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  1. So, what do you want the plot to be? I really want to have a tight plot that is exiting, so that way it doesn't get boring.

    Suggestions to play with:

    The king has somehow cheated death all of these years, and now is seeking the blood of the last dragons.

    The dragon-human hybrids have gotten captured, and it's up to them to escape from the laboratories.

    If this roleplay crashes like my last fantasy one, I'll probably make a new one that's more in the medieval times instead of being modern.
  2. Hmm... interesting!

    (But shouldn't your character bio go here instead? :P)
  3. sounds awesome! I'd like to join =) And with the plot..why not combine the two plots? The King who has cheated death has his armies go look for the half-bloods. Having captured them, they are put in a lab until the King comes. They must escape within 4 days to avert the king, then they must survive away from his prying eyes?
  4. Oooh, nice. And yeah, I screwed up. Sorry about that.

    NAME: Elyssa Hearkens
    AGE: 19
    PERSONALITY: Elyssa is often inclined to hang back and stay in the shadows, rather than go out and meet people. She is antisocial, and her appearance contrasts deeply with her actual personality. She is actually a very fiery and fierce person, and if insulted, she will quickly respond with a sharp tongue and biting sarcasm. She likes to be alone, and regards personal space as something not to be invaded. If you don't bother her, she won't bother you. Because of her dragon blood, she likes to hoard shiny things and anything pretty, and she will be furious if she finds something missing from her makeshift "hoard." She enjoys flying and startling the resident cows into a panic by sending a jet of flame their way. She is very determined and as stubborn as a mule. She is not easily fooled, but sometimes she can let her anger get the better of her. As long as you do not interact with her, she appears meek and quiet. But do not be fooled. There's fire burning underneath those glasses.

    HUMAN DESCRIPTION: Elyssa is a brunette with blue eyes and rectangular glasses that she often takes off if insulted. She does not dress flamboyantly, and chooses to wear dark plain clothing that will help her blend into the shadows. She has perfected her smirk, and she likes to wear a sapphire pendant that looks like a fish with a glittering eye. She is not very noticeable on the outside, but her personality is as bright as flame.

    DRAGON DESCRIPTION: As a dragon, Elyssa is all grey with white horns, claws, and underbelly. Her eyes are a intense blue, and she has soft blue membrane on her wings, edged with white. She has dark blue bands on her front legs and on her tail.
  6. Is that what our bios should look like?
  7. Yup. Sorry, I messed up again and decided to put the form in the original thread.
  8. It's all okay! =)
    My character:

    NAME: Violet Acer
    AGE: 16
    PERSONALITY: Independent, loyal, caring, understanding. She's not too talkative, but she'd really friendly and like touching those she's near to. (patting their head or arm, putting a hand on their shoulder, ect.)


    DRAGON DESCRIPTION: [​IMG] same blue eyes as in human form
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  9. Okay! Now let's start plottin'! I liked the suggestion you had about merging the two ideas, so should we have the characters wake up in a lab, and each of them somehow escape from their rooms, all meeting in the hall? Should they know about the king already, or should they learn about him somehow. Possibly they meet a full blood dragon who was trapped deep in the lab, and it teaches them about the past and why they were there.
  10. I like the idea about them meeting in the halls..I think they should learn about the king, to make it more interesting, and meeting a full fledged dragon would be awesome!
  11. Now this is getting exciting. I guess I should post first.
  12. Okay, I've had Elyssa escape from the room, and now she's running down the hall. Mabye your character escapes somehow and bumps into her? What if they try to find a way out, but all the doors are locked, except for one, which has the dragon in it?
  13. okie dokie! I'm gonna post, and I like that idea =)
  14. NAME: Kaiden (Kay-den) Westbrooke

    AGE: 17

    PERSONALITY: Like other dragons he is prideful, strong-willed, and stubborn--mostly at the best of times. Human lore described dragons to be destructive beasts Hell bent on bringing mankind to extinction. Some were, but Kaiden is a different story. On occasion he sings, sometimes dances knowing that he can't. A majority of the time, he'll embarrass himself simply to make another laugh. Simply put, he loves to have fun. However soft he might seem, he is a loyal and battle worthy fighter behind his smile. He has a love for old music and new: Blues, Jazz, Orchestral, Hard Rock, Metal, Death Metal(occasionally), R&B, Techno, and Dubstep. He's mostly in love with music that includes the guitar, for it is his favorite instrument. Kaiden's personality is as colorful as a rainbow, and with every new even in his life a new color is added.



  15. Accepted! I guess you could be someone who met the three half-lings outside or something.
  16. I shall accomodate accordingly.
  17. One more thing, to add plot, may I add another character?
  18. Sure! I kind of play two characters, although David is a default, which means anyone can play him.
  19. Is this rp still open for new apps?
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