Dragon's Dogma: The Pawn Rebellion

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    Dragon's Dogma: The Pawn Rebellion

    "Your choice is made, Arisen. As you have willed it, so shall it be!"

    No one truly knows how many times these words have been uttered throught the ages. All that IS known is that the last Arisen to face the Dragon changed the world forever. A soldier who accompanied the Voldoan woman and survived the 'battle' told messengers that the Arisen bargained with the Dragon, wishing that "The world be a different place, where pawns are gifted with free will and need not be the slaves of man."

    What struck him as odd was that the Dragon spoke of giving something up in exchange, but he saw nothing there before the Arisen nor the Dragon. Only later would the world know what was sacrificed.

    As for the world itself, all the nations and islands were merged into a single massive land mass. The phenomenon known as 'The Brine' still haunts the land's coastlines. The wilderness areas are still frequented by goblins, beasts, and even occasional undead. The many rural towns are usually equipped enough to fend off small numbers of these problem creatures, but at least one has fallen and become a goblin stronghold.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the land's larger cities are generally content to remain behind their walls, only sending out soldiers and scouts to deal with any impending threats such as griffins or trolls. The Capitol, an amalgamation of the capital cities of the former world's national centers, King Marcus the Worldspeaker knows what is coming and is preparing an army to ward off the dangers that lie ahead.

    Far in the north, at the Everfrost Peak, another Dragon has appeared. In addition to this new dragon, a horde of Pawns are gathering together. The goal of these pawns? Vengeance. The reason? Centuries of mistreatment and abuse as expendable mercenaries and servants simply because they lacked any higher willpower of their own. Now that they have the freedom of choice, most pawn choose revenge over cooperation.

    The time has come for war between humanity and the Pawn Legion. You are one of King Marcus' soldiers, sworn to defend the land against foul creatures, bandits, and the forces of the Pawn Legion. But what role do you fill?


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    5. Please try to remain active. Give notice if you'll be gone. Extended periods of absence will result in characters being moved along and/or killed off.

    6. Collabs are encouraged. They're fun. :3 Don't know what a collab is or how to do one? Just ask.

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    These are the classes that players will start off as.
    Starter Classes (open)


    Fighters stand in the fray of combat. Their primary role is group protection, drawing enemy attention away from the defensively weak allies while dishing out heavy damage. Fighters do not have any ranged abilities and are therefore forced into strategic game play, pulling and taunting foes out of reach. They must bide their time until the perfect moment to strike. Fighters excel at ground combat and are a deadly class to be reckoned with. Fighters offer a variety of defensive abilities with their shield that allow them to serve as veritable “tanks”, allowing ranged and offensive classes to deal damage from further away. Fighters also possess a variety of deadly sword skills ranging from dashing attacks that allow fighters to quickly close the gap on an enemy, to skills that allow them to skewer enemies and deal constant damage.

    Weapon Skills: Sword and Shield


    Wielding dual daggers and a shortbow, Striders deal damage with blinding speed and deadly accuracy. Striders also have trap abilities and trick arrows that allow them to confuse and disorient enemies. Striders are capable of dealing large amounts of damage at close range using flurries of lightning quick slashes with their daggers and can rain arrows down on foes with their quick-loosing shortbow from safe distances. They move around the battlefield with speed and agility. They also have the ability to use tactical rolls and double jumps to evade enemy attacks. Striders can serve as ranged damage dealers and assist Mages/Sorcerers or go in for the kill alongside other melee classes, giving them free rein on the battlefield. Balanced in the fields of physical and magical defense, Striders are an incredibly versatile class.

    Weapon Skills: Daggers and Shortbows


    Masters of elemental magicks, Mages rain down destruction on their enemies while keeping their party alive with restorative abilities. Mages possess deadly magickal abilities allowing them to control the battle. In addition to their offensive abilities, Mages possess healing magicks, permitting them to tend to their party’s wounds and cure Debilitations. Mages can enchant their companions’ weapons, allowing the party to exploit the weaknesses of enemies. However, the Mage does not fare well against most enemies that come within close proximity. Most enemies tend to kill Mages within a few strikes since most enemies inflict physical damage. Long range attack can prevent this in conjunction with watching your surroundings.

