Do I Really Want To Be A Rock Star? (IC)

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  1. Kyouzaki finished his recording for the morning and was out to have lunch. It was rare of him to get lunch with his busy schedule and what not. He even had time to pick which restaurant he'd like to go to. So Kyouzaki would take advantage of this and go to his favorite restaurant. His mother's home. He smiled at the thought of freshly cooked takoyaki and white rice with a side of udon. He looked back at his company's building before preparing to get into his car.

    He remembered that he forgot something and had to run back into the building to get the present he had bought for his mother. She wasn't exactly old, but she wasn't young either. Kyouzaki had bought her some flowers and an expensive set of gardening tools. Seeing as his mother's favorite hobby was tending to the garden. He looked around for it and then he realized he had left in the the dressing room and he headed inside. He saw that he had a bouquet of flowers from his mother and he smiled. The roses had died.

    "You always let the roses die first." Kyouzaki whispered to himself with a smile.
  2. OOC: lol That's a Marceline moment. The roses part I mean lol

    Kyy was on the street corner, playing 'What am I to You' for tips. To everyone who walks by he seems like he's having the time of his life. As he finishes, his dad walks by on his way to work. "Hey kiddo. Have you given any thought to what I asked the other day?" Kyy puts his guitar away. "Dad, I already told you a dozen times, I don't want to take over the family bussiness. I want to be a musician. I gatta go. I'm hungry. I love ya!" He runs off, waving to his dad. On his way to get something to eat he passes by a music agency. He sighs. "I wish..."
  3. Kyouzaki walked outside the building, noticing someone walking ahead of him waving to what appeared the father figure. Kyouzaki smiled. If only he had someone whom he could call father. Kyouzaki kept walking ahead trying to move a little quickly to avoid recognition. His hair was naturally black, but he had a wig at the other studio. If only he could reach it without being detected. Everything would be just fine. He just needed to cross over a few more blocks. His hair was gorgeously swept over his left eye and his face was strongly structured, giving him a rather handsome appearance and sexy three forth's view. However, he rarely smiled and he always wore a mask to cover his mouth. No one really knew the reason why, but he had said it was because his lips were unattractive, though many have disagreed and determined this to be a lie. However, in truth, his lips were perhaps tempting. Which was why he had covered them. They were all to soft and tender looking, making kissing them a desire, a need.
  4. Lost in his daydream, Kyy accidently bumps into Kyouzaki, falling over. "Oh, sorry about that. I should have been paying more attention to where I was going." He stands up and starts picking up the change he had collected from playing only moments before. As he finishes he looks up. "You look kinda familiar. Do I know you?"
  5. "I don't believe we've met sorry." Kyouzaki said brushing himself off, "If you'll excuse my rudeness."

    He rushed off towards the building before that person got another good look at him. The last thing he needed was girls trying to rip his mask off trying to get a good look at his face. It was just highly uncalled for and unnecessary. He finally found his way to the building, hoping that the person he had bumped into had not followed out of curiosity. Or that would be the least of his troubles.
  6. Kyy shrugs as the man walks away. "I could have sworn... And he came from inside. Hmm... Maybe he could help me get signed!" Kyy rushes off to catch up to the mysterious man. "H-hey. One second please! I have a question!"
  7. Kyouzaki turns around only to be pestered by the passerby yet again. At least Kyouzaki was wearing his mask this time.

    "What's your question?" Kyouzaki asked. He was now on his own time and could do things at his leisure without the fear of being recognized. This person seemed to be rather energetic and eager about something. It reminded him vaguely of something, but then he shook the thought away.
  8. Kyy stops to catch his breath. "I was just wondering... Do you work in the music bussiness?" He looks up hopeful. "Because I'm a musician and I'm still looking to be signed."
  9. "What do you play?" Kyouzaki more or less bypassed the boy's question. His identity would be at stake if he said yes and he didn't want to be a liar. Furthermore, Kyouzaki was not interested in people who thought they could get signed in a few seconds. The Music Industry was a tough business and Black Crow Industries was the hardest company to get signed to. If anything, the boy was just signing himself up to fail unless he had some serious talent. On the other hand, he could try the Fringe Industry across the street. They were in need of some new talent...
  10. "I play Guitar and Vocals but I also know how to play Violin and Piano. Are you trying to dodge the question?" He looks up feeling a bit excited about his music.
  11. "I'm not trying to dodge any question. Well which of those instruments are you best at? It's very important to know your best talents." Kyouzaki said his face very expressionless.

    A girl dressed in white approached him and grabbed his hand.

    "Hi Kyou-kun!" She said cheerily, "Who's the brat?"

    Kyouzaki looked at the kid, "I don't know. And you shouldn't go off being so mean to others. That's why people don't like you in the first place..."

    "But you like me, right Kyou-kun," The girl asked.

    "I just put up with you Shoko..." Kyouzaki said quietly.

    Shoko was just Kyouzaki's manager who was hopelessly in love with Kyouzaki, though Kyouzaki had no interest in Shoko. However, it wasn't like the boy knew that, nor was it likely that he cared who the girl was.
  12. Kyy looks at Kyouzaki. "I knew you looked familiar!" He smiles. "To answer your question, I don't know whether I'm better with Vocals or guitar."
  13. Kyouzaki looked down at the boy, "You don`t know me at all. And quite frankly, I'm tired of people like you always asking for a record deal. It's annoying."

    Kyouzaki then turned away and walked off with Shoko who had nearly blown his cover. That was a fake name and not his real one. If anything, he was wearing a mask and shouldn't look familiar to anyone at all. He was trying to stay under cover to hide from fangirls and guys that would more than likely want his autograph. It was something he utterly despised to say the least.
  14. Kyy opens his mouth but decides he's not worth making a scene over. "Why would anyone be your fan if you treat them like that..." He mumbles under his breath.
  15. Kyouzaki's eyebrow twitched, having heard the boy's comment. He abruptly turned around on his heel and put his face close to the boy, "Look, if you're really looking to get into the business, you're going to need to learn to handle insults better. You will get them every day even if they pick you. I'll take you to audition right now and if you get accepted then I will help you. Come on."

    Kyouzaki walked away from the boy and doubted that he would follow. Shoko had turned around and was helplessly following Kyouzaki. Kyouzaki was walking in the direction of the Fringe Industries as that would be an ideal place for someone like this boy to start out. He didn't believe that the boy was ready to face the harsh treatment of the Black Crow Industries... Kyouzaki himself nearly cracked under the pressure himself. The bosses of that place were really outrageous. Kyouzaki sometimes wondered why his band even put up with it.
  16. Kyy follows behind, smirking. "I knew you weren't a bad guy. Thank you."
  17. Kyouzaki says nothing as they arrive at Fringe Industries. Kyouzaki had never been inside the place himself and it was his first time entering. There a number of people inside the building. Some were crying while others looked anxious. What Kyouzaki noticed most was that not a single person was smiling.

    "Grab a number of the table... we have to wait for them to call you." He said pointing to the girl sitting down at the table and writing down names and numbers on some paper.
  18. Kyy walks up and gets his number before sitting down. "Thanks for the help by the way."
  19. "I am not sure that I should be receiving your thanks quite yet." Kyouzaki says. He waits with the boy until his number is called.

    "Good Luck," Kyouzaki says.
  20. Kyy nods. "Thanks." He walks in for his turn to shine, even if only for one time.