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    Grand Valley, Alabama

    A Summer to Remember...


    Kiss me hard before you go... Summer time sadness. And this summer is bound to leave someone broken hearted. After a spending spree lands the daughter of a large farmer in deep deep trouble she is sent to her fathers farm for the summer to learn the meaning of "hard work". This doesn't sit well with Princess and it's up to her fathers farm hand to help bring this L.A city girl back down to reality. Will she crash and burn or fall in love?

  2. Name:
    Ashley "Ash" Louis


    Ashley was born in the small country town of Grand Valley, Alabama. Her parents both loved her dearly but her birth wasn't enough to save their marriage. They divorced when Ashley was 3 and her mother took her to California where she met her soon to be step-father Harold. Harold was a rich CEO of a record company and to buy Ashley love spoiled her rotten. Now it's her fathers turn to spend time with his little girl, but what he gets was a lot more high maitence then his little girl used to be.


    -Hard work
    -Being bossed around
    -Her glasses

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  3. Name: Skylar McDowell

    Age: 18

    Personality: Skylar is a very hard worker and will not turn down an opportunity to help another. He tends to be brutally honest and hates the thought of people being two faced.

    Biography: Skylar grew up in Grand Valley and all he knew was life in the country. He had learned the ways of the farm almost as soon as he learned to walk. His parents had become great friends with Mr. Louis and Skylar worked for him for years, gaining a lot of respect from the man. He has been rather curious as to who his daughter was that he kept mentioning, wondering if she would ever come down to visit.

    Likes: Honesty, good work ethic, biscuits and gravy, farm life, warm days, bonfire parties, playing guitar and his 2010 Camaro

    Dislikes: Liars, two faces, lazy people, hardcore rap, 'fruity drinks'

  4. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    "I think you'll really enjoy it here Ash" The young blondes father said as they drove into the countryside. Ashley Hayes was a young beautiful 17 year old girl. She had been raised by the California sun and sea and now here she was in the dread countryside. "Yeah.. I'm sure dad.." She said with a slight hint of annoyance. It wasn't that she didn't love her father, because she did. But she despised his hometown and her birthplace, Grand Valley, Alabama. A small farming community just east of the capital. Her father owned a large planation that raise livestock and grew most of the food for the town and its surrounding areas. As the car pulled to a stop outside his "Charming and quaint" house that would be her prison for the next 3 months. As her dad parked the car and got out Ashley let out the sigh she had been holding in for the majority of the ride here from the airport. Her friends could never know she was here. In fact they all thought she was spending her summer in the bahamas. Atleast she could get a good tan.

    Her father opened the door for her and she uncrossed her skinny legs as she got out. Her bleach blonde had fell in effortless waves down her back. Her blue eyes hidden behind her california chic sunglasses. She looked around the large property and nodded, obviously impressed. "It got bigger since I was last here" She noted. "Well to be fair Ash you haven't been here since you were 12." Her father joked. She smiled a bit at her goofy father. Most people said she looked like her mother with her slim face and petite nose but she had her fathers smile and his bright blue eyes. She took her carry on and stood admiring the bay stallion running around in the pasture just a few feet from the barn. From around the corner she saw a boy appear and walk towards them. Her first instinct was to check him out. Tall.. Gianginatic even. Obviously strong from being a farm hand. Sweaty. Ew. But overall he was pretty cute. As he got closer her father noticed his presence too. "Ah Skylar, come over and help me with the princesses bags would ya?" He called out to the boy. Skylar hm.. Cute name. She thought.

