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    Where you can get your character's poorly drawn, for FREE!

    Hello there. I just got into this whole drawing business thing and the best way to improve is with practice, no? Presently, I'm only accepting head shots, but hopefully I'll advance to full body at some point. I apologize ahead of time if they take longer than expected for me to complete!

    However, everyone feel free to leave me critiques, drawings tips and so forth. They'd be much appreciated.
    Examples (open)

    Newer Examples:

    "Bjorn" | Alien | Male
    Bijorn edit.jpg

    Older Examples

    "Aeric" | Human | Male


    Character's name:




    Skin color, hair color, eye color, and anything else you can think of that's going to be colored:

    Face shape, nose shape, eye shape, lip shape, Hair style:



    > Must give me credit if you use the image.
    > Don't steal my art, okay?
    >Not really a rule but, feel free to tell me all about your characters! The more interesting, the better c:

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  2. Do you have any examples? :o I'd love to pick out a character that suits your style.
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  3. so you wan't a description? :0

    I could give you a drawing of one of my babies so I can see it in your style?
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  4. I'll try to upload something tomorrow! xD

    Yus pleaseeeeeeeeeee. xD
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  5. //bumpity bump check out my lumps.

    I'll try to upload some examples when I come home today, can't right now. Though I think I only have one suitable one, I'll draw some more while I'm out.
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  6. Hey, I'd like you to draw char of mine! How do you usually do it? Sketch? Line art? Color?

    Can you do anime style? Cause that's what I'd like it in.
  7. Nope, I don't do anime! Sorry! xP

    I don't have my ipod so I can't upload the examples tonight, but I can still take commissions. I simply need descriptions, for example:




    Notable point about their personality:
  8. Aw, well I guess it's fine realistic.
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  9. Nya info overload!

    Kano Sabaku



    He has what I would consider a regular build for someone his age. He might be slightly on the skinny side. He also has a rather fair complexion.He has pierced ears, which are silver studs. His face shap is an inverted triangle. He's about 5'2 and weighs 117. Kano has black hair that's usually messy and reaches his ears in the front and the nape of his neck in the back. He has greenish bluish eyes like his father (Gaara). He usually has blank apathetic expressions (like his father) but has been known to have smile sweetly (like his mother) on occasion.

    Clothing: tends toward simpler clothing. Like his father and mother he wears a mesh undershirt and a black and white zip up jacket over that. Black pants that have bandages tied at the ankles to keep them from being loose. Wears his hitai-ate around his neck. He wears the leaf headband outwardly, but he does have a homage to the sand village hidden in his clothes.

    Kano is very sympathetic and understanding, though he is often mistaken as scary because of his expression and just general quietness. He usually doesn't speak or give his opinions unless directly spoken too or asked for them. Kano has good posture and usually stares off into space often, though if it's important hell focus in on the speaker. He usually has blank apathetic expressions (like his father) but has been known to have smile sweetly (like his mother) on occasion. Kano is a very organized individual, he doesn't like a lot clutter or mess.

    There ya go! Let me know if you like examples or anything, cause I can find some if you want.
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  10. Forgot to add personality T-T well added!
  11. gAHAHHHHAHHH YOuuUuu do freEe????? lMao can I love you because idk wynauut

    so do yiu just want a description??? BecAuse I cannot draw people worth crap but if I absolutely have to thEn ugGhhh I guess

    So this is officially reopened. c:
  13. Character's name: Aeric

    gender: Male.

    Age: Roughly 35.

    Hair color and style: Black, and short. He has a full, but not long, beard. Wears a blue militarily tunic over plate-mail.

    race (black? white? Asian? Alien? Human?): White.

    skin tone: Kinda pale.

    Personality: A little off his rocker, but ultimately well meaning and kind.
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  14. Edited in hair style because I'm a dumb
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  15. I edited in eye color because I'M dumb, lol.

    What color are his eyes? c:
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  16. Blue.
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  17. Character's name:
    Nanami Lunago


    eye color:
    Crimson Red

    appears around 20, really thousands of years old

    Hair color and style:
    Her hair is white and slightly longer on one side than the other. Her hair ends around her chin, aside from the one strand on the left which is longer, and
    usually curled. Her hair is slightly wavy and it tends to be pretty easy to mess up. Nanami herself, being a arealist and acrobat has a lean body, though her style is
    very causal unless she is in her performance outfit, in which case it is usually skin tight, flashy, and in either white or black. She tends to go around barefoot,
    and most of her shirts have room for her fluffy white large wings to poke through when they feel crushed or stuffy. She has a heart shaped face, sharp,
    defining eyebrows, and thick dark lashes.


    skin tone:
    Pale White, almost porcelain

    Nanami is considered the mother of the cirque where she works, and is also a mother herself. Somewhat rebellious if she sees someone stepping
    out of line, Nanami is a relatively kind and caring individual, who only results to fighting when her family or friends
    are threatened.

    Other Details:
    She seems to attract all animals around her, and she has four children. Two are already in their twenties, and the other two are around kindergarten age.
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  18. Aeric will probably be done tomorrow, there's a lot left to color. xD

    Facial hair has never been my forte but he's okay thus far.
    I'll start her tomorrow.
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  19. Name:
    Connor Duchannes


    Connor often wears a beaked hook shadowing his face, but when it is pulled down a dark brown messy tangle of hair is revealed, dropping down to slightly above his jawline. The hair is and uneven and haphazardly cut, being sheared off with a rounded tomahawk.
    His eyes are a piercing blue, standing in stark contrast to his slightly darker than Caucasian skin.
    He has a scar above his right trailing to the left, into his hairline.
    His shirt can barely be glimpsed through an unzipped leather jacket, the design being a dark crimson with a wolfs head design, not that much of this shows through the gap left by the two sides.
    The jacket is fairly simple, a dark leather with red stripes racing down it and a greyish white hood tucking out of the neckline.
    He also carries a backpack, but feel free to leave that out since its just for story purposes and I'm probably already going way overboard on the details :P

    Notable point about their personality:
    Brash. Angry. Withdrawn. Connor has been through incredible amount of trauma in his life, and tends to retreat into his memories when he's not needed. He can occasionally be charming if he needs to be, but most often speaks in brief, to the point sentences, unless speaking with someone he doesn't like, and will attempt to chew them out, although this will often rebound on him due to his age and large naivety.
    However, when around children he tends to soften up a little and show a kinder side, actually showing a nice bit off good mannered kindness.​
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  20. All Done.

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