Do you consider yourself a good person?

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Do you consider yourself a good person?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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  1. Pretty straightforward question. Do you believe you're a decent human being? Apply your own beliefs as to what a good person is. Feel free to elaborate on your answer and/or definition with a post.
  2. Where's the option for mediocre?
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  3. Not in the poll. If you find it difficult to make a choice, vote whichever side your shade of grey leans to more.
  4. I'm too much of a pessimist to believe/trust in the good of others, hence why I'm terrible.

    Indirectly I guess I'm saying that I don't believe good people exist.
  5. I would say so.
    I always aim to help people when I can.

    Now, that being said I am quite an offensive person in the minds of many individuals.
    Making jokes, discussing topics, holding political views that will alienate people (this has been especially apparent with family members once I became an adult and started thinking for myself).

    But I personally don't judge or value someone being good over what kind of filter they have or don't have on themselves.
    I try to judge it by how do they act when someone's hurt (Legitimately, not hurt over something small like dark humor or having a different opinion) and in need of help?
    Do they try to help them and support them? Or do they look out for personal interests and benefit?

    Now, technically speaking no one is truly good or bad objectively speaking, since it's subjective by nature.
    But for this topic I'm judging it according to my own personal interpretation of it.

    I also try never to label others as being bad people, because honestly I don't know their lives.

    What if something it going on with them that I'm not privy to?
    What if they act differently towards those they know better?
    What if we just had poor first introductions, and that's tainted our future interactions?
    What if I'm just catching them on a bad day?

    So in my mind labelling someone as a 'Bad Person' for something less than the most serious of crimes (Rape, Murder [Not in defence of self or others] etc.) is sure sign of a fool.
  6. Not really, but probably maybe.
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  7. That depends on what you consider good and bad. I have good traits and qualities, yet bad traits and qualities. People do good and bad in their lives, but that does not make them inherently one or the other. I can't consider myself a good man because I have done wrong in my life, but I cannot consider myself a bad person because I have done good in my life. I consider myself human chalked full of errors, and who will continue to make them. But as far as a decent human being, I am working on trying to become one rather than just hear it. I hope that makes sense.
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  8. Nah, I really am a horrible person who'd only had his attitude made more horrible by this horrible world we live in.

    But seriously, I'm just waiting until the collapse of society so I can become a bandit with my friends.
  9. Uhh..Let me quote a lyric from the song Dammit Janet from Rocky Horror.

    I'm kinda good, bad and mediocre person.
  10. I voted yes, becouse while I am awfull in many ways, I never do anything out hatred or malice. I've tried, But I am unable to push that kind of agenda. if I were to listen to my depressive, self loathing side, I would have said no. But That side can shut up ;_;
  11. Yes! Wait... No? Hmm... I'm gonna say no, because I'm reluctant to sacrifice even two minutes of my time for anyone other than my husband and my son. I'm good to them, they matter the most.
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  12. I like to think that I'm a good person. I know of a few people who would disagree, but that's because they're a bunch of narrow-minded bastards who don't know how to look past a few simple mistakes. I've done some stuff that I'm not proud of and now I know better, but some folks just don't wanna let it go. Not gonna lie, it kinda pisses me off, especially because they choose to judge me on all of my bad parts and none of my good ones. Yes, I used to be an asshole, used to be; but now I'm not. People change, how hard of a concept is that to grasp?
  13. I help more than I'm supposed to. It's how my family is and it's how I was raised. However, the difference between my family and I is that I know how to tell the difference between someone who's worth it and someone who isn't. If I can tell what the intentions are and they're not good ones, then I won't help.

    If my trust is betrayed, I sure as hell won't ever trust you or help you again. So, in between I guess.
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  14. I'm good, I think. Or at least okay. I'm not donating huge amounts of money to charity, but I never go out of my way to hurt anyone.
  15. I voted yes to fulfill my own personal ego on how much of an amazingly awesome person that I tottes am and how great of a saint that I am in RL while also trying to make myself feel better about my own bad deeds and actions.I like pretending that they weren't all that bad to begin with and were done with good reason and with the good at heart.

    Now it's time for me to go and fuck all my neighbors cars till they're repainted white and kick an orphan in the face like the great, nice person that I am.
  16. Not really.

    I mean I like helping people, sure, but my helping them is actually very dependent on whether I like them or not. Unless you give me a reason to dislike you, 9 times out of 10 I like you just fine as you are, but more things come into play - do I know you well enough to care? While some people may think I'm a sympathetic or emphatic person, it didn't come naturally to me until just this year, though I think people saw me as a nice person way back into my elementary and high school days.

    It also doesn't help that I'm very introverted, and sometimes just putting an effort irl to talk to someone to help them is too staggering or unnerving for me. I can do simple things like pick up your fallen stuff for you, help you across the street (but then again I'm more liable to get both of us run over or hit by a car then), stuff like that. I'm naturally polite, at least to strangers. But god forbid I see someone crying next to me, even if it's a classmate, I wouldn't know what to do if they're not really a good or close friend.

    And lastly I'm very, very selfish like you guys wouldn't believe if you knew me irl. Not stingy, but I'm, as my brother puts it so eloquently, 'an ungrateful bitch'. I'm a jerk, and I understand that. But myself is always changing, so I guess maybe one day I can really say I'm a good person and believe it. Who knows.
  17. Yes. I am a wonderful person. I am so good and wonderful that you should all bow down and throw your money at me. Preferably paper money.

    In all seriousness, I've based my entire life adhering mostly to what I deem good morals, so I like to think that I'm a good person. Of course, I've done some questionable things in the past and in reality I am a complete asshole, but at least I didn't commit genocide or pissed in someone's soup.
  18. Yes. If I genuinely thought I was a bad person in some way, I would cease that pattern of thoughts or behaviours immediately. My entire world view is built upon the idea that I should be a good person. I ain't perfect, nobody is, but comparing myself to the standards of perfection is insane and counterproductive.

    You can hurt people and still be a good person. It's what you do in the event of causing harm to someone else that determines what kind of person that you are. I apologize and make amends where I can, usually. Then I move forward and attempt to learn so as to not repeat the error. If I repeat it, then I strive harder to find a way to not repeat the error. If I keep repeating it, then I start to look long and hard at myself, and ask myself if it's something I can fix, or something I simply have to learn to live with and manage. I'm only human, I can't beat myself up for that. :ferret:
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  19. Overall, yes. I often joke that "I have never claimed to be a good person, people just keep assuming its true and then they feel betrayed when I do something dickish", but overall I'd like to believe I'm a good person.

    My criterea, loosely put, would be something like:

    • A person who is pro-active about helping others
    • A person who tries not to burden or trouble the lives of others
    • A person with perspective
    • A person who doesn't hold grudges
    • An open-minded person
    • A positive person

    I don't always fit these criterea perfectly; I lose perspective a lot, and catch myself talking about problems but not actually doing anything to fix them, but I try to be the person described here, and most of the time I think I at least loosely fit the description.
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