  5. At the time that Ashley was heading toward her fathers home, Skylar McDowell was inside the barn working on one of the many stalls, a wall on one side busted by one of the horses. He had finished hammering in the last of the boards, then decided to take a small breather, wiping the sweat from his face and sitting down on a nearby hay bale. His pants were dusty and dirty from kneeling down and his white t-shirt had many spots where he wiped his hands off on it from the dirt. After he gathered up the busted wood, he would have to carry them out to the burn pile that Mr. Louis had behind the barn. He took a quick drink from his water bottle and stood up, looking over at the dwindling stack of hay against the barn wall. He would have to go get a new load soon, them horses needed to eat after all. He looked around the barn, making a mental note as to what he needed to do afterward:

    Tractor needs the tire replaced, water troughs need to be filled up, fresh straw needs to be aid out in the stalls, and I should probably see how much sweet feed there was for the weening calves.

    The sound of a car pulling in took his attention and he quickly turned on the water spigot at the front of the barn to wash his hands off. He walked over and waved to Mr. Louis, noticing the rather cute girl in the sunglasses coming out of the passenger inside. He called to him, asking to help out 'the princess' and he couldnt help but chuckle as he got closer.

    He looked at Ashley with a kind smile and held his hand out to her, "Well I'm guessin' you must be Ashley, your dad told me ya'd be comin' in today. Name's Skylar, Skylar McDowell, pleasure to finally meet ya" he said happily, leaning down to lift up her large suitcase with relative ease. He held out his free hand to her in greeting.
  6. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley couldn't have been more reviled. Literally, it was like she was thrown into some sort of alternate universe. Her piecing blue eyes stared him down though her sun glasses as she stuck her sanity hand out to shake his politely. She quickly wiped the hand on the back pocket of her jean shorts to remove the dirt and sweat that had transferred to her hand. "Yeah, My name is Ashley Mae Louis, Call me Ashley." She said with a nod. Her pink lips never forming a smile, her expression was judgmental as she kept looking around. "It's nice to meet you Skylar." She added quickly as she grabbed her purse and quickly marched up the stairs and into her room for the summer.

    Not much had changed since she'd been there last. The room was still tiny, adorn in mall twinkling lights and the walls splashed in a pale blue color. Ashley did notice that her bookshelf still stood in the corner aligned with her favorite books, all covered in dust. As she walked over to inspect it she withdrew her sunglasses and placed them on the bed side table. Picking up the classic "Alice in Wonderland" book she blew off the dust and brushed the remaining particles away. Opening up the pages she inhaled the scent of the old paper with the black faded print. A small smile came to her face before she looked up and put the book back on the shelf. She should probably go direct Skylar with her precious cargo.​
  7. Well... she seems... nice

    This was Skylars thoughts as he saw her reaction to his greeting. He didnt exactly find it flattering to see her wipe her hand off after shaking his, as if he had some kind of disease on him. However, Skylar was the kind of guy to let a lot roll off his shoulder, and so it didnt bother him. However, he did note her judging appearance and the fact she didnt even attempt a fake smile. Went to show she obviously was not an appreciator of the country.

    "Likewise" he said in response as she said it was nice to meet him, though he could tell she only did it for formalities sake. When she disappeared, he looked over at Mr. Louis, who merely gave a sheepish smile and shrugged.

    "Just give her time" he said in an apologetic tone, "She hasnt been here in about five years, and to be honest I think her step dad tends to spoil her... a lot."

    "Dont worry Mr. Louis" Skyler said with a smile, "I can get anyone to have fun around here, just give it a day or two and she'll probably wanna stay for good!" Mr. Louis chuckled, though there seemed to be a small hint of sadness in his eyes.

    "Well, go on and help her with that while I get the rest of the stuff from the car, her room is the first one at the top of the stairs." he said to Skyler, who nodded and carried the bag with him into the house and up the stairs. He looked in and saw that Ashley had already been looking around in the room. He lifted the suitcase and asked her, "Where d'ya want this?"
  8. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley nodded and pointed to the corner. "If you could set them there that'd be perfect. Thank you" She said as she sat on the bed and admired her freshly done manicure. "So what is there to do around here for fun Skylar? You must know something to do to pass the time?" She said as she collapsed on her bed and let out a loud groan.

