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  1. I would really love to improve on my art, and I do get bored at times.

    Before you leave and even get a chance to read everything!!!
    I will give you some samples as to how some of my art looks.
    Art samples (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I am capable of doing both traditional art, and digital. Though, I can't guarantee digital at the moment, my tablet is kind of messing up.

    Here's a character sheet of what you should provide:

    And anything else you think would help me draw the character you have in mind.

    Please be as descriptive as you can. I have drawn things for others and ended up having to redo them because they wanted something changed due to not being descriptive. So please don't be "that guy". It's a bit irritating when I'm made to completely redraw something.
  2. If you're still up for this, I got something for ya to keep you busy ;)
  3. I'm up for it, what ya got?
  4. Angel Yukimura
    Black hair that reaches her thighs and is braided
    Blue eyes
    She's a martial artist and wears mostly black
    Let's see what you can come up with ;)
  5. Woops, I didn'the add the other features....*facepalm*
    Angel Yukimura
    A matrial artist that wears mostay black. Better?
  6. I can come up with something, just give me some time :3

    The other features just help me picture whether it's a teen, adult, or child figure ^^
  7. Sorry if that seemed like I was getting impatient. I don't want to rush you. Take your time:D
  8. Haha it didn't seem like that at all
  9. One quick question, are you going for a more realistic look, anime, or cartoonish?
  10. Which one would be easiest for you?
  11. I'm able to do any
  12. Well then let's go for an anime style :)
  13. I so want to see this XD~

    Greensea and his sensei Kaylove (can I request that QwQ?)
    Greensea is 20-ish but his sensei is around 17-ish
    5'6 & 5'5 (I hope I'm right with the data lol XD~!)
    XD~ let's they say, both of them seems to like goofing around
    Uhmm.... I want both of them to pose as a duo, like batman and robin? also they both are ninjas~!

    Also I would preferably have a teen titan-ish style? if not then do anime style :D~!
  14. Haha xD your data is a bit..off, I'm 15 and 5'3
    But I can do that B)
    One thing, I know how KayLove will look....but describe how you want to look.

    Lemme start on the first drawing I gotta do though.
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  15. 20151002_125612.jpg

    Is that okay?
  16. Me... ugh... an asian with messy hair + square frame glasses XD~!
  17. Yes. It's great. Thank you! Keep drawing, because you can only get better. :)
  18. KAY!
    I want a kinda specific drawing if that's okay (^-^), no time limit, (but you dont have to do it if for some reason you can't/don't want to)

    The person I imagine is in a space-suit under water surrounded by sea creatures. (A little absurd, I know)

    ::Name:: not really sure yet soz
    ::Age:: 27
    ::Height:: 158 centimetres (i think thats 5 feet 2 inches)
    ::Personality:: Attempts to look stoic and courageous but isnt really, once someone lies to her she can't bring herself to trust them again, becomes irritated when hungry
    ::appearance:: I dont think that really matters when in a space-suit

    Thanks so much
  19. I can do that.
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