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    Breaking News!
    Have you ever wanted you own human sized doll? Look no further, here at Doll House we are able to create such fictional ideas and bring them to life into our modern era. Dolls are now open for public uses and are not specific for military purposes. By having a personal doll you are capable of reaping the benefits of having your very own protectors, friend, and assist us with our quickly expanding research on artificial life. As the handlers of these magnificent dolls you will be able to choose from three classifications: Our mighty and strong Alphas, the gentle and submissive Omega, or our rarest Betas. Doll Houses will be set up around the world, so keep an eye out for our facilities in your countries. Our main purpose is to relieve the stresses on human society and insure the development of research that will create a brighter future. Dr. Nina Faye Head of Doll House
    Plot (open)
    Welcome to Doll House, were we strive to make the perfect soldier to meet your every need. If you are choosing to be a Handler, you can chose from a variety of country based classes to use for your own personal protection, dueling, as well as help Doll House research artificial life. Further your doll’s training by aiding Doll House against the Rogue who strive to bring an end to our facility. If you chose to be a doll, you may chose a country of origin and be placed in any of our three mighty classifications: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Your goal will be to serve your handler and Doll house, but don’t let them take you for granted or you could turn dangerous.

    Rules (open)

    1. All rules put forth by Iwaku will be applied and enforced.
    2. No godmodding
    3. We are allowed to curse, but please do not personally attack someones religion or personal sexual orientation.
    4. All sexual orientations are welcomed to take a role.
    5. Put the name of your favorite Hetalia character upon requesting a role as proof that you read the rules.
    6. Please attempt to stay within the category that your character is in.
    7. Sexual themes are allowed, but please fade to black.
    8. You will be given 3 warning before you get kicked out.
    9. Not fading to black will result in automatic banned from the RP.
    10. A minimum of 1 paragraph and a maximum of 4 paragraphs.
    11. If you are going to be gone for a long time let me know so that I can pass on the role.
    12. Please be conscious of your grammar, it does not need to be perfect. But don't destroy every paragraph.
    . I reserve the right to change, delete, or add anything in this RP.
    . Lydia Blake is partner in this RP and has the same powers as I do.

    Classifications (open)
    Alpha: These leader type dolls are conditioned to be fit, strong, strict, and serious. They are the keep a schedule of training in order to be ready for anything, they are no nonsense when on the job and can often come off as rude. During down time Alphas typically pass the time training and challenging fellow Alphas for superiority. An Alpha must always be kept busy, an idle Alpha can be a dangerous thing. As an Alpha you are fast and up for any challenge, you are territorial and fierce and will stop at nothing to defend what is yours.
    Omegas: are natural people friendly and get alone with anyone and anything. These support type dolls can help with anything and are more than happy to lend a hand. They love to be social, making friends anywhere they go and get alone with any class, sometimes a little too much. They prefer to stay far from actual combat and are best used at a distance and make excellent medics. They are very sweet natured and docile, sharing for them is the best thing to do in any situation but overstep their boundaries and they will make sure you never forget your lesson.
    Beta: The versatile Beta can fare well in hand to hand combat and can always step in for an Alpha for group assignments as well as being as handy as an Omega. Unlike their Alpha counterparts, Betas can keep their emotions well in check and hardly ever lose their temper yet still be as fierce and intimidating as an Alpha. These dolls are no pushover, they can stand their own and if something is not to their liking they will show no restraint to tell you so handler or not. These strong willed Dolls are wise and often referred to as the complete doll.

    Characters List (open)






    Italy (Lydia Blake)


    Romano (Hisoka Kobayashi)





    Sweden (TomatoAmante)



    America (Foxy Da Pirate)





    Norway (TomatoAmante)

    Russia (Moves Like Jaeger)


    Japan (YamiCuoreLaroux)

    Prussia (TomatoAmante)

    Hong Kong





    Hungary (Sexybae)



    Belarus (Hanako-san)





    Seychelles (Lunar-Eclipse)
    Rouges: (Unavailable for now)
    Handlers: CS
    Bio: (Include why you would want a doll)

    Handlers (open)
    (Sun and Moon)- Doll:(open)

    Update Patch (open)
    Upon further review we have decided to post a more options and have made the rules and regulations clearer and therefore offering a bit of a reset button option; to those of you who have been with us and have already posted as your doll we thank you for your enthusiasm and will also be given this one opportunity to campaign for a change of character such as change to a different doll or handler. If you chose to stay as you are then please indicate so and you will stay as you are. We hope that you will find the newly clarified rules and regulations just and clarified.

    Variations, such as but not limited to: Nyotalia, Nekotalia, Mochitalia, and 2P will not be used in this RP at this point in time and will remain locked options until future notice.By asking to take on the role of a doll, you are hereby agreeing to take the premade character as is, including the gender, name, and classification in their original character. (This is non-negotiable).

    Children Dolls such as: Sealand, Wy and Latvia are locked characters until further notice.

    Handler characters are completely open style in the image of those who chose to take this role. Meaning they are not premade characters and can be any gender, name, origin, and personality.

    Rogue character option will remain closed until further notice.

    Other Hetalia Nations not listed, such as but not limited to micronations and newly published countries, will not be used at this time. If and only when all available dolls have been taken will we consider adding more dolls, if you would like to help in this please refer any fellow Hetalians to this rp.
    • I will be implementing time changes (Day, Afternoon, Night), meant for all RPers. I will give a 5 minute warning before I do so.​
    • News Reports on social events available​

    Now Open for Sign Up!
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  2. [​IMG] I reserve the role of doll Italy, Ciao!
  3. Can I roleplay Canada, please. And my favorite Hetalia character is all of them Poland
  4. Sure will have Canada.

    And if you know anyone who would be interested in this RP, we have many roles open. :)
  5. I will be taking on the role of Nina Faye. :D
  6. Hello! I'm interested in joining as either Romano or Japan, if possible, and my favorite character is...probably able to be guessed from my profile picture, actually. Although I really love pretty much all of them.
  7. Ciao! Welcome to Doll house, I am N. Italy, Go ahead and jump in as either my Fratello Romano, or my best friend Japan.
  8. Yes
    Yes! Welcome and which character did you chose? So that way I can mark it down.
  9. Thank you, and I think that I will try Japan. I look forward to being part of this story.
  10. Great and Welcome to Doll House
  11. Oh, is there anything specific that I need to know before posting? Or just the information at the top?
  12. Just the information on the top, I guess for now everyone is kinda just going through training in the RP.
  13. Please can I have Hungary
  14. May I be Romano? Also I like Greece. :)
  15. Sure thing, welcome to doll house
  16. Yes you may, welcome to Doll House.
  17. Yay! *Claps.* Thank you! XD So when do I post?
  18. You can post whenever you like, I do not need to activate you. There is already a team there constantly activating dolls. Just start with waking up please. :))
  19. Ok.Can do! Thanks again! XD
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