    "That won't be necessary Princess,"

    Her dad's voice boomed from the doorway as he leaned against the frame. "Because you are going to spent the days with Skylar helping him do some of his chores around here. You, missy, need to learn some sort of responsibility and a sense of handwork. Things aren't going to always be handed to you on a silver platter. So, you can get to work right now and be done in time for dinner." He said with a smile and a tip of his hat to Skylar. "Good luck Sky" He said as he chuckled and walked down the stairs.

    Ashley's face said it all. The shocked expression looked frozen on her face in a look of confusion, fear, and anger. As the words sank into her brain she screamed "DADDY!!!" As she looked from the doorway and back to Skylar in a hopeless action. "This summer stinks!" She grumbled as she crossed her arms over her chest.​
  9. Skylar set the bag where it was requested and looked to Ashley as she asked him what was fun to do around the town. He thought a moment and was about to reply when Mr. Louis came in a dropped the bombshell on his daughter. The whole time, all he could do was stare at the man with wide eyes and a hanging mouth until he wished him luck. He shook himself out of his stupor and looked over at the groaning Ashley, finally letting out a small chuckle.

    "Well" he said, "Could always be worse... ya could be stuck with Mr. Garret, he's the tobacco farmer across town, meanest man alive I say." he said as he shook his head, chuckling at the thought of the short, fat tobacco farmer. He stretched his arms back, his back popping slightly before letting out a satisfied sigh and smiled at Ashley, "Welp, lets get to it! Aint got much left to do so lets get it done!"
  10. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley looked up at Skylar and groaned louder. "You've got to be kidding me.." She was reluctant to leave her bed but she forced herself to get up to her feet and sighed. "Okay, Fine.." She said as she walked past him and over to her luggage and opened it. Digging though the suitcase of shoes she finally pulled out a pair of older cowboy boots and sat on the ground as she pulled off her black heels and placed them in the open shoe suitcase. She replaced the heels with the short boots and stood up. "Well.. What's first?" She asked as she pulled her blonde straight locks up into a perfectly messy ponytail.

    Ashley stood in front of the tall boy and even if she was a good 6 inches shorter than him, she stood with her hand on her hip as if she was 7 feet tall. The girl was hoping she'd have a few minutes to spend with Cloud, her horse. Ashley wouldn't admit it to many people but her horse was her favorite thing in the world. Cloud was exported to California during the school year for Ashley's equestrian team and then spent the summer here with her dad. So, naturally Ashley would rather be spending the summer riding instead of working with a rather intimidating looking.. 20 year old? He looked 20.. Hey maybe he could buy her a drink or two.. or three. Eh if he was even cool enough. She smirked up at him. 'If only people could read minds'
  11. "Well... Whats first?"

    Skylar couldnt help but let out a soft chuckle as she asked this, hand on her hip as if she were some big hoss in the ranch. He turned around and motioned her to follow. As he walked, he began to think to himself;

    'Well so far she doesnt really seem to be the nicest type right off the bat. A few weeks of work oughta fix that right quick. Wouldnt be surprised if she thought I was older too... heh she will be in for a surprise.

    "Ok, first order of business" began Skylar with a clap of his hands, "I been fixin' the horse stalls today cause one of the mares got spooked by a raccoon the other night and kicked the shit out of the stalls wall. Most of the repair's finished but the broken wood never got taken to the burn pile, so that's what you can do."

    He pointed out toward the edge of the field where a rather large pile of wood and brush sat, "There the burn pile over there..." then as they entered the barn, he pointed to the rather large pile of broken planks and two by fours in the hallway of the barn, "and there's the broken wood. I'll be puttin up new planks here, so just let me know when youre done." he said, picking up his hammer and can full of nails as he set back to work nailing the new planks in place.
  12. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley followed Skylar down the stairs and into the barn. She noticed right away that her horse, Cloud, was settled into his stall and she immediately ran to him and cooed softly to him. "Hey there handsome! Miss me? I missed you!" She said softly as she patted the dark bay colored gelding on his nose. She turned her head slightly to listen to Skylar explain her job and shrugged. "Sounds easy enough" She said as she kissed his dark brown nose and got to work.

