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  1. I don't know if this has been done before but I thought of a thread.

    You ask a person of the opposite sex something you've always wondered. (Or maybe just ask for the sake of it? lol up to you)

    Then anyone from the other side can answer, and it's her or his question to ask this time around.



    Do girls really hide secrets in the girl's bathroom?
  2. No, they write gossip on the walls or spread secrets to each other.

    Do guys helicopter to dry their willy after showering?
  3. What? No. haha

    do girls really know our weaknesses?
  4. Just as another guy I want to clarify what you mean by weakness.
    Do you mean our balls? Or something else?
  5. Well no that wasn't what I had in mind. haha
  6. What does your penis feel like after riding a bike? (For anyone with a penis)
  7. Just fine, I have to question a male's sitting position if their penis is getting in the way.

    Are there really specific gestures or body language women look for to determine a males interest?
    (And no, I don't mean standard body language that everyone uses).
  8. I would say standard. Eye contact, a smile, turning your body to face her. Things like that. I don't think there are any specific gestures that really say a guy is interested unless they're doing hip thrusts and waggling eyebrows at you :D

    Do boys purposely tune girls out at the worst possible time, or is it just a tiny attention span thing?
  9. Never happened relationship wise.
    But Family-wise it's usually because the person makes the mistake of starting a rant while I'm playing a game or watching TV without checking that I'm even aware that they're talking.
    So I usually don't even realize they're talking until they go "Anthony!" and I'm like "Huh? What?".

    Does Size really matter?
  10. Yes, if your dick is the size of your arm, then I'm sorry, but I will run in fear of my life.

    How do guys deal with all the drama and emotions that (some) most women have?
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  11. Depends on the guy.

    Some are just good at tuning it out.
    Other's convince themselves that they'll get sex out of it.
    Then there's me, I just don't deal with the dramatic women and stick with the ones who have a head on their shoulders.

    Is it true that even most girls prefer the company of men over other women cause of Drama?
  12. It depends. Girls who themselves are dramatic and unpractical tend to stick with girls, while more pragmatic girls tend to stick around guys, because at least in the teenage years girls are allot harder to handle.

    Why are most men so utterly disgusted by the mention of girls' periods?
  13. Not all are. But those who are tend to be that way cause it's bloody, messy and comes with hormone rage.

    When it comes to rumors such as "Friend Zoned" or "Nice Guys Finish last", although not true there's still obviously something that causes them to pick one guy over the other.
    So what normally is it in cases where guys claim that, is it that women are actually being attracted to?
  14. There's no real answer for that as each woman is different from the other. Every woman has something they desire in a man that may be very important to one but not so much for the other. There are things that I will tolerate that another woman will not and vice versa. The guy who got friend zoned just probably wasn't what she was looking for or missing a trait that was important to her. Sometimes its not about being the nice guy. There are many factors such as looks, finances, personality, stability, goals, etc. That guy missed one of those and was subsequently friend zoned.

    Are all guys incapable of cleaning up after themselves? Are guys just naturally messy?
  15. The only guys I know who are neat are those who focus full on out their careers have a relatively small social life.

    What is with girls and their obsession with make up?
  16. Girls have a tendency to be insecure and thus will grab any means to make themselves feel pretty.

    Why do boys almost every time get along with other guys?
  17. We don't. :/
    We might have some mutual understandings, get over grudges faster and not drag out drama as much.
    But some guys will still clash like crazy, and some of them continue to show hostility to others for years for no reason.

    What is it about a bouquet of flowers that girls like so much?
  18. They're beautiful, smell nice and the bigger the bouquet the more he loves me lol.

    Are all guys either gamers or sports fans?
  19. Most. I don't recall ever meeting a guy that wasn't a fan of one or the other. Or, in my case and some of my friends, both.

    Can girls see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
  20. yes

    do guys masturbate hard enough to tear off a little bit of skin?
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