Dominic's Tavern in Limbo Q

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  1. (I’m not on much so if people can post once a day maximum to once every 4 days at least that will be brilliant, Thank you. After a week of no post Bob the Android will feed you to the Piranhas)

    Occ Page

    Has your Character died?

    Want a reason to bring him back?

    Well come over To Dominic’s Tavern located in Limbo Q

    Grand opening is today and Dominic’s in charge……

    Dominic’s in charge? We’re screwed.

    Limbo Q is a place where you waiting to be judged after you have died in the world of the living, some people wait days, others years and just a few it seems never to come. If you die in Limbo you respawn a few hours later but in a lot of pain. Limbo Q is not a bad place to stay for eternity but every so often you spontaneous combust which hurts like hell when you respawn.

    Welcome to Dominic’s Tavern as you are standing outside you notice the water moat surrounding it with the drawbridge waiting for its customers. It looks more like a mini castle than a tavern. The tavern stands about 40 feet high not including the pillars at the corners which stand at an extra 8 feet taller. If you walk round the outside it looks like a perfect cube.

    Some area’s has windows others have slit holes around the walls. The moat you notice have Piranha splashing about. At the back of the tavern is an epic skate park which you see a few people on there doing tricks.

    As you enter the Tavern over the draw bridge you walk straight into the bar. It covers this entire floor with some stairs at the back corners of the room one leading up and one leading down. At the doorway is a 7 foot 7 angry looking Android. His head is almost hitting the ceiling. There is a sign next to him reading
    Don’t make eye contact.

    He’s made out of half obsidian half metal, you can’t see the features on his face and his arms are sizes of tree trunks. He’s wearing black tank top and black jeans.

    The new Dark Green Carpet laid out covers the floor, also there are some punk/soft/heavy rock pictures scattered across the walls. There are a few people in the corner playing Yahtzee and people playing pool on the pool table on the left side of the room. The one on the right is free.

    At the bar an elegant female android but looks more cyborg is behind the bar. She has skin on most part of the body apart from her arms. She has a Blue Mohawk, a camouflage tank top and black skinny jeans.

    As you approach the bar you overhear the couple discussing if it’s true that Dominic knows a way back to the world of the living. They dismiss it because they point in the direction of a zombie and say he’s just crazy.

    So there is Dominic, sitting in a chair facing a wall in a suit and he’s bouncing his own head of the floor which then bounces onto the wall, then it travels to his body and he catches it. He keeps repeating the process and seems to be enjoying it.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Patricia
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Date of death: September 4, 2298
    Cause of death: Interstellar warfare casualty; caught in a supernova, unable to escape it's range in time.

    Patricia was dead, and she knew it perfectly well, the pain from it was burned quite clearly into her memory... She'd rather not reflect on it too much, and in fact it might do her some good to ask this "Dominic" everyone's been talking about a few questions. After all, the wait to be "judged" if she ever will be would take quite a while to say the least. So she approached the quite goofy "Zombie", they were more popular back in the 20th century, everyone had been wishing for some sort of apocalypse or something. Patricia wondered if she could get his attention by talking to him "Hey! Dominic!" she calls rather loudly towards him, hoping he'd acknowledge her.
  3. The sudden voice shouting his name startled Dom and he missed catching his head. His head went over his body and stopped by the female who called his name.

    "Hey up ma duck" with a grin across his face while his body got up and put his head back on "Welcome to my Tavern, how may I help you today" He bowed as he said welcome hoping to make a half decent welcome.
  4. Patricia was a little surprised Dominic's head ended up rolling towards her, though she just quickly cleared her throat and regained her composure. "I guess it's true what they say about you having "lost your head"." she comments, cracking a little smile before her face becomes serious again "Anyways, all jokes aside, is it true you know a way back to the world of the living?" Patricia asks him with an urgent tone, she knew she needed to get back to her own time soon.
  5. Dom raised his eyebrows and smirked, Dom didn't believe she wanted to help and only to tease. He mockingly said "really....... if you want a drink go to the bar, there is no need to mock me". Dom has heard this many times and has always put his heart up for someone to help with the mission but every time he does they shut him down cause they wanted to make fun of him.
  6. Patricia looked fairly irritated now "Do I LOOK like I'm mocking you? My race is in danger... And if I don't get back soon, who knows what would happen. Plus; you don't want the traffic here to increase ten fold do you?" She told Dom, her tone becoming a more desperate one, she couldn't understand why others would mock him like that... Unless no-one else had truly wanted to get back to their own world of the living, she sure wasn't looking forward to it, but she had to do what she had to do so at least her race would win the war.
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  7. "Your being serious ain't you" He was shocked thinking someone is actually being serious. Dom looks her up and down "There are weird, stupid and dangerous routes to take this road". He paused looking her into her eyes "The worst thing what could happen is that you're trapped forever in constant pain and never getting out". Dom lifted each hand lifting them like a scale "Also it will take 2 people minimum to do these missions."