    Clearing the wood was a lot more difficult than she had thought it would be. The broken pieces of wood stuck out in all directions and poked at Ashley's skin. She'd even had the unfortunate luck of breaking a nail which cause a major hissy fit for the young blonde. "Fuck this shit!" She would say with every pile she picked up and placed on the pile. After the wood was cleared she leaned against the barn door and wiped the sweat from her forehead and quickly wiped it off. "Ew.. Pretty girls don't sweat.." She said softly as she looked at Skylar who was hard at work fixing the stall.

    "Well at least one of us looks like they enjoy work" She said as she looked down at him.​
  13. For a city girl, she definitely seemed to have a thing for horses, it seemed that Cloud was hers, obviously. As he continued to nail on the planks, he couldnt help but chuckle every time she began to go off about moving the pile of wood. It was funny to hear her complain, but eventually she was done... with a pile that shouldve been done twenty minutes ago...

    She made a comment about how he seemed to enjoy work and he merely shrugged. "Well I find work ta be pretty damn rewarding. Not saying I like to work twenty four seven, hell Im only 18 I should be havin some fun after all, but I see that work is what lets me have that fun later on. I can just sit back and expect mom and pop ta get everything for me without me liftin a finger, that aint fair at all. Nah, I like to work cause I like the feeling of getting something done on my own." he explained as he nailed on the last plank, the stall looking like new. He sat back and looked over at her, noticing that the pile was indeed finished and stood up.

    "Well ya got that done, good work. Now we gotta go replace the tire on the tractor, after that, you can fill the water troughs while I put fresh straw in the stalls. Then we just gotta check on the calves and we'll be done." he said as he walked over to the wall of the barn, opening a door and reaching in, pulling out a large two ton capacity jack, lifting the heavy piece of equipment with relative ease as he carried it over to the tractor, where he set it up and proceeded to lift the tractor. Looking over to Ashley, he said "Mind bringing the wheel over?" as he motioned to the new tire leaning against the barn wall.
  14. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Hard work? Ew. Ashley shook her head. "I feel like that last statement was directed towards me.." She said with a smirk towards Skylar. 'Rude much' She thought with a flip of her golden locks. "Look I can't help that I'm spoiled. It happens. Unless something tragic like.. The world runs out of oil or people stop buying apple gadets I'll be set for life. I just have to decide what I want to fill my time with." She said with a simple shrug of her tan shoulders. "Wait you are only 18?! Damn!" She said with a look of shock and then disappointment. "And I was gonna flirt with you to go booze.. pity" She said with another shrug.

    As Skylar kept talking he asked her to grab the large tire and she looked at him like he was crazy. "Wait what?" She asked. "Oh god.. Okay fine" She said as she took both her hands and pushed against the tire, trying her best to move it as she followed slowly behind Skylar. "How far do I have to push this thing?" ​
  15. "Just next to the tractor's wheel-less side, not far" Skylar said to her with a chuckle as he carried the jack. "Be happy I didnt make you take this, its a shit ton heavier than that little thing youre rollin." When the two finally made it, he set down the jack and reached out for the tire, lifting it and bringing to him in one hand while the other one grabbed the bolts needed to fasten the wheel.

    "Flirt to get booze huh? Ya know, you can have fun bein sober... not sayin I dont have my own fun with my friends on occasion." he said with a mischievous smile as he began fastening the wheel onto the tractor. "So" he said as he worked, "Cloud is yours huh? How long have ya been ridin?"
  16. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Once they reached the place Ashley stopped, panting to catch her breath before looking at Skylar with a glare. She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. "You almost have to be wasted to forget this summer" She didn't mean to be abitch but when all your friends were in Hawaii partying with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift and you're stuck on a farm in hot, sweaty, stupid, boring Alabama.. well you can guess the rest. Her eyes looked over Skylar as he easily fixed the wheel and she stood leaning on the back of it. "You know it's pretty impressive that you are able to fix that wheel so easily. Kinda hot." She said with a soft chuckle. He was strong, she could at least give him that.

