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  1. It was another morning in Brighton, a small city with a large portion of high class families. But the highest and most desired family of all were the Lisadners. Their mother was a beauty, and kind as can be. Their father was a rich doctor, with a stunning smile and always happy to be around his family. The oldest daughter, CL, was the head cheerleader at her high school, and she was always good at anything she did. Her slightly younger brother was angel, good at football, and a gentleman. But anyone who lived in that house knew the truth.

    It was just another morning for CL, and she had already applied her makeup. Smiling at her reflection, she fought off the bags under her eyes as she swallowed hard and walked out of her bathroom. She passed the balcony briefly, and she could see her brother outside, a small rise of smoke coming form his lips. Looking at her brother, they exchanged glances as she headed downstairs, and out the door. CL got into her bright blue porche, putting on some sunglasses, and drinking her warm chocolate coffee as she headed to school
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  2. Yet another morning for Young Hwa, a man that live in an average life and family. Nothing out of ordinary out of this young man, he's living a simple life with nothing exciting through him. Hwang Young Hwa, or known as Young Hwa is a teenage boy with no ambition in his life apart from one thing, a thing that he always keen search yet he hasn't knew what was it. The boy lived a decent life, with his fther worked as an manager and mother as a full time house wife. His younger sister is what people would though a teenage girl would be, young and pure. His life hasn't any struggle nor being amazed at, despite being an asian decent in this country, never had he got bad treatment from the majority groups. His long time best friend, CJ, has been with him since 5, they've knew each other inside out.

    The boy started his daily life by waking u approximately at 5 in the morning everyday where he would take a shower and brushes his teeth like other people would do. Apart from wearing his school uniform, Young Hwa wore his jacket and his scooter key with him. As for breakfast, he always get the variation of pancakes, toast, or bacon and eggs between days. CJ as always awaits him in front of his house, awaiting the free motor scooter ride to the school. The motor scooter is a type of scooter and motor bike hybrid that went up to 120 km/h at most which mean it's fast enough get him to the school which only 7km from his home.
  3. CL sighed as she kept driving down the road, flipping her long slightly waved hair over her shoulder. She wasn't taking her time, she was breaking the limits. Her looks could get her out of everything, even tickets or the law. If it couldn't, her father knew powerful lawyers that could cover anything, even cheating.

    Sighing, she twirled a strand of her hair, speeding into the parking lot of her school. It was a regular high school, but she was fancy enough to have a front parking spot. Right away, as she showed up, a line of five guys greeted her by bowing. Smiling sweetly, she got out the car, smiling and waving at all of them, as she headed towards her locker, which was next to other average people, as it was an average day.
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  4. Young Hwa burst in a speed of lightning to the school with his trusty scooter along side with his friend. On the way, they would talk what make them together, game and music, both of them likes rock music and arcade game. As usual the traffic hit the road, sometimes it allows them to have enough time to review certain lesson that they need to memorize for the upcoming exam. CJ usually read it and Yong Hwa quietly drive the motor scooter.

    Today, they arrived a little late so the scooter got park on the vacant last place on the parking lot. Yong Hwa was tired from his "everyday's life" ever since years ago and deep down the only thing he want to went through this mess was because he doesn't want to let CJ down. He saw a grand car that was crowded by people, out of the car, he saw a beautiful blonde girl out, "Dude who's she?" Yong Hwa asked CJ.

    "you don't know? the chick's CL, she's like the princess of this town, yo" CJ chuckled, "Bet ya interested in her?" Yong Hwa shook his head and left to school.
  5. CL could feel the eyes staring at her as she pulled out her books. Smiling, she saw a few boys walk up and offer to take them, but she denied them with a perfectly manicured hand, flashing a stunning smile before heading strait for her first class, tossing some of her hair behind her head. She could hear someone trying to get her to go out with him, and she walked strait past him. "Hey babe! Didn't you hear me. OI!" He said, soon grabbing her hair, to which an army of other guys interrupted and stood in front of her. Laughing softly, she waved goodbye as the men surrounded the others, protecting her.

