Do you cry during movies?

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Well, do you?

  1. I'm an absolute crybaby ;_;

  2. Yes

  3. Sometimes

  4. Only if it's a REALLY sad movie

  5. No

  6. Of course not!! Emotions are for the weak!!1

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  1. I felt like watching The Fox and the Hound today.

    I cried within the first five minutes. Not even exaggerating. ;_;

    And it got me thinking... do you guys cry during movies?

    And don't say "it depends on the movie". Of course it depends on the movie. I'm talking about SAD movies. Or at least, movies with sad scenes in them. You know, the things that you'd expect people to cry at -- do you cry at those moments?
  2. Over the later time, I've grown disturbingly conscious about details in movies, like the background music, acting, camera placement, etc.

    Being constantly aware of things like those, ruins the mood, and examplewise the sadness, of such movies.

    I cry during certain tracks of music though. Enough ambience and orchestrality, and boom. The tears come a-flowing.
  3. Nah, never had a movie make me cry. Only TV shows that I get really invested in have managed that.
  4. I am a crybaby.....I can't lie. It doesn't matter what type of movie it is, I cry. John Wick? Cried my eyes out at the beginning, and will still cry even after watching it a dozen times. I absolutely refuse to watch I am Legend because I cry. Cried watching Kingsmen, even though it wasn't really all that sad. I cry during happy scenes too. What can I say? I'm a huge sap.
  5. I cry watching scenes in My Little Pony... so you can imagine how I may cry at a sad movie. Heck, even happy movies have me tearing up at emotional parts.
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  6. Terrance Malik's "The Tree of Life." Got the sniffles.
    "Contagian." That got the weeps.
    "The Fountain." That had me in tears.
    "Grave of the Firefly." Sobbing like a little girl.

    But then there are others.

    "There Will Be Blood." Tears of disgust? Plainview's character is truly an evil man.
    "Malancholia." Cathartic as a mother fucker.
    "Citizen Kane." Just a piece of the puzzle man.
    "Amelie." It's just so god damned happy.
  7. Not really, I get sad at some things. But never close to crying.

    Maybe I'm dead inside. *Shrugs*
  8. Eh, depends on what you consider to be crying. I've gotten teary-eyed when watching a sad movie/scene before, but I don't think I've ever really full on cried at anything since I was a little kid.
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. ;_; There should be a bucket of tears rating.
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  11. One word: Gropos.
    In all seriousness: Yes, there are movies that can make me burst into tears. More movies and TV Shows do it than my masculine side would likely wish to admit. There's only been a couple of films/TV Shows that have made me cry to the point of feeling seriously hurt, though. Most stuff that makes me cry is out of momentary sympathy as opposed to a more severe and painful realization of something.

    Then again, TV & Film was engineered to make you feel something. If you actively resist feeling anything when watching, you're merely depriving yourself of the experience. May as well let go and feel whatever it is it's trying to make you feel, that's why it's there. Just, you know, try to avoid bursting into tears at the theatre. It's so uncivilized.


    As an example: The Fox and The Hound teaches children that friendships don't last forever because of personal circumstances. People come and people go. Parents let go, people take political affiliations, people get jobs, people move away--whatever it is, most friendships, no matter how lovely, will end before you do. It's a painful fact of life.
  12. Movies, series, anime, video games, WHATEVER -- I'm a fucking crybaby. Legitimately sobbing and choking on my own mucus.

    It doesn't bother me that much, since it helps get over my own cold front, since I rarely ever cry IRL :D It reminds me I'm human or somethinnnng


    It's happened to me once, it was during the screening of Aurore l'enfant martyr and I just couldn't stop crying at the end, I was covering my mouth and pinching myself to keep quiet :v I think it's okay to cry, but it's polite to keep quiet about it.
  13. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck....

    That movie was fantastic.

    Speaking of Simon and Garfunkel...

    Watership Down, though the book was way more depressing and sad. Fuck that movie.
  14. Every fucking time something about heavy feels from media comes up, man.


    Stop traumatizing me. ;_;
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  15. Only movie to make me cry so far:

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  16. Children of Men. The ending as well as scene in the middle of the movie was a bit too much to hold in the tears.
    Furious 7. The end. When I went to see it in theaters my whole row was tearing up.
    Ever After. Gets me every time.
  17. Probably the most depressing movie I ever watched. If anyone even mentioned it to me one month later I was like "DON'T talk about it." TT_TT

    Inside Out made me cry terribly. >.> I watched it in the plane- it was awkward ^_^'.
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  18. Ugh! That tears out my heart every damn time.
  19. I am very much a crier. I feel a stupidly intense amount of compassion even for fictional characters. There are sad movies I won't allow myself to watch because it's just not worth putting myself through that. ~___~
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  20. [​IMG]
    I don't cry at every sad movie, but when I do...
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