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Looking for a Partner!
The Doctor (9th or 10th), begins an adventure with a Crespallion Hybrid.
There will be romance, violence, mature-themes, humor...ect.

Before you contact me with a role play invitation, please make yourself aware of the following requirements:

- I expect communication through OOC for discussions regarding our characters, the plot or anything else related to the role play.

- I'm a firm believer in writing until the story has finished and sometimes the role play may reach completion within a month or longer, a year or more, so dedication is crucial!

- While I don't mind suggesting my own ideas or concepts, please be willing to share your own.

- If you haven't notified me of your upcoming absences, which I will kindly do in return for myself, then after a month of no responses the role play will be terminated.

- In heterosexual pairings, I prefer to play the female character.

- I have nothing against homosexual male pairings, but I don't enjoy writing as a male main character.

- As for homosexual female pairings, I'll gladly partake.

- If we're role playing a fandom, please be prepared to double in the role play. I will do the same, unless you're eager to only play the role I'm asking for.

- Sometimes I may want to play as the canon male character, but this is rare.

- I'm only comfortable role playing with individuals that are either eighteen or older and this is because I enjoy having mature themes either mentioned or written in my role plays.

My Character:
Sylora Cespon
Pronounced: Sa-Lor-Ah & Cess-Pon

Twenty-Seven Years Old | Species: Crespallion-Human Hybrid | Occupation: Law Enforcement

Crespallion, part of the Jaggit Brocade, affiliated to the Scarlet Junction, Convex 56

Sylora grew up happily alongside her mother, having never known her father. The truth of her heritage was revealed when she began showing differences from her classmates when she was only a child. Her mother was forced to inform Sylora of her deepest secret, that she had fallen in love with a human explorer when he visited Crespallion several years ago for a peaceful mission on behalf of the Great Human Empire.

She became pregnant after only spending a month with the human explorer. He left Crespallion without knowing that he had fathered a mixed breed child. When the pregnant Crespallion informed her friends and family of her expecting child with a human in hopes of receiving their congratulations and excitement, she was saddened to discover that they frowned upon the pregnancy.

Sylora was born with no display of having inherited her father's human physical appearance. Her skin tone was a darkened blue, identical to her mother. Eyes of golden color, identical again to the Crespallion species. The hair that soon grew atop her head was a beautiful shade of crimson, a rarity for Crespallions considering they usually remain bald. The only indication that she was of a mixed heritage came when she reached puberty in school.

All females in the Crespallion race remain short in height, never standing higher than four feet. However, because of her human father, Sylora grew taller than all other females in the race. She currently stands at five feet and eight inches. The tallest Crespallion female to ever exist. Her father was about six foot four, so he was an extremely tall human.
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