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  1. Do any dueling? It's been forever since I got into a good fight. In fact it's been a while since I've ever seen one.
  2. Yes.

    I used to be in fencing (did a lot of epee and foil, but specialized more in sabre).

    Then I was in kendo.

    And I've always been involved in some kind of hand to hand - taekwondo tournaments, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai currently MMA.

    What's funny is that 20 years of this stuff later, I don't feel particularly badass, but when I go up against 75% of people, I can immediately tell who I will have a problem with, who I'm well-watched with, and who I can utterly curbstomp.
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  4. I thought it was Rape o' clock
  5. Dueling first.
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  6. oh, but of course, where were my manners?

    first dueling, then tea time, then rape o' clock.
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  7. Followed up by beer o' clock. Can't forget that part, it's the only way you'll be able to sleep at night
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  8. but of course, but of course
  9. Wasn't sure what you meant by dueling. Took Tae Kwon Do, and some jujitsu before. A smattering of other things here and there too. Like Dr. Batman, I can gain a good sense of how well matched I am with a person after the first few seconds of a fight.
  10. I play Duel Monsters/YuGiOh...
  11. I was actually talking about RP duels. But it's cool you guys have real world experience.
  12. See, by "duel" I had thought of those men in those pantaloons and their powdered wigs and their wooden teeth taking two guns and then taking ten paces and then shooting each other.

    And then I considered your words.

    And then I concluded you must have been a murderer.

    Thank goodness you meant "RP dueling"
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  13. I am also a muderer though. But that's not what I was talking about.
  14. Man, I feel like the only one that knew what you meant.
    At least, without going "Why yes, I am a 1800s duelist/YGO player/martial artist."
    (Because I'm none of those.)

    Incidentally, depends on the kind of duel. You mean typical T-rules, some other subset, or LARP? To answer, I have not seen any of those.
    In about a decade.
  15. I'm so confused. What is RP duelling?
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  16. I don't think we can LARP here. XD and I did T-rules on YIM in the WAY back, T2 I think, which just meant that if your reply comes on before mine then it trumps mine--I was suck at that IM duel crap, but I knew a lot of people that were really good at it.

    With the options you gave me I feel like I have to answer 'other subset' but when I used to RP everyone was taught no to be a power-playing, god-moding, bigot jack-off; not if you wanted to be taken seriously in a fight. So I think I just mean General Role-Play Duelling.

    Am I gunna like...have to teach people around here how to fight?
  17. RP duelling is like my character fights yours. There's rules and shit. Back in the day when you used to ask a dude if he wanted to RP then he told you he was pulling out his sword and coming at your ass. That's more or less how RPing became popular, this is some olden days shit though.

    I started RPing on Star Fox, when I was nine.
  18. I think it's less about teaching them how to fight; it's about convincing them to do so, especially if you want to do it in a certain way. I'm pretty sure that if people around here were into duel(l)ing more than they are(n't), it would be a mixture of all of the T systems (like me, I'd be 1, probably). I'm talking in descriptive terms, not everything else between like the affixed modifiers of dodge/connect/miss etc.
  19. You don't have modifiers in a duel. There's no math. It's like literally checkmating an opponent into position through pure writing ability. The rules are pretty vague.

    Okay we're going to have to start more fights around here.
  20. I remember. I used to do this when I was like 10 as well with a whole DBZ theme. Such as; *energy blast* *energy blast* *energy blast*-etc (like 50 times, seriously), with light amounts of dialogue and asterisk-based actions. Nowadays, you either just type it out with your partner(s) or use a dice based system to gauge what attacks do what, though I've never done that or really know what it's about
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