Dream Chaser

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Charlotte stopped when he did, panting slightly for a moment as she listened to his instructions. She nodded her head before getting back in her stance and quickly lashing out at him with great speed, her sword clashing with his loudly as she didn't hold back in her attacks. They clashed again and again as she attacked both high and low.
He was much better on the attack, that was for sure. The sword seemed to flow more naturally in his hand, forcing Edward to be more on guard as he defended, matching each attack.

Gritting his teeth, he suddenly surged forward, not just blocking, but parrying, managing to score a light hit against Charles's sword arm before stepping back again. "Good!"
Charlotte was surprised when he hit her arm, making ehr almost drop her sword. She recovered it quickly though before she started to attack again. She was a little more on gaurd now, not wanting to be startled again by that slick move he made.
Edward continued to block her attacks, before stepping back and holding both hands up, a small grin on his face. "Alright, good, good. You're definitely better on the offense. Might be able to move to bladed weapons quicker than I thought."

"Sure you never picked up a weapon before? You seem to take to them pretty quick."
She stopped her attacks and let a small grin also float to her face. She looked to the sword for a moment before looking back at him.

"Would you count a pitch fork as a weapon?" She asked, slightly joking.

She had been a farmers daughter after all, and a hard working one at that. She often moved hay by herself just to build muscle so she could be stronger.
"Well in the right hands, maybe, kind of like a bayonet." Edward said, before looking at Charles with a suddenly serious look. "You mean that seriously, don't you? Well, you're a damned quick learner then."

He stepped closer to Charles, almost close enough to reach out and touch the man with his left arm inside the range of the sword. "One thing to remember though, and you'll like this, is that once you get this close to the enemy, it's basically a fist fight."
Charlotte just smiled at him as he compared a pitch fork to a bayonet. It seemed that he was very serious about fighting. When he came closer and said that it was basically a fist fight she smiled even more.

"Great! I can handle that if that's all it is." She said as she started to twirl the sword absentmindedly.
"Just remember, when you get in a fight, you try to finish it as fast as you can, ill them before they kill you. There's no time for anything else. And when you win that fight, you move on to the next one and so on and so forth. Until they're all dead.

"Take that to heart." He finished, lightly tapping the float of his sword against Charles's chest to drive the point home.
Charlotte to his words very seriously, nodding her head at everything he said. She'd definately take it to heart, since he had hit her so easily.

"Of course! I'll never forget it. Sir!" She said eagerly, wanting to make sure he knew that she meant it.
"Good, good. Let's try taking the defense again." Edward said as he began to slowly attack Charles, allowing some of his swings to become more complex.

"So, why'd you leave the farm? Probably safer than this line of work, and you get to spend more time with your girl," he asked casually, curious about his new guard.
Charlotte to the defense again and started to fend on his attacks a little better than before. She looked at him curiously at his question before answering it.

"Well, My grandfather was part of the guard once...My mother would tell me stories about his adventure and such when I was little, so it's been my dream to be just like him...Also, if I didn't leave the farm I'd be stuck in a marriage I didn't want...I've never had a relationship and my parents were getting impatienct with me." She admited as she got better and better.
"Oh really? What was his name?" Edward couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, learning that his grandfather was part of the Guard was surprising, but at least it meant he had a good heritage.

And he couldn't help but chuckle as he brought up his relationship problems. "Believe it or not, I know exactly how that feels... Lot of pressure when you're in the Family. One nice thing about being in the field at least, is that they can't bother me about it."
"Renaldo Carrion was his name...He was my grandfather on my mother's side of the family." She explained as she didn't have the same last name as him.

She chuckled slightly when he told her the advantage about being on the field. "And that is why I'm here, I'm my own person... Well, as much of my own person as one can be when they are in the guard."
"True enough, I guess." Edward managed a small grin as he continued to spar with Charles, although he couldn't help but feel a small dark twinge steal across his thoughts.

His tone more guarded now, watching Charles carefully, he asked, "So, what have you heard about the situation out east? We don't get to hear a lot of how the people are taking the news around here."
"Well many of the farmers are worried that their lands will soon be hit with battles, the food the grow is their source of income and they know they are prime targets of attack for an enemy. Before I left some were talking about abondoning their homes and living in smaller apartments in the city while still working the fields, their getting really paranoid....But with good reason, considering the news that's been in the papers about the last few battles." She said, explaining what she had heard.
"That's what I thought..." Edward said, a small grimace crossing his face. This was his duty, his problem. And if they lost, it was his failure that caused it.

"I wish... I wish we had more troops. I have waiting like this, the only thing we can do it wait until they make a move and then try to beat their attack. I don't like being on the defensive."
"Is there anyway to get on the offensive?" Charlotte asked as she looked at him.

She didn't like the idea of being on the defensive either, it would leave her and many others at the mercy of the enemy. She thought quietly for a moment before speaking again.

"Is there anything you can do to get them to lighten up? Like possibly using spies to figure them out?"
"We're doing everything we can to stay informed, we'll know exactly when their army moves. But... we can't go on the offensive, launching a major invasion would take too many men, and they already outnumber us. It would be pointless. But we can stop them if they invade..." He realized there was an unspoken "From the east there," but they had to come from the east, it would be too long a journey to go over the northern border.

He shook his head to try and clear the worry from it as he continued to spar, a new edge coming into his attacks as he tried to expunge his internal worries.
Charlotte nodded her head in understanding as he explained, she didn't really know much about battle stratigies but she knew enough that when an enemy had you out number, things got tougher. With his increased attacks coming at her from every angle she was having a little troble keeping up with her blocking. Eventually he got her with a good smack on her hand, the wooden swoard falling to the ground and she cried out in pain.

"OW! god damn that smarts...gah~" She said as she took hold of her hurt hand and held it to her chest for a moment.
"Sorry," Edward said with a surprising touch of sincerity in his voice. He lowered his sword, stepping closer to Charles to get a better look at his hand. "Doesn't look too bad, good thing we were still using blunt weapons, or else we'd have real problems right now."

"Well... if there's one consolation," He said as he reached down and grabbed the dropped sword, "You shouldn't have to worry about people attacking your hands in combat."