    Sometimes, life was easy, but covering up the pain in her scalp, or the pain of the whispers and rumors was some of the hardest things she could do. Insults behind her back were common, sneers daily, she was used to it by now. Her life looked like it was perfect, and some girls knew that they never would be able too. So rumors always spread like wildfire. Sitting down in her history class, she waved at the teacher, and sat at the front, crossing her legs politely. She was wearing a cute blue skirt today, with a high waisted skirt that she had tucked over a white quarter sleeved blouse. She had a pair of black stockings on with a matching pair of heels, which gave her a cute school girl look, for today.
  6. Yong Hwa had never thought that the girl that can change his life 180o from his normal pathetic boring life is right in front of him. He looked at the gleaming light of hope through the blond girl he met, right in his mind he kept on remember ing her name, CL. His friend started to worried from afar, looking at his best friend hypnotized by her beauty. The history class over and student started to rumbling apart from Yong Hwa, he spent the break time to looked outside the window and daydream about her. People might think it was because he's in love genuinely but in reality, he just carve for her popularity, money, and prestige. Yong Hwa hate to be normal boy that doesn't stood out on anything, even geek have a thing that they stood out!
  7. CL kept her belongings close to her, almost seeming as if she was hanging on every work the teacher was saying. Sure, most people were looking at her, envying her, or just plain dreaming about doing all sorts of things to her. But they hadn't a clue of how ugly her life really was, no matter how good it seemed. She knew she was going to go home and lock herself back in her room, and paint her canvas red. Sighing softly, a flicker of sadness brushed her eyes before she replaced it with a plastic look of concentration.
  8. Yong hwa left the school with his soul in the school, his friend whispered to him, "quit drooling or else CL going to see you," Young Hwa back to being him after hearing that, "Wha... where? CJ!!" CJ was worried, "Dude, you should chill out, there's no way you could get ya self to CL." Yong Hwa closed his eyes and nod, "true but it's better than nothing right?" CJ kept quiet about and whilst that his friend got back into reality. On his way back, it was really just like on the way to school in the morning but the difference is that this time Yong Hwa always felt asleep and CJ need to woke him up.

    At home, Yong Hwa bid farewell to CJ and for dinner it same as always, chicken tonburi. He couldn't said that he got bored or it'll break his family's heart and he'll be labelled as rude. He went to upstair where his bedroom is, hoping that one day he can be free from this boring life of his.
  9. CL spent her day as usually, not even noticing that a new and slightly more attractive man had taken to following her. Sighing, she drove home in silence, and hopped out of her car, prepared for anything. She slowly creaked open the door, and she was greeted by silence. Silence meant something was up. Walking further into the house, CL looked into the kitchen nervously. There was her mother, standing with a glass bottle in hand. "I have been waiting for you." She mumbled, looking over at her. She knew from the tearstained face her mother wore that her father had brought home someone, yet again.

