointing out. Figuring out where your dreams come from or what caused them is cool because you get to think deep about your situation.

    Have you ever dreamed something completely random that you couldn't understand yourself ?
  14. As a matter of fact, yes! Which is why I like to read or watch TV before going to bed. Especially if I had a bad day, fight with someone, etc. I have to get my mind focused on something that isn't upsetting or I end up having Anger/Rage dreams.

    It's also why a lot of my dreams can be turned in to roleplay plots. XD I daydream while I'm trying to fall asleep and "with hope" I end up having dreams about what I was plotting.

    *POINTS AT REIZ!* I have that weird perspective differences sometimes too. c___c Most of the time I am watching the dream from an outsider's perspective. It's really rare when I am looking through my own eyes. And the few times I DO remember looking through my own eyes is when I've died in my dream. x___X Then my perspective will change and I'll see myself dead.
  15. Well, in real life, I'm no artist. But I suppose in a way, they don't. When I'm asked to choose colors, I always do so simply and without much thought for how they look, combine, clash, or a hundred other things. I tend to put them to the side. What's important to me it the context something is in, how one sees it rather than how it's colored. Without a country, a flag is just a collection of colors. But when it represents a country, it's so much more than just the colors on it. I don't know enough psychobabble to expand on what that means for myself, though.
  16. Cool. Thanks for all your input guys! I'm so glad to hear about your dreams! :D

    Do you have specific colors that are recurrent in your dreams ? Or do things always change ? If I made you stare at a red wall for an hour till you fall asleep, would your dream have red in it, you think?
  17. Honestly... black is a recurring colour in my dreams. >>;

    And I do believe that. Hell, stare at ANYTHING long enough and you will dream about it. How many times have you 'obsessed' over something, only to dream about it later at some point, hm?
  18. Seems no one dreams in black and white ha! Suck it science!

    I dream in color as well and about the strangest dream I had was about radioactive furbies. And Seiji lay off the girls man XD and I have real life colors.
  19. At first, all dreams are like that. The ones that are weird enough to make you say, "Wait...Where the fuck did THAT come from?" Usually require a retracing of steps, and an answer usually comes up.

    Again, I don't remember all of my dreams. I have the theory that I daydream so much, that my brain doesn't always have the energy to come up with anything weird during sleep. I think the fact that I can trace my dreams to something while I was awake is a lot like how I can trace the idea to a story to movies and TV shows I've seen. I just tweak them until they are way out in left field.

    I hope I answered your question.
  20. I haven't remembered a dream for a good long while, though I do remember the ones I had were generally in color, though one of them was in black and white, and nobody's voices were audible, look an ooooooooooold movie or something... I was like....Whaaaaat....