    Weapon Skills: Staff

    In time, Advanced Classes will be available to players. At that time, anyone who wishes to swap will be allowed to do so.
    Advanced Classes (open)


    Favoring brute force over subtlety, Warriors charge into combat head on. Equipped with massive two-handed weapons, Warriors fearlessly take on all foes, crushing enemies with incredible power and soaking up damage on the front lines so their ranged party members can punish enemies from afar. They are a force to be reckoned with on the front lines of any battle and are capable of dealing out massive damage to enemies. With their huge two-handed weapons, Warriors are capable of dealing devastating damage to multiple clustered foes with a single strike. Warriors are highly resilient to wing buffets, explosive barrels, and other attacks which would knock others down. This is a double edge sword as it means that a Warrior can continuously suffer damage while another character would have been thrown out of harm's range.

    Weapon Skills: Longswords or Warhammers


    No class is deadlier from afar than the Ranger. A sniper equipped with a massive longbow, Rangers deliver punishing arrows from a distance, taking out enemies before they’re able to come near. And thanks to their dual daggers, Rangers are capable of facing multiple opponents up close. Rangers are the only class able to utilize longbows, which allows them to do massive amounts of damage from long distance. They can target and attack multiple enemies at once, deal heavy damage to a single opponent or cover a wide area with an impressive volley of arrows -- all from a safe distance. The Ranger's arrows are the most accurate of all long-range options, especially over medium to long distances. Some of the Ranger's skills allow it to target a creature's weak spot and fire up to ten well placed arrows at once, or fire one massively powerful shot. Rangers can also fire a wide spread of arrows, ensuring some will strike the target, or a close-range shotgun blast of arrows that will decimate crowds.

    Weapon Skills: Daggers and Longbows


    Schooled in the arcane arts, Sorcerers deploy the deadliest of magicks in battle. From meteor showers, massive ice spikes, and deadly necromancy, Sorcerers are truly a powerful force to behold and should never be underestimated. No other class is capable of harnessing the near-cosmic magickal forces that Sorcerers can wield. Sorcerers have access to the most powerful offensive magick spells. Like the Mage, They can use enchanting magicks to power up a companion's weapons with deadly elemental effects, and possess a variety of debilitating magicks that can affect larger crowds.

    With their mastery of the arcane, a Sorcerer knows how to defend himself from enemy spells. Not many magick attacks will severely injure Sorcerers. However... unlike Mages, Sorcerers have no active healing or recovery spells. In addition, many of the Sorcerer's spells take a long time to cast so one must be careful or you may leave yourself open for an attack. So while a Sorcerer is incredibly powerful and capable of dealing incredible damage, they must be carefully defended from any enemy that does not use spells.

    Weapon Skills: Archistaff

    In time, Hybrid Classes will be available to players. At that time, anyone who wishes to swap will be allowed to do so.
    Hybrid Classes (open)

    Mystic Knights

    Masters of sword and sorcery, the Mystic Knight deals devastating damage to foes on the battlefield with their enchanted weapons, while also defending against the most ferocious attacks with their magickal shields. Mystic Knights are able to cast powerful magicks while wearing heavy armor and wielding maces or swords. They can also set sigil traps on the battle field for enemies to move into, which permits the Mystic Knight to move away to perform other spells or moves while the trap explodes on the enemy. Mystic Knights carry large, magickal shields with them in combat, allowing them to counter almost all attacks. The shields can also be imbued with magickal energy, providing a deadly surprise for any enemy that dares assault them

    Weapon Skills: Sword/Mace or Staff, and Magick Shield

    Magick Archers

    Equipped with magick bows, the Magick Archer is a class that weaves sorcery into every shot from their bow, ensuring that they always hit their mark. Magick Archers also blend sorcery into their daggers as well, making them a deadly class up close or from afar. Having fused magick into their very bows, they can fire magickal bolts similar to how a normal archer fires arrows. The basic damage of the bow will affect incorporeal foes such as phantoms and spirits.

    Magick bows also imbue these bolts with a slight tracking ability, allowing the Magick Archer to target enemies with great precision. The Magick Archer can easily adapt to fight off a variety of enemies and provide much needed support to the party. They are also able to wield all elements at once, provided you choose the correct skills, thereby making it easy to exploit elemental weaknesses. They also have skills suited to both fighting a single strong enemy and skills for crowd control.

    Weapon Skills: Daggers or Staff, and Magick Bows


    The Assassin is the most versatile class. They can wield daggers or one handed swords, combined with either a short bow or shield. These assets can be changed on the fly, to suit current combative needs. Since the Assassin has access to four weapons, it is only natural that they come equipped with a multitude of skills that pertain to whichever weapon you choose to wield. The Assassin is a unique blend of the Strider and Fighter classes that creates the ultimate fighting machine. Wielding paralyzing toxins, fatal poisons, and devastating explosives, Assassins use all the tricks of their trade to cripple or eliminate their enemies. Some Assassin skills like Clairvoyance and Masterful Kill are counter-attacks, and can be used as defensive measures to avoid or reduce damage, as well as a viable means to attack.

