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Drama Camp OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PattyPixie, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Astorath stood a bit away just watching the two.

    Lucius smiled. "You have Melody and Lyra to hold."
  2. "And I get to hold them all the time which I love and enjoy very much. But I also love you and I love getting to hold you and they can't replace it."
  3. "I'm also much older. I'm twice Lyra's age."
  4. She makes me think of Dr. Horrible. ^_^
  5. Name: Cameron Arkwright
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes. He has a somewhat pale complexion. He stands at 5'6". He pretty average looking guy. He also has a pair of glasses. He usually wears baggy cargoes, t-shirt, and short sleeved button up shirts.
    Actor or Crew: Tech/Stage Crew
    Personality: Inventive and intuitive when it comes to working with machinery. Cam has an affinity for machines. He's a bit less intuitive when it comes to people. He rarely interacts with people and can be prone to saying the wrong thing when he means well. He is quite trustworthy, and is most likely not to divulge a secret. (Really, who's he going to tell?)
    History: Cameron had always had an affinity for machines as a child. He was always able to fix most things, you name he can fix it.

    His parents signed him up for drama camp in the hopes that he'd make some friends and work on his social skills. They also thought that his knack for machines could be applied. It was also their way of getting him out of the house.
  6. Name: Chase Pierson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Actor or Crew: Actor, obviously
    Personality: Aspiring prom king who would look more at home on a football field than drama camp he is in no doubt that he will get the lead part, opposite the hottest girl in camp. More that a little self-absorbed and known to bully anyone he sees as below him (everyone). At camp, away from his buddies he is less prone to throwing his weight around but he still won't make friends with the 'drama geeks'.
    History: Rich family, private school, set to go to Princeton, so whats his problem? His father, in an effort to get Chase to 'appreciate the arts' told his that he was going to Drama camp, or he wouldn't pay for Princeton. So here he is, the back end of the world, spending a summer where he could have spent drinking with the guys amongst drama geeks, if anyone from his school found out.....
  7. Sweet! Accepted, both of you!
  8. Name: Dario Vencinto

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs51/f/2009/270/d/e/Beautiful_Men_I_by_holdmycoat.jpg

    Actor or Crew: Actor

    Personality: Cunning and confident; Dario is never afraid to speak his mind of give voice to his inner feelings. He can be a bit self conscious at times though spending a lot of time "Checking himself out" in the mirror. Most who meet him like him right away as he is kind to everyone he meets regardless of their social standing, appearance or popularity. He is a very good looking young man - and he knows it - some people may think he is a little cocky and this would be more than a little true.

    History: Dario came to Drama camp to further his acting skills and to meet people who share his interest. Although he is happy playing small roles on stages at community centers or at his school, his dream is to one day make the big screens as a famous star (Or at least a supporting role)
  9. "Why would that be a no?"
  10. he smiled at her before pulling her into a deeper kiss.
  11. He pulled her close and smiled. "I love you too."
  12. Harmony gently kiss him back, pressing her body against his.
  13. Astorath pulled away and looked into her eyes. "I meant it."
  14. "That I love you."
  15. "I always mean it." Harmony mumble.
  16. Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Chancey
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Appearance: A round face, framed by half-long brown hair and filled with freckles. Charlie might pass for a boy if it weren't obvious by her chest that she wasn't. Her whole demeanor radiates tomboy, as she seems to walk and talk just like most of them. She generally wears baggy pants combined with either a tank-top or a wide T-shirt, and prefers earthly colors like brown and green
    Actor or Crew: Crew
    Personality: Charlie's usually energetic, cheerful and to the point in everything she does. She generally prefers to hang out with 'the guys' to huddling together with 'the girls' as she feels that guys are more dependable. She tends to act tough and self-reliant, but deep down, she still is a girl, with all the things that go with it.
    History: Charlie grew up in New York, the youngest daughter in a family of three girls and two guys. Unlike her older sisters, who were outgoing and made friends easily, she tended to be a bit quiet and reserved. This changed when she saw a poster for a hobby club in her highschool. Though most of the participants were male, she noticed she liked working with her hands to get her mind of things, and BECAUSE most of the participants were male, and shared her hobby, she eventually managed to befriend several of them and opened up a lot more. Now, After several years, she's just as outgoing as her sisters, albeit with a different crowd. She has decided that she wants to work with her hands for the rest of her life, and as she has always enjoyed making props for plays that's where she decided to start orienteering herself. She's joined drama camp to see if she might like a career as a crewman, and hopes she can make some new friends while at it.
  17. Accepted, Myrn. ^_^

    Okay everyone!
    I'll be putting up the IC sometime tonight.
    (Probably after the Packers/Vikings game. >_>)

    So, Get your charries together and get ready for some DRAAAAAAAMA!
  18. You will be getting your room assignments Via PM
  19. Hercules smiled at the man, still dancing with Felicity.

    " This is something of a magical place, usually making itself available to unusual people in need of a break "

    @Traveler SOB
  20. I will post sometime after work today. I'll be off at 4:00pm PST.