    Flinching slightly, CL shook her head violently as her mother firmly grasped the neck of the bottle of jack, slowly making her way towards her. "Mom, please." CL mumbled, dropping her bag and raising her hands in defense. She could see anger, disgust, and sadness passing though her vision as she seethed. A second later, a second after CL could protect herself, her mother smashed the bottle against her arm, sending shattering pieces towards her exposed skin, tearing away the layers of plastered makeup. Gritting her teeth, her mother tried to hit her again, causing a long gash to form on her cheek. Without another word, she threw her own child out of the house, cut all over her arms and legs, clothes tattered, hair messed up, she was almost unrecognizable. Without another thought, she picked up a shard of glass that was left in her skin and ran to the forest as fast as her legs could carry her.
  10. It was dark and evening Yong Hwa was going to have a small walk in the dark park ahead, it was like usual, silence and peaceful. He sat on a bench which he used to talk with a beggar that died 2 months ago from starvation. He was disgusted at the beggar but at the same time he respect him as a friend, he disgusted on how the beggar was so successful before and can turned his way of life 180 degree just because of woman. As he want to relax on the wooden bench to watch the star, the sound of rustling bushes could be heard, he though that it was an animal so he kept quiet about it.
  11. CL ran far though the forest, her feet thudding against the ground hard as she tried to find a clearing or something. Stumbling around the bushes, she crashed into one, and another, and then she stumbled strait over a path and down the other side of the hill. Screaming, CL tried to protect her face from harm, causing the sharp glass shard to impale her arm as she tumbled farther and farther down the hill and into the brush, groaning as she hit a stump at the bottom
  12. Young Hwa was about to left just as he heard the bush rustling really hard, it bugs him really hard as it had been rustling for a long time especially the sudden scream he heard just now. He cleared the bush away to have a better view, and boy he wouldn't know what he's going to see. He saw the most beautiful and respected girl in the school in a devastating scene, he could see the fragment of glass attached to the girl''s milky skin, moreover it was a gruesome to watch in the middle of the night, "Hey... C... CL?" Young was bewildered of what to do, he decided to wait for midnight and slowly carry her to the room with blood spilled the whole road but thankfully it stopped in the of his way carrying to his home. He was sure that his parent nor sibling would be awake at this time around, he put her gently to his bedroom and treated her.
  13. CL was barely conscious as someone asked for her name, her eyelids fluttering to no avail as she let out a groan. Feeling the stranger lift her up, CL's limp body curled into his form, hiding her face in his chest. She would rather have no one else see her like this, and it was a little too late for everyone, but as long as only he could see it, she was fine. Laying down in his bedroom, CL groaned again, lifting her arm to her head. "Where am I?" She mumbled feebly, her eyes narrowed in the light of his room.
  14. Younghwa close her mouth, "shttt, it's midnight don't talk too loud!" he was worried that his parent would noticed that he brought girl back to his room, if he's seen then it'll be hectic. "I'm youngHwa, you may not known me but I'm your classmate. so what happen?who did this to you?" he thought that it'll be his chance to make a breakthrough from this boring life, play the hero and save the princess that's in front of him. "Anyway, you should get back to your house..."
  15. CL looked over as someone closed her mouth, her brows furrowing together as she looked at him. Apparently this person, Yong Hwa as he had said, had picked her up in the middle of the night. He asked her what happened, and she looked down, noticing that there were bandages wrapped around her arms, from the glass, and she looked completely frazzled. Sitting up quickly, CL held her head in her hand, closing her eyes tightly and groaning. Knowing her luck, she probably had a concussion. Looking over at the male and blinking, she grabbed him by the collar. "You are never to speak a word of this to anyone or I will ground your family into the sand." She spat, trying to keep her emotions from overriding her angry disposition, and failing miserably. She could feel the hot tears spilling over onto her cheeks, and she let go of him, blinking back surprise as the tears fell. Rubbing her eyes, CL tried to hide her face from him
  16. YoungHwa couldn't believe it, he just got spat by a beauty, he doesn't know if he's happy or sad. "I can keep my mouth shut but I have one condition, be my bride and I'll tell a soul about this." As cheap as it is, Young Hwa wanted to be filthy reach in a blink even if he doesn't love or like CL. He wiped his face and hug her just to get a good impression, "great god why it have to be in this situation, stop crying or else my parent would notice something weird."
  17. CL glared at Yong Hwa, completely and utterly dumbfounded and appalled. "Are you serious? Who are you going to tell? And do you even know what happened I never told you." She said, glaring at him. "You want the money don't you." She said, pushing him away from the hug. "If all you want is money take some. I don't care, but if I marry someone it will be out of love. Someone who understand me. And besides, I have no inheritance to my fathers money." She said, crossing her arms.
  18. YongHwa pushed CL in a position where she lied on top of him, "I don't want only money that can come out once in a while, I need you be my working ATM..." He then swipe his hand gently on the side of CL's cheek, "face the reality girl, there's no such thing as true love like in storybook, only temporary love where boy will soon get tired of another and hop into another one once they are finished." his hand started to went down to her neck, "or maybe you haven't taste the real love...? should I "teach you?" If he can't make her his, he'll try something "extreme" or so he would thought, this kind of approach would end him up to jail if it revealed later on so he restrained himself and off the bed, "just go to sleep and go back to your house tomorrow morning..."
  19. CL glared up at the man above her, who seemed intent on making her his personal ATM. Feeling his hands starting to wander, her gaze turned sinister, and she glared at him. "You don't have to make me a bride to do that idiot." She grumbled, rubbing her arms. "I hate to break it too you but unless you have physical evidence of my trauma, you have no way to prove me being here in the first place." She said bitterly, glaring at him. "If you hadn't thetened to make me a bride, we might be over with this now."
  20. YongHwa smiled at her and brought out his phone with his wallpaper of her full of slice marks, "rest assure and beside you don't want to live with your parent's right? I'm thinking a win win situation for the both of us, you get to get out of your parent's home and I get to take your wealth. What's more I'm giving a suggestion how about we only married through contract? which mean after several amount of time we are allowed to divorced?" He sat beside her and sighed, "so do we have a deal?" he reached out his arm to her's.
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