    Weapon Skills: Daggers or Sword, and Shortbows or Shields


    Class: (choose from the above-listed classes)
    Class Skills: (Click the name of your class in the class description for a page with all class skills. Start with Rank 3 or lower skills)

    Personality: (at least one paragraph, please. "Shy and timid" means "My head will soon be on a pike".)

    Backstory: (At least three paragraphs, please. You are allowed to make up village names and other minor world details within your backstory.)

    Gear: ( Weapons and armor from the Dragon's Dogma Wiki pages, please. Low-tier gear only. )
    Items: ( Healing items, special arrows, and so on. )
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  2. I take it necromages are out, do we need to have played any did to get this cause I played a demo once and it didn't cover much of the story arc and what is an arisen is it similar to the protagonist from dragon age or are the similar to dragon born? Just out of curiousity
  3. .
    Necromages are indeed out. And no, you needn't have finished the game to play this. It might help with some of the lore, but I think I added enough links to inform people of what needs explained.
  4. 5oo bad aboout necromages but i'll still join in if there's an opening for me and you'll allow me that is
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    Honestly, without more interest... this isn't going anywhere.
  6. Hi. Just saying that I'm interested in this. I'm a big fan of the game.
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    Well. If @Killroy is still interested, that makes three people in total. I'd like a group of four before we start this off.
  8. Okay then. c:
  9. yes, yes i am
  10. I'm interested. I only have one request:

    Could I use an axe? Cause I really want to use an axe.
  11. Name: Malakaus
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Height/Weight: 5' 7", 212lbs
    Class: Fighter
    Class Skills:

    Sword Skills -
    Blink Strike
    Tusk Toss
    Skyward Lash

    Shield Skills -
    Shield Drum
    Spring Board
    Sheltered Spike

    Core Skill -

    Augments -

    Personality: Malakaus is, in his own words, just a soldier. He doesn't particularly shed a tear or question his orders when given, and there have been instances were he has been mistaken as a pawn due to how submissive he is. But make no mistake; he has free will and determination. He just has a sort of apathy that rarely allows him to bring it out except when his life depends on it. Malakaus once was idealistic and even heroic, but his life as a soldier, the things he's done and witnessed, made him jaded and question his ideals. He has killed more people than he saved, and the smiles he's given were paid for in blood. At some point he simply stopped caring and try to enjoy the simple things in life, ignoring hardship or complications for carnal pleasures and meeting basic instincts. But inside, beaten but not defeated, is a heroic spirit who only needs to find someone else who can share their light with him.

    Backstory: Malakaus was born in the nation formally known as of Meloire, which once resided off east of Gransys's ocean. He was raised in a village known as Turaga which specialized in forestry and woodwork. Like many, Malakaus was the son of woodsmen who spent most of their days either harvesting lumber or working on carpentry. Malakaus didn't have much of a future but to do like his father had done, and that future seemed bleak to him. He had very little interest in woodworking and wanted more. He wanted to seek his fortune, earn glory, find adventure. But alas, his family were just poor woodsmen. They barely had enough to eat decently. So it's times like that were one must grab their fate, or it would leave them behind.

    Malakaus chose his fate one day when Turaga received news that one of the local villages were being besieged by goblins. Normally they roamed in small packs that were easily dealt with, but recently a small army had been amassed, and ogres have been seen in their ranks. The local lords spared what few soldiers they could, but they were only enough to repel the few skirmishers that attacked the village. They needed reinforcements. So the kingdom offered arms, armor, and basic training for any young man or woman willing to take up arms and repel the goblin threat. Malakaus jumped onto this opportunity, giving his family his final farewells as he blindly set off to war.

    His initial battle against the goblin horde was frightening, but with the force of his kinsmen Malakaus was confident that they would survive. His confidence was misplaced. The initial battle went in their favor, with minimal casualties on their side. But that was because they only dealt with the first wave. It only took one day for Malakaus to realize the sheer mass of enemies he'd have to face; he came with a force of a thousand warriors and fighters. By the end of the first day there was barely a hundred, and they seemed to have barely made a dent into the forces of the enemy. But Malakaus didn't falter, not for long. He was convinced that what they needed was a hero. And instead of waiting for one, he chose to be the hero they needed. Convincing some able-bodied warriors to follow him, Malakaus sneaked out of camp one night to bring the fight against the goblins. While they had the advantage of numbers, they made the mistake of making their camp at the base of a valley. With the use of magic and explosive barrels, Malakaus organized his fellow soldiers to cause an avalanche that would crush the goblins in the middle of the night. He was certain that this would demoralize his enemies and cause them to route. But it just made them desperate.