    When he asked about Cloud she felt herself smile. "I've had him ever since I was a little girl. He was a birthday gift for my 6th birthday. I've been riding since I could walk. My dad taught me when I was 3. It's such a rush, feeling the wind blow though your hair. He's a good boy, always takes care of me. Do you ride?" She asked as her back was pressed firmly against the side of the tractor.​
  17. Skylar fixed Ashley with a raised eyebrow when she hissed about forgetting this summer. He didnt get this city girl's deal, but if he had to be with her this whole summer, she needed to straighten up. However she seemed to calm down as she paid him a compliment, yes an actual compliment! He almost had to take a step back to make sure he heard her correctly. Instead he settled for letting out a soft chuckle and shrugging his shoulders, "Farm life teaches you a lot of things." he said in reply.

    When he listened to her telling him about Cloud, a softer smile came across his face. She was genuine about the horse, that was for sure. It was strange, for a girl who hated the country life, she was quite passionate about riding, and her horse. He mentally noted that he would love to watch her ride some time. His smile faded a little as she asked him if he rode. He was silent a few seconds as he tightened the wheel before replying, "Eh, I used ta ride. Mostly when I was little. Dont anymore... wont even get on a horse..."
  18. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley was digging the heel of her boot into the ground as she listened. "Why?" She asked at the mention of no longer riding. "We could go riding sometime" She offered softly as she looked over at his face. "Are you almost done?" She asked as he was still bent over. Her eyes wandered down his back and saw that his underwear was peeking out at the top and she chuckled softly and looked away.

  19. The offer to ride with her made him stop his work momentarily, his eyes a little distant, memories of before coming back before he shook his head and let out a small chuckle. "Nah" he said, "Thanks fer the offer though. I just... I just dont ride anymore. Personal reasons you can say."

    With one last heave, he tightened the final bolt to the wheel, standing up and wiping his hands together with a satisfied smile. "Well thats done now" he said as he put the tools away, "You can go ahead and fill up the water troughs with that hose over there, ill lay out the straw then check on the calves. After that id say were done."

    He made his way over to where the bales of straw was at, pulling a pocketknife out and flicking it open, he cut the strings off one bale and proceeded to grab a few flakes, taking them to the stalls where he began to spread them across the ground.
  20. Ashley Louis
    "The Princess"

    Ashley shrugged her bronzed shoulders. "Okay.. but you're missing out on a fun time" She joked. The sun was beating down hard, even if was later in the afternoon. She could feel the sweat running down the back of her neck. "This is gross.." She said as she wiped it off and turned on her heels. The loud clank echoed in the wide open field as Skylar gave another command. "Mkay. I'm sure a city girl like me can handle that much." She joked back with a small chuckle as she walked towards the hose, her blonde ponytail swinging back and forth as she walked.

    Upon locating the hose she unwrapped it and pulled it towards the large trough. It was easy enough to find the hose, now turning it was another thing completely. She struggled for several minutes just to wrap her tiny hands around the hose. With a final struggling twist of her wrists she felt the sudden release of pressure as a wave of fresh water pulsed though the long tube and splashed into the waiting trough. Smiling she walked over and bent down, petting the livestock within. Growing up on the farm had always been fun, she was just not accomsed to this type of living, at least not anymore.

    Once they were are full she again struggled with the turning off part of the hose but managed to get it with less trouble then the first time. Winding the hose back up she looked over her shoulder to see Skylar spreading out hay. She wandered over to him and leaned against a stall. "So my dad has baby calves now huh? You gonna show me?" She asked with a small smile on her face.​
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