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  1. Astorath stood a bit away just watching the two.

    Lucius smiled. "You have Melody and Lyra to hold."
  2. "And I get to hold them all the time which I love and enjoy very much. But I also love you and I love getting to hold you and they can't replace it."
  3. "I'm also much older. I'm twice Lyra's age."
  4. So, the actual UN just elected their new Secretary-General, and it wasn't the Serbian dude:


    He looked so ready to...

    Unite some Nations?

    I don't know.
  5. Hmm.... I posted.

    *gives you a piece of candy*
  6. Just me at my college cafeteria, where all of the gaming and anime peeps are located at. lol

  7. [​IMG]

    "Now, now, boys. There's no need to fight over my attention. I'll gladly play with you both. Hee hee."

  8. Tbh, Junko might be my spirit animal.

    I am not feeling ok tonight.
  9. "Why would that be a no?"
  10. he smiled at her before pulling her into a deeper kiss.
  11. He pulled her close and smiled. "I love you too."
  12. Harmony gently kiss him back, pressing her body against his.
  13. Astorath pulled away and looked into her eyes. "I meant it."
  14. "That I love you."
  15. "I always mean it." Harmony mumble.
  16. Working on it. Senior year's a bitch....
  17. Accepted, Myrn. ^_^

    Okay everyone!
    I'll be putting up the IC sometime tonight.
    (Probably after the Packers/Vikings game. >_>)

    So, Get your charries together and get ready for some DRAAAAAAAMA!
  18. You will be getting your room assignments Via PM
  19. Posted, will edir assignment in as sson as i get it. (posted before reading the post in the ooc =(
  20. I will post sometime after work today. I'll be off at 4:00pm PST.