    The attack forced the goblins to resume the offensive, while the human army was not yet ready to face them. Malakaus's attempt to take the initiative put his fellow soldiers in a bad situation where they were forced to wake up in the middle of the night and face off against the goblins, and continued to do so well into the morning. Malakaus was never found out about his actions; as far as his superiors knew the goblins simply intended to throw wave after wave of goblins, hoping to crush them all under sheer numbers. And it would have almost worked too. Malakaus fought in the front lines sustaining many injuries, and it took three years before they were able to rebel the goblin forces until they dispersed. But it was a Pyrrhic victory. The infrastructure of the village they were made to defend was virtually destroyed; it would take even more years before they could even begin restoration. Not only that but many soldiers deserted and turned to banditry. Malakaus was one of them, albeit unintentionally at first. He and some soldiers were sent to "retrieve" supplies, but in truth they were stealing it. No one knew but their superior officer who deserted but continued to use his authority to lead the soldiers into becoming highwaymen.

    At first, they only attacked other local bandits. Their superior officer convinced them that after the war with the goblins, bandits and other vagabonds would prey on the village, and thus they must secure the area of the menace. It was a fair enough reasoning, and by this point Malakaus was a well-seasoned fighter. While the mistakes of his past haunted him at times, it served to teach him to follow orders instead of rushing ahead without thinking. He found the ability to work cooperatively with his fellow fighters to defeat their enemies. If only he knew what he was really doing. While they did initially face off against bandits, soon Malakaus and his soldiers started "Collecting Tariffs" from travelers and even the villagers they were trying to protect. Malakaus didn't think of anything at first, both following orders and figuring that this was the appropriate thing to do as soldiers. It wasn't until he was ordered to turn his sword against the common people did Malakaus realize how far they had fallen. He tried in vain to convince his brothers-in-arms to mend their ways, but most feared their superior officer. A a few actually enjoyed the empowerment they received as bandits. While Malakaus was far from alone, he was severely outnumbered. That didn't stop him from fighting for what was right and against evil. So instead of cutting down the villagers Malakaus aimed his sword at his superior officer and those who followed him. The battle was hard fought and earned Malakaus more wounds, but ultimately he and a few like-minded individuals survived the bloodbath. But that wasn't the end of his unfortunate turn of events.

    It wasn't long before the army arrived and promptly arrested Malakaus and other survivors for desertion and banditry. They had no trial, and had to count his blessing that he was simply imprisoned instead of executed. He was locked up for two years before he was released after news of his actions finally reached the ears of his captors. But by then there was very little left of Malakaus. He heard stories of what others had done during their time at war. He saw things his inmates did to each other, horrible things. And even after being released there was very little for him to go back to. He had no idea which way led back to his village of Turaga. He had heard very little from them and only more rumors of banditry and monster attacks. Malakaus at least was given his soldiering gear, and so he set off as a mercenary. But it seemed that being a sword-for-hire offered no glory or honor. He essentially became a bandit again, extorting villages for supplies or whatever reason his employer paid them for. He tried to only take "good contracts", but as it turned out, the only people who needed swords were those who wanted to kill. Soon Malakaus had to either chose becoming a homeless beggar, selling his steel just to survive the cold seasons, or allowing himself to shed the blood of innocents to survive. So he set aside his morals and code and chose to become nothing more than a living weapon. He earned money, some respect, and occasionally company in bed. He ate well and lived longer than his enemies. It was all he could ask for. It was all he could get.

    Now Malakaus has heard that King Marcus is in need of sell swords for his upcoming war. Like many amongst them, Malakaus cared very little for the context of the war. Only the spoils and challenges they needed to face.

    Weapon 1 -

    Weapon 2 -
    Iron Shield

    Head Armor-
    Barreled Helmet (Doesn't always wear it)

    Body Armor-
    Plated Coat

    Over Armor-

    Gauntlets -
    Arm Crest (Has the Herald of whoever he's employed to at the moment)

    Grieves -
    Laborer's Breeches

    Iron Cuisses

    Cape -

    Ring -

    Ring -

    Many Large Mushrooms (10)
    A few bottles of White Wine (2)
    A bottle of Liquid Vim
    Lantern (With two flasks of oil)
    Throwblast (2)
    Dragon Spit (2)
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  12. One issue. All the nations are now one large empire ruled by King Marcus the Worldspeaker.
  13. Oh. I can make the edits.

