Do you suffer from "Too Many Ideas Syndrone"?

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  1. While hunting for new tools and writing resources, I stumbled over 9 Ways to Overcome Too Many Ideas Syndrome.

    I definitely fall under the category of "too many ideas". To the point where I get completely frazzled and unable to complete a writing project because my brain runs off with my common sense. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

    The article is kinda cool, anyway. Has anyone managed to get their TMIS under control? Maybe we can see if this helps. >>;
  2. I usually choose the most complex ones. I considered trying a rp based on Eversion, the happy little platformer/cosmic horror story, but couldn't come up with anything great quickly.

    With characters, I like to go for ones that can stand out quickly. These tend to be the crazy dudes, but they get people to react. Boom! I blow up your door because it is in my way, what do ye do?
  3. I'll mention that to her (gently) when she's back in town.

    Man, you are pretty detail oriented... you sure you don't want to join the military?
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  5. TMIS huh. Well I don't think i suffer from too many ideas, rather the complete opposite, I find it hard to come up with an idea that a lot of people will take interest in. I find myself trying to find something different that still follows the same good vs. bad basic idea. So if you got a different article on Too Little Ideas Syndrone (TLIS) then I'll be listening.
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  7. You should see me in school.

    Sometimes, I'm so distracted by a flood of ideas that I can't concentrate on schoolwork. I was taking a physics test yesterday && all the questions were prodding me on fantasical ideas based on Newton's Laws of Motion. I was thinking of rpg-styled stories with phantasmagorical settings & whatnot. It was amusing, but distracting.

    And sometimes, the greatest ideas flutter away within the moment. I wish there was some kind of device that could read minds & jot them down for you.

    Don't you?
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