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If we did a Dragon Age RPG, would you rather roll for stats, or have stat points to distribute?

  1. Roll for stats

  2. Have stat points to distribute

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  1. EDIT: OOC thread found here, let's make this happen. =)

    So I don't know how many people know this, but Dragon Age came out with an RPG--like, you know, Dungeons and Dragons, only it features all the Dragon Age lore and stuff. Me and Seiji found downloads for the PDF of the Player's and DM's guides and stuff. Would anyone be interested in playing?

    I mean, there are a couple of things to wonder. The guide has an explanation on rolling stats, I kinda think I'd want to come up with a point distribution so everyone has the same average of stats and no one's especially at a disadvantage and we can better pick what characters we want to play--but would people prefer to do the stat-rolling? Idk, it's just an idea.
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  2. I'd be interested in hearing more, if you don't mind a noob to table-top style games.
  3. Hey man, it's cool, my own experience is rather limited. This would be my first time running it unless someone else volunteers to DM. All experience levels welcomed. =)

    EDIT: To make it easily accessible, we wouldn't be starting off with some huge major plot or anything. I'm kinda leaning towards just a band of adventurers who were recruited to deal with a problem some village is having. Like, say there's a specific group of Chasind who've been raiding trade caravans and the villagers lately, and the village Chantry has put up a bounty for their deaths. A nice little one-off mission to test the waters for both player and DM.
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  4. LET'S ROLL.
  5. That sounds like a plan.
  6. I recently recruited Blackwall the Gray Warden, at level 6. Anyone here play Inquisition yet?
  7. Looks like something I'll be into. Though I have a particularly "Quirky" character that I'd like to employ, when this RP take off.
  8. InindoHero: Dude, this is an interest check, not a DAI discussion thread. Would you wanna play in this game is all the info I wanna hear. Go start your own thread if you wanna talk Inquisition.

    Lucius: Thanks! Just don't take "quirky" to the extreme yeah? Sorry, I've been in RPs with people who seem to think everything is anime and show it in the crazy stuff they have their characters do.

    I should also note this RP will likely take place at least a year before the events of DA:O, so as to avoid conflict about what choices the Warden, Warden-Commander, Hawke, and potentially the Inquisitor may or may not have made.
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  9. Well... Alright, I'll just come say it; I want to make a Darkspawn Disciple. From what I figured, the Architect already had a few before the Archdemon arose, and I figured I could make one myself. He'd disguise himself as a Grey Warden out of respect of his mortal enemies and also because it's easier for him to hide form other Wardens if they think he's one too. This is mostly for character story reasons, and in terms of in game combat, I'll be using an Stealthy Alchemist Dual-Wielding Rogue, who has a tendency to hide in a fight while blowing the area up with grenades before coming out and finishing off the dying.
  10. ....yeah I'm sorry but I'm going to have to say no. That's just not a type of character I'm interested in having. I'll take humans, city elves, and surface dwarves; MAYBE just one vashoth/kossith/whatever-you-call-a-giant-guy-with-horns-who-isn't-qunari, if it's someone I know. But I don't think a Darkspawn disciple lends itself to this RP.
  11. That's cool, I'll just use a human than. He used to be an apprentice Herbalist before he got kidnapped by bandits and forced to work with them, at least until they managed to get themselves killed. Than he ran off to join the party and may or may not have to pay for the crimes of his past.
  12. I just wanted to start a discussion so I could potentially explore character discussion.

    So um. . . I would like to be a Spirit Guardian Mage. . .
    Maybe Qunari.
  13. Spirit... guardian mage? I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that. Do you mean Spirit Healer?

    Look, for the beginning at least, we won't be able to do specializations. We don't have the Set 2 rulebook that covers specializations. It's supposed to be re-released in an Ultimate Edition soon now that Inquisition is out, but I don't know when. So, just starting out, no one will have specializations.

    Also, a Qunari is any follower of the Qun religion regardless of race, and I have no idea what one would be doing out there taking missions to kill Chasind and protect Fereldan towns. If you mean you wanna play a giant horned man, that'd probably be Tal-Vashoth or Vashoth, and I already said I'd probably only accept one if it was someone I knew. I don't know you. Sorry. =/
  14. Well, that's just an idea of how my character would fight. Rogue, Dual Wielder, Stealthy, Bombs. Later into the game he may develop more of a specialization, so I just mean to mention the generalization. Also the race of the huge horned humanoids is formally the "Kossith", as Qunari, Tal-Vashoth or Vashoth are just terms of certain types of people in the Qun religion.
  15. The term kossith hasn't actually been used to refer to the Qunari's original species for a very long time in Thedas history, so that is highly debatable. "Vashoth" refers to members of their species who have never been part of the Qun, and "Tal-Vashoth" refers to those who were part of it but left, to my understanding, and both are more readily accepted depending on whether the non-Qunari in question was ever a follower of the Qun.
  16. I believe Kossith is the term used to describe the race that was turned by the Darkspawn to create Ogres, which themselves come from "Qunari" Broodmothers, at least if you believe what the game makers said. I figured that unless accepting the Qun is such a transcending act that it changes your entire physiology, I had guessed if Kossith = Ogres and Qunari = Ogres, than Kossith = Qunari. But they're really vague about it, though I'd still settle for calling them Kossith since Qunari is more a religious identifier than a racial one. It has a bit of unfortunate implications, such as saying that all Muslims are Arab, or all Jews are Caucasian.
  17. And have now made my account for this, woo! You know I'm doing this, dear, just popping in so others know.

    As for the kossith, we genuinely don't even know whether or not it's the RACE or the Pre-Qun CULTURE. It's very ambiguous, and the term isn't used in the current Thedas era, not unless you're a scholar who studies this stuff extensively (which is a rare few, I'd imagine), so it's unlikely we'll get answers any time soon. Here's the Kossith page on the Wiki, whoop.
  18. True enough. I do wish that there was a better name to call them than simply "Giant Horned Humanoids" and variations there of, since anyone could be a Qunari, but being a Giant Horned Humanoid tends to stand out.
  19. He did say that Vashoth referred to members of the race that weren't part of the religion.
  20. Yep, yep. I believe that's how they refer to the Qunari Inquisitor? Don't quote me on it, unfortunately haven't gotten my hands on the game, yet.
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