    Made the edits. Formerly known nation of Meloire. I kinda wanted to give the impression that my character is such a bumpkin that he isn't quite aware of more world events such as the fact his home village has been assimilated into one sovereign nation, instead of under the ruler ship of Meloire.
  14. Huh, is it time to make a CS? I'll start working on mine then.
  15. I figured that if there was a skeleton, we could make a CS.
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  18. Appearance

    Name: Eira

    Age: 24

    Sex: F

    Height/Weight: 175.8 cm, 66 kg

    Class: Strider

    Class Skills:
    Dagger Skills – Scarlet Kisses, Biting Wind
    Bow Skills - Threefold Arrow, Triad Shot, Cloudburst Volley
    Core Skills – Carve, Two Step, Vault, Loose
    Augments - Endurance

    Personality: The men and women of the Watch were simple civilians before they defended the Southern Keep, and they had no patience for timid hearts. Under their tutelage, Eira grew up into a remarkably stubborn woman with a penchant for riddling things with arrows first before calming down for a talk. With alchemical products and potions made of real, accessible ingredients right under her nose, her belief in mysticism has dwindled to nonexistence. The trades in the Southern Keep was not meant for fools, and what naiveté one possessed in that place would be soured into skepticism soon enough. Thus, when faced with a mystery, Eira would often try to source it to a rumor or better yet, try to explain how the phenomena came to be.

    Thanks to her practical outlook on life, Eira strongly believes that anything can be changed so long as she devotes all of her power to doing it. Effort always produces results, as they say, so don’t be surprised when you see her fixing her bow day and night without so much as moving an inch.

    After the fall of the Keep, Eira spent more time in the wilderness than with other humans. The hidden dangers in the brush, not to mention the flickering lights in the distance during nighttime, sharpened her instincts and, more importantly, her suspicion. Never mind that she has a compassionate and open heart. One wrong twitch and you’ll have a dagger between your ribs.

    Backstory: In the land once called Gransys, the continuous skirmish between the Northern and Southern bandits eventually cut both groups to the last thief. Those who remained sheathed their blades and turned over a new leaf… Or maybe they battled to the death. The stories were never clear about that. What did happen was that the hold near the Witchwood was left empty for years after, and the only souls its halls saw ever since were those needing shelter from the wolves roaming in the hills. As time passed and its legend grew fainter, the keep was transformed into a bustling trade center by merchants needing a safe place to stock their wares. Eira was the child of one such entrepreneur. She grew up an aide to the members of the castle’s Watch and, since she showed more promise shooting arrows over talking with customers, was allowed by her parents to join soon as she reached the right age. Her days were spent fighting the bandits and other creatures threatening the security of the hold and its inhabitants.

    All was for naught when the lands merged. The travelers and civilians forming the Watch were no match against a consistent wave of monsters, and plans were made to ensure a swift escape when everyone saw that there was clearly no hope of victory. The attempt ran awry when a chimera attacked the caravans before they had even left the keep; Eira and a few other guards were fortunate to have guarded the only one which survived the onslaught. Their travels brought them to a nondescript rural village deep in a forest once blocked off by the towering cliffs of Gransys, their numbers pathetically small due to the beasts that chipped through their lot every night. Though most of the survivors decided to stay in that hamlet instead of venturing out into the wilderness again, Eira wasn’t sure their location was any safer than the keep. She decided to hop from one town to another until she reached the Capitol. The journey was much, much easier said than done.

    Beaten, weary, and high-strung from all the hidden dangers she had to watch out for in the wilderness, Eira took to sniping out dangers before they saw her. When she hit a goblin with a well-placed shot from afar, a patrolman fighting the monsters was reasonably surprised and tried to recruit her after the danger passed. She agreed, and was a member of the Worldspeaker’s army henceforth.

    Primary Weapon - Throatcutters
    Secondary Weapon - Sylvan Bow
    Head – (none)
    Torso – Hunter’s Shirt, Leather Protector
    Arms – Red Leather Gloves
    Legs – Denim Hosen, Steel-toed Boots
    Cloaks – Mahogany Cape
    Jewelry – Sight Earring

    Greenwarish (15)
    Large Mushroom (10)
    Lantern (1)
    Flask of Oil (5)


    Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious by this point that this is the first sign-up I've passed for ages, so I got a question. Appearance. Do you want it paragraph form or pictures? If the latter is preferable, anime or real faces?

    Tell me if I need to edit anything. c:
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  19. Pictures are preferable to written description.