    Dom but his index finger up "but we have all the time in this afterlife to do this because when it works you be 1 hour later on when you died, its all depending when judgement gets called for you"

    He started towards the stairs that lead up and asked "Follow me and I'll explain in detail". After a few steps he stopped and tilted his head back "Plus more traffic here for me the better"
  8. Patricia follows Dom closely with a nod "The consequences of failure wouldn't compare to the pain you feel when you're caught in a supernova." She said figuring that was the case anyways "As for more traffic; a large portion of it will want out, like me." She adds, shaking her head and smiling slightly.
  9. Dom walked over to one of the corners of the bar which led down into the basement. The basement just looked like a load of barrels scattered around with no organization when in fact he has made a maze out of it. Dom told Patricia to stick close and carried on walking. As he walked past he touched a few of the barrels twisted a few nozzles and also touched a few of them when he knew Patricia wasn't looking. Eventually he reached a dead end and he spun round to Patricia and gave a cocky smile.

    As soon as Patricia was looking he kicked the wall behind him and it opened up to a secret base. The base looked messy there was pinups of all sorts on one wall, a table scattered with paperwork, a computer which was decoding something, there was a few bins scattered around with scrunched up paper everywhere and a few paper planes here and there.

    "Excuse the mess" Dom apologizes as he pulled a computer chair out and threw some of the paper on it to the floor "Sit if you like" he asked. Dom walked over to his main desk and sat in his chair. Dom started to look around at the paperwork and picked up sheet after sheet until he found what he was looking for "Ha here it is the ingredients needed. We need to work together to get these. I know the place and the incarnation like the back of my hand". He handed the piece of paper over the list was as follows

    1 T Rex skull location Limbo A
    2 Bullets made out of Obsidian Location in one of the Limbos
    Lots of hair from mermaids in Limbo W
    1 perfectly straight 12 inch stick unknown
    13 pints of different alcohol Location My tavern
    1 priest to give us a blessing unknown
    8 toenails from Satan Location Hell
    1 Feather of a Angel Location Heaven

    The problem when people see this is that once you reach hell or heaven there is no coming back.
  10. "Let's gather what we can first, we'll figure out the rest later." Patricia told him figuring getting some ingredients would be better than getting none at all "So, where should we start?" She questions, sounding quite impatient, alot of the items on the list didn't look like items she could locate on her average everyday mission, in fact alot of these seemed to be hard to obtain. "Well... This is gonna be fun..." she thought to herself, looking at the list one last time before turning towards Dom, waiting for a response.
  11. Name: Sky known as the reaper
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Date of death: September 5, 2034
    Cause of death: Trying to protect her friend she died from blood loss due to a gun shot and then being mauled after.
    Power: Anything she draws can come to life by her wish.

    She walked into the tavern drawing attention due to her young age, She was holding a small drawing book that was filled with beautiful drawings. She had glassy blue eyes that seemed to look into your soul, but she also had a pleasant jump in her step sadly canceled out by her expressionless face. She sat at the bar line struggling to get on one of the bigger stools and when she got up she said " Uh uh would uh you mind do you guys have um cookies?" She looks up at the bartender as everyone laughs. "hun this is a tavern not a sweets shop" She laughs, "well then you whore ill just draw up one I hope you have a fun day slut" Her eyes went a dark cold red until they snapped back to blue "I im sorry!" , "You little brat do you want to fight" she puts her fists up "Uh im sorry to say but im not so sorry that im about to beat your ass!" The bartender grabbed a knife and tried to attack Sky takes out a pole pressing a button turning it into a scythe "I hope you realize who your dealing with bitch." The bartender trembles "The the reaper" She puts her knife away "I-Im so sorry".
  12. Dom chuckled and smiled "Come on now you wouldn't think this would be easy now, would you". Dom spun round to the PC and typed into the PC "Well I found out how to get to Limbo A it's mostly overrun my dinosaurs still waiting to be judged." After looking at the screen for a while with a few clicks "That's right I remember... we need the Jukebox and we need to head over to the edge of the land".

    As he was getting up a voice came over from underneath the paperwork. Dom quickly moved things out the way to find a walkie talkie and answered it "What's up Bob" Dom asked. One word in a deep voice came over it "Trouble". Dom shook his head "Well deal with it, you'll be in charge in a min. I'm going out". Dom put the walkie talkie down knowing he wouldn't answer.

    Dom looked at Patricia "Well lets get out of here through the back entrance" Dom hit a button from under the desk and an opening appeared leading outside.

    Bob didn't like to talk and he feels no pain, he casually walked over to the little girl and with his big arms surrounded the big girl and bear hugged her so she couldn't move. Bob walked over to the entrance and threw her outside. He stood in the doorway blocking the way inside just watching her.
  13. Patricia nods again following Dom, though she was curious what that conversation on the walkie talkie was about so she thought she'd inquire further about it "Is something going on back at the bar?" she asked him with a curious look, was it a new arrival or something? If it was it might be worth checking the situation out in a bit...
  14. “Yea but it’s nothing new, Bob’s good like that” Dom answered. As Dom passed through the passageway he kept speaking “Anyway we’ll see who it was when we walk past the front entrance, we don’t like trouble”.

    As they exited out the room, the door sealed itself shut behind them and disappeared into the wall; they were at the back of the tavern and would have to go round the front to reach their first stop.
  15. "You bastard let me back in!" She kicks the door pressing the buton on her scythe turning it back into a pole sticking it into a harness. "Kicked out of another one Oh my" She begins to walk away kicking stones and sniffling "I just wanted a cookie" At that point she draws a cookie making it appear out of the paper and chomps on it "mmmmmm cookie." She munches on the cookie dropping little crumbs near her footsteps.
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  16. Patricia nods, she figured that would be beneficial to both of the things they wanted to do; it would probably help get things done faster "Who do you think that newcomer was?" she asks dom, deciding to voice her curiousities before they distracted her too much later along the line, she was undoubtedly interested in what other beings ended up here other than her...
  17. Casually Dom spoke "It's probably just some drunken or someone starting a fight, we get to see who it is shortly" As they went round the corner he just saw the little girl walking away from the door.

    “It’s a little girl!” he shouted out loud not meaning to deafen Patricia but he was shocked. Dom ran up to the little girl

    “Hey up wait up!” he shouted as he ran to the little girl. As he approached he slowed down and knelled down so he was eye level to her “Hey up, what happened?” he asked
  18. Patricia clenches her teeth a little as Dom's exclamation nearly burst her eardrums, however loud sounds weren't unfamiliar to her so she remained looking calm. She looks curiously at the young girl who was holding a peculiar looking scythe and eating a cookie, she'd never seen many live children around, the battlefield was seldom a good place for them. Upon closer inspection, the girl looked quite sad about something, and Patricia figured she'd inquire about that later.
  19. "well I kinda dont remember but I only wanted a cookie and then this big guy threw me out I cant remember why though." She continued eating her cookie "But i guess they didnt have any Oh yeah Im skye more formally known as the reaper!" She put her hand out ready to shake his hand before this she draws a bottle of milk and pops it out,
  20. Dom wasn’t going to lie to the kid yet he didn’t have to say anything that he runs the place. It was unlike Bob to throw out kids but he did so, so something isn’t quite normal. Dom watched her make a bottle of milk “That’s a nice little trick I bet…” Dom stood up sharply and then had flashbacks of using magic skills to use for the ritual. It all ended up in big explosions “No…. no it won’t work”

    Dom Apologized to the little girl “sorry if I startled you” Dom didn’t know if he did or not but just in case he apologized. “Hey little girl I am Dom and this here is Patricia were on a mission to go back to the world of the living, wanna come with us?” Dom asked

    Dom didn’t usually want to kids involved into this mission but with powers what she has it might be a good idea for her to come along.