dont know if anyone remembers wendu anymore...

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  1. Hey guys.

    I don't know how many of you remember me. Last time I was fully on Iwaku, I was like 12. Back when things were different, and Iwaku was on... Proboards, was it? vBulletin?

    Ah, whatever. It's been like 5 years. I've popped up here and there through these years...

    Back then, I never thought I would be close to graduating high school and going through the things I'm going through.

    So I've come back to Iwaku, maybe see what happens. Doubt I'll roleplay much. Maybe.

    Nothing much else to say. Going to college soon. Going for graphic design. If I change my mind, I'll probably go into philosophy or teach high school art or hs psychology.

    It's me, Wendu, all grown up. Mostly. I'm still 5'...

    Hi again, Iwaku.
  2. Was Proboards, if I remember right.

    By the sounds of it, you were kicking about Iwaku long before I was about. But regardless welcome back. It's still insane, if that's any consolation. Allow the following procession of lunatics to demonstrate this fact.
  3. Well I suppose welcome back then! I do graphic design myself! A blast it is!
  4. Hello, I recall you, I'm just back recently myself.
  5. Aha!

    *stands on table*

    I am the fir- *shoves Homac into a trench* the first one to remember you!

    Welcome back, Psycho Elf. May your third/fourth season with us be blessed with psychological stability!

    *steals Wendu's shirt in a totally obscure and ancient joke that no one, not even Wendu, will get*
  6. Yay, new people, and yay, old people~

    Surprisingly, yes, I WAS kicking it a long time ago. Hehe. Hehe. Oh, whatever.

    You know, back then, I was like a baby (okay, 12 is an old baby but still, compared to now I was a total infant) and... Something fox and another person were dating... And they were how old I am now... And I still remember what it felt like to think about their age and how much older than me they were.

    And now I am a teenager! MUHAHAHA! FEAR ME, and my hormones, and... My radical yet stupid and rebellious ideals!! I'm going to go make out with boys to make my daddy cry, kthxbai

    Mmmm, Homac. You're even older.


    *eats fish*
    And that's a real reference to a still-ancient joke. D:
  7. Welcome back, Girl. Nice to see one of the oldies still alive, and kickin'. : )
  8. What's this? Some kinda renaissance?

    All the mods back then are now non mods.

    Except for rory cuz he likes to brown nose.
  9. Yep, still a baby!
  10. We're post-MODern now, Paorou.

    *accepts an award*
  11. *cannedlaughter.wav*
  12. I'm not that old :(
  13. Elfy liiiiives!
  14. *Shoves Diana down the stairs*

    Boooo! T'was afore your time Diana!!

    Welcome back Wendu/Psycho Elf/Psycho Wendu.
  15. ACTUALLY YES, I'm in a way older than Diana. Whoa. Ooooh.

    In Iwaku year. In... Oh, there's no way I'm coming up with a fancy name for that. Well.

    * Gross for Rory, you can probably get a disease from that. Unless it's a well-kept butt.

    *makes eyes at Diana*
  16. Yeah, yeah! D:< Everyone go on and forget that I met miss Elfy too back in them old days Gabe was admin!
  17. Pbbt, Wendu.
    Hi there. :3
    Nice to see you back **prods**
    I think you were probably about my age, actually...
    But I was busy hiding behind Homac and crying, so you probably don't remember me ^_^
  18. When I got to Iwaku it may have been after your time...I can't remember how long I've been around (And no one seems to remember me >: l) Nice to have a veteran member breeze back in and I hope to see you around in at least one roleplay...should the mood strike you.

    As a junior in college, I know the feeling right before you plunge into the college campus and roll in the glory of too much freedom. Take it easy and don't do as I did (Let it all go to my head and bomb the first semester)

    Also, major changing is all well and good...experiment and decide what your passion is.

    The way I did it was ask myself if money was no object, if I was financially secure, what would I occupy my time with?


    So I'm a Creative Writing major.

    You'll do fine, I'm sure. Welcome back to Iwaku.
  19. ONEE-CHAAAAN! <3 <3 <3
    Welcome back! (: we missed you soo much!
    Did you know oniichan is a confirmed doctorrr now!! ;D
    Ahhhhhh<3 I missed you! What kind of mischief are we going to create this time?

    ew. we're both going to college. ick.

    I'm glad you're back!
    hehe (: welcome back!

  20. Yes I seem to have a vague rememberance of a Psycho Elf back in the day. I will now watch as other Iwaku Nostalgia profile bombs come back. *waits for Aki and LZ to make a dual appearance*

    In the mean time we can party like its 2005.