Do you kiss your parents?

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Do you kiss your parents?

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but not on the lips

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  3. I used to when I was younger

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  4. No

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  5. What? No! That's gross!

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  6. No but find me a hot mama / sugar daddy and I'll kiss them! ;P

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  1. I've always kissed my parents for hellos, goodbyes, goodnights, happy birthdays, merry christmases, all kinds of stuff. It's a greeting, and an expression of love (non-romantic of course!). But I've met some people who are weirded out when they see me kiss my mom or dad hello/goodbye, because they see kissing as nearly exclusively romantic or sexual. I guess it's a cultural thing for some, and a lot of it is based on what your own parents did when they were kids. Either way, I'm curious!
  2. XD Personally over the years it's just gotten awkward, not to mention I'm not too big on physical contact to begin with o-o
  3. I used to kiss them on the cheek but now it's mostly hugs. though I occasionally kiss my grandfather on the cheek.
  4. I was raised in a verrrrrrry traditional Chinese family. Affectionate touching of any kind was done if:

    A. Someone was leaving on a long trip
    B. Someone came to visit that hadn't in years.
    C. Someone was seriously hurt or was dying.

    And even then it was very awkward. I've never told my parents that I love them, and neither have my parents. Even mentioning it makes me feel uncomfortable.
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    But not cause I am a perv, that's because touching is eeeehhhhhh. We were never a touchy family. o__o no huggies, no kissies, no love yous. It seems all weeeeiiiird.
  6. Yes. I'm a very touchy-feely affection shower.
  7. I very rarely kiss my mom on the cheek or top of the head during a hug, like if she's really, really sad, or it's mother's day or something, to let her know I care.

    I hug everyone I'm close to, and even a lot of people I'm not that close to. Where I'm from, that's just how it is. A hug or handshake that turns into a hug is a very common greeting among people who are even slightly friendly with each other, especially if the atmosphere is informal or one of celebration.

    So yeah, basically, my culture is, in this way, the polar opposite to the one that Zen grew up in. I tell my parents I love them almost every time I say goodby, and hug them almost every time we say hello.
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  8. My family were never that affectionate. They prefer to show affection and love through money. So no.
  9. No kisses (or not usually).
    Hugs and "I love yous" are frequent. :)
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  10. No kisses for my family, but there's always lots of hugs. Excluding my dad, we're all very clingy and like to be touching and showing affection. My dad enjoys the hugging, but not so much the clinginess.
  11. Easy answer is just no.

    My family is abit more complicated, considering I've grown up in my grandparent's house and not with my parents. They both lived int he general area, but ended up separated since they were just teenagers in high school when I was born. I never really was very affectionate with them, occasional "I love you"s were exchanged, and hugs if it had been a long period of time without seeing each other, but I never really developed a good relationship with either of them o.o

    With others I give alot of hugs and I show my feelings towards them alot with touch as well as with what I'm saying haha. It's just normal for me to hug friends alot :P Guess it's just a bad relationship with my parents that means no real shows of affection :P
  12. My mom is more huggy than my dad, but even then we're not a very physical touch family. That said, though, I do kiss my parents hello/goodbye/goodnight. My dad I always kiss on the lips because he has a full beard and it's the only place on his face that I can kiss and it not look like I am actively avoiding his beard. I don't like how beards feel. My mom I'll kiss on the lips or the cheek. The rest of my family is a kiss or a hug depending on who it is and how comfortable I am with them. Around my friends I'm a lot more huggy, but no kissing at all.
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  13. I'm not alone!! ='D
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  14. I used to, but then I grew up and society ruined it by portraying kisses as a purely romantic thing. I still cling to them like a little kid, though, I think I bug them sometimes with all the hugging I give them. What can I say? I'm a very affectionate person. My parents are who I'm the closest to, so they get all the love~ Even if they do piss me off like every other day.

    I don't really ever hug non-relatives mostly because the friends I know IRL do not like to hug, at all. If I had better friends, or if I knew my Internet friends IRL, I can only imagine that I'd hug them all the friggin' time. Like with socializing, though, I can only give so much love in one day before it becomes exhausting, so someone would be bound to miss out.
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  15. o.O I thought it was natural to hug and kiss your family goodbye? I mean obviously not on the lips. Maybe we're just affectionate in my family but we have all the family hugs and stuff... And now I suddenly feel like a fluff-ball again

    *goes to de-fluff*
  16. I lived with my Korean mother, aunt and grandmother up until I was 6 and kissing/hugging was a pretty big no no. Sometimes I would hug my grandmother if I hadn't seen her in a long time or during holidays, and I would hug my mother before my first day of school and on other rare occasions.

    When I moved in with my American dad and step mother they wanted to hug and kiss all the time and to be honest it was really scary and weird.
  17. I never much liked kissing my parents but they used to do it all the time to me. Even now they will randomly hug me (like those awkward long hugs) or my dad will kiss my forehead. Otherwise it's mostly just used as a greeting or such but hugging more so than kissing.
  18. I am a very huggy and touchy person but my family isn't as much. If I hug my parents its usually because either I haven't seen them in a while or if I'm really upset and they're comforting me. I give my dad a kiss on the cheek when I'm saying goodbye because I only see him a few times a year. I hug my friends all the time and if someone goes to give me a hug even if I don't know them I'll gladly hug back but that's about the extent of that.
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  19. Kinda funny, all my family members give kisses on the cheek to each other, except for me. I think when I was really little I used to give them, but then I got the idea in my head that they were gross so I didn't give them anymore.

    Now that I have a boyfriend I do give kisses XD Buuut, only kisses for him, and he usually initiates them.

    I do like hugs though :) However, I'm a shy person so I usually